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Chu estates physician Bao Youlu already rushed over in a hurry.

He was just about to push open the door when Qin Wanru stopped him.

“Madam, what is the meaning of this Isnt the young miss seriously ill” Bao Youlu asked in puzzlement.

Qin Wanrus face became red.

“Um… there is someone inside, so its not too suitable to enter right now.”

“What Did Divine Physician Ji arrive” Bao Youlu subconsciously stroked his white beard when he saw Qin Wanrus flash of bashfulness. The Madam is truly stunning, my heart might have been moved if I was twenty years younger.

Master Chu is quite blessed, only it is a pity…

Sigh, fate truly toys with people.

“No, its someone else.

I must trouble sir Bao to wait a bit,” explained Qin Wanru.

“Oh Is there another individual with outstanding medicinal expertise in Brightmoon City Then this old one will be able to deepen my experience.” Bao Youlu looked towards the house with curiosity.

Qin Wanru immediately felt awkward.

She had no idea how in the world she was going to explain things later!

Chu Zhongtian was already pacing back and forth nervously.

He finally couldnt take it anymore.

He pulled his wife to the side and asked, “Mada, is Ah Zu really reliable Should we have sir Bao take a look first or bring over Divine Physician Ji”

He lowered his voice on the second part to not hurt Bao Youlus pride.

Qin Wanru wasnt confident either.

“I really dont know either, but Chuyan seems to trust him a lot.

He is probably reliable.”

Chu Huanzhao also shouted out.

“I also trust my brother-in-law! He will definitely cure big sis!”

Qin Wanru jabbed her daughters forehead, saying with a hmph, “What does a brat like you know”

A stupefied look was on Chu Zhontians face.

“You arent even sure either, but you let him treat her”

“Enough, enough!” Qin Wanru felt a wave of anxiety.

“Where did you send that fox demon”

“Fox Demon” Chu Huanzhao looked at the two of them in confusion.

Chu Zhontian hurriedly said, “Theres a child here, what kind of words are you using”

Qin Wanru harrumphed.

“Am I wrong Why would Chuyan be so angry if that woman didnt come knocking on our door”

Even though she acted tough on the surface, she still changed her wording.

Chu Zhongtian couldnt hold himself back from saying, “You cant blame her either.

She didnt know Chuyan was injured.

We can only say that Ah Zu is too lenient on all parties that triggered this type of result.”

“What!” Qin Wanru erupted in rage.

“She hasnt even joined his family, yet youre already speaking for her You men really dont have a single good thing about you! All of you lose your heads as soon as you see someone pretty!”

“What do you mean…” Chu Zhongtian had a forced smile on his face.

Chu Huanzhao was puzzled.

“Dad got a concubine”

Those uncles in those circles all have huge harems, and our dads status is the highest of them all!

She actually felt a bit of pity for her dad.

He really struggled on this front.

The first reason she thought this was because it was perfectly normal for those in the noble circles of this world to have three wives and four husbands.

The second reason was because her mom had always been the strict one, while his father was more agreeable, so she naturally leaned towards her dads side.

Of course, if Qin Wanru knew what she was thinking, she would definitely teach her the painful lesson of what a mothers love was!

Chu Zhongtians face reddened.

“Nonsense! There is no such thing! Its your sisters husband!”

“Brother-in-law!” Chu Huanzhao was previously in high spirits while watching all of this drama from the side.

She was stunned on the spot when she heard this.

What was going on

“Brother-in-law is taking in a concubine” Chu Huanzhao blinked her eyes.

She clearly couldnt digest the information yet.

This news really was too odd!

“Hmph, Ive never heard of such an outrageous son-in-law either!” Qin Wanru snorted angrily.

It was obvious that she was dissatisfied about this situation.

“Who is she” Chu Huanzhao only felt her mind go completely blank.

Her original excitement that her dad was finally getting a concubine vanished.

“Some girl from Immortal Abode.

Is she not scared of shaming our Chu clans dignity!” Qin Wanru glared at her husband, clearly warning him not to bring up the other partys status.

“Is it that Qiu Honglei” Chu Huanzhaos voice rose an octave.

“How did you know” Chu Zhongtian was surprised.

How did his daughter know about the Immortal Abode affair

“Hmph! Brother-in-law stirred up a huge hubbub in that place, so how could I not know He actually has the nerve to bring someone back so quickly!” Chu Huanzhao looked angrily at Chu Zhongtian.

“Dad, where did you send that woman”

“Probably the guest room.

As for where exactly, I wouldnt know…” Chu Zhongtian subconsciously replied.

Why is my second daughter getting even more angry than my first daughter

Chu Huanzhao left with a huff towards the guest rooms when she heard this reply.

Unfortunately, they didnt know that Qiu Honglei wasnt in the Chu clans guest room but rather Zu Ans courtyard.

“So this is your young masters living quarters” A faint smile appeared on the corners of Qiu Hongleis lips when she looked at the small courtyard in front of her.

“Indeed, the young master lives here.

He normally does not stay with the young miss,” said that servant in a fawning manner. This woman is just too pretty! Her body smells so good.

“Thank you! What is your name” Qiu Honglei smiled sweetly.

