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Zu An scratched his head and gave an embarrassed laugh.

He muttered quietly, “It really was pretty dangerous over here, you know…”

Qiu Honglei, who had been flying towards him, stopped when she noticed what was going on.

She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that Zu An was all right, but still felt extremely embarrassed when she recalled Pei Mianmans words.

Despite that, she recovered quickly as well.

She laughed and said, “Ah Zu, is this lady your wife, First Miss Chu”

Zu An had no idea what to say.

Pei Mianman simmered with fury.

Clearly, this woman was deliberately mocking her for getting jealous even though she wasnt Zu Ans wife.

“Im Chuyans good friend.

Whats wrong about lending her husband a helping hand” Pei Mianman regretted her words as soon as they left her mouth.

The two of them clearly already divorced, so why did she even have to mention Chuyan What the heck is wrong with me and my guilty conscience!

“Oh~” Qiu Honglei deliberately drew out this word.

“Youre helping your close friend watch over her husband Or perhaps the close friend ended up falling for her husband”

Zu An was yet again rendered speechless.

Pei Mianman looked like she was about to burst.

Mosquito Daoist lost her patience.

“I dont want to listen to you guys bitch about your love affairs!”

She rushed straight at Qiu Honglei.

Her lantern had really gotten on her nerves earlier, so she had to get rid of this girl first.

From his actions earlier on, it didnt seem like Zu An was willing to escape on his own and leave this beauty behind.

Qiu Honglei braced herself, not affording herself any room for carelessness.

However, she soon found herself in a tight spot.

If it wasnt because Mosquito Daoist was slightly concerned about her Empress Lantern, she would have already lost her life a long time ago.

Seeing this, Zu An grew alarmed.

He immediately drew his sword and rushed over.

“Big Manman, now isnt the time to worry about personal grudges! We have to kill this damned mosquito first!”

Damned mosquito

Mosquito Daoist flipped out.

“I will make sure you regret being born with that mouth of yours!”

You have successfully trolled Mosquito Daoist for 888 Rage points!

Pei Mianman was shocked when she heard the wordmosquito.

She had seen Sang Qians wretched appearance with her own eyes earlier.

Back then, Zhuxie Chixin had deduced it to be the handiwork of someone from the blood race.

He had even named some possible aggressors, and one of them was none other than the Mosquito Daoist.

Now that she was right in front of her, who else could the perpetrator have been but her

She quickly yelled out a warning.

“Be careful! She can suck out your blood essence and turn you into a dried-up corpse!”

Zu An was shocked. Big Manman is truly knowledgeable—Im surprised she even knows about this!

Mosquito Daoists laughter was sinister.

“Dont worry, Ill definitely suck all of you dry later!”

She stared at Pei Mianmans impressive chest and swallowed. Im going to suck you dry in a bit.

Lets see if youll still be that large then!

Zu An and Qui Honglei seemed to be faring worse and worse by the second, so Pei Mianman could not afford to wait any longer.

Black flames surged around her as she charged in to offer assistance.

Sensing the strangeness of these black flames, Mosquito Daoist quickly kept away her horsetail whisk.

Every single strand of this horsetail whisk had been refined from a mouthpart that she had shed, so they werent easily acquired.

Most of them had been burned up on this night alone, so she didnt dare use it any more, lest these black flames burn the rest of it up.

Not even killing the three of them would be enough compensation for her losses then.

Besides, even without the assistance of a weapon, her cultivation was still far above the three of them.

Pei Mianman was only brushed by the wind produced by Mosquito Daoists palm strike, yet her arm already felt numb.

She was astonished. Why is this Mosquito Daoist so strong!

Zu An noticed her reaction.

Worried that she might be underestimating her opponent, he quickly reminded her, “Be careful, this person is at least at the master rank.

She is also incredibly crafty.”

Before Pei Mianman could reply, Mosquito Daoist chuckled and said, “What a cute lad, you really understand this big sis well.

Come and let this big sis give you a big old smooch.”

Even though she was smiling, she felt incredibly vexed inside.

Given her cultivation, dealing with three sixth rank cultivators should be a trifling matter, not to mention that not even all of these brats were at the sixth rank!

However, the three of them really were rather strange.

Zu An had his devilish movement technique, and he seemed to be growing stronger the longer he fought.

Meanwhile, Qiu Honglei had her Empress Lantern to slow down her movements, and this woman now wielded black flames that were different from most other elemental flames.

A single slip up and she might get burned, and perhaps even suffer soul-wounding pain.

