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Ji Xiaoxi stuck out her tongue in response.

She suddenly noticed the book on the chair.

Out of curiosity, she picked it up and took a glance at it.

Just seeing the content of a single page was more than enough to turn her face as red as an apple.

She quickly ran up to her father and shouted, “Father, how can you read this sort of improper stuff If my little aunt were to see it, shell start arguing with you again!”

It was then that Ji Dengtu remembered that he had left behind his stuff.

He quickly snatched the book over from Ji Xiaoxis hands before saying, “Hmph! I have already parted with your mother a long time ago; your little aunt cant do anything about me!”

Ji Xiaoxi stomped her foot angrily.

“Its because you always act in such a manner that little aunt doesnt come here anymore.”

“Pui! Who wants her to come You dont know just how carefree I am these days!” Ji Dengtu waved his hands impatiently, not wanting to talk about this matter at all.

“You should sleep early tonight.

Youll be returning to the academy tomorrow.

Lets see how youre going to complain to your little aunt by then!”

Ji Dengtu rushed back to his room and closed the door to seek refuge.

On the other hand, Zu An had just gotten back to the Chu clan when he suddenly received a notification.

You have successfully trolled Ji Dengtu for 345 Rage!

Zu An giggled a little.

It seemed like Divine Physician Ji had found out that he had sold his goubaos to Ji Xiaoxi.

To be honest, he did feel a little guilty for scamming that kind young woman.

Returning back to his room, Zu An fetched himself a bowl of water and washed his face and hands, the usual ritual before trying his hand at the lottery.

It was then that an old man suddenly walked in.

This old man was dressed tidily; there wasnt the slightest crease to be seen in his clothes.

His white hair was combed neatly in place, which was indicative of his strict character.

Zu An was taken aback by the sudden appearance of this old man.

He vaguely remembered the latter to be the Chu clans butler, Hong Zhong.

He was a loyal and responsible person, deeply trusted by the patriarch of the Chu clan.

“Is there something up” Zu An asked.

Hong Zhong shot an assessing look at Zu An before finally revealing his intentions here, “By the instructions of the Master, youre to head to the academy once you have fully recovered from your injuries.

Shouping will lead you there tomorrow morning, so Ill have to ask young master to make preparations for that.”

Zu An was stunned.

“But I havent recovered from my injuries yet.

Aiyoo, it hurts…” You must be kidding me! I still have plenty of things to do, so how can I waste my time on studies

Hong Zhong said nonchalantly, “Young master, you need not put on an act.

An injured person wouldnt head out to play for an entire day.

This matter isnt up for discussion.

Someone will be escorting you to the academy tomorrow morning.”

Zu An was surprised that the butler actually knew about this matter, but all of a sudden, he noticed Cheng Shoupings eyes swimming all around the place, not daring to meet him in the eye.

He immediately felt rage surging in his heart.

That fellow mentioned that he would keep it a secret, yet he sold me out in less than a day!

Hong Zhong continued to instruct Zu An for a few more matters before taking his leave, leaving Zu An and Cheng Shouping to stare at one another.

“Didnt you say that you keep secrets like a cork in a bottle” Zu An clenched his fists so tightly together that one could hear creaking sounds.

Cheng Shouping immediately rushed over to massage his back.

With a fawning smile, he explained, “The butler dropped by to check on young masters injuries, but young master wasnt around.

He caught me and started grilling me.

What can I do I didnt intend for things to end like this either.”

Zu An scoffed coldly, “But what did you promise me before”

Cheng Shouping quickly explained, “Young master, I didnt say a single word about you heading to Divine Physician Jis place to check on your injuries.

No matter how he threatened or bribed me, I didnt give in at all!”

Zu An was so furious that he almost felt like laughing.

“So, I should be thanking you instead, huh”

“Ahahaha, you dont need to go that far.” Cheng Shouping replied as he fiddled with his fingers shyly.

