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Zu An was taken aback by her sudden change of expression.

“What is it”

Qiu Honglei hesitated a little before saying, “Ah Zu, do you really plan to spend your entire life in the Chu clan”

Zu An chuckled.

“My gut isnt all that great, so Ill probably have to eat soft rice my entire life.”[1]

Qiu Honglei sighed.

“Young master is such a talented person.

Why do you put yourself down like this Besides, even if you want to mooch, there are more options out there than just the Chu clan.”

Zu An couldnt help but laugh.

“Then can I mooch off of you”

A perfect blush spread across Qiu Hongleis cheeks.

“You are welcome to, anytime.”

Zu An sighed.

“I fear that I am quite the greedy person, though.

I want to mooch off everyone if I can.”

Qiu Honglei was stunned for a moment, then lamented, “I really dont know anyone else who can make such dirty thoughts sound so righteous.”

Zu An said, “I guess Im just more sincere than those other hypocrites.”

Qiu Honglei smiled.

“All right then, lets talk about the main matter at hand.

Ive recently received news that the Chu clan will meet its end soon.

As a friend, I wanted to advise you to leave this sinking boat.”

Zu Ans mind filled with alarm.

“Can you explain in more detail”

Even though the Chu clans current situation was challenging, they were still a formidable dukedom! Surely they could hold on through the current crisis.

Moreover, they even had quite a sizable private army.

He really couldnt imagine how a clan like this could be wiped out.

Qiu Honglei shook her head.

“I apologize, I cannot expose my sources.

I only came here to warn you because of our friendship.”

Zu An knew that she had a mysterious background, and he didnt want to pressure her about it.

“Even though Im full of issues, One of my issues isnt selling out my friends.

How can I leave the Chu clan if it is facing disaster”

Qiu Honglei was confused.

“But Ive heard that the Chu clan doesnt treat you well!”

Zu An smiled.

“Some here dont treat me well, but there are others who do.

I cannot fail to live up to their expectations.”

A warm smile appeared on his face when he thought of Chu Huanzhao and Chu Chuyan.

Qiu Honglei grew quiet for a long time.

Finally, she said, “Fine, I understand.

It seems like I cannot change your mind, so I can only wish you well.”

Zu An said with a smile, “Does your promise to become my concubine still hold”

Qiu Honglei was stupefied.

This guys skin really was so thick! However, she felt no disgust toward him.

Instead, she replied cryptically, “If you are still well the next time we meet, then of course it will still hold.”

“Then, will we be friends or enemies the next time we meet” Zu An probed.

After a slight hesitation, Qiu Honglei said, “Of course well be friends.”

Zu An sighed in relief.

“Thats fine, then.

You know what they say—good guys die early, while scoundrels live forever.

A terrible person like me will live until I can make you my wife.”

“You…” Despite her voice containing a hint of displeasure, she wasnt truly angry at him.

“All right then.

I await our next meeting.”

After her carriage had left, Zu An fell into deep thought, pondering over this new piece of information hed just received.

“Shes already left, so why are you still staring in that direction” Chu Huanzhao had returned to his side.

Her voice was full of dissatisfaction.

“Lets go find your big sister,” Zu An said in a serious tone.

Chu Huanzhao didnt dare to joke around when she saw his grim expression.

She quickly followed behind him.

Chu Chuyan listened to all he had to say.

In the end, she still had doubts about the information.

“Danger But the Chu clan is doing quite well right now.

The Whale Gang has been eliminated, which has dealt a heavy blow to the illicit salt trade, allowing our Chu clan to recover this source of income.

Things should only improve from here on out.”

“We should still be careful.” Zu An didnt want to betray Qiu Honglei either.

After all, she went out of her way to warn him, so he couldnt just ignore her.

“Dont worry, well be careful.” Chu Chuyans smile really was too beautiful.

Chu Huanzhao couldnt help but hug her.

“Big sis, I think youre smiling a lot more nowadays.”

“Really” Chu Chuyan rubbed her own cheeks and subconsciously gave Zu An a look.

Their eyes met, and she blushed.

Old Mi was already waiting for him when he returned to his room.

Panicking, Zu An quickly said, “Ill look for that case the next time I go to Wei Estate…”

Old Mi cut him off before he could finish what he wanted to say.

