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“Yes sir!” The surrounding guards were all his direct subordinates.

When they heard this, they charged and surrounded Zu An.

The other party was a golden token envoy, so they didnt dare act carelessly.

However, they had their general leading them and imperial guards to back them up.

This fella was all alone, so he was dead for sure.

Zu Ans expression was grave.

He focused all of his concentration in preparation of a sudden attack.

An icily arrogant voice sounded by his ears.

“Should I help out”

Zu An couldnt help but chuckle.

Turns out Yun Jianyue was paying attention to the situation the entire time.

He chuckled when he thought about how she was peeping through the doors cracks.

“Theres no need.

Ill be even more dead if you come out right now.” Zu An quickly replied through ki.

What kind of joke is this If Yun Jianyue exposed herself, then he would be dead many times over!

“Hmph! Youre dead for sure if I dont make an appearance.” Yun Jianyue was clearly unhappy to be treated as a burden.

“Relax, I have a plan.” Zu An quickly replied while looking nervously in a direction. Crown princess, why arent you here yet Your future man is in danger!

As if she heard his prayer, a lavishly dressed figure appeared nearby.

Zu An thought of something.

He fiercely berated, “Cheng Xiong, is it because I saved the crown princess and ruined your plans last night that you are so determined to get rid of me”

The crown princess frowned when she heard this.

She was confused as to why there were so many imperial guards surrounding that place, but she immediately came to some conclusions when she heard this voice.

With her status, she naturally understood that Cheng Xiong was a part of King Qis faction.

Could it be that they really were behind yesterdays attack

The conflict between the crown prince and King Qi was already reaching its climax.

Nothing was too surprising at this point.

Cheng Xiong was about to give the order to attack, but when he heard this, he was shocked and furious.

“Bastard, what kind of nonsense are you spouting!”

You have successfully trolled Cheng Xiong for 444 444 444…

The words Zu An spoke could send him straight to death! If he carried this type of criminal charge, then his entire clan would be eradicated!

Zu An said coldly, “No secrets can remain secrets forever unless everyone involved is dead.

If this wasnt your objective, then why did you charge at me as if youve lost your mind Are golden envoy tokens this easy to bully”

With this, Cheng Xiongs soldiers couldnt help but look at their general.

This really was quite strange! The Embroidered Envoy were figures that were usually avoided.

It was already a blessing if these envoys didnt come looking for you! Yet youre provoking one of them on purpose, moreover a golden token envoy!

Cheng Xiong was about to explode from anger.

Framing others wasnt anything new for him, but this time, he really felt like Zu An was suspicious, that he had something to do with the assassins.

Yet now, he was the one being suspected instead!

“Scoundrel! You dare slander my name Die!” He brandished his blade.

A wave of surging power cleaved down at Zu An.

He also had other intentions for doing this.

He wanted to witness Zu Ans combat skills.

Once it was revealed that he was of the flame element, furthermore able to use that flame blade from last night, then that would prove everything.

Zu An harrumphed.

He sent his palm towards the blade.

The Heaven Devouring Sutra sucked away all of the ki on his blade.

“What is the name of this technique” Cheng Xiong was incredibly bewildered.

Whenever they fought, his strength would suddenly vanish.

He knew that he might not be able to defeat his opponent one on one.

“What are you all staring at Charge at him!”

The palaces imperial guards all had their formation techniques they excelled at.

Once they fought together, a single opponent stood no chance against them.

Those guards already completed their formations.

They raised their bows to fire at their opponent.

Suddenly, a dignified voice sounded from the side.

“Halt! What are you all doing”

Everyone turned their heads.

They immediately bowed down in respect when they saw who it was.

“We greet the crown princess!”

Cheng Xiong was alarmed. Why is this woman here! However, he bowed at once as well, not daring to show any negligence.

The crown princess eyes coldly scanned this place.

“You all really are something! I didnt see all of you doing much when the assassins attacked yesterday, yet arent you vigorous and lively now”

The imperial guards were all ashamed after being criticized like this by the crown princess.

Cheng Xiong was comparatively more calm.

He quickly explained, “The crown princess has misunderstood.

We are only investigating.”

He then explained how the palace gate guards noticed that there was someone who blended in with an Embroidered Envoy uniform.

