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Zu An was speechless. We almost lost our lives in that stupid Shang Dynasty trial, yet this woman somehow ended up in that other place

Does this dungeon bring people of different cultivation levels to different places

The things Mosquito Daoist had just spoken of were familiar to him.

In the world written about in theInvestiture of the Gods, there was an incredibly powerful Mosquito Daoist, but how she came to be, no one knew.

This Mosquito Daoist only made a single appearance, but it was definitely one that left an impression.

She feasted upon the famous Holy Mother Tortoise, sucking her dry and leaving nothing but an empty shell.

What was this Holy Mother Tortoise She was one of the four disciples of the Grandmaster of Heaven! She had been restrained by the Western Sects Sect Master, Guidance Daoist, which allowed Mosquito Daoist was able to suck her dry.

After this Mosquito Daoist sucked the Holy Mother Tortoise dry, she headed west, and absorbed three layers of the Western Sects Twelve-Layered Golden Lotus, delaying the Western Sects plans by a thousand years.

Nothing else was recorded about this Mosquito Daoist within the pages of theInvestiture of the Gods.

She seemed to have appeared out of thin air, and then vanished again in the same way.

Zu An was rather alarmed.

Given how things were, could it be that the Mosquito Daoist mentioned was the same as the one in front of them!

How was he even supposed to go up against someone from that world There were gods and buddhas everywhere in that world, and immortals were as common as stray dogs! If Mosquito Daoist was allowed to do whatever she wanted to, even in such a place, what were the two of them supposed to do against her

Zu An was not about to give up, but went ahead to test the waters.

“If we didnt drag you out of the dungeon, you might have been killed by the Western Sects Guidance Daoist once he returned.

You should really be thanking us instead.”

Pei Mianman was completely bewildered.

She had no idea what he was talking about.

Mosquito Daoist was surprised.

“How does a brat like you know about Guidance Daoist”

Zu An was equally shocked.

There really was a Guidance Daoist in there! “What is your cultivation rank now” he asked quickly.

Perhaps because of his apparent knowledge of the world she had been in, Mosquito Daoist seemed inclined to chat.

“To be honest, I should be thanking you.

This dungeon has provided me with a bountiful harvest.

Other than the obvious benefits, I am most grateful for the privilege to have experienced such a completely different world.

Ive learned that cultivators could actually become that powerful! Ive gained a clear sense of direction.

Now, the cultivators of this world seem like nothing more than ignorant frogs sitting at the bottom of a well.”

She said all this in an even, unhurried tone, sounding like a renowned scholar.

It was easy to imagine that, after a period of seclusion, she would surely emerge as one of that worlds top-notch experts.

Zu An cursed. Are you the damned protagonist, or am I! If I had gone to that world, I just might have been able to get my hands on some remarkable treasure…!

However, he wasnt fully convinced by her story.

The world that Mosquito Daoist had been sent to might not have been real.

After all, Wu Geng had built Yinxu all by himself.

Even though he was strong, he wasnt strong enough to create the world that was mentioned within theInvestiture of the Gods.

Mosquito Daoist had probably been led to nothing but a facsimile of that world.

Wu Geng was a god within that dungeon, after all, and he could do whatever he wanted within it.

But how did Wu Geng come to know about theInvestiture of the Gods Did he read that novel, or was it personal experience

Mosquito Daoist continued, “What you say is also correct.

If you didnt draw me out of it so quickly, I might have died there…”

Her face turned red when she said this.

She had been caught by Guidance Daoist not long after she had arrived in that world.

There was nothing she could do, and she was locked up for a long, long time.

Later on, she managed to sneak out when the boy set to guard her grew careless, and she proceeded to absorb three layers of the Golden Lotus.

However, as she was doing so, she could already sense the aura of Guidance Daoist returning.

She decided to risk it all and absorb the entire Golden Lotus, even though she knew that Guidance Daoist would kill her in revenge.

Zu An clasped his fist towards her.

“Since weve done you a favor, I wont ask for anything else.

Well go our separate ways, and well meet again if fate wills it.”

He was just about to lead Pei Mianman away when his vision blurred.

Mosquito Daoist was already in front of them, blocking their way.