“However, if you really want to reward me, Im not against it either…”

Zu An slapped Cheng Shouping on his head.

“You really think that Im complimenting you!”

The indignant Cheng Shouping quickly supported the two buns on his head to prevent them from dropping down.

With a wronged voice, he complained, “Young master, can you not hit my head Like I told you before, this hairdo is incredibly difficult to make.”

“Dont talk to me in that tone!” Zu An felt shivers running down his spine from sheer disgust.

“Ah right, where did my wife go” Ive been out for an entire day now.

I wonder if that lass misses me or not.

“What wife” Cheng Shouping blinked his eyes in confusion.

Zu An: “…”

After a moment of silence, Cheng Shouping widened her eyes in realization.

“Ah! Youre referring to the First Miss! She went out with the young miss of the Pei clan earlier in the morning, and when she returned, she received news that a problem had cropped up with the family business, so she headed out to settle it.

The First Miss has really been working hard recently.

Shes the one supporting half of the Chu clans businesses, and there are so many things that require her to attend to.

It would have been so much easier if she is a guy.”

Zu Ans face darkened.

“Are you asking for a beating If shes a guy, what am I here for”

“Young master, thats not what I mean,” Cheng Shouping replied as he humbly poured a cup of tea for Zu An to apologize for his mistakes.

Somehow, Zu An felt a really strong urge to pummel Cheng Shouping when he saw the latter acting in such a manner.

He finally understood why he, from serving as Chu Zhongtians attendant, would end up being sent to the kitchen.

“Ah right, whats with Miss Pei”

He still remembered how that woman nearly caused his death back at the ancestral hall with just a few words, but for some reason, he found it hard to hate her.

It was not that he was forgiving, but hers was simply too big!

“Ohhh~ Young master, youre such a naughty person.

Are you lusting over the First Miss friend” Cheng Shouping looked at Zu An with a knowing look as he intentionally stretched his voice out suggestively.

“Well, Miss Pei is indeed very attractive.

There were no men in our estate who could keep their eyes off her when she visited earlier on.

Young master, Im rooting for you!”

Zu An was rendered speechless.

“Its really a miracle that the Chu clan didnt send you to the royal palace to serve as a eunuch.”

Cheng Shoupings smile froze up.

“Young master, dont scare me!”

Zu An couldn\'t be bothered to waste his breath with him.

“Who asked you whether shes good-looking or not What I want is information on her!”

“According to rumors, Miss Pei appears to be from Eastrivers Pei clan.

Thats a massive clan with over a thousand years of heritage behind them, boasting a history even longer than our Chu clan.

Shes on good terms with our First Miss, and it seems like shes here to study in Brightmoon Academy,” Cheng Shouping replied.

Zu An was stunned.

“Shes here to study too” The private academy of the Chu clan actually accepted outsiders as well But again, considering her close ties with Chu Chuyan, it was not all that surprising.

“Of course! Our Brightmoon Academy is renowned far and wide.

Those from the other commanderies often come here in hopes of pursuing an education there!” Cheng Shouping said proudly.

Zu An couldnt understand why Cheng Shouping was feeling so proud about an academy he wasnt even involved with, but he was rather surprised to hear that the Brightmoon Academy was actually so well-known.

It seemed like his father-in-law was quite a prideful person.

However, this wasnt the important thing right now.

He had to focus his attention on clearing the task assigned to him by Divine Physician Ji first!

Damn it, that Ji Dengtu is really a bloody pervert!

Zu An cursed him once more in his heart before he continued asking, “Do you know Yu Yanluo”

“Yu Yanluo” Cheng Shoupings eyes lit up.

“Of course! She used to be the number one beauty in the capital back in those years! You dont know how many men view her as their dream lover!”

“For a study companion, you know far too much…” Zu An eyed Cheng Shouping doubtfully.

Cheng Shouping quickly shot glances at his surroundings before leaning closer to Zu An.

