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Ji Xiaoxi was angered by the way they described Zu An.

However, this wasnt the time to let her emotions affect her decisions.

She didnt berate them, but said instead, “If youre looking for a traitor from your Chu clan, what are you doing here in our Ji Estate”

Chu Tiesheng felt his breath catch in his throat.

He was momentarily at a loss for words.

This little girl made perfect sense! There was no way for him to argue against this logic at all!

However, he managed a massive business, and was used to dealing with all sorts of old foxes.

He quickly adapted to the situation.

“There is something you might not be aware of.

The traitor from our clan is Zu An.

He was so despicable that he even drugged Madam Chu.

Thankfully, someone noticed his actions.

He fled in panic, but he suffered terrible injuries in the process.

“We suspect that he might have come here looking for you, since the two of you are fellow students.”

Zu An was completely stupefied.

He was quite curious as to what reason these people were going to use to arrest him, but the last thing he expected was such venomous slander.

After all, news of sex scandals spread quickly.

The entire city will soon be aware of this matter.

As news traveled and the truth grew increasingly distorted, things might begin to sound even worse.

Once that happened, even if Qin Wanru recovered and told everyone the truth, some might still suspect her for shielding heradulterer.

They would have successfully killed two birds with one stone! This truly was a vicious ploy!

Ji Xiaoxi was amazed at how Chu Tiesheng had distorted the truth.

They were clearly the ones who had done that to Qin Wanru, yet they somehow managed to shift all of the blame onto Zu An.

“He didnt come here.

You guys can search elsewhere.”

After she said this, she moved to close the door.

Chu Tiesheng grabbed the door.

Ji Xiaoxis expression grew cold.

“What are you trying to do”

Chu Tiesheng hesitated a little.

He suspected that Zu An was inside, but he didnt want to offend Ji Xiaoxi too badly either.

Everyone in Brightmoon City knew that Ji Xiaoxi was Ji Dengtus precious daughter.

No one in this world of fighting and violence wanted to offend this great doctor.

After all, no one knew if they might need his services one day.

Moreover, rumor had it that Divine Physician Ji possessed a profound level of cultivation himself.

As he was weighing his options, Hong Zhong spoke up.

“Miss Ji, why hasnt your father come out yet”

Ji Xiaoxi replied, “My fathers gone for a walk outside the city, but hell be back soon.”

Zu An was hiding in Ji Xiaoxis room.

He had focused his sense of hearing, and was listening to everything that was happening outside.

When he heard Ji Xiaoxis admission, he didnt know whether to laugh or cry. Could this girl please not be so honest all the time You could have said that your dad is refining a pill, or drinking, or even reading some porno… why did you have to tell them the truth

Sure enough, Hong Zhong and Chu Tiesheng both sighed with relief when they heard that Ji Dengtu wasnt in the city.

Everyone knew that Ji Dengtu would go on trips to pick herbs from time to time.

These trips would often last a week to a month.

Chu Tiesheng laughed and said, “Miss Ji, I know that you are kindhearted, and that you usually get along with Zu An.

However, you absolutely must not let him deceive you.

You have no idea how vile he can be.”

“Enough!” All color drained from Ji Xiaoxis face.

“I can decide for myself how to feel about those around me.

I dont need others to instruct me.”

Hearing this, Chu Tiesheng grew more and more certain that Zu An was hiding inside.

He looked at the guards around him.

Those men returned his look, then began to march inside.

Ji Xiaoxis figure was small and delicate—how could she stop these fearsome guards She was quickly overwhelmed.

Ji Xiaoxi was anxious, and more than a little furious.

“What are you doing! You guys woke me up when I was sleeping, and now youre barging into someone elses property! When did Brightmoon City become such a lawless place My father wont let any of you go!”

When they heard her whip out her fathers name to threaten them, they grew apprehensive.

After all, not only was Ji Dengtu good at treating illnesses, he was well-versed in the use of poisons as well.

Even Chu Tiesheng grew wary.

Hong Zhong snorted.

Chu Tiesheng was always overly cautious, and didnt have the guts to take care of anything important.

He decided to take the lead.

“Miss Ji is still naïve, and easily fooled by others.

Not only did Zu An assault Madam Chu, he killed many of our servants as well! His actions were truly vicious and treacherous.

Miss Ji is all alone right now.

