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Zu An felt like he was about to burst.

He finally couldnt take it anymore.

“Big sis empress, you cant be like this just because her boobs are bigger than yours!”

She had been constantly expressing her dislike for Pei Mianman along the way, even inciting him to get rid of her several times.

Now, yet again, she was asking him to kill her!

Mi Li sneered.

“What a joke! Why would someone like me be jealous of her”

Zu An rolled his eyes.

“Am I wrong” 

“Of course you are! Even though…”—Mi Li suddenly no longer sounded so confident—“Even though her chest… is slightly bigger than mine.

But Im not that petty!”

Zu An sneered.

Mi Li huffed angrily.

However, she had used the time to sort out her own thoughts.

“Its not as though you didnt see it for yourself earlier on.

You only managed to get those Guman Tong to detach themselves when you smashed apart the skeletons that they had been clinging onto.

Your big-boobed sis has been possessed, just like them.

What else can you do”

Zu An didnt reply.

Instead, he tried to sneak behind Pei Mianman and stab the Guman Tong hanging from her neck with his sword.

Unfortunately, Pei Mianmans movement technique wasnt anything to scoff at.

There was no way she would allow him the chance to do that so easily.

Although there were some moments when she moved just a shade too slowly, the Guman Tong was just too tough.

Its body was almost indestructible, and try as he might, the Taie Sword just could not scratch it.

All the while, Zu An was the one who had to be careful not to injure Pei Mianman, and so he was almost wounded several times.

Mi Lis voice dripped with dissatisfaction.

“Even though the black flames of this big-boobed sis cant do much to you, she is still a sixth level cultivator.

She had much more combat experience than a newbie like you.

You might have been able to deal with her if this were any other situation, given your hodge podge of random skills.

Right now, though, youre worried about not hurting her, while she can attack you without any reservations.

If this continues, youll eventually be exhausted and lose.”

“Do you think I dont know that But how can I hurt her!” Zu An was starting to get annoyed.

“Please be quiet if you have nothing constructive to offer.”

Mi Li fell into a stiff silence. 

Zu An was surprised to find that there had been no Rage points even after all this while.

“Youre not mad”

“Why would I be” Mi Lis voice was actually quite calm.

“Werent you hollering at me to kill Big Manman just a moment ago” Zu An asked.

Mi Li said coldly, “I was merely testing to see if you had the potential to be a powerful overlord.

Its truly a pity though that you do not.

You cannot separate your emotions and desires from whats most important.

Youve failed to sacrifice others for your own gain.”

Zu An said, “No matter how great your authority or status becomes, what meaning would there be to it if you sacrificed those you cherish to get there”

Mi Li sighed wistfully, as if she had recalled something from the past.

“I dont know whether to call you naïve or farsighted.

Many of those whose cultivation levels are much higher than yours have failed to see this point.”

Zu An grumbled. Being farsighted isnt always something good either.

“Then why dont you look all that disappointed now that youve found out I dont have this potential to become an overlord” he continued to ask.

Mi Li smiled ambiguously.

“Why would I feel disappointed Its not like I need to rely on you to dominate the world.

On the contrary, given our current situation, Id actually prefer that you keep your kind and simple nature.

Since you wont abandon your big-boobed sis even though your life is hanging by a thread, you probably wouldnt turn your back on me in the future either.”

“Arent you just being paranoid” Zu An said gloomily.

“Youve tested me a few times in the past already.”

“Whats so bad about putting you to the test a few more times Either way, Im about to go crazy from boredom.” Mi Lis lips curved upwards.

She was clearly in a good mood.

“I dont think thats that great of an idea though.

Your tests might still not get you to understand who I am.

What if everything Ive shown you is just a performance” Zu An snorted.

“You were already fooled once.

Who wouldve thought that you would still choose to trust someone so easily after so many years have passed”

Mi Li was stunned.

She had never considered this before.

She suddenly felt as though she had acted rather foolishly.

