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“...” Zhu An

No matter how thick his skin was, his face still couldnt help but flush red.

However, when he noticed Mi Lis slightly flushed cheeks, he instead calmed down.

“Big sis empress, you know, I really am curious.

Since you are in a soul form, I can understand if you created some clothes or something, but why do I see your face redden”

Mi Li suddenly turned around, shooting him a vicious look.

“Are you feeling cocky now Lets see if you still feel cocky after I cut off your hateful thing!”

After saying this, the Taie sword directly shot at his crotch.

This immediately scared the living hell out of Zu An.

He immediately ran back to the bed, wrapping himself tightly within the comforter.

“Big sis empress, dont act rashly! This is tied to the happiness of the second half of your life!”

“Hm” Mi Lis slender brows raised upwards.

The Tai-e sword immediately lowered a bit.

Zu An hurriedly explained, “What I am trying to say is that if someone with my level of libido cant continue living on as a man, then Ill definitely think theres no purpose left to life! If I end my life just like that, it wont be good for big sis either, right”

“Your level of libido” Mi Li released a snort.

“Seems like you at least understand yourself well.”

When he saw her retract the sword, only then did Zu An release a breath of relief.

At the same time, he began to mumble to himself.

Is this sword still mine or not Why is it completely obedient to her now

“Put on your clothes, this empress has some things to talk to you about.” Mi Li stood with her hands behind her back, turning her gaze away.

When he heard her serious tone, Zu An also put away his mischievous attitude and quickly got dressed.

While putting on his clothes, he saw the patch of captivating red that dyed the bed sheets.

A gentle smile couldnt help but appear on his face.

After quickly putting on his clothes, he hurriedly asked, “Big sis empress, what did you want to talk about”

Mi Li turned around.

Upon seeing that his clothes were all in order, only then did her expression soften a bit.

“What I wanted to talk about is the issue with your body.

When I saw you fight against Zhang Han and the others, your figure was slippery like a spectre, yet when I fought against you later on, your movements seemed to have become much more rigid.

When that Shi Lezhi or whatever chased after you last night, this type of situation happened again.

What is going on here”

After all, a miraculous movement technique like this is the same as an additional life-saving weapon.

She also wanted Zu An to have some more skills like this.

When she brought up this topic, Zu An immediately became depressed.

“Im really going to cry if we keep talking about this… this movement technique seems to have been made specially for eunuchs!”

“Eunuch” Mi Li was momentarily stunned.

She subconsciously looked at his legs, wondering how this fella could possibly have anything to do with a eunuch.

Zu Ans face flushed red.

“Um… you better not laugh when I tell you!”

Mi Li released a prideful scoff.

“Do you know how much rising winds and scudding clouds this empress has seen Why would I laugh at some random words spoken by someone like you”

What kind of joke is this The empress of a country has received training on this matter since childhood.

Maintaining a composed exterior was the most basic of basics! Otherwise, if she suddenly laughed when facing the court councilors, this would be losing face for the entire imperial family!

Zu An inwardly exhaled relief.

He told Mi Li about the Sunflower Phantasm and his previous seal.

While listening to him speak, Mi Lis red lips even opened slightly, her expression strange as her eyes swept over his face and legs.

In the end, she laughed out loud.

Dark lines appeared on Zu Ans face.

“You said that you definitely wouldnt laugh!”

Seeing his tantrum throwing childlike appearance, the smile on Mi Lis face became bigger and bigger.

In the end, her entire body began to rock back and forth from laughter.

Zu An: “......”

Mi Li tried to endure her laughter.

“Im so so sorry, I normally really wouldnt laugh! Unless I cannot…”

She roared with laughter again before she could even finish her sentence.

Zu An flew into rage out of humiliation.

“Laugh then, laugh all you want! Why dont you just laugh yourself to death!”

Only after a long time did Mi Lis breathing finally even out a bit.

“I really didnt expect this… you actually had such a miserable past.”

Zu An turned around.

“I dont want to talk to you anymore.”

Mi Li instead nudged her body over.

“Dont be so stingy...

come come, tell me about anything that has made you unhappy.

Since you were able to open up about your pent up frustrations and I was even able to get some enjoyment out of it, isnt this a win-win situation”

“” Zhu An

This woman really knew how to hit a man when hes down! If it wasnt out of fear that he couldnt beat her, he wouldve spanked her ass a long time ago.

“No wonder everyone had such strange expressions after finding out you gave the Evanescent Lotus to Chu Chuyan! Turns out that was your seal breaking medicine.” Mi Li reached out a long and slender finger, its surface glossy as if smeared with an immortal elixir.

She gently hooked it around his chin while saying, “You really do go all in with women…”

When he felt the soft sensation from his chin, Zu Ans body froze.

“Arent you just a soul Why is there this type of tangible feeling”

Mi Li retracted her hand.

