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Chapter 608: I Wanted to Keep a Low Profile, But My Opponent is Too Strong!

One of the assassins that was facing the crown prince’s lesser tutor rushed at Zu An.

“Seventh rank!”

Zu An quickly deduced his cultivation from his charge.

He began to curse inwardly. This fella is clearly the number two expert attacking Cao Hou, so why the hell is he leaving him behind and running after me He’s even coming with some of his buddies! All of those fellas are at the sixth rank!

Don’t you guys have any integrity You should be attacking Cao Hou or the crown prince, why the hell are you coming at me!

In the end, this was still unfortunately because he didn’t know what a golden token Embroidered Envoy represented.

The amount of time he spent as an Embroidered Envoy was too short.

The entire Embroidered Envoy only had ten golden token envoys.

Every single one of them were sharp and reliable.

The most basic requirement to become one of them was powerful cultivation, that they were one of the strongest.

They needed to be at the seventh rank at the very least.

Rumors had it that there were even some at the ninth rank.

That Huang Huihong who was sent to arrest Zu An was only a silver token envoy.

It was easy to see just how high rank a golden token envoy was.

In the eyes of these assailants, a single golden token envoy’s threat was even greater than the crown prince’s lesser tutor Cao Hou.

After all, they didn’t know which one of the golden token envoys it was.

If a ninth rank came, then they didn’t even need to fight anymore.

That was why they could only use their greatest force to stop him first.

Zu An didn’t dare show any negligence.

He quickly brandished his palm to face that seventh rank assassin.

That seventh rank assassin felt the strength in his hand disappear.

He was horrified.

“Fuck, this one is at least at the eighth rank!”

He didn’t know that this was because of the Heaven Devouring Sutra and merely treated it as the other party’s cultivation far surpassing his own.

Of course, Zu An didn’t seem like a ninth rank to him.

If his opponent was at the ninth rank, then that palm would have already ended his life.

They all felt like they were incredibly unlucky.

How great would it be if it was a seventh ranked envoy who came!

The crown prince’s side was shocked.

The crown princess’ beautiful eyes looked in his direction.

She thought to herself that she had to properly thank this individual when everything was over.

Zu An was baffled too.

He knew that his cultivation couldn’t be evaluated through normal means, but the fact that he faced someone at the peak of the seventh rank without being at a disadvantage at all was still unexpected.

I’m already this strong

Two more assassins rushed at him, one from the right and one from the left, clearly intending to help their seventh rank companion alleviate some of the pressure.

Zu An knew that these assassins were proficient in killing arts, so he didn’t dare show any negligence.

It really would be bad if he ended up being defeated and exposed.

He didn’t want to expose himself with his normal skills, so he used the Heaven Devouring Sutra.

Even though he couldn’t form black holes like Wu Geng did back then, he could already form a powerful vortex in his palm.

It completely sucked away the ki from the longsword of the assassin on the left.

Then, with a twist, his sharp longsword was crushed into a lump of random steel.

That assassin was alarmed and quickly withdrew.

However, how could Zu An give up on such a great opportunity Speed was his forte to begin with.

He rushed over and sent a palm smashing over.

That assassin spurted out blood at once.

Everyone was stunned. This man is so strong!

Even the lesser tutor Cao Hou gave him a look of surprise. Who is this Embroidered Envoy Why can’t I see through his cultivation His cultivation didn’t seem that high… Could it be that he is hiding his aura through a great skill, that he is pursuing a natural path That this man’s cultivation is far above mine, and that is why I cannot see through him

The crown princess’ eyes dazzled.

It wasn’t that she liked this Embroidered Envoy, but rather that having a reliable protector at a critical moment would always make one feel at peace.

Zu An felt amazing when he saw these people’s looks of adoration.

What was the point of cultivation Obviously for showing off!

At the same time, he sighed in amazement.

The Heaven Devouring Sutra really was useful.

It could neutralize an opponent’s attack, making it practically impossible for them to evaluate his real cultivation.

