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“Xiaoxi, were leaving!” Ji Dengtus dissatisfied voice floated over.

He clearly didnt want his daughter to keep talking to Zu An.

Ji Xiaoxi stuck out her tongue at her dad, and then gave Zu An an apologetic smile, before running after her father.

Zu An gave Ji Dengtu a resentful look. Hmph! Im going to keep feeding you NTR and leave you with a huge mental shadow.

Sigh, Xiaoxi is super cute though.

I wonder if shell continue to be like that forever.

Her moms genes must be awfully strong.

Theres no other way that wretched Ji Dengtu could have produced such a beautiful daughter.

Zu An yawned a few times.

Hed been running around all over the place these past few days, and hadnt gotten much rest at all.

He returned to his room to get some sleep.

The night passed peacefully.

During breakfast the next morning, Qin Wanru looked at Zu An and said with a gentle voice, “Ah Zu, you should head to the academy and thank Principal Jiang.

She went looking all over for you when she found out that youd been captured.”

Chu Huanzhao was confused.

“Mom, why is your tone suddenly so pleasant”

“What do you mean,suddenly Ive always been nice, okay!” Qin Wanru frowned.

A shocked expression swiftly appeared on Chu Huanzhaos face.

“Mom, why is your face red”

Qin Wanru was given a fright.

She rubbed her own cheeks.

They were indeed a little warm.

She grew embarrassed and annoyed.

“Brat, is your skin itching for a spanking”

She stood up to grab Chu Huanzhao.

Frightened, Chu Huanzhao jumped behind Zu An.

“Brother-in-law, brother-in-law! Save me!”

Qin Wanru caught up to her, but her heart leapt into her throat when she caught sight of Zu An and his smile.

She quickly took a step back and said, “You two, take your time to finish your breakfast.

Im going back to rest.”

With that, she left quickly, harboring a guilty conscience.

Chu Huanzhao walked out from behind Zu An.

She couldnt help but wink and say, “Brother-in-law, dont you feel like mom is acting a little strange”

Zu An smiled in embarrassment.

“Not really.” 

“No way.

The both of you are acting weirdly.” Chu Huanzhao looked Zu An up and down.

Zu An jumped backwards in fright.

He was just about to defend himself when Chu Huanzhao suddenly asked, “Brother-in-law, do you think a bad person is impersonating mom”

Too much had happened in the Chu Estate recently, and she was beginning to grow paranoid.

Zu An stared at her stupidly.

“What in the world are you thinking Dont you even recognize your own mother”

“I guess youre right.” Chu Huanzhao laughed awkwardly.

“She should still be the same old mom.

Her boobs are still so big…”

Zu Ans face darkened. Is that really the metric you should be using

A group of men suddenly approached them, giving Zu An a fright.

He was about to prepare himself for a fight when he saw them kneel and offer their greetings.

“Commander Yue, what are you doing Please get up!” Zu An recognized this person.

It was none other than the commander of the Chu clans guards, Yue Shan.

Yue Shan shook his head.

“I was lured away from my post due to my carelessness.

If not for young masters actions, Chu Estate would have fallen into the hands of treacherous villains.

Young master deserves my respect.”

He bowed towards Zu An earnestly again.

Zu An noted his travel-worn face.

The heavy bags under his eyes showed that he hadnt gotten much rest on his way back home.

He immediately felt great respect for this man.

“Commander Yue surely had a rough journey back.

Please rise.”

Yue Shan sighed.

“My journey back was nothing compared to the blood, sweat, and tears that young master shed in defense of the Chu clan.

You calmed the rebellion led by Chu Tiesheng and Hong Zhong all on your own.”

His heart was filled with incredible admiration.

When Zu An had first joined the Chu clan, hed been more than a little displeased.

After all, how could a goddess like Chu First Miss be married to a wastrel like that However, as time passed, Zu An had gradually revealed his brilliance.

This time, he had even pulled them out of such a desperate crisis!

As expected, the first miss really was amazing.

Her judgment was truly clearer than anyone elses.

Zu An chuckled.

“Commander Yue is too kind.

I was just lucky.”