With all three of them working together, she found herself in quite a bind.

The three of them shivered when they heard her laughter.

She had clearly been going after Zu An earlier with the intent to kill, yet now, she suddenly appeared all seductive and flirtatious.

It was a jarring contrast.

However, the three of them sensed that her attacks had grown fiercer, and they did not dare let themselves be distracted. 

Even so, it wasnt long before Qiu Honglei groaned in pain as one of Mosquito Daoists attacks struck her shoulder.

Mosquito Daoists fingernails glinted in the moonlight as they clawed at her face.

She would end her life with this strike.

An arm, wreathed in swirling black flame, reached out to block her, buying Qiu Honglei an extra second.

Zu An used this opening to drag Qiu Honglei behind him, avoiding Mosquito Daoists follow-up attacks.

“Thanks!” Qiu Honglei said as she recovered from her shock.

She didnt say this to Zu An, but directed her gratitude towards Pei Mianman instead.

Pei Mianman snorted, but could not spare the time or attention needed to reply her.

Mosquito Daoist launched a barrage of attacks at her, and she couldnt afford to be distracted at all.

Mosquito Daoist felt her anger begin to boil over.

These were just three kids, yet she couldnt deal with even a single one of them! She roared in fury, and a huge mass of Blackblood Mosquitoes swarmed outwards.

All three of them were greatly alarmed.

Aside from Pei Mianman, who enjoyed the protection of her black flames that the mosquitoes didnt dare approach, the other two were immediately overwhelmed by these black mosquitoes.

Qiu Honglei fared a little better since she had her Empress Lantern, and could slow down the movements of the mosquitoes, allowing her to evade.

However, there was no way she could help anyone else out.

Zu An fared the worst of all.

He swung his sword about continuously, striking out with his hand from time, but the mosquitoes were incredibly nimble and elusive, constantly finding openings to bite him.

A terrible itch radiated out from these bites in endless waves, which made clear to him that these mosquitoes were poisonous.

However, he had no area-of-effect skills to bring to bear, so there was nothing he could do about it.

Seeing his situation, Pei Mianman sent out a sliver of black flame to help him out.

Those Blackblood Mosquitoes quickly evaded the approaching tongue of flame, which made things much more manageable for Zu An.

However, this caused Pei Mianman to be momentarily distracted, which gave Mosquito Daoist an opportunity.

She did not hesitate, slamming a palm into her chest.

Pei Mianman screamed in pain, and a spray of blood left her mouth as she was blown aside.

“So soft!” The lingering feeling made Mosquito Daoist frown.

This womans chest was so large, which helped to cushion her blow significantly.

That earlier strike of hers was probably not enough to kill her.

She immediately moved in to finish the job.

Zu An couldnt care less about the mosquito bites anymore, and leaped to help Pei Mianman, but Mosquito Daoist struck his sword with her finger, exerting a tremendous force that almost made him drop his sword.

Blood gushed out from the webbing in between his fingers.

No longer hindered by the Empress Lantern, Mosquito Daoist could finally display her terrifying cultivation.

Zu An was completely helpless.

He could only throw himself in front of Pei Mianman and use his own body as a shield.

Mosquito Daoist saw through his intentions, and flew into a rage.

“Do you think that I wont kill you!”

She held nothing back, thrusting her hand straight towards his back.

This strike would be enough to completely penetrate his body, allowing her to rip out Pei Mianmans heart.

Pei Mianman would certainly be dead, while Zu An might still survive.

She wasnt aiming for any of his vital spots, and his terrifying recovery ability had left a deep impression on her.

Zu An smiled bitterly as he sensed the terrifying killing intent.

“It looks like the two of us are going to pass on together, like true lovebirds.”

Pei Mianman stared straight into his eyes, her expression incredibly warm.

This man had leaped in front of a deadly blow without a second thought, utterly willing to give up his life to save her.

In the face of such an act, she felt that that death was not such a terrifying fate after all.

The temperature suddenly plummeted, and several snowflakes even fluttered around the air.

Many of the Blackblood Mosquitoes flying around them fell out of the sky like miniature ice sculptures.

Zu An was stunned.

“Snow in summer Perhaps not even the heavens are willing to see us lovebirds perish together.”

Pei Mianmans face went entirely red.

“Lovebirds my ass! Dont you even recognize your own wifes Snowflake Sword!”

A streak of frozen light sliced through the night sky from the side, lancing towards Mosquito Daoists vitals like a streak of lightning.


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