“Hmph, my current state should be called a half soul body, between an incorporeal and material state.

As long as I wish for it, of course it can have this type of tactile sensation.”

Zu An stared blankly.

Then couldnt the two of them do some naughty things


A sharp and clear sound rang out.

The Taie sword trembled lightly.

Zu An gasped, clutching his palm as he said, “Whatre you doing”

“Who told you to have such despicable thoughts” Mi Li released a snort.

Zu An immediately jumped, pointing at her while screaming, “You even said that you couldnt read my thoughts!”

Mi Li shot him a look.

“This empress has eaten more salt than youve eaten rice! What kind of subtlety could a brat like you possibly have I could see through your thoughts from a single glance!”

Zu An said with doubt, “Then why can you directly talk to me in my head”

Mi Li replied with an indifferent tone, “This is merely the result of the Life-and-Death Contract forming a type of mysterious connection between us, allowing our souls to naturally communicate via a special frequency.”

“You even know a world like frequency!” Zu Ans eyes widened

“Didnt I already say that our souls are intimately linked Much of the wording I use will automatically be converted into the form easiest for you to understand, the form you are most familiar with.” Mi Li explained.

“Is that how it is” Zu An was still skeptical.

Mi Li was clearly not in the mood to bicker with him over this, so she directly spoke about the main matter at hand.

“Brat, even though your cultivation is low, your knowledge and experiences are not.

You were actually able to immediately deduce that your Sunflower Phantasm is only suited for eunuchs.

Normally speaking, forget about your level of cultivation, not even someone at the eighth rank would be able to find the cause.

Dont tell me you really are a legendary genius”

“But of course, why dont you look at who you are talking about first.” Zu Ans face was full of pride, but inwardly, he continuously thanked Invincible East, Yue Buqun, Ling Pingzhi and those other godfathers.

“Explain the Sunflower Phantasms ki flow to me in detail, do not omit anything in the slightest.” Mi Li said after thinking for a bit.

Zu An nodded.

Without any hesitation, he directly revealed everything about the Sunflower Phantasm.

After listening to everything, Mi Li entered a state of contemplation.

A good while later, her red lips opened gently.

“This movement technique is indeed miraculous, but some areas seemed to have gone astray.

Let me help you modify it a bit, mix in a bit of my own movement technique.

When you transfer your ki in the future, the various acupuncture points need to be used in such ways…”

She gave him a demonstration while explaining, her figure dancing gracefully.

She truly was elegant like a true goddess, like clouds that softly covered a moon.

Her body gently fluttered about like snowflakes under a breeze.

Zu An was completely entranced.

That emperor really was heartless, actually sealing a goddess like this for thousands of years.

“Were you paying attention or not!” When Mi Li finished her demonstration, she suddenly noticed his somewhat dazed expression.

She immediately said this, a bit annoyed.

“Of course I was.” Zu An immediately replied.

“Then how much do you remember”

“Pretty much all of it.”

“Is that so Then why dont you go through it once for me” Mi Li sneered.

This fella was completely enchanted by me just now, how could he have possibly concentrated on the technique This is a good chance for me to properly discipline him.

“No problem!” After listening to what she said, Zu An took a bit of time to recall everything.

Then, he suddenly opened his eyes, directly taking a step out.

There were suddenly two copies of his figure, every single figures aura no different from his own.

It was to the extent where he himself almost couldnt even distinguish between them.

Only, it was a pity that when he took the second step, his energies suddenly became chaotic.

His body directly crashed into the ground after a stagger.

Zu Ans face blushed with shame.

“I made a mistake just now.

Should I try again”

Mi Li was stupefied.

“Did you already study this before”

“Of course, arent these just some modifications made on top of the Sunflower Phantasm as a foundation Its just that there werent these clones before.” Zu An recalled the scene from just now, discovering that this movement technique was already far better than his previous one.

One had to understand that the previous Sunflower Phantasm excelled in its fast speed and fiendishly elusive movements, not giving away any signs before advancing or retreating.

Now, this set of movements also had powerful illusion effects.

One could well imagine that if an enemy suddenly saw two identical copies of him when they were fighting, moreover copies that werent just afterimages, but rather copies that carried the same exact auras as himself, this enemy wouldnt know which figure to attack at all.

This was pretty much an entire extra life!

Mi Li stared at him.

“No, what I was talking about were my chants just now.”

“No Youve only taught this to me once, is it supposed to be hard” A strange expression suddenly appeared on Zu Ans face.

“Big sis emperor, how long did it take you to learn this back then”

Mi Li directly turned her head away in disdain, her face full of pride as she said, “When this empress studied this before, I was able to immediately produce four copies! Your trifling two copies is just barely passing.”

Even though these were the words she spoke, inside, she was full of shame.

Back then, it took her an entire month to produce two copies!


Invincible East, Yue Buqun, and Ling Pingzhi are characters from The Smiling, Proud Wanderer


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