“There is no need.

For now, you dont have to go to the Wei Estate.”

“Theres no need” Zu An was stunned.

“Has senior already found what you were looking for”

“No, but Ive found a way in.

From now on, Ill look for it myself,” Old Mi said, all the while looking at Zu An.

Zu An had a strange look on his face. If you had a way in, why did you bother sending me 

Also, why is this guys expression so weird

Old Mi seemed to be looking at him the way a predator looked at its prey, or perhaps the way a chef looked at his ingredients.

Zu An shivered.

Was this guy a cannibal

Old Mi got up to leave.

“Thats all.

I just came to tell you not to go to Wei Estate anymore, and also to make sure that you take care of your own safety.”

“Take care of my own safety” Zu An was momentarily stunned.

This fella acted like a fiend one second, and then became kind and caring the next.

He was completely befuddled.

However, he wasnt in the mood to think about this right now. 

When evening descended, he headed to the Unvoiced Residence.

Now that he had the Mirror Mirage, it was incredibly easy for him to move around .

He arrived outside the residence and gave the window a gentle push.

When he found that it wasnt locked, he grew even happier.

Chu Chuyan was staring nervously in that direction.

She exhaled in relief when she confirmed his identity.

“Why are you here”

Zu An was taken aback. Dont you already know the answer You even left a window open for me! Why keep up this charade

However, he knew that Chu Chuyan was shy, so he didnt call her out.

“Its because I miss you, of course!” 

As the words left his mouth, he pulled her into a tight embrace.

Chu Chuyans face turned red as his mischievous hands wrapped around her.

She took out a key and gave it to him.

“Take this key.

It will allow you to pass through the restrictions placed around the Unvoiced Residence.”

Zu An was overjoyed.

His bashful wife had finally accepted him!

“I feel like entering through the window is more interesting, though,” Zu An said quietly beside her ear.

Chu Chuyan felt ticklish, and pulled her head away.

“But I dont like the feeling it gives me… It feels like were doing something wrong.

Leaving the window open also leaves me feeling scared and on edge.

What if someone else comes in”

Zu An saw the sense in her argument.

“I guess my wife is still more meticulous than I.

Come and give your husband a kiss!”

“Youre so annoying…” Chu Chuyan sounded displeased, but she still wrapped her arm subconsciously around the man embracing her.

The way Chu Chuyan was acting… Zu An felt like he was going to explode.

When he was with Zheng Dan, he had sought excitement.

But now that he was with Chu Chuyan, he was full of tenderness, and his movements were smoother and gentler.

No wonder all of the other wives get jealous!

After they had been going for a while, Zu An suddenly froze.

Chu Chuyan looked at him with her misty eyes.

She said with a gentle voice, “Its okay.”

“But youre busy dealing with the issues facing the Chu clan right now! Itll be bad if you get pregnant!” Zu An was definitely not someone who wanted to be tied down by kids.

Chu Chuyan shook her head.

Her entire face was red as she said, “Its fine.

I can use my ki to force it out.”

How could Zu An still hold himself back

The next morning, Zu An and Chu Huanzhao noticed that Bai Susu also had a black eye.

Unlike Lu De, both of his eyes were swollen. 

Lu De roared with happiness.

“Oh my goodness! Isnt this our Mr.

Bai Could you have also bumped into a wall in the middle of the night Wow, you managed to do both eyes at once!”

“Screw you! Lu De, was it out of bitterness that you planned your revenge on me!” Bai Susus entire body was shaking.

“Please cease such venomous slander! You got into this mess yourself! Why are you implicating me!” Lu De felt incredibly refreshed.

All the gloominess from the day before had instantly vanished without a trace! He swaggered into the academy, whistling all the way.


After that, a new teacher would turn up injured each day.

Everyone in the academy was alarmed.

Was the academy haunted

Jiang Luofu returned to her office in the evening.

The light was quickly fading.

As she walked along the street, her long and beautiful legs shone with an enchanting luster.

It might have been because of her stockings, or perhaps just the natural glow of her skin.

Suddenly, she stopped and frowned.

“I reckon youre the reason for the strange events in the academy recently”


To eat soft rice means to live off of a woman.


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