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Zu An quickly arrived by the bed.

“Youzhao Youzhao”

He sighed in relief when he saw that her clothes were still on.

Only now did he have a chance to carefully look at her.

Her skin was fair with a light blush, her eyelashes long and curled.

She looked just like a fine doll.

This was especially true with her moist red lips that were slightly opened.

As she breathed in and out, they seemed to be silently tempting him.

He couldnt really blame that Cheng Gang for going crazy.

What kind of man was this ridiculously handsome

While Zu An thought these things with ridicule, Chu Youzhao finally hazily opened her eyes.

She was confused when she saw that it was Zu An.

Her voice was extremely lovable and delicate.


Shuangyue felt goosebumps all over her body.

This mans words sounded even sweeter than their government brothels courtesan queens! What the hell!

Zu An smelled a sweet scent from her mouth.

He frowned and gave Shuangyue a look.

“What kind of wine did you guys serve”

Shuangyue explained, “There is a bit of special medicine mixed into the alcohol that has aphrodisiac properties.

However, the amount is extremely small and wont affect ones rationality.

I didnt expect Cheng Gang to become so daring today, doing this towards a man…”

She stopped midway through her sentence when she saw Chu Youzhaos charming appearance.

What the heck is this Even a woman would be stirred from looking at him, let alone a man.

Zu An suddenly realized that this was the medicine Qiu Honglei was talking about before, the one that made the men feel like Shuangyue slept with them. 

Shuangyue had a worried look on her face.

“Young master, Cheng Gangs status is important.

How are you going to deal with this situation”

Zu An said with an overcast voice, “You dont need to worry, Ill take care of this.

You just need to let Honglei know.”

“Okay.” This was what Shuangyue planned to do anyway.

She quickly left after hearing him say this.

“Brother… in-law, why are you here Am I dreaming” Chu Youzhao was still in a half-drunk state.

“Dreaming, dreaming, you were almost done in by someone else and you had no idea.” Zu An was a bit dispirited.

He tried to support her up.

But her entire body was limp.

She fell straight into his arms as soon as he supported her up.

“Brother-in-law, how can you… do this to me Im… Im going to tell big sis… dont…” Chu Youzhao laid in his arms, her eyes swirling about.

Her cheeks seemed to be burning up.

Zu An: “”

He was confused.

Was she still dreaming

He impatiently slammed his palm down on her bottom.

“Brat, what the heck are you learning What kind of dream are you dreaming!”

He thought that she would wake up from this slap, but she instead smiled stupidly and said, “Brother-in-law, why are you hitting me Is this how you play with sister-in-law too”

Zu An was really speechless now.

This girl still thought that she was dreaming

Out of helplessness, he could only pick up the cup of tea next to him.

He wanted to splash this over her to wake her up, but when he saw her perfect face, he couldnt set the resolution.

As such, he helped her drink some tea first, and then he dipped his finger into the tea before flicking it on her face.

“Huh… huh” Chu Youzhao finally seemed to have woken up.

“Brother-in-law, it really is you”

“You should be thankful its me, or else you would be so devastated you wont even be able to shed any tears.” Zu An harrumphed in annoyance.

“Why are you here” Chu Youzhao didnt see Cheng Gang.

She suddenly realized that her arms were around her brother-in-laws neck and jumped in fright.

She quickly pushed him away.

“Pervert! Let go of me!”

Zu An: “”

He almost laughed out of anger.

He was just about to teach this brat a lesson when the window was smashed open.

A streak of sword energy shot inside.

The temperature of this room dropped a few degrees at once.

He shivered.

He turned around and quickly used Shining Finger, clasping the other partys longsword.

He saw who it was as soon as he was  about to retaliate.

Her clothes were purer than snow, her long hair fluttered about behind her.

She looked just like a heavenly goddess.

“Its you”

“Its you!”

The two both said at the same time.

“Big sis!” Chu Youzhao quickly ran over to her side and hid behind her.

She looked at Zu An vigilantly.

“Big sis this… this pervert was bullying me.”