That servant was immediately overwhelmed by the favor, replying in a flustered manner, “This humble one is Jin Zhu!”

“Jin Zhu” Qiu Honglei giggled.

“This name is quite special.”[1]

That servants entire body went numb.

She smiled at me! She smiled at me!

“The lady can ask me for anything you need!” This servant Jin Zhu continued to simp.

“Thank you brother Jin.” Qiu Honglei saw him off with a smile.

She then examined this small courtyard with great curiosity.

“I wonder if he hides anything in his normal living quarters.” Qiu Honglei had a pondering look on her face.

She pushed open the door, about to look around to see if she find out the reason why Zu An changed so greatly from his previous publicly acknowledged trash self.

Her expression suddenly changed, hurriedly dodging to the side.

A fierce gust of wind swept over at the same time.

“Hm” The other party clearly didnt expect her to avoid this deadly blow.

Qiu Honglei was also alarmed.

The other partys timing and angle of attack was exceptional and difficult to block.

Her evasive maneuver was completely 120% of her normal ability.

She wasnt confident in avoiding a second attack.

“A woman”

The other partys surprise only sounded momentarily, but it didnt escape her ears.

“Who is this person”

Because neither of them had the chance to light a lamp, the room was dark.

Both sides immediately exchanged more than ten moves.

“Is it the Chu clans second miss” This thought was immediately rejected as soon as it appeared in her head.

It was public knowledge that Chu first miss seemed to have sucked up all of the Chu clans fortune.

Apart from inheriting her mothers beauty, her younger sister didnt have a single good thing about her.

As for whether or not she was hiding something… hmph, how could this world have so many unexpected things One Zu An was already enough.

How could there just happen to be another one

“Then who is she Why is she in Zu Ans room” Qiu Honglei was puzzled, but she became more and more amused.

She decided to just capture this woman first.

She felt like she was approaching a great secret.

Unfortunately, this womans cultivation was ridiculously high.

Qiu Honglei didnt hold back at all, yet the other party blocked all of her moves, several times almost restraining her instead.

Qiu Honglei didnt dare use elemental power out of startling Chu clans people, so the two of them could only compete in unarmed combat.

But she became more and more fearful the more they fought!

Pei Mianman was similarly shocked.

She was waiting in this room for Zu An.

To be honest, not even she knew why she kept running over to this place.

Perhaps it was because she didnt have many friends since she was young, and Zu An was different from others.

She treasured their period of association greatly.

Of course, if you asked her, she would say that this was just to prevent Zu An from being assassinated by Chen Xuan.

She arrived a bit earlier than normal.

She thought that Zu An already came back from the outside activity, so she was full of expectation.

But in the end, it was a woman.

Even though she couldnt see clearly, this aura was clearly not Chu Chuyan, Chu Huanzhao, or anyone else from the Chu clan.

From how she sneaked in, she assumed this was an assassin sent by Chen Xuan.

As such, she immediately fought back.

She originally thought that this would be extremely easy.

However, the other partys cultivation was actually ridiculously high!

Every single exchange was dangerous.

After exchanging several dozen blows, they actually couldnt do anything to the other party.

Pei Mianman almost used her black flame several times.

But because she didnt want Chu Chuyan to know that she was here, she held herself back.

That was why the two of them continued to fight hand to hand, both with their own ulterior motives.


Zu An obviously didnt know that this type of intense battle was playing out in the room.

He was completely concentrated on treating Chu Chuyan.

At first, Chu Chuyan subconsciously rejected him.

However, she also knew that her resistance was weak.

A while later, her entire body suddenly went rigid, her face becoming completely red.

“You scoundrel!”

When she said this, she bit down fiercely on his shoulder.

She was going to completely return the pain she felt to him!

Zu An gasped.

It wasnt because of the pain, but rather because she really was cold.

Who was it that said even the coldest woman was warm inside!

This was indeed the case last time.

But today, it felt as if he entered a world of ice and snow.

If his body hadnt been tempered by thePrimordial Origin Sutra, any normal persons little fella might have immediately shriveled.

It might even leave behind a lifetime of irrecoverable damage.

Zu An gently sorted out her somewhat messy hair, saying tenderly, “Your body is already so cold! Youve always pretended to be strong, it really must have been tough.”

Chu Chuyans eyes instantly became red.

These words shattered her toughest shell, exposing her weakest parts.

“Are you getting hurt” After her initial embarrassment, Chu Chuyan instead felt a bit apologetic.

Zu An laughed loudly.

“This is exactly what Ive been looking forward to, how could I be hurt”

“You rascal!” Chu Chuyans pinched him in anger.

But the other party really was like a scorching sun, releasing endless warmth through her body.

“How does it feel” Zu An suddenly asked.

Chu Chuyan: “......”

This guy is actually asking such a shameless question! How am I supposed to respond

That was why she just turned to the side, biting her lip and not saying a word.

Zu An knew that she was conflicted when he saw her expression.

He explained with a bitter smile, “I am asking if you feel a bit better now.

I am using primordial ki to nurture your body.

If there is any part that is off, you need to immediately tell me, or else how can I treat you as quickly as possible”


Jin = Gold, Zhu = Pig


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