If that fellow is lurking around here, you might be in terrible danger.

Theres no guarantee that he wont suddenly attack you as well.

“I believe that Divine Physician Ji will surely approve of our search, in order to ensure your safety.”

Chu Tiesheng was impressed.

This old fox really was cunning.

Now, even if Ji Dengtu found out about this, he could have no complaints.

He might even thank them!

Ji Xiaoxi panicked.

“I was lying in my bed just now, and no one came to harm me.

Instead, it was you guys who came to cause trouble!”

Hong Zhong smiled.

“It seems like lying is not one of your strengths, miss Ji.

Your clothes are all neat and tidy, and your hair isnt messy at all.

You dont look like someone who has just gotten out of bed.

However, your words have made me think of something.

Perhaps someone is hiding right inside your room.

Its only natural for us to look out for the safety of Divine Physician Ji\'s esteemed daughter.”

After saying this, he flicked his gaze in the direction of her room.

The guards who were accompanying him ran towards her room.

These were guards of a large clan, so they were familiar with the common layout of a residence.

They immediately recognized which rooms belonged to the master of the house, and which belonged to the young lady.

Ji Xiaoxi leapt towards the entrance.

She spread her arms like a protective hen.

“This is my room! You can enter over my dead body!”

She secretly checked her stock of poisons while saying this, and began to devise a plan to use them to deal with all of these people.

As she was doing this, Hong Zhong flicked his finger.

A strand of air struck her body.

Ji Xiaoxis body trembled, and she realized that she couldnt move anymore.

After he had done this, Hong Zhong spoke.

“Lady Jis reactions are unnatural.

I believe that you have been threatened by this fugitive, and cannot speak the truth.

This gives us even more reason to help you out.”

The others with him were fully convinced by this.

They walked forward to push open the door.

Tears were about to come out of Ji Xiaoxis eyes.

However, there was nothing else she could do right now.

Inside the room, Zu An was like a leopard, ready to pounce.

He was prepared to jump out and fight them all to the death.

Suddenly, miserable screams came from outside.

One after another, vague figures flew into the air.

A tall and slender figure appeared before the entrance, her hair casually fastened with a hairpin.

Her neck was long and fair, which lent her a noble and elegant air.

However, her most eye-catching feature were her bewitchingly long legs, clad in black stockings, beautiful and well-proportioned.

The stockings shone with an enchanting luster.

However, no one dared to ogle them right now.

Even though they were beautiful, they were also extremely deadly.

Those guards behind her had been easily sent into the air by these legs.

The guardsmen of the Chu clan were all elite soldiers, and the ones who had been called up for this operation were the best of the best.

However, none of them could contend with the ferocity of this pair of legs.

“Little Aunt!” Ji Xiaoxi was immediately overjoyed when she saw her.

Chu Tiesheng and Hong Zhong felt the blood drain from their faces.

“Principal… Principal Jiang.”

Jiang Luofu instantly undid the seals on Ji Xiaoxis acupoints.

She coldly swept her eyes over the trespassers.

“What gave all of you the courage to bully my Xiaoxi!”

Chu Tiesheng frantically launched into an explanation.

“We were chasing after Zu An…”

He gave a rough retelling of what Hong Zhong had said earlier.

Jiang Luofu cut him off impatiently.

“When did the Ji clan ever ask you to interfere in its affairs I dont care about whats going on inside your Chu clan, but I wont tolerate your outrageous behavior inside the Ji Estate! Get lost!”

A powerful aura rippled out from her as soon as she finished speaking.

All of those from the Chu clan beat a hasty retreat.

Even Hong Zhong and Chu Tiesheng couldnt withstand the pressure, and backed out of the courtyard in alarm.

Jiang Luofu snorted.

With a wave of her sleeve, the main entrance slammed shut.

She pushed open the inner door and walked inside without a second glance outside.

Zu An clasped his fist.

“Thank you, principal.”

Jiang Luofu frowned.

“Why are you in Xiaoxis bed Are you trying to start a scandal Get off of it right this instant!”

Zu An laughed awkwardly.

He jumped down in a hurry.

Ji Xiaoxis face was as red as an apple.

Jiang Luofu took a seat and examined Qin Wanrus condition.

Zu An quickly repeated Ji Dengtus diagnosis.

After a tiny hesitation, Jiang Luofu said, “I actually know of another way.”


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