She was about to call him brother-in-law again, but she suddenly realized that he had just taken advantage of her, so why would she call him that

“What is going on” Chu Chuyan gave Zu An a puzzled look.

Even though she was still upset over the mornings matters, she refused to believe that Zu An would do something like this.

Seeing that she didnt blame him immediately, Zu An felt his heart soften. My wife still cares about me.

He rolled his eyes and impatiently pointed at Cheng Gang next to him.

“A crossdresser came to a brothel and drunk herself to the point where she was lying on the bed like a dead pig.

But no matter how good her getup was, even if she did dress up as a man, she still ended up turning on this pervert.

He sneaked over while she was unconscious to make his move, but I stopped him.

This brat has no sense of shame and slanders her benefactor.”

“Cheng… Cheng Gang” At this time, Chu Youzhao saw the one on the floor.

Her expression changed.

Chu Chuyan noticed the blood by his crotch.

She had a rough idea of what happened.

She turned around to criticize her sister.

“What is wrong with you Is a place like the government brothel a place you should be at”

Chu Youzhaos face went deathly pale.

She realized how terrifying of a situation she just evaded.

Under her sisters criticism, she mumbled, “Eldest brother and second brother called me over.

They were saying how us high status men had to come to the government brothel.

I was worried that they might be suspicious, so I followed along…I followed along to gain some experience.

That way, once other guys mentioned the government brothel, I would have something to add too.”

Zu An looked out the window.

Why didnt the Qin brothers react after all the noise here

Chu Chuyan laughed out of anger.

“Even if you were worried about being exposed, you shouldnt have come to a government brothel! Do you not know what kind of place this is I heard that you followed your cousins here and rushed over, yet I was still a step too late.

Thank goodness your brother-in-law was here, or else…”

She suddenly gave Zu An a suspicious look.

“Right, why are you here”

Zu An laughed in embarrassment, “I was investigating a case, so I followed Cheng Gang here.

Why would an upright and outstanding man like me go to a place like the government brothel”

Chu Chuyan smiled when she heard that he wasnt here to play around.

However, she still said with a snort, “Hmph, who was it that went to play around in Immortal Abode back then, and then ended up with all that courtesan queen Qiu Honglei trouble”

Zu An: “......”

Judging from the bitterness in her voice when she spoke about Qiu Honglei, he knew that she was still upset about this morning.

He sensibly shut his mouth.

Chu Youzhao walked over with a red face.

“Thank you, brother-in-law.”

Zu An chuckled and said, “I do not dare to receive that.

In a certain persons eyes, I am but a no good pervert.”

Chu Youzhao grabbed his arms and began to sway them.

“Sorry, I misunderstood you brother-in-law.

Brother-in-law is the best in the world…”

A bunch of flattery came out of her mouth.

She knew that she was trying to get herself out of this sticky situation, but for some reason, she liked the things she was saying.

Zu An: “......”

This kid has some skills! She has a natural ability that makes it hard for others to be angry at her!

Compared to the cold Chu Chuyan or the tomboy Chu Huanzhao, why was this third sister so good at currying favor

But youre still crossdressing right now! A man acting like this is a bit...

Chu Chuyan frowned.

“Enough, enough already! How old are you already Stop pulling on your brother-in-laws arms.

Arent you embarrassed”

A charming laughter suddenly sounded.

“Oh Chu First Miss is quite the jealous woman.

Youre even jealous of your own younger brother.”

Zu Ans fine hairs stood on end.

Even though he was glad that he had so many close female friends, this kind of battlefield was just too scary.

Chu Chuyan suddenly turned around.

“Why are you here”

The dots connected in her head.

Could it be that she was secretly meeting with Ah Zu here

Her face immediately turned extremely cold.

You have successfully trolled Chu Chuyan for 404 404 404…

“Ah Zu arranged a meeting with me here, of course.” Qiu Honglei said with a smile.

She leaned sweetly against his shoulder.

Chu Chuyans expression became colder and colder.

She was like a volcano that was about to erupt at any moment.


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