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The nonsense before was during the assassins attack.

No one was paying attention to this side back then.

But now, the crown prince and princess werent far off, and the eastern palaces people were also outside.

Eunuch Lu and the others were guarding the entrance.

How dare he!

But for some reason, this feeling of pressure was a completely new experience for her.

Even though her rationality told her that she rejected, even hated him for doing this, every cell of her body was crying out in pleasure.

Both her body and heart had remained calm for far too long.

This fella made her feel the same type of feeling she felt when she first saw the emperor.

She took a deep breath and removed those thoughts from her mind.

She did her best to stop her voice from shaking.

“Do you know what you are doing right now”

Zu An calmly said, “This is to make the empress understand our current relationship.

I wont be so polite if you call me a filthy servant again.”

The empress breathing became hurried.

Her impressive chest rose and fell.

Her normally dignified eyes were about to shed tears.

“How are you going to be impolite to me”

Zu Ans breathing stopped.

He really didnt expect this… He only planned to scare her a bit to get a bit of respect, but wasnt her reaction a bit over the top

The empress smile was extremely dangerous.

“Brat, dont pretend like you will really do anything to me.

Even if I just stay here and let you do what you wish, would you really dare”

For some reason, she even felt a hint of expectation when she said this.

She scared herself when she thought of this and quickly suppressed the thought.

Zu An: “......” 

He had to admit that he really didnt dare cross that line.

The empress was way too powerful.

She could have him killed with a single thought.

Even though the emperor rarely left the palace, secrets rarely remained secrets forever.

With his divine senses, it would be hard for anything to avoid his ears.

Even though the empress was like a mature and juicy peach ready for picking, he didnt dare take such a huge risk.

He still had a lot of things he wanted to do after all.

Seeing that he was stunned momentarily, the empress chuckled and pushed his hand away.

“Bluffs are useless before this empress.

Well all just mind our own business in the future and pretend that thing never happened.

Please do not vainly try to use that affair against me.”

This was actually all Zu An was hoping for as well.

But if he admitted to it now, then it seemed a bit shameful.

Mature women werent like young girls after all! Sigh, why do I feel like I was played This is so embarrassing.

At this time, someone suddenly walked in from the entrance.

Zu An and the empress immediately straightened their figures and widened the distance.

The empress was unhappy.

“Why did you come inside”

The one who came was actually Eunuch Lu.

His hawk-like eyes stared at Zu An.

“Empress, do you want this old servant to kill him”

Zu An was alarmed.

This was an opponent at the ninth rank.

The entrance was so close as well.

If he wanted to listen in, then he could easily hear what happened inside.

I was too careless!

But he wasnt that scared.

With his current cultivation, even though he cannot win against this old eunuch, it wasnt too difficult for him to protect himself.

Furthermore, there was no way the empress would want this matter to get out, so she wouldnt ask anyone else for help.

The empress gave him a look of surprise.

She didnt expect him to still be calm in this situation.

She shook her head.

“There is no need.

I know what I am doing.”

Then, she gave the eunuch a displeased look.

“Didnt I tell you to wait outside Who told you to come in on your own”

Eunuch Lus sinister expression immediately changed into an apologetic smile.

“Your highness, it was because I just received some important information that you need to know about.”

Zu An was completely speechless.

This guys expression changed way too quickly, right Simps really a different breed… Keep bootlicking I guess, no matter how you lick, you wont get a single crumb.

“Then speak.” The empress recovered her initial apathy and laid down on her seat.

Eunuch Lus eyes burned with passion when he saw her wonderful curves.

Unfortunately, the flames quickly dimmed when he thought of something.

He turned around and gave Zu An a look, his expression a bit hesitant.

“Its fine, Sir Zu will be one of us in the future.” The empress chuckled.

She didnt mind using these insignificant matters to draw Zu An closer.

Zu An was speechless when he saw Eunuch Lus enmity filled eyes. Bro, you dont even have a pipi, why are you treating everyone as your rival in love

Eunuch Lu thus said, “Reporting to the empress, the Left Guard General Cheng Xiong is currently investigating the Embroidered Envoy inside the palace.”

“Investigating the Embroidered Envoy Has he gone mad” The empress was stunned.

The Embroidered Envoy were the emperors trusted aides.

Where is Cheng Xiong getting the courage to do this from

Zu An panicked  inside.

He subconsciously felt like this was a scheme directed at him.

Eunuch Lu thus replied, “We received information that there was an assassin dressed in an Embroidered Envoy uniform.

That is why the number of Embroidered Envoy uniforms is being checked.

Those on the Embroidered Envoys side are unhappy with this and are currently opposing him.”

Zu An felt as if a bucket of cold water was dumped on him.

He immediately reacted.

Cheng Xiong was coming after him!

Cheng Xiong returned in low spirits after failing last night, but he mustve decided to retaliate even stronger today.

This time, his investigation was extremely thorough.

He even managed to find out that he used his Embroidered Envoy uniform to send Snow out!

It looked like he was opposing the other Embroidered Envoy, but in reality, this was a lethal strike against him.

Yun Jianyue was still hiding in his house.

Fortunately, she was able to escape detection yesterday, but it might not be so easy for her to get away if they continued the search today.

What do I do What am I supposed to do now

His mind moved at lightning speed.

At the same time, he was a bit regretful.

He ended up looking down on the intelligence of this worlds people.

These arent the npcs from the novels and games he played! These were all people who were sharp enough to sit in their positions!

He quickly thought of countermeasures.

His first thought was to use the empress for help, but what was he supposed to say If he didnt expose his identity as an Embroidered Envoy, why the hell would the empress help an unrelated Embroidered Envoy

But if he told her about his other identity, how was he supposed to explain to her that he brought an assassin out

She might assume that he knew the assassins.

Things would become even more problematic then.

Furthermore, she had the Liu clan behind her.

After knowing his status as an Embroidered Envoy, it was hard to ensure that she wont tell the clan.

That would make things even more dangerous for him, as both the emperor and King Qi would want him gone.

Should he contact Zhuxie Chixin He wont just let others climb all over him.

Furthermore, they chatted and got along quite well yesterday…

No way, no way.

Things will become even more complicated if that old fox Zhuxie Chixin found out that he let an assassin go.

While he was thinking, the empress reclining on her seat said with a smile, “Cheng Xiong is someone under King Qi.

He is worried that his majesty might use this as a chance to transfer him away from his important position, so he is already trying everything he can.

Its fine, just let him and the Embroidered Envoy have their little dogfight.”

Zu An was surprised.

Cheng Xiong is someone under King Qis faction

No wonder he cared so much about this investigation! Wait, theres something I can do.

“Empress, if there is nothing else, then I am leaving first.” Zu An bowed to the empress again.

He had to show her proper etiquette in front of others.

“Eunuch Lu, send him out for me.” The empress waved her hand.

She didnt seem to want to interact with Eunuch Lu privately anymore either.

“Understood.” Eunuch Lu led Zu An out of the gate.

His expression was rather awful.

I touched the goddess he dreams about every night, so its normal for him to hate me.

Looks like theres no getting along with him.

When they left the room, Eunuch Lu closed the door.

He wanted to say something but then hesitated.

In the end, he still said, “You really are an evildoer without any guts.

Are you really that scared of his majesty knowing”

Zu An was stunned when he saw how this fella was upset, yet didnt act out.

This wasnt what he was expecting! Why did he feel like this eunuch actually supported his actions

Didnt he always like that empress Why would he allow another man to get close to her He even seemed pretty excited.

Eunuch Lu… or maybe Eunuch Green[1]


The surname Lu is similar to the chinese character for green, and green represents… you guys already know at this point


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