By this time, Zu An was truly starting to panic.

“Youve already posed whatever test you wanted.

Can you finally tell me how to save Big Manman”

Pei Mianmans attacks were becoming more and more vicious, and other possessed skeletal warriors had swarmed over to him as well.

Even though Zu An had Sunflower Phantasm, he couldnt avoid all of their attacks, and he was swiftly covered in wounds.

Mi Li shook her head.

“Even though I was testing you, I didnt lie.

Aside from killing her, I really do not know any other method.”

Zu An felt as if he had been thrown into an ice bath.

He rubbed the pendant around his neck, recalling Pei Mianmans smile.

He gritted his teeth and said, “There is definitely a way! I will save her!”

Suddenly, a melodious singing voice began to echo around the tomb.

The voice was beautiful, like that of an oriole, clear and moving.

The voice definitely belonged to a young lady in the prime of her youth.

However, they were in a strange and sinister place right now! Why would there be an ordinary young lady here

The song was also strangely alluring, and Zu An felt as though it was similar to the songs of the sirens from the games he used to play, both beautiful and dangerous.

Both Pei Mianman and the skeletal warriors around him stopped attacking.

The Guman Tong on their backs turned their heads to listen to this song.

Their vicious expressions gradually disappeared, and their lips curved upwards in the pure and innocent smiles of infants.

“Ga ga ga~”

The Guman Tong laughed as they jumped off of their hosts and crawled towards the source of the sound.

Whatever force had been holding the headless skeletal warriors up left them, and they collapsed to the ground, becoming lifeless bones once more.

Pei Mianmans rigid body relaxed as well, and she fell to the side.

Zu An rushed over to support her.

“Manman, how do you feel”

Pei Mianman slowly opened her eyes.

She was moved when she saw Zu An looking down at her.

“Ah Zu, youre okay”

“Why wouldnt I be” Zu An smiled.

He gently wiped away her tears.

“Im sorry… I couldnt control my body earlier on.

I could only watch as I continued to attack you.” Pei Mianman apologized again and again.

She looked really ashamed of herself.

“Its not your fault.

You were being controlled by a Guman Tong,” Zu An said as he looked at the strange infants.

He became more and more confused.

“Why did they suddenly leave” Pei Mianman was clearly shaken by what had just happened.

“I think its that song.” Zu An grew serious.

Whatever could control these Guman Tong was surely a boss-level monster.

The laughter of the Guman Tong gradually grew more distinct.

They had returned.

The two of them instinctively took a step back, watching these Guman Tong vigilantly.

The Guman Tong were crowding around a petite figure.

Those that werent clinging to her legs, were crawling around her.

They finally saw the figure clearly.

She was a beautiful teenage girl wearing a straw dress.

The dress only covered her most intimate areas, and exposed a large amount of skin.

“This girl is dressed so boldly!” Pei Mianman blushed.

She was usually the one who was bold and daring when it came to fashion, yet she was completely shocked by how much skin this girl was showing! Even brothel girls rarely put on so little.

But the strangest part was that this girl was not giving off even a trace of sinister energy.

They had no idea how she was doing what she was doing.

Zu An frowned.

“I believe this is how the early primitive tribes dressed.

Back then, the spinning and weaving industries werent as developed as they are now.

Their clothes often only serve to cover the private parts.”

“Primitive tribes Then doesnt that mean she is…” Pei Mianman was shocked.

“Indeed, Ive already been dead for many, many years.” Despite her smile, the young ladys words were absolutely terrifying.

Zu An whispered to Mi Li, “Big sis empress, you might have to call this little girl your grandma…”

“Screw you!” Mi Li spat.

You have successfully trolled Mi Li for 111 Rage points!

“If Im not wrong, shes from the Yinshang period.

That means shes way older than you.

Maybe its not enough just to call her grandma.”

Mi Li was beyond speechless.

Zu An walked forward and clasped his fist at this girl.

“Thank you, young lady, for saving us.”


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