It really was like a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

Of course, he didn’t display the Heaven Devouring Sutra’s cultivation absorbing side.

He didn’t want to become a public enemy of the world.

He would just use this function in secret.

You have successfully trolled Qiu Honglei for 123 Rage points!

He continuously received Rage points from the backend.

These assassins were clearly angered when they saw the death of their companion.

However, there was one name that left Zu An stunned.

Qiu Honglei

She’s here as well

Zu An immediately looked around.

Everyone was dressed in black clothes, and the battlefield was quite chaotic.

It was hard to tell who was who.

While he was momentarily distracted, the assassin on the right attacked again.

Zu An’s figure flashed, evading this attack.

His main opponent was that seventh ranked individual.

His threat was the greatest.

The seventh ranked expert used everything he knew when he saw Zu An rush over.

Seizing the initiative right now was absolutely vital.

Zu An frowned.

He secretly summoned Hundredwarble to launch a spiritual attack.

Either way, this seventh rank was definitely not Qiu Honglei, so he didn’t have to hold back.

He wanted to keep a low profile, but his opponent was way too strong!

In that case, he’ll just pretend to be a great master.

Either way, he had a mask on right now.

No one knew his true identity.

The only thing he had to worry about was if he ended up ruining Qiu Honglei’s huge plan.

Unfortunately, this was outside of his control.

He could only take things one step at a time and then secretly save Qiu Honglei afterwards.

How could this seventh rank opponent have expected this His eyes blurred and he felt dizzy.

When he snapped out of his daze, a palm already smashed into his body.

He was flung to the ground, blood gushing out of his mouth.

A sword already thrusted at Zu An from behind.

That assassin he evaded earlier attacked again.

However, in this moment, he saw Zu An seriously wound his seventh rank companion.

His entire body went cold.

He knew that he was most likely finished this time.

However, his sword already thrusted out, so it was too late to even pull it back.

As such, he decided to just risk it all.

Zu An’s two fingers rushed out and clamped down on his sword.

His other hand struck this assassin.

“Shining Finger” That assassin was shocked.

Zu An was even more shocked.

I even deliberately changed my techniques, but it was recognized!

There weren’t many people who had seen this technique.

Those who knew its name were even fewer in number.

But he had never heard this assassin’s voice before!

He suddenly remembered that Qiao Xueying deliberately changed her voice to hide her identity, so he was shocked.

He moved his hand three inches to the side so that the other party could easily evade.


No wonder her figure was so flexible! Sigh, I still don’t know her body well enough, or else I would’ve recognized her from the start.

“Ah Zu” That assassin was also shocked.

She returned to her original voice.

Zu An was overjoyed.

He sent her voice transmissions while fighting.

“Why are you a part of this assassination”

No wonder he felt like she was a lot weaker than normal.

Using the Empress Lantern would expose her identity after all.

“How did you become an Embroidered Envoy” Qiu Honglei also asked a question.

“It’s a long story.” Both of them ended up replying at the same time.

Zu An felt a bit of a pain.

“I’ll bring you out first.”

Qiu Honglei shook her head.

“No, we have already cut off our means of retreat.

We must kill the crown prince.”

“When has your Devil Sect gotten into conflict with the crown prince” Zu An was confused.

“It’s hard to explain everything right now.

I cannot just leave my companions and run off alone right now, right” Qiu Honglei felt extremely troubled.

She originally already set her resolution to succeed or die trying, but now that she met Zu An again, she discovered that she didn’t want to die.

However, escaping alone was definitely not something she could do.

The two chatted while facing each other.

It looked dangerous, but things always went smoothly when two sharp individuals worked together.

However, the others were confused.

This golden token envoy had just finished off a seventh rank expert almost instantly.

Why was he having trouble with this sixth rank opponent

The eastern palace’s side wondered if this sixth rank individual had any special skills.

The other assassins immediately became overjoyed.

“The saintess is the saintess after all! She is formidable!”

Qiu Honglei’s expression suddenly changed.

She quickly warned, “Be careful, my master has arrived!”


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