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“Distribute the food among the soldiers,” Yun Yuqing ordered the maids after they entered the courtyard.

In a nearby room, Sang Qian sighed.

Even her voice was so beautiful...

His body was about to go weak just from hearing her voice! Sigh, how lucky her husband must be, to be able to touch her soft body whenever he wants to, and hear her warm words of love.

Meanwhile, in the next room over, Sang Hong was much calmer than his son, who was panting heavily.

Madam Wu was indeed beautiful, but she wasnt as tempting to someone of his age and mental fortitude.

Instead, something else piqued his curiosity.

The Wu Manor seemed a little too enthusiastic about all of this.

It would have been enough for some servants to bring over the food.

Why did Madam Qi have to come personally Its all a little strange…

The most chilled out person was none other than Zu An.

He was reclining on his bed, watching Madam Wu give her maids instructions.

He clicked his tongue.

The womans waist really was slim!

Even though she dressed rather conservatively, it did nothing to hide her enchanting curves.

Together with that devastatingly beautiful face and her pure and sacred aura, it was no wonder all those guards were completely captivated.

Something occurred to Madam Wu, and she said to Huang Huihong, “Should those prisoners eat something too Their fates are already miserable enough; we shouldnt let them starve as well.

Ive had my servants prepare some things for them too.”

Huang Huihong sighed.

“Madam really is beautiful and kind.”

He gestured with his eyes, and then his subordinates took the food that had been brought by the maids.

It was still best if the criminals didnt interact with outsiders.

His subordinates brought out a silver needle to test the food.

When they detected no poison, they relaxed a little more.

Madam Wu pretended not to have noticed at all.

She only asked with a smile, “Hm Why are some of the soldiers not eating Is the food not to their liking Should I have the kitchen prepare something else”

“There is no need,” Huang Huihong said, immediately offering an explanation.

“Its a rule that we follow.

We wont all eat the same food at the same time as a precaution, so that we wont all be affected if there is some trick involved.”

He couldnt help but add awkwardly, “Please forgive us, madam.

It isnt that we suspect you—rather, its just one of our ironclad rules.”

“I understand.

I was the one who was being rude.” Madam Wu smiled.

“No wonder the Embroidered Envoy has always been held up as the elite of the elites.”

“Madam is too kind with your praise.” Even though Huang Huihong and the others were wearing masks, their voices still betrayed how ecstatic they were.

As the old saying goes, a beautiful view can make one forget about their hunger.

The soldiers couldnt help but feast their eyes on the stunning beauty in their presence.

At the same time, they were incredibly envious of Huang Huihong.

Their commander was able to interact with her so closely!

Huang Huihongs heart was pounding.

The elegant fragrance that she gave off was really making him go crazy.


Huang Huihong finally realized something was amiss.

Every single embroidered envoy went through strict training, and extremely pretty girls were used to forge their immunity towards the temptations of the opposite sex.

From time to time, girls were used as honey traps to seduce them.

If any of them fell prey, they would immediately be stripped of their position.

Every one of the Embroidered Envoy was a hardened veteran.

He was even a commander himself, so his willpower should have been much higher than an ordinary soldier of the Embroidered Envoy.

Madam Wu was extremely pretty, almost like a goddess, but there was no reason for him to feel this way.

At that moment, there came the sound of heavy, muffled thuds, and several soldiers fell to the ground.

“Enemy attack!” A chill ran through Huang Huihongs body.

He quickly took out his Soul-reaping Chains.

At the same time, he raised his other hand, preparing to sound the alarm and contact King Liang and the others.

Without warning, a pair of purple eyes suddenly swam into view.

He had never seen such beautiful eyes before.

They vaguely resembled Madam Wus, but instead of Madam Wus pure and sacred aura, these eyes seemed to possess an aura of indescribable seduction.

It wasnt just him.

Everyone else could see these beautiful eyes as well.

Madam Wu and her maids seemed to have completely vanished from their view.

The only thing remaining were those purple eyes, both stunning and dangerous.

Whirlpools seemed to form within the depths of those eyes.

All of those affected suddenly lost their reason, and couldnt help but be sucked in.

“A member of the demon race!” Huang Huihong was more experienced than the rest of the soldiers here.

He realized what was going on right away, but it was already too late.

His body had stopped obeying him completely.

His struggle lasted a moment longer than the others, and then his vision faded into darkness.

Zu An also felt his mind shudder.

Hed just been admiring Madam Wus figure a second ago.

He never expected that the beauty before him would suddenly disappear, to be replaced by those piercing eyes.

He also felt as though he was about to sink into darkness.

Suddenly, the Hundredwarble imprint within his body lit up, and a strange bird took form beside his ear.

An invisible sound wave rippled outwards.

Zu An trembled, and then those large purple eyes disappeared, and everything returned to normal.

No—everything hadnt, in fact, returned to normal.

Huang Huihong and the rest of his Embroidered Envoy were still staring blankly ahead, as if they couldnt see anyone around them.

Madam Wu strolled over.

Her gorgeous figure and face made her seem like a goddess that had descended from above, untainted by everything around her.

A faint smile played across her red lips.

She had lost her pure and sacred aura, however.

Instead, a powerful feeling of sensual seduction radiated from her entire being.

“Holy **, this is surely a perfect union of angel and devil.” Zu An ridiculed her inwardly.

This womans style changed way too quickly!

He also noticed that her eyes had turned purple.

Those purple eyes hed seen a moment ago were probably hers.

“Im done for, Im done for…” Zu An gulped.

This woman was clearly after the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra! The reason hed informed the world about the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra was to balance out the pressure that the emperor had been putting on him.

Who would\'ve thought that Huang Huihongs men would be so unreliable! They had been done in too quickly!

This woman seemed to have used some kind of witchcraft to deal with all of the guards.

Forget about his ki being sealed—he couldnt beat her even if he was at his peak! What was he supposed to do

Madam Wu was still walking in his direction.

She suddenly cried out in surprise.

“Ive heard that Lord Sang is quite a resourceful person, and it has been proven to be true.

Despite your cultivation being sealed, you still managed to evade my Demonic Eye.”

Sang Hong sighed, his eyes still closed.

“Who could have expected that I would still be unable to escape your detection The pure and holy Madam Wu is actually a member of the demon race! The fact that I managed to unravel this secret before I passed on is already worth it.”

Madam Wu smiled sweetly.

“Does Lord Sang believe that I will silence you”

Sang Hongs voice was cold.

“Dont tell me youre not going to Or are you saying that youre going to leave me alive and risk having your identity as a demon exposed”

There was something else that he wasnt saying.

Those maids of hers were likely part of the demon race as well.

There was no way King Wu would be blind to the fact that there were so many of the demon race within his manor.

The revelation of this would completely blow apart his low profile.

Colluding with the demon race was just too big of a matter!

Madam Wu smiled.

“Indeed, there is no way I would let you go unharmed.

However, you are a criminal that has severely offended the court, and it would be quite troublesome if something happened to you here.

Thats why I know a better way of dealing with you.”

She had already entered Sang Hongs room.

Her fine fingers rested against his forehead, then her beautiful eyes erupted with a purple brilliance.

Sang Hong grunted, then fainted.

“Sleep well.

When you wake up, you will have forgotten everything that has just happened.” Madam Wu said this as she headed towards Zu Ans room.

“Next, its our little cuties turn.”


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