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Qiu Honglei: “......”

Pei Mianman: “......”

Xie Daoyun: “......”

“This guy really needs a good ass whooping!”

Everyone in this hall simultaneously produced this thought.

You have successfully trolled the onlookers for 66 66 66…

Zu Ans entire body felt refreshed when he saw the influx of Rage points. Seems like remaining low-profile really doesnt suit me! Its still this type of limelight that earns Rage points the fastest.

You have successfully trolled Chen Xuan for 99 99 99…

Zu An gave him a surprised look.

From the trend at which he received Rage points, he would have assumed that this fella would come charging right at him, yet this wasnt the case at all

Qiu Honglei clearly shared similar worries.

She moved, as if unintentionally blocking between the two.

Then, she said with a sweet and cheerful smile, “Turns out young master Zu was here.”

Zu An immediately smelled a delicate fragrance like that of an orchid, yet also like a natural scent.

She was already extremely beautiful from afar, and now her charm up close was even more fatal.

Thank god Ive already seen my fair share of beauties!

Zu An secretly counted his blessings.

If he hadnt spent so much time with Chu Chuyan, his immunity towards beauty might not be as high and he would have probably made a fool of himself here.

“If I am not mistaken, this should be our first meeting Why would you suddenly ask me something like this” Zu An put away his good mood.

He faced her gaze and said with a smile.

Qiu Honglei couldnt help but feel a bit startled.

After all, when other men interacted with her at this type of distance, most of their eyes couldnt help but flicker, while others would look at her with eyes filled with desire.

Eyes that stared straight into hers clearly were really rare.

However, she quickly reacted, saying with a gentle voice, “Even though Ive never met this young master before, I have long considered you a friend in spirit.

I heard that the young master found an exceptional treasure, theEvanescent Lotus, in the dungeon, whose petals alone could raise cultivation by a step.

However, the young master abandoned this type of temptation and fed it to his wife without any hesitation.”

“Young masters love for his wife is enough to shake the hearts of all women in this world.

The proverbs are indeed true.

Priceless treasures are easy to obtain, but true love is scarce.

Young miss Chu is truly blessed.”

Pei Mianman immediately released a pah sound from her mouth.

“What a cunning vixen.

My dear Chuyan, my dear Chuyan, if you dont treat your husband right, he is going to get snatched away…”

When they heard Qiu Honglei use the wordsfriend in spirit, a commotion immediately broke out among the surrounding men.

The news about the Evanescent Lotus made their cries of alarm grow even louder.

This matter was previously only circulated within a small circle in the higher levels.

All of them immediately sighed inwardly, thinking that this fella really did go all in with women.

There was another group who silently mocked his stupidity.

After all, the gap between him and young miss Chu was already so great.

If Chuyans strength rose further, then the difference between the two of them would only grow.

A marriage with too steep of a gap was bound to fail.

Of course, when everyone saw the sparkling eyes Qiu Honglei looked at Zu An with, their jealousy and anger also skyrocketed.

While he watched this influx of Rage points, Zu An was convinced that this woman was doing this on purpose.

Wasnt this throwing him on a rack to be roasted!

Sucks for you, I am different from everyone else.

The more people hate me, the happier I become!

“But of course! Ive always treated girls well.

If lady Qiu is envious of my Chuyan, you can consider being sisters with her.

If I find another Evanescent Lotus, then Ill give it to you.” Zu An said with a big smile.

“This little bastard is too shameless.” Qi Daoyun couldnt hold back her criticism.

Were Evanescent Lotuses that easy to find Are you really trying to bag a beautiful concubine with just these empty promises

Also, arent you merely a Chu clan drafted son-in-law Do you really have the nerve to ask for a concubine in front of their faces

This was also what everyone else was thinking.

If glares could kill, Zu An would have long been blasted full of holes.

“This humble girl doesnt dare compete against first miss Chu.” Qiu Hongleis face flushed slightly.

Other men would always speak the most graceful words to her out of fear of leaving a bad impression.

When had she ever seen someone as direct as this one, actually asking her to be his concubine

“Dont worry, she told me before that she doesnt care if I look for other women.” Zu An shrugged in an unconcerned manner.

Pei Mianman: “”

Xie Daoyun also gave her younger brother a look of disbelief.

“Did young miss Chu really say that”

Xie Xiu said with a bitter smile, “Who knows if young miss Chu really said this or not But he has said this more than once, yet young miss Chu didnt show any reaction.

The relationship between those two might not be how we think it is.”

“Just what kind of person is young miss Chu How could she possibly allow him to take concubines” Xie Daoyuns face was full of disbelief.

At the same time, she produced a bit of curiosity towards the man below.

Just what was going on

Those men in the hall werent as kind.

Quite a few of them immediately cursed out:

“You are just a drafted son-in-law, what are you acting all smug for”

“I really dont know what your ancestors did to make a goddess like young miss Chu choose you, yet you still want to find other women!”

“Exactly! You actually have the nerve to set your eyes on lady Qiu Absolutely absurd!”

Even Wang Yuanlong quietly prodded Chu Yuchengs belly.

“Did your familys first miss really say this”

Chu Yucheng said with a bitter smile, “I really dont know either… According to first young miss nature, there should be no way she would allow such a thing.”