“You want to leave Dream on! Hand over the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra, and Ill consider giving you two an easy death.”

Zu An was speechless.

“Youve experienced an entire world of flying immortals and buddhas, and absorbed three layers of the Golden Lotus, and yet youre still bickering about a book that might not even grant you immortality Are you kidding me”

Mosquito Daoist was slightly embarrassed as well.

She snorted and said, “It is precisely because of my experiences within that world that I yearn for immortality even more! If I had been able to completely absorb all twelve layers, I might not need your Phoenix Nirvana Sutra.

Unfortunately, since I couldnt, I can only look to you.”

As the words left her mouth, her hand was already reaching towards Zu An, trying to grab him.

She was extremely fast, much faster than the last time they had faced each other.

Her strength had clearly increased after her sojourn within the dungeon.

Of course, Zu Ans cultivation had also increased.

He quickly used the Sunflower Phantasm, sending the three images of him flying off in different directions.

Mosquito Daoist sneered.

“This trick again!

A hint of golden light appeared in her eyes, outlining the vague form of a lotus.

“Ive found you!

She paid no attention to the mirror images, and charged straight at his real body.

Zu An reacted quickly as well, bringing his sword in front of him to block her strike.

A crisp, clear note rang out as they clashed, then Zu Ans body was blown backwards.

It took him a while before he finally found his footing again.

Blood trickled down from the corner of his mouth.

The strike had made a mess of the ki flowing within him.

Mosquito Daoists eyes fell on his Taie Sword.

“Your sword is quite excellent.

Ill take it for myself later, if you dont mind.”

Having faced off against it several times before their entry into the dungeon, she was already well-versed in its capabilities.

She continued her assault.

She had reaped such extraordinary benefits from her time in the dungeon, and she was confident that she could take him down within three moves.

A fiery black rose bloomed, causing Mosquito Daoist to frown.

She could sense the devastating power within the black flames, and was cautious not to get caught within its blast wave.

She raised her palm, and the stunning black rose was blown apart.

She looked at Pei Mianman.

“That kids movement technique is a bit tricky, but your own strength is still far off.”

Despite her words, her eyes still unconsciously lingered on Pei Mianmans chest for a few seconds.

The force from her palm strike had forced Pei Mianman back a fair distance, and her chest was still bouncing from the sudden impact.

Mosquito Daoist looked down at her own chest, and a hint of vexation flashed across her eyes.

Hmph! Im definitely going to suck that low-class chest dry later!

Pei Mianman somehow retained her composure.

“Is that so” she replied.

A small owl statue appeared in her palm, which quickly began to grow.

A massive owl took flight, swooping across the area, shrouding the surroundings in darkness.

This darkness was extremely strange.

Cultivators were generally still able to see, even at night, although not as well as in the day.

However, this darkness seemed to swallow up all light, and even cultivators were left blinded by it.

Zu An realized what was happening.

Pei Mianman had described this as one of the abilities of Fu Haos owl statue—that it could create a domain of darkness.

No one else could see within this domain, but everything within it would be as bright as day to Pei Mianman.

He quickly dodged to the side to avoid an attack from Mosquito Daoist, guessing her movements based on what he could remember about her last position.

He could do nothing more but to put his trust in Manman for now.

He didnt want to cause any trouble for her.

Unexpectedly, Mosquito Daoists wanton laughter echoed out around the darkness.

“Hahaha! Little girl, you really are a big-breasted bimbo! Have you forgotten that mosquitoes are most active at night”

As soon as the words left her mouth, Pei Mianman let out a muffled groan, and the darkness gradually cleared.

Zu An knew that things had taken a bad turn.

He was just about to move when he felt a hand clamp down on his shoulder, followed by the sound of Mosquito Daoists mocking voice.

“You really are a slippery one.

Instead  of asking you again, how about I just suck out all of your blood essence, and read through your memories later”

Zu An could finally see again.

Mosquito Daoist was standing a few inches in front of him, snuggling against his chest as if she was his lover.

Her lips moved towards his neck, as though she were about to kiss him there.

However, she suddenly bit down on him fiercely.

Zu An felt a wave of weakness spread through his body, as he felt all of his blood essence being sucked out, flowing into her treacherous mouth.


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