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Meanwhile, Zu An was circulating that strand of cold energy through his body using theSnowflake Sword chant.

He found it all rather strange.

There was clearly not much of the cold energy, yet it seemed to swirl about endlessly.

He didnt know that this was actually a trace of cold source energy Chu Chuyans body had relinquished to him when they had joined as one.

This was the fruit of over ten years of cultivation, yet he had gotten it from her so easily.

Of course, Zu An didnt practice some sinister technique that stole the energy from others to enhance his own strength.

It was due to his special constitution and the specialized treatment method that he employed.

Since he had been treating Chu Chuyan by removing the frost from her body while also practicing the Snowflake Sword, he had coincidentally drawn in a portion of her cold source.

Back then, the cold energy within Chu Chuyan had spiked dangerously.

In some way, losing a small portion of source energy had lessened her injuries somewhat.

She would quickly regain what was lost after she recovered and started cultivating again.

However, the benefits that Zu An derived from this were just too great! The Snowflake Sword was a technique that usually required the practitioner to put in years of hard work in order to become proficient.

With this trace of cold source energy, he had saved himself ten years of effort.

Once he had completely assimilated it, he could attain proficiency in the Snowflake Sword technique that would rival Chu Chuyans in her early teens.

Wait, doesnt that sound kinda sad

Of course, Chu Chuyan had always been outstanding.

In her early teens, she had already cultivated to a reasonably high level.

Zu An continued to drive the cold source energy through his body.

He gradually broke through the seals Zheng Dan had placed on his body.

Once he completely recovered his mobility, Zu An summoned the Poisonous Prick and cut through the ropes holding him in place.

The meeting hall had descended into a complete frenzy.

Zheng Dan had launched an all-out attack on Chen Xuan, forgoing any thought of defense.

Chen Xuan fought in a more reserved manner.

The other party was already poisoned, and moving about like this would only speed up the effects of the drugs within her body.

There was no need for him to go toe-to-toe with her at all.

Liu Chan and the others didnt dare get close to the battle.

After all, their gang boss had accumulated quite a bit of prestige over the years.

Instead, they all moved aside to watch the battle.

Their only job was to cut off her escape.

Zheng Dan attacked Chen Xuan with over ten different moves, but all her attacks were calmly neutralized by the stockade master.

Her heart instantly sank, hitting rock bottom.

Her attacks were ineffective, and she could feel her own heart rate accelerating, her entire body growing hotter by the second.

Even her vision was growing blurry.

The poison had clearly begun to take effect.

She knew that only disaster awaited her if she continued to remain here.

Her survival instincts forced her to run.

However, those double-crossing gang members surrounded her, blocking any possible escape.

Moreover, with Chen Xuan around, her chances of breaking out were very slim.

She fell into despair.

She thought of ending her own life while she still had the strength to do so, instead of allowing herself to be humiliated at the hands of these despicable people.

She couldnt help but glance towards the corner where shed put Zu An, her heart full of regret.

If she had known this would happen, she would never have brought him with her to the island.

Considering the grudge that Chen Xuan held against him, there was no way he would make it out alive.

Bringing him here had clearly been a death sentence.

Her heart was heavy with feelings of apology.

As her gaze landed in the corner, she did a double take.

The person in the corner had somehow disappeared.

Zu An was nowhere in sight!

He probably recovered his ability to move and secretly ran away.

Zheng Dans mind almost went blank.

She had been feeling all guilty about her role in his expected demise, and yet this fellow had run away without even saying a word when he saw that she had been surrounded.

Disappointment and frustration welled up inside her.

The gang members surrounding her were all surprised when they noticed the change in her demeanor.

However, they didnt dare to rush forward, fearing that she had put on an act to bait them in.

Chen Xuans cultivation was high enough that he was willing to take the risk.

He made a move towards her.

Suddenly startled, Zheng Dans beautiful figure leapt backwards gracefully, evading his attack.

However, the power in his strike was so fierce, the air displaced by his fist still blasted the veil off of her face, sending it flying into the air and revealing her tender and beautiful face.

There were stunned expressions all around the room.

A sudden silence engulfed the entire hall.

Some were shocked by her beauty, but even more recognized her identity.

After all, the members of the Whale Gang frequented Brightmoon City often, and the Zheng Clan was known to be involved in the trading of legal salt.