Chu Hongcai also recovered from his previous daze.

He gave Zu An a look of shock. This guy really has guts! Is he not scared of first miss finding out Even if first miss doesnt intervene, Master and Madam definitely wont remain silent.

However, since they were all standing on the same side just now, it wasnt too appropriate for the two brothers to outwardly criticize Zu An right now.

They could only move over to the side to avoid getting caught in the hate.

No one was more excited than Wei Suo.

“All of you should know that this boss is my seat-mate!”

“Half of our schools top ten beauties have been subdued by him! What can a trifling Qiu Honglei count as”

He began to recount Zu Ansbeauty hunter legends in a vivid and colorful manner.

Everyone in the surroundings who heard were completely stunned.

To mooch off of women to this degree… isnt he already in a class of his own

Seeing their shocked expressions, Wei Suo seemed to feel glory himself, becoming more excited the more he spoke.

While everyone else felt their chest fill up in anger from what they were hearing, Zu An didnt give a damn.

He instead quietly watched as his Rage points built up.

Curse at me all you want, the more fiercely you curse the more Rage points I get.

Qiu Hongleis smile also froze on her face, her usually graceful self was momentarily at a loss as to how to respond to this situation.

Only after some time had passed did she smile in an embarrassed manner.

“I invited everyone today to critique my song.

Lets leave other matters for another time.”

While she spoke, her beautiful brows curved, the corners of her lips tilted upwards, her eyes swirled with autumn ripples.

Everyone who saw these things felt their bodies go numb.

They all began to echo each other:

“Exactly! If you dont know anything about music, then just swap to someone else and humbly listen to their wise opinions.”

“Lady Qiu, you shouldnt waste anymore time on this type of person.”

At the same time, many people were curious.

Wasnt that red-haired man after his life Why did he suddenly become quiet after hearing his name

Seems like he really did feel reservations towards his Chu clan background.

Hmph, just another loud voice that is cowardly inside.

At this time, Chen Xuan had just called over all of his subordinates.

“Do all of you understand what I just said”

“We understand!” Those subordinates all revealed excited expressions.

After all, they were brave bandits to begin with.

They were used to living in joy and hatred.

However, after entering the city, they were suddenly bound by endless rules.

They had long lost their heads from suffocation.

Once they completed this task, they could definitely enjoy themselves for several years.

“If you understand, then go do what you need to do.” Chen Xuan waved his hand, quietly scattering his subordinates.

A pair of malicious eyes stared at the distant Zu An.

A nasty grim appeared at the corners of his lips.

“Luck really is more important than effort.

I already looked all over the place, yet you ended up right in front of me today.

Little bro, I will get revenge for you today.”

Turns out he was brothers with Mei Chaofeng.

A few years ago, they were arranged to live incognito by Shi clan, one establishing an underground business in Brightmoon City, the other becoming a dauntless bandit outside the city, killing and plundering the caravans that passed by.

These two brothers had earned a sea of wealth for Shi clan over these years.

As a result, Shi clan promised to cut what they took from them by half as a reward for their contributions.

Cutting Shi clans portion in half sounded small, but the wealth that passed through their hands was an astronomical figure.

Half was already a huge amount.

The two brothers were already about to reach the pinnacle of their lives, yet in the end, a Zu An appeared.

The younger brothers successful gambling den went downhill, Plum Blossom Sect also falling apart soon afterwards.

What was even harder to endure was that Mei Chaofeng was actually killed!

The two brothers were orphans who depended on each other for survival, so their relationship was far closer than ordinary brothers.

When he heard about his brothers death, his first reaction was he needed to get revenge.

Unfortunately, regardless of whether it was status or cultivation, Jiang Luofu wasnt someone he could provoke.

He could only shift the target of his anger towards Zu An.

After all, all of this began because of him.

In the beginning, Shi Kun came to Brightmoon City and agreed to help him get rid of Zu An, so he was always biding his time.

Who would have thought that not long after the dungeon closed, Shi Kun would leave without a word

Because of Shi Lezhis death, as well as a possible ninth rank expert being at Zu Ans side, Shi Kun returned with his tail between his legs back to the capital.

He obviously didnt publicly disclose this and embarrass himself.

Chen Xuan didnt know these things.

In his opinion, it must have been because his younger brothers status was too low, so his death didnt matter to those higher ups at all.

That was why since Shi Kun wouldnt help him, he had to take care of the deed himself.

He had always acted viciously and decisively.

All those who had seen his face had been silenced.

As such, he didnt need to hide his identity when entering the city.

He originally planned to have his subordinates relax a bit in this Courtesan Meeting, and then he would head to Chu clan to move on with their revenge.

How could he have expected his luck to be so good, finding Zu An right here!

As such, he decisively shifted his plans ahead of time.

He would let that fella laugh for now, and then make him cry later.

You have successfully trolled Chen Xuan for 631 Rage!

Zu An received another chunk of Rage points.

Zu An gave him a look out of the corner of his eyes, a pensive appearance on his face.

“Could it be that my song was so poor that young master Zu has nothing to say about it at all” When she saw him suddenly become quiet, Qiu Honglei looked at him with a pitiful expression.


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