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Zu An was a little uneasy after all.

He noticed that their surroundings were absolutely magnificent, and there seemed to be some people on guard outside the room.

He covered Pei Mianman with the blanket, then shouted.

“Send someone inside!”

The door was opened with a creak.

A young maid slowly walked in.

The maid was quite pretty.

In his previous world, she would have been considered the prettiest girl in class.

However, Zu An was already used to having the absolutely stunning Pei Mianman around him, and was greatly immune to such beauty.

He wasnt so easily moved by such ordinarily pretty girls. 

Her outfit was quite eye-catching, though, mostly because she wasnt wearing much at all.

She wore a small corset and a miniskirt, which just about covered her key areas.

The young ladys fair and slim waist was exposed, as well as her well proportioned legs.

Her youthfulness was on full display.

After the initial shock had passed, Zu An realized that goods were probably in short supply in ancient times.

The industries of spinning and weaving hadnt quite taken off yet, so people were often dressed in less clothing.

This young lady wasnt deliberately trying to expose herself.

He sighed in envy. Men from such ancient times really were blessed!

While his mind was wandering, the maid greeted them respectfully.

“My King, what orders do you have for me”

“King” Zu An was shocked.

Pei Mianmans eyes also went wide.

She clearly did not expect this either.

“What dynasty are we in” Zu An quickly asked.

“Dynasty” The maid looked confused.

She clearly didnt understand the meaning of this word.

Zu An quickly cleared his throat and tried again.

“Which state are we in”

The maid understood him this time.

“This is the Shang State.

My King, is there something wrong Why are you suddenly asking me something so strange”

Zu An was startled.

He was worried that he had just slipped up in front of her.

But after thinking it over for a bit, he realized that he was the king, after all, and there wasnt anything to be worried about.

After all, those in the Shang Dynasty were quick to offer up human lives as sacrifices.

As such, he put on a serious expression and cleared his throat.

“Am I the one asking the questions, or are you”

That maid was so scared that she threw herself to the ground when she saw his anger, not knowing it was feigned.

Her entire body shook as she said, “My King, please spare me! Please spare me!”

From her horrified expression alone, Zu An could sense just how terrifying the Shang Dynastys methods of punishment were.

Scaring a girl like this made him feel rather awful.

However, he remembered his objective, so he had no choice now but to harden his heart.

“Speak my name, and I shall spare your life.”

That servant girl frantically kowtowed in apology.

“My King, please spare me! This servant doesnt dare speak your glorious name!”

Zu An snorted.

“If I tell you to say it, then say it.

If you dont speak, I will have you turned into mincemeat.”

This maids expression altered greatly.

She clearly understood just how bitter a punishment being turned into mincemeat was.

“Respectfully, my King, your name is Wu Ding, historys greatest monarch…”

She was quite bright, and immediately launched into a long list of bootlicking praise.

“Wu Ding” Zu An frowned.

He recalled the documentary that hed watched in his previous world, and the murals which Mi Li had explained.

A bunch of information about Wu Ding flooded his mind.

He was here to participate in a trial.

Why did he suddenly become the Shang Dynastys Wu Ding

Something else occurred to him.

He pointed at Pei Mianman and said, “What about her Who is she”

The maid had a strange look on her face. My King, how could you forget who she is Have you somehow been possessed, your Majesty

Of course, she did not dare give voice to any of these thoughts.

Instead, she hurriedly replied, “My King, she is your queen, Fu Hao.”

“Fu Hao” Zu Ans shock was even greater than when he found out that he was Wu Ding.

After all, Fu Hao was the first female general recorded in Chinese history, as well as a queen and a high priest.

All that added together made her an absolutely legendary figure.

Pei Mianman was shocked as well.

Even though she wasnt familiar with the history of the Shang Dynasty, she knew that she was an outstanding and heroic woman, from the way Ya Zhang had praised her earlier.

They had entered into this trial through Fu Haos bronze owl statue as well.

Zu An looked at the shaking maid kneeling before him.

As someone who had crossed over from a civilized world, he couldnt bear to watch any more of this.

He let her go after asking a few more questions.