“The Zheng Clans young miss!”

“Zheng Dan!”

Chen Xuan had a look of shock on his face.

He really found it hard to associate this flirtatious and sexy Whale Gang boss with a legendary lady from a noble clan.

However, after his initial shock wore off, his heart overflowed with ecstasy.

He had truly struck gold this time!

Perhaps it was true that a fatal attraction existed between those of different social identities.

He was someone who constantly reveled in violence and blood, and he had no interest in women who were like himself.

He had always had an inexplicable desire for pampered, distinguished young ladies instead.

Now, aside from Chu Chuyan, Zheng Dan was the most famously esteemed daughter in Brightmoon City.

He had expected that he would just be having his way with a woman from a criminal gang.

Who knew that she would turn out to be a lady from a distinguished clan

A surge of excitement ran through his body as he thought about this. 

This was not even counting the Zheng Clan that stood behind her, which represented even greater opportunities.

Now that Chen Xuan knew who she really was, he had no plans to share her with the others.

There was no way he would be willing to let such a pure and distinguished daughter go! He would personally take care of the effects of theEighteen Spring Winds, even if he needed to take stimulants himself.

Zheng Dans mind had gone completely blank.

In the end, her identity had been exposed.

The Zheng Clan was surely done for, even if she ended her own life.

After all, there was no way those in the room wouldnt leak this secret out.

Once the authorities learned that she was the one who had established the Whale Gang, not even the Sang clan could protect the Zheng clan.

The Chu clan wouldnt let them go unpunished, and neither would the other clans.

Even the royal court would seek to carve out their own pound of flesh.

If she had known this would happen, she would have cut up her own face!

At that moment, a figure rushed over and grabbed her hand.

“Why are you standing there and acting all dumb Start running already.”

Hearing this familiar voice, Zheng Dan, whose mind was mired in despair, suddenly felt a hint of warmth.

“Who is that!”

This figure had appeared abruptly, as if out of thin air.

Chen Xuan jumped in fright.

The group of them were just about to chase after this intruder when he suddenly scattered a huge puff of white powder.

It turned out that Zu An had snuck away in the chaos.

However, as he walked away, the more he reflected on his actions, the more unpleasant they seemed to him.

Even though this woman had kept him bound all this time, she had still saved his life when Chen Xuan had confronted him.

Leaving her surrounded by hostile attackers just didnt sit well with him.

Of course, there was no way Zu An wouldve bothered if she hadnt been a pretty girl.

He also thoroughly enjoyed the chats theyd had before, which was why he bothered going back for her.

However, he didnt just rashly charge in to save her.

Instead, he picked up some lime powder as a weapon first before returning to the meeting hall.

He used Grandgale to break in, and then used Grandgale again to break out, fleeing as swiftly as his feet could carry him.

Most of the gang members were blinded by the lime powder, but this obviously didnt include Chen Xuan.

He already recognized the rescuer to be Zu An.

He roared in shock and anger, and instantly took off after them.

The few who werent blinded by the lime powder also followed.

Zheng Dan fled together with Zu An, her hand in his.

Her heart was still full of astonishment.

How did that guy move so quickly just now He was so fast, even she had not been able to see how he had appeared.

From their past interactions, she was confident that Zu Ans cultivation was much lower than hers, yet there was no way she could move as quickly as he had.

As Zu An turned around, their gazes just happened to meet.

Panic and annoyance welled up in him in equal measure.

“Why are you looking at me dumbly Where should we be running to”

This was his first time on the Whale Gangs island, and his head had been covered in a bag most of the time, which had prevented him from seeing his surroundings.

Zheng Dan blushed.

She quickly pointed out a direction.

“Head that way.

There should be a small boat there.

I prepared it beforehand, in case of an emergency.”

Zu An grunted in acknowledgement.

He pulled her along with him in the direction indicated.

“Huh Why is your hand so hot” he asked suddenly.

Zheng Dan gave him a resentful look.

Didnt this guy already know the answer to this question

At that moment, there was the sound of a great disturbance behind them, and Chen Xuan came rushing out, his face as hard as iron.

How could he look on as his cooked duck flew away[1]!


This is a literal translation of a Chinese idiom (煮熟的鴨子飛了), which means allowing a sure thing to slip through ones fingers.


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