“Young master, let me tell you a secret that you mustnt tell anyone.

Actually, the old master used to be one of Yu Yanluos pursuers, but he failed in the end.”

Zu An was astonished.

He didnt think that there would be such a relationship between Yu Yanluo and Chu Zhongtian.

Recalling the beautiful figure he met in the valley earlier in the day, she clearly didnt look very old.

Yet, she was actually from the same generation as Chu Zhongtian

“The old mistress flies into rage every time this matter is mentioned.

The old master nearly had his ears torn off on several occasions!” Cheng Shouping chuckled under his hands.

Zu An rolled his eyes.

His thoughts had been verified.

It turned out that his father-in-law was already being very merciful for banishing Cheng Shouping to the kitchen.

It was no wonder why this fellow was eventually assigned as his study companion.

With such loose lips, there was no one in the estate who could possibly tolerate him!

“Young master, youre the only one that Ive told this matter to.

You mustnt tell anyone else about this!” Cheng Shouping reminded him.

Zu An sneered coldly upon hearing these words.

He was willing to bet 5 copper coins that the whole estate already knew about this matter.

“Where does Yu Yanluo stay in Brightmoon City” Zu An asked.

He had to find an opportunity to visit her.

Even if not for Ji Dengtus task, he should at least claim his compensation for saving her.

“She doesnt stay in Brightmoon City,” Cheng Shouping replied in confusion.

“She married the Cloudmidst Duke, so she should be staying at the Cloudmidst Commandery.”

“What” Zu An was astonished.

Is this a scam Have I been given an empty cheque

“However, their clan deals in ki stones, and they have branches in all of the major cities.

They have one in Brightmoon City too.

Perhaps, she might come by for an inspection one of these days,” Cheng Shouping added.

Zu An finally heaved a sigh of relief.

It was relieving to hear that.

If he wasnt wrong, Yu Yanluo should be staying in Brightmoon City over the next few days, which meant that he had some time to collect his money.

He continued asking a few more questions before sending Cheng Shouping away.

After verifying that no one else was around, he summoned his keyboard out once more and checked on his Rage points.

Earlier, after he drew out all of the Marrow Cleansing Pills from the lottery, he still had 3000 Rage points left.

Following that, he earned quite a bit from the Yu clans guards and the Blackwind Stockades bandits.

All in all…

Current Rage Points: 22269.

Woah, I have struck it rich!

Feeling like a tycoon, Zu An immediately began drawing the lottery.

As expected, the first one wasThanks for playing!.

“Its fine, I have money!” Zu An thought little of it and continued drawing the lottery.

Thanks for playing… Thanks for playing…

It was till the thirteenth time that the light finally stopped on keycap4.

Zu An heaved a sigh of relief.

He had just verified the importance of not raising a flag on himself.

Noticing that the number the light stopped on this time around was different from before, he quickly took a closer look, only to see a fruit that was giving off a golden glow from its core.

According to the explanation: Ki Fruit.

It raises the ki capacity of a cultivator.

With Zu Ans great experience with games in his previous life, he immediately understood the purpose of this fruit.

Basically, it was similar to EXP potions.

Such good stuff ought to go into his stomach right away so that his mind could rest in peace.

Thus, Zu An immediately took it out and swallowed it.

Unexpectedly, there was no splashing of juice.

Instead, the fruit seemed to melt as soon as it entered his mouth, and a stream of ki swiftly suffused his body.

Soon, this stream of ki appeared to be drawn in by something and surged straight toward the fourth formation on his skin.

The fourth formation was much larger than the previous three.

Even after the stream of ki fully assimilated into the formation, it was only filled by a third.

“Just this much” Zu An was dissatisfied with the results.

Despite sounding so formidable, its effects were still inferior to the whipping he got.

He couldnt help but feel a little frustrated.

It cant be that Ive to rely on whipping in order to raise my cultivation level, right That would be so wrong!


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