Yue Shans tone remained serious.

“Young master has made such great contributions to the clan, yet you still remain so humble.

You truly possess an upright and noble character, and you prove yourself a worthy example for us all…”

Even Zu Ans face began to turn red from all this praise.

He never knew that this honest fellow was actually such a great flatterer! This man was usually earnest, and all his words sounded so sincere.

Chu Huanzhao snorted.

“I told you guys a long time ago that my brother-in-law was awesome, and all of you thought that I was an idiot for saying so.

Im sure you guys believe me now!”

Yue Shan forced a smile.

“Second miss, your eyes burn bright like torches! This subordinate is fully convinced!”

Chu Huanzhao immediately beamed with joy at receiving praise from the habitually serious Yue Shan.

Seeing how smug she was getting, Zu An coughed and cut in immediately.

“The Chu clan is currently facing turbulent times.

Well need to rely heavily on Commander Yue in the days to come.”

Yue Shan cupped his hands.

“That is my duty.

I will pay my respects to Madam first, and take my orders from her.”

Zu An smiled.

“I will not hold you back any further, Commander Yue.

However, you should really get some rest after you meet with Madam.

This journey has really worn all of you out.”

Yue Shan felt a warmth spread outwards from his heart.

“Thank you, young master.”

Chu Huanzhao chattered non-stop on their way to the academy.

“Brother-in-law, I was able to borrow some of your limelight today! That Yue Shan doesnt usually care about anyone other than mom, dad, and big sis.

He always has that smug and condescending attitude.”

“I didnt expect Yue Shan, with his big eyes and thick brows, to be so good at flattering people!”

“Brother-in-law, brother-in-law, tell me more about your battle against Old Mi!”

“Brother-in-law, are you listening”

When they arrived at the academy, Chu Huanzhao went off to class, and Zu An went to the principals office.

Shang Liuyu was just leaving the office when he arrived.

Her long hair billowed behind her, along with her dress, giving her a graceful and elegant air.

Her beauty never failed to stun him whenever he saw her.

It was no wonder countless other teachers in the academy considered her to be their goddess.

But then, why did he always see her with Jiang Luofu Were these two somehow involved with each other

Zu An couldnt keep his thoughts leashed. Please, dont let it be so! That would be such a waste!

How many mens hearts would be broken if that was the case

Shang Liuyu seemed just as surprised to see him.

“I heard that you were captured by a master rank cultivator.”


I only just got back,” Zu An said with a smile.

“How in the world did you manage to get out of that” Even the gentle and refined Shang Liuyu was curious.

Her beautiful eyes swirled with light.

“I was about to die, but I remembered that the beautiful Teacher Shang was waiting for me back at the academy.

How could I afford to resign myself to death Thats when I went berserk and killed him,” Zu An said.

“You dont have a shred of decency,” Shang Liuyu scoffed.

She left quickly, her face red.

She had always been a gentle and refined person, and there were many things that she had no interest in.

She was glad that Zu An had returned safely, and she didnt really care to know about how hed made it back.

Zu An lamented Shang Liuyu\'s departure.

She was so pretty even when she was angry! No wonder so many men had fallen for her.

Hm Why arent there any Rage points, though 

Jiang Luofus voice came from inside the office.

“Are you done staring If you are, then get inside already.”

Zu An was stunned. Can this woman see through walls

He pushed open the door and went inside.

His eyes immediately widened.

Jiang Luofu was draped across her couch in a rather unladylike manner, her stockinged legs casually propped up on the office table.

Zu An was a little displeased by this. Ive never seen you act like this in front of other people.

Why are you only like this in front of me

What is the meaning of this

Are you treating me as though Im not a man!

Jiang Luofu twirled her brush idly.

Her fingers were beautifully fair and slender.

“Brat, did you tease my little Yu again”

“Little Yu” It took a moment for Zu An to realize that she was talking about Shang Liuyu, and he immediately replied in a gloomy voice, “When did Teacher Shang become yours”

Jiang Luofu snorted.

“She is my wife, so of course shes mine.”

Zu An felt his jaw hit the floor.

“Gorgeous principal, is there room for me as well”


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