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Zu An suddenly turned around.

When he was just about to release his charged up power, he suddenly saw an old and wrinkled face.

“Senior Mi” It was actually Old Mi.

This fella always came and went without a sound like a ghost.

Big sis empress said before that he is at least ninth rank.

Seems like her suspicions were right on.


Seems like you have improved your vigilance.” Old Mi nodded.

Even though he was speaking words of praise, there wasnt a trace of a smile to be seen on his face.

“Why did senior seek me out today” Zu An asked probingly.

Inside, he felt extremely gloomy.

Why did this old man have to always appear so suddenly

If its just me, then whatever.

But if Im bonding with my close female friends and he suddenly appears out of nowhere, I really will have a heart attack!

Also, as a man, he really didnt want other men to see his women, even if it was an old man.

Unfortunately, Old Mis cultivation was way higher than his.

There was no way Zu An could tell him what to do.

“I heard you went to Immortal Abode You even managed to obtain the affection of their courtesan queen” Old Mi looked at him with a strange expression.

“Senior really receive news quickly…” Zu An chuckled in an awkward manner.

“But it seems like a guy with endless charms like me really has a natural affinity with women, haha.”

Even he was a bit embarrassed from saying these words.

“Your mood seems to have improved a lot recently.” Old Mis brows furrowed.

“Its been alright.” Zu An revealed an embarrassed smile.

He didnt know what the other party was trying to say.

“You were depressed to the point that you were on the verge of hanging yourself before, so why are you suddenly so carefree and happy Dont tell me you already found a different treatment method” Old Mis eyes shifted to his crotch.

Zu An felt a chill run through his legs.

He subconsciously turned his body to the side to evade that gaze.

“Didnt senior say that everything will work out as long as I become a master Why would I still feel gloomy when I have such prospects”

Old Mi always gave him a mysterious feeling of pressure, so he didnt dare reveal everything to him.

He also warned himself to be more careful later.

If this old man saw his heaven piercing pillar one day, then that really would be bad.

“I see.” Old Mi retracted his gaze, clearly accepting this response.

Immediately afterwards, he said, “Since your body is no good, then you should be more focused on raising your cultivation than chasing girls.

Its not like being with them has any meaning for you.”

Zu An: “......”

You really make too much sense, old man.

I cant argue against that at all.

Old Mi thought that his crotch was completely sealed, so he didnt think there was any meaning in chasing after girls.

If he continued to do this type of stuff without being able to use little Zu An, then Old Mi will obviously be puzzled.

“Theres more to that Immortal Abode courtesan than meets the eye, so dont get too involved.

Its for your own good,” warned Old Mi.

This was going to be his precious vessel, so he naturally didnt want anything to happen to it.

“Does senior know about Qiu Hongleis background” Zu An was shaken, firstly because he had always been curious about Qiu Hongleis background, secondly because even though this Old Mi only trimmed Chu estates grass day in and day out, he seemed to be aware of everything important within Brightmoon City.

He really didnt know how this old man accomplished this.

“I dont know the exact details, but there is no way she is just a simple courtesan.

Dont provoke her for no reason.” Old Mi stopped for a moment, and then looked towards the wall.

“Also, that Pei clan young lady next door.

I dont know how you two ended up on good terms, but you shouldnt play with fire.

If Chu clan ends up kicking you out because of this, heh…”

Even though he didnt go into the specifics, his threatening voice was already more than clear enough.

Zu An shivered.

“I understand.”

“Keep in mind what I told you about before.

Keep interacting with Wei clans brothers.

Report everything that happens in their family to me regardless of whether it is big or small.

Dont leave out a thing.” Old Mis figure tottered off when he finished speaking.

His figure looked like it might be blown over by the wind at any time, yet he already vanished into the darkness after a few steps.

The pressure Zu An felt immediately lessened considerably.

However, when he thought about how there might suddenly be someone secretly watching him at any time, he really couldnt shake off that type of uncomfortable feeling.

Why does he keep telling me to pay attention to Wei clan Zu An thought to himself.

While he was wondering about this, Old Mi was also puzzled. Why does that brat have such high affinity with women He is clearly no good down there…

He still couldnt figure this out even after thinking about it for a long time, so he shook his head and let it go.

Forget it, whats wrong with having some close female friends Theyll all be mine eventually anyway.

When Zu An woke up the next morning, he hurriedly looked for Pei Mianman next door.

However, he only saw that the blankets had already been neatly folded, the beauty nowhere to be seen.

He noticed that there was a letter by the window.

Zu An walked over to pick it up.

There was a line of graceful handwriting written on the letter: Remember what you promised me yesterday.

When he smelled the fragrance left behind on his bed, Zu An couldnt help but laugh. Did this woman have a guilty conscience

Right at this time, a knocking sound came from outside.

Zu An immediately became overjoyed. Maybe she felt reluctant to leave just like this and came back. When he opened the door, he was instead greeted with a chubby face.

His interest immediately waned.

“So its you…”

“Who else did bro think I was” Chu Yucheng said in confusion.

Behind him, Chu Hongcai was also puzzled.

“I thought that some goddess came looking for me.” Zu An said in irritation.

Chu Yucheng laughed heartily.

“Immortal Abodes lady Qiu is indeed not inferior to a goddess.

So… how was last night”

He made winking gestures while asking this, his appearance extremely wretched and exaggerated.

Chu Hongcai pricked up his ears as well, his fists clenched tightly.

He was clearly extremely nervous.

“Of course it felt so good that I went straight to heaven.” Zu An also gave him ayou know smile.

