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Qin Wanru sneered inside.

This woman finally revealed her true intentions! That servant or slave whatever were all a pretense.

With Qiu Hongleis status, it was completely impossible.

This was her true objective.

She came all the way inside Chu estate to steal another persons man.

Absolutely preposterous!

Qin Wanru forcefully suppressed her anger.

She didnt act out on the spot, instead giving Zu An a big smile.

“Our Chu clan has always been a reasonable clan.

We have never relied on our authority to push around the common people.

That is why this will mainly depend on Ah Zu himself, whether he is willing or not.”

She didnt want the Chu clans reputation to be tarnished either.

This was a mess he made, so he should clean it up himself.

“Sure, Im willing.

Why would I be” Zu An blurted out. With this type of beautiful courtesan queen taking the initiative to free herself and become his concubine, why would he refuse Just call me the king of moochers in the future!

Wait, why does this sound like Im criticizing myself

Even though he didnt mind mooching off of women, his argument with Qin Wanru last time made him realize that the status of a live-in son-in-law really was too low.

He was completely an attachment to the clan, unprotected by the different rules.

I should get rid of this status as soon as possible.

Besides, Im so handsome, and I can still mooch off girls if I change my status… Ah! Pah pah pah! What mooching off women

Im so handsome, so suave, girls with money and beauty are naturally drawn to me! How am I wrong here

Qin Wanru: “....”

You have successfully trolled Qin Wanru for 666 Rage!

She originally thought that Zu An would find some excuse to reject her.

In her opinion no man would give up the revered and similarly beautiful Chu Chuan for some brothel girl, even if it was a courtesan queen who bewitched countless men.

She would then use this chance to ease the situation.

But this guy just refused to behave like a normal person!

As a duchess, how could she be shameless enough to go back on her world

While she was stuck in a dilemma, Chu Chuyan suddenly spoke out.

“I dont agree!”

Chu Zhongtian and Qin Wanru were both surprised.

Their daughter actually straight up opposed this!

Chu Zhongtian was one thing, but Qin Wanru knew about some things between the two. Dont tell me my daughter really likes Zu An

Her goddess-like daughter and the extremely famous Qiu Honglei were both chasing after the same man! Those who didnt know about the details might really think that this man was some incredible person.

But what virtue or ability did this Zu An have

You have successfully trolled Qin Wnaru for 233 Rage!

Qiu Honglei gave her a surprised look.

“Why is first miss Chu opposing this According to what I heard, the two of you are actually not that close.

Ah Zus status in your clan is also extremely low, so continuing this will only torment both parties.”

Zu An sighed inside. This woman is taking the words straight out of my mouth!

If I didnt know this woman has a hidden agenda, I might really be moved to tears!

“Did Zu An tell you these things” Chu Chuyans expression was a bit awful.

You have successfully trolled Chu Chuyan for 587 Rage!

Zu An inwardly thought that his wife really was angry this time.

She didnt even call him Ah Zu.

Qiu Honglei shook her head.

“How could a wonderful man like Ah Zu talk behind others\' backs like this These are things that he doesnt even need to say, things everyone in Brightmoon City are aware of.”

Wonderful man

Chu Zhongtian and Qin Wanru both had strange looks on their faces.

Did she not know what these two words mean

Chu Chuyans mind instead trembled.

Actually, she had an inkling that this was the case, but she subconsciously chose to avoid thinking about it.

But when she heard this from the mouth of another, only then did she realize just how wronged Ah Zu had been during this time, how much others looked down on him.

“Who said that our relationship isnt good” Chu Chuyan felt greater and greater guilt when she thought of these things.

She grabbed Zu An and latched onto his arm.

“Weve gone through life and death trials and tribulations in the Ursae Dungeon, our affection for each other far closer than you could imagine.

Isnt that right, Ah Zu”

Even though she had a smile on her face, her other hand pinched him in the waist, reminding him to watch his mouth.

Chu Zhongtian was completely stunned when he saw how close his daughter was with Zu An.

He subconsciously looked towards his wife, his eyes full of confusion: Is there something I dont know about

How could he have expected that Qin Wanru was just as surprised.

