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Right at this time, Yun Jianyue said, “Go lie down on the bed.”

“Huh” Zu An was confused.

He didnt know why he was saying this.

Yun Jianyue gave him an annoyed look.

“Didnt you tell everyone that you were injured You should be resting.”

“Oh, youre right.” Zu An moved to the bed.

He pulled over the covers.

This was his house, yet this was the first time he slept on the bed.

Yun Jianyue shot him another look.


Zu An was extremely confused.

Yun Jianyue said with a frown, “Youre usually pretty sharp.

Are you going to sleep with your clothes on”

Zu An saidoh, and then he removed the outfit.

However, he kept his helmet on, because he couldnt reveal his real identity to anyone.

He finally snapped out of his daze after completing all of this.

“What is the point of all of this Youre the biggest issue, big sis! I dont care about being seen.”

After a bit of hesitation, Yun Jianyue moved aside the covers and made her way in as well.

Zu An: “”

Her long hair brushed against his body.

It felt soft like silk.

Her delicate fragrance and soft body made Zu An blurt out, “I feel like youre lusting after my body!”

“Shut up!” Yun Jianyues face blushed red for the first time.

However, it disappeared in an instant.

He could sense that she seemed to be using some type of flexibility technique.

She twisted about in the covers, and then her figure became extremely soft, her size also becoming smaller.

It actually didnt seem like someone else was inside of the covers.

Zu An was stupefied.

He saw those yoga girls do all types of weird postures in the past, yet compared to Yun Jianyue, they looked like amateurs!

Whoever got to marry this woman would definitely be extremely blessed!

“Do you want to die” Yun Jianyue said through gritted teeth from under the covers.

You have successfully trolled Yun Jianyue for 999 Rage points!

Zu Ans face heated up.

His legs fidgeted unnaturally.

“This is a normal reaction! I cant control this, come on.”

Yun Jianyue: “......”

She twisted her head the other way. I wouldve snapped that thing right off if you were doing it on purpose!

There was no way she would ever do something like this if it wasnt because she had no other choice!

She knew that if someone came in to search this place, hiding behind the curtains like last time probably wouldnt work.

Zhuxie Chixin never searched in detail because he didnt suspect Zu An in the first place, but these people outside were clearly different.

Every corner of the room will be searched, so hiding behind the curtains wasnt a real solution.

Zu An mentioned that there were a group of guards surrounding this place.

Shell be immediately exposed if she tried to jump out through the window!

But because of all of this, she ended up letting this brat take advantage of her!

You have successfully trolled Yun Jianyue for 233 233 233… 

Is this kid from the freaking beast race Or is he half beastman But he looks like a normal human from the outside!

Yun Jianyue was a sect master after all, so she was able to separate her emotions from her actions.

She calmed herself down.

Cheng Xiongs impatient voice sounded from outside.

“Sir Eleven, if you still refuse to open the door, I have reason to suspect that you are hiding a criminal inside, and we will be forced to break in!”

Even though there was a protective formation surrounding this place, the defenses were limited.

There was no way it could withstand the attacks of an eight ranked general and a group of experts.

Zu An pressed the room key at this time.

The doors opened on their own.

“Then search if you want to.

I only moved in today so theres nothing here.

The search shouldnt take that long.”

Cheng Xiong was a bit surprised.

This guy let them come in! Then did they really wrong him

However, he wasnt convinced so quickly.

He waved his hands and indicated for his subordinates to search around.

Searches were their specialty, so not even hidden rooms and cellars would escape their detection.

He himself headed towards the main bedroom.

“Sir Eleven, please pardon my rudeness.

I must carry out my official duty.”

Even though he was suspicious inside, he was still polite on the outside.

After all, they would see each other often in the palace in the future.

He still had to show him some courtesy.

“Theres no rudeness to it.

Please do what you need to after completing your search.

I am preparing to rest and nurse my wounds.” Zu An struggled to a half seated posture on the bed as if he was roused awake.

“So Sir Eleven was sleeping! Didnt you just head to the hospital earlier” Cheng Xiong stared at the other party.

He wanted to find something from his expression, but he was wearing a mask, so he couldnt see anything.

Zu An said with a laugh, “Looks like General Cheng came prepared.

The investigation is quite thorough.”

Cheng Xiong wasnt annoyed and said with a smile, “It cant be helped.

Since his majesty assigned me to this case, then I need to do my utmost.

I cannot let any leads go.”

“Then has General Cheng found anything” Zu An frowned inwardly.

He didnt know why this fella would target him.

Normally speaking, the two of them shouldnt have any grudges, and he even had his status as a golden token envoy.

There was no reason for this man to be so aggressive.

“Those assassins are too cunning.

We werent able to find anything of value yet.

However, I believe that there are definitely still some assassins hiding around inside the palace, just that we do not know where they are hiding.

However, I believe all of them will be found soon.” Cheng Xiong said.

“I wish General Cheng success.” Zu An had to admit that this fella was sharp enough, that he actually managed to guess at the truth.

Cheng Xiong laughed and suddenly asked, “By the way, I heard that Sir Eleven was injured from the hospital earlier, but if I recall correctly, Sir Eleven didnt look injured in the imperial study.

Could it be that you encountered an assassin after you left the imperial study”

Zu Ans heart pounded.

Did this guy already see through him

Of course, he wouldnt give anything away on the surface.

“I was wounded by that female assassins flying sword back at the eastern palace, but his majesty emphasizes bearing, so I forcefully suppressed it.

Later on, I found a chance to get some medicine from the hospital.”

“But I heard that the hospital didnt give you any medicine They gave it to the crown princess instead.” Cheng Xiong moved closer to him.

“Does Sir Eleven wish for me to help you out Even though I am only at the eighth rank, I still have the ability to treat ones injuries.”

“I wont trouble the general for that.

The crown princess already gave the medicine to me, so my condition has already improved considerably.

I only need to rest a few more days.” Zu An deliberately spoke of the crown princess matter hoping that he would back off.

Sure enough, when Cheng Xiong heard about this, his expression changed on the spot.

He didnt expect the two of them to share this type of friendship.

However, he was still fierce in nature.

Since he already offended the other party, rather than waiting for him to get revenge with the Embroidered Envoy and crown princess on his side in the future, he might as well crush him here.

“To be honest, that female assassin still leaves me with lingering fears.

She is a glorious grandmaster, yet she does something unbefitting of her status and carries out an assassination! It truly is shameless,” said Cheng Xiong.

Zu An could feel Yun Jianyues body go taut when these words sounded.

These words definitely angered her.

Out of worry that she wouldnt be able to suppress her anger, he gently patted her, indicating for her to calm down.

Yun Jianyue: “......”

Should I feed this kid to the dogs after I recover

Zu An continued off of Cheng Xiongs words and said, “That female assassin was quite beautiful, but what a pity that she is too vicious.

I almost died under her sword.

Cheng Xiong said with praise, “The fact that Sir Eleven evaded the sword of a grandmaster is already incredibly praiseworthy.

I wonder what kind of technique Sir Eleven cultivates.

ThePhoenix Nirvana Sutra is a flame element technique, I reckon”

Zu An was stunned.

He finally understood why the other party was suspicious.

He was trying to see if the flame blade that rescued Qiu Honglei had anything to do with him.

He said indifferently, “The Phoenix Nirvana Sutra is something his majesty has deemed that he wants.

I fear that it is rather unsuitable for General Cheng to ask about it, am I right”

Cheng Xiongs expression changed.

“I was in such admiration over Sir Elevens methods that my tongue slipped.

Pardon me for that.”

While speaking, his eyes couldnt help but shift to the blanket covering Zu An.


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