He even offered her a few words of consolation, which helped to calm her down.

“I apologize if I have disturbed your rest, my king and queen.” The maid felt as if she had received a huge pardon.

She quickly closed the door and withdrew.

Pei Mianman looked worried.

“Ah Zu, this trial is way too weird! I have no idea what is being tested.”

Zu An nodded.

He said with a serious tone, “Right now, we only know one thing.”

“What is it” Pei Mianman quickly asked.

Zu An smiled when he looked at her.

“That were already a proper husband and wife, so we can do what husbands and wives do.”

Pei Mianman protested playfully.

She thought that he had something important to say, since he seemed so serious, but she never expected that.

Now that they knew the context of the trial, however, they no longer felt as alarmed.

Furthermore, the two of them had feelings for each other, and the intimate physical contact that theyd shared had enhanced them even more.

Her heart was beginning to grow fonder.

Zu An immediately threw herself at her, eager to continue their previously unfinished business.

“But what if this trial is truly a test of your lust” Pei Mianman was still a bit worried.

Zu An shook his head.

“It cant possibly be.

Wu Ding and Fu Hao were an ordinary, married couple who loved each other.

They even had a few children.

Its better if we go along with the script for now.”

“How do you know all of this” Pei Mianman was confused.

This Shang Dynasty, Wu Ding, and all the other stuff were things that she had never heard of.

Zu An favored her with a faint smile, and pointed at his head.

“This is the world that I saw in my dreams.”

Pei Mianman blinked.

“I didnt expect the world in your dreams to be so similar to these dungeons,” she couldnt help but reply with a sigh.

“Sometimes, I wonder if you really are blessed by the heavens.”

Zu An chuckled.

“Then why dont we bond a little more so that you can experience this natural blessing for yourself Who knows, your cultivation might even progress by leaps and bounds!”

“Pah! Do you really think youre some sacred, cultivation-boosting treasure” Pei Mianman said with a snort.

After a moment, though, she froze.

She remembered that her cultivation had been around the same as Chu Chuyans, and she might even have been slightly superior, given the strength she had been hiding, Yet, after the dungeon incident, her cultivation had suddenly shot through the roof.

The last time theyd met, she was already at the seventh rank! What if it really was because of this guys… seed

However, her thoughts quickly became jumbled up as she gradually lost herself to Zu Ans skillful movements.

Where did this guy hone his skills at stealing hearts… This vague thought flashed across Pei Mianmans mind as she subconsciously embraced the man who was entwined around her body.

After some time, she sensed her lover begin to hesitate, his movements becoming more tender.

She said with a sweet smile, “Ah Zu, its okay.

I\'m already completely yours.”

“You really are a temptress…” Zu An sighed.

Pei Mianman and Chu Chuyan were two entirely different personalities! Chu Chuyan was cold and aloof, like a block of ice, while Pei Mianman was as hot and passionate as a raging fire! Once she had acknowledged their relationship, she was the one constantly coming on to him.

There was no way Zu An would hold himself back after this soft and gentle invitation.

He threw himself right into it.

Even the strongest and sharpest sword would have its blade sealed by a scabbard.

Pei Mianman looked as though she was in pain and ecstasy at the same time.

She took a deep breath, and embraced her lover.

Only after an eternity did they pause to catch their breath.

Her face was rosy pink, and her eyes clouded over with mist.

“I really pity Chuyan.”

Zu An was bewildered by her sudden remark.

Pei Mianman bit her lip and said, “Shes abused by you like this day after day.”

Zu An leaned into her ear and whispered, “Then what about you”

Pei Mianman smiled mysteriously.

“My body isnt as delicate as Chu Chuyans.

You can abuse me however you want… I like it…”

Her words were more effective than any aphrodisiac.

The bed began to rock and sway more vigorously, the sheets rising and falling like ocean waves.

The bed itself groaned in pain, as though it might collapse at any time.

The maid standing guard outside swallowed.

“The king and queen are really affectionate towards each other…” she mumbled to herself. 

“The kings stamina is also… outstanding…” 

The two of them lost track of time.

Suddenly, the sound of hurried footsteps came from outside.

“My King! Theres bad news!”


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