This didnt match her daughters nature at all!

Sensing the hostility around him, Zu An said with a smile, “Indeed, us husband and wife feel incredible affection for each other.

I really dont want to leave my wife! Honglei, I fear that you have no choice but to become a concubine.”

With his personality, how could he give up such a great chance

He reached out a hand to hold Chu Chuyans waist as he said this. Oh man, this is what I was missing!

Chu Chuyans entire body went rigid when she noticed his actions.

She was so tense it was as if she would immediately blow up.

But she still didnt say anything in the end.

She pursed her lips and relaxed her entire body.

Chu Zhongtian and Qin Wanru almost spat out when they heard Zu An straight up ask Qiu Honglei to become a concubine.

This guys shamelessness really was in a class of its own!

But they quickly noticed what was happening between those two as well.

They stared at that hand around their daughters waist.

When they saw that she didnt show any signs of resistance, they couldnt help but exchange a look.

Did their daughter and this man already become true husband and wife

Chu Zhongtian actually treated Zu An kindly and politely normally, but that was only because of his self-restraint.

When he thought about how his precious daughter had been toyed with by a swine, that feeling of gloominess and dejectedness was something all fathers could sympathize with.

You have successfully trolled Chu Zhongtian for 211 Rage!

Comparatively speaking, Qin Wanru was actually a bit better off.

After all, she already heard from her daughter about the naked treatments, so she had a bit of mental preparation.

Qiu Honglei looked at these two that were glued together, a faintly discernible smile appearing on the corners of her lips.

“Honglei is definitely not the type of shameless and brazen girl who wishes to break up families…”

Qin Wanru immediately scoffed inwardly when she heard these words. Isnt that exactly who you are

Chu Chuyans face also became cold.

Her mood was clearly not that great either.

Qiu Honglei said, “Since Ah Zu isnt willing to leave miss Chu and I dont want to be away from you either, then I guess Ill become miss Chus younger sister.

I wonder if first miss Chu is willing”

“I already have a younger sister!” Chu Chuyan wanted to directly refuse her, but her rationality still won out when she thought about the Chu clans current predicament.

She coldly added, “If I say that I am not willing, will lady Qiu choose to not tell us about young master Wangs whereabouts”

“Big sis Chus words really make me feel a bit ashamed.

However, people like us tormented by fate only wish to seek that one true love in our lives, so we cant help but use some methods.

I hope big sis doesnt mind.”

Chu Chuyan still felt a bit uncomfortable.

This girl even directly called her big sis!

You have successfully trolled Chu Chuyan for 369 Rage!

She took a deep breath, and then said with an overcast voice, “Lady Qius prestige is renown.

There are too many men who are willing to make you their main wife.

Wouldnt you feel a bit wronged if you become our Zu Ans concubine”

Even she was a bit baffled.

No matter how outstanding Ah Zu was, he was but the lowest live-in son-in-law.

Just what was she plotting

“I wont feel wronged!” Qiu Honglei turned around and gave Zu An a sincere look.

“I would rather become the concubine of a hero than the wife of someone mediocre! If I can become Ah Zus woman, then that would be the greatest blessing of my lifetime! How can I call this being wronged”

Chu Chuyan: “......”

Chu Zhongtian: “......”

Qin Wanru: “......”

Zu An was the only one struggling to hold back his laughter like an idiot.

Chu Chuyans face became gloomy.

Only after remaining silent for a while did she say, “I have a question I wish to ask lady Qiu about.

Just how did you find out about young master Wangs whereabouts After all, our Chu clan couldnt find him even after moving out all of our men.”

“Is big sis suspecting that I was the one who sent out men to kidnap young master Wang Where would Honglei get the courage to do this type of thing” Qiu Honglei smiled.

“It is just that everyone has their own methods.

Our Immortal Abode has all types of guests, so the flow of information is a bit faster than other places.

I just happened to pick up this piece of information as well.”

Chu Chuyan nodded, finding her explanation still acceptable.

“Fine, I agree with letting you join our household.

When the time comes, the Chu clan will also send people to pay the fee to bring you out of Immortal Abode and formally take you in.

You can tell us where young master Wang is now, right”


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