Chu Yucheng was still beaming with smiles when he heard this, but Chu Hongcai almost imploded from anger.

He turned around with a snort.

You have successfully trolled Chu Hongcai for 999 Rage!

Chu Yucheng immediately held him back, and then said to Zu An, “Ah Zu, you know that hes a crazy Qiu Honglei fan, so this really is something hard for him to accept right away.

You dont need to worry too much, its not you that he is angry at.”

Zu An said with a chuckle, “I was just joking around.

Qiu Honglei and I went boating afterwards, but who would have thought that we would run into the Blackwind Stockade We barely escaped with our lives.

It really was the worst.”

“What Then what about lady Qiu” Only now did Chu Hongcai speak up in panic.

Zu An said in annoyance, “Mister hoes before bros, are you not worried about me at all”

Chu Hongcai mumbled, “You look perfectly fine to me.”

“Dont worry, your lady Qiu is fine.

A mysterious person came to save us, and when the city defense army came, that Great Bandit Chen Xuan already fled,” Zu An explained with half truths.

“Chen Xuan actually came himself!” Chu Yucheng cried out in alarm.

“That bastard plundered our caravans several times already.

Chu clan has sent out our people to track him down many times, but weve never succeeded.

He has the nerve to brazenly come into Brightmoon City!”

After leaving Immortal Abode last night, Chu Hongcai was so grieved and brokenhearted he wanted to drink his sorrows away, so Chu Yucheng followed him.

The two of them ended up passing out from drinking, only waking up when the sky brightened.

That was why they werent too clear on what happened last night.

Chu Hongcai nodded in agreement.

“We participated in those attacks on the bandits too, but that fella is too elusive.

Hes slippery like a loach.

No one has ever even seen his true appearance.”

Zu An had a strange expression on his face.

“The two of you have actually seen him before.”

“We have” The two of them were dumbfounded.

“Not only have you two met him, youve even faced him before,” said Zu An with a smile.

“He is precisely that red haired fella the two of you fought against in the brothel last night.”

“So it was him!” The two of them cried out in alarm.

Chu Yucheng cursed, “I knew that guy wasnt anyone good.

Turns out he is that Chen Xuan guilty of monstrous crimes.”

Chu Hongcai immediately became excited.

“This Chen Xuan is courting death! He dares to even run amok in Brightmoon City! We didnt know what he looked like before, but now that we do, it wont be easy for him to get away anymore! I really dont know what made him go completely crazy and do this type of thing.”

Zu An rubbed his nose. He went completely crazy because he wanted to get revenge on me… Of course, there was no need to tell them that.

“By the way, why did the two of you seek me out so early in the morning”

“Look at this memory of mine.” Chu Yucheng slapped his forehead, and then brought out a food case.

“Theres some Cai Shop steamed stuffed buns and He Shop jellied tofu here.

Both are quite famous in our city and hard to get your hands on.

Since we ended up coming back early in the morning anyway, we decided to bring some back to enjoy together.”

“No one kisses ass without having ulterior motives.” Zu An wondered if these fellas poisoned the food.

Chu Yuchengs face froze up.

He explained quietly, “Hongcai drowned his sorrows in alcohol last night.

He thought that lady Qiu was… ahem, ravaged by you last night.

That is why I dragged him over this morning to find out what happened, but we cant just come empty handed, right We never expected Hongcai to be worried about nothing haha.”

When he noticed that the two of them seemed to be taking delight in Zu Ans disaster, he hurriedly brought out some bowls and chopsticks.

“We should quickly enjoy these while they are still hot.

They wont taste as good when they get cold.”

Seeing that these two were also eating, Zu An let go of his worries.

He scooped out a bowl of jellied tofu. Wow, this stuff is great, I havent enjoyed this type of flavor in a long time.

He continued to praise it all the way until they reached the main hall.

“White, tender, and slippery.

Absolutely delicious.

Ill have to get some more later.”

“Haha, Ah Zu is a kindred spirit after all.

Ill take you with me next time.”

Suddenly, an angry voice sounded.

“Despicable! Shameless! Disgusting!”

Zu An raised his head.

Chu Huanzhao was glowering at him, her face entirely red.

You have successfully trolled Chu Huanzhao for 444 Rage!

Chu Yucheng said teasingly, “Ah Zu, what did you do to upset our Little Huanzhao”

“Damn fatty, you arent anything good either! Sisters husband is being ruined by the two of you!” Chu Huanzhao stomped off while huffing and puffing.

Chu Yucheng had a dumbfounded expression on his face. What does your sisters husband being good or bad have to do with us We were just talking about tofu just now…

“You master, young master! Its time to go to school! The horse has already been prepared for your amazing self!” Cheng Shouping said this eagerly while crawling out from who knew which corner.

Only now did Zu An realize that their three day vacation after the dungeon already passed.

Today was indeed the day he had to return to school.

The thought of attending school immediately made his expression sink.

However, when he thought about the beautiful principal, the beautiful Miss Shang, as well as the students waiting to have Rage points farmed from them, his mood immediately became much better.

“Why are you kissing up to me like this” Zu An asked while walking towards the entrance.

“Ive always given you my everything, young master…” Cheng Shouping blabbered a load of nonsense, and then he changed the topic.

“If master can bring me with you to Immortal Abode to broaden my horizons next time, then that would be so, so amazing.”

“You good-for-nothing servant, you dare incite your master to go to such a filthy place!” A whip screamed as it lashed over.

Chen Shoupings miserable cry immediately echoed through Chu estate.


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