The crown princess harrumphed.

“Since you know that that person was an assassin, then why didnt you catch him”

Zu An almost broke out laughing. Thats my girl! Her thoughts are the same as mine.

Cheng Xiong stopped breathing for a moment.

He quickly explained, “We only found out later on.”

The crown princess turned around to give Zu An a look.

She thought to herself, Sir Eleven is just as cool and handsome as I remember.

Her lips couldnt help but curl upwards.

However, when she turned around to look at Cheng Xiong again, her face already became much more emotionless.

“Since you didnt notice anything back then, then how can you be so certain that this Embroidered Envoy is the assassin Do you all have any proof”

“This…” Cheng Xiong was speechless.

After all, these were all only his own personal speculations.

Even though everything made sense, he lacked concrete proof.

“The reason we are searching the Embroidered Envoys uniforms is precisely to look for proof.

Those innocent definitely have all of their uniforms, while the one who helped an assassin escape is missing a set.”

The crown princess gave Zu An a look when she saw how determined Cheng Xiong was.

Zu An sneered and said, “I previously already asked, how can your one-sided statement alone demand innocence In the future, can I accuse you of any random crime and then overturn your entire home as a result General Cheng, can you accept this type of result”

The crown princess thoughts moved quickly.

After Zu Ans earlier reminder, she now really suspected that King Qis faction was trying to deal with those loyal to the crown prince.


General Cheng, your argument is not convincing enough.”

Cheng Xiong endured his rage and said, “Crown princess, this general really isnt speaking without thinking.

Yesterday, there were guards who walked around this area and happened to see two Embroidered Envoy walk out from his house.

They can serve as proof.

Everyone knows that Embroidered Envoy always act alone, who would invite another one into their private residence That is why the other one was definitely an assassin!”

He sneered.

The moment Zu An failed to give a proper response, he would immediately close out this victory and force him to talk about the other Embroidered Envoys identity.

It would be hard for him to escape then.

The crown princess looked at Zu An with a frown.

“Did this type of thing happen”

Zu An shook his head.

“All of this is nonsense.

When did I come out with another Embroidered Envoy Those imperial guards are all your subordinates, so they will obviously do what you tell them to do.

General Cheng, youve truly gone quite far in order to frame me.”

Cheng Xiong almost spat out blood.

This man was lying through his teeth! There is someone this shameless in this world!

Whenever he framed others, everything would be arranged to perfection.

He could accuse others of guilt even if they didnt have any.

Yet today, he knew that this person was guilty, yet he instead felt helpless in taking him down!

You have successfully trolled Cheng Xiong for 999 999 999…

Cheng Xiong quickly said, “Crown princess, please do not let this person deceive you.

He harbors evil intentions and has colluded with the assassins.

He has definitely done atrocious things in this conspiracy.”

The crown princess cut him off.


If Sir Eleven has truly colluded with the assassins, then why would he go so far to fend off the assassins and save me… ahem… and the crown prince”

Cheng Xiong subconsciously replied, “The assassins by the Palace of Peace and the Eastern Palace might not be from the same camp.

He has colluded with the assassins from the Palace of Peace, but that doesnt mean that he is related to the assassins by the Eastern Palace.”

The crown princess expression sunk at once.

“He rescued me and the crown prince, yet colluded with the Palace of Peaces assassins.

Is General Cheng claiming that we wanted to kill the empress”

Cheng Xiong was horrified.

“This general doesnt dare! That is not what I was trying to say…”

He wanted to say something else, but he was immediately cut off by the crown princess.


Sir Eleven is someone who his majesty and Zhuxie Chixin personally approve of.

If there was something wrong with him, then perhaps it means that General Cheng thinks that his majesty and Sir Zhuxie arent wise enough, that they would choose the wrong person”

Cheng Xiong was sweating buckets.

“This general absolutely does not dare.”

This woman really was formidable.

She was accusing him of things one after another, and he didnt dare shoulder a single one of them.

Knowing that there was no way he could take down Zu An with the crown princess here, he decisively had his subordinates withdraw from this place.

At the same time, he began to think to himself, why the crown princess would appear at this time.

He was going to prepare more carefully next time.

He wouldnt talk to Zu An and would instead just arrest him on the spot.


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