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Zu An released the rope and leaped down from mid-air, saying, “You are more anxious than I thought.”

Mi Lis face darkened.

“Are you taking advantage of me”

“How could I dare to do that” Zu An was in a good mood at the moment.

“Alright, Ive retrieved the sword now.

Are you able to move now”

“Use the Taie Sword to sever the shackles on my limbs…” Mi Li suddenly gasped when she noticed the monster that was growing beneath his abdomen.

Her face reddened as she bellowed, “How dare you harbor that sort of filthy thoughts of me!”

You have successfully trolled Mi Li for 678 Rage!

Zu An was immediately placed in an awkward position.

He quickly turned his body around as he said, “Sorry about that.

Something happened earlier on.”

Mi Li slowly calmed down after the initial outburst.

She was still counting on the other party to save her, so she didnt want to turn against him yet.

So, she changed the topic and said, “What happened earlier How did you manage to overcome the Heaven Seal”

She didnt think much of the Human Seal and the Earth Seal, but she had heard things about the Heaven Seal.

Back then, Ying Zheng boasted before her that no one would be able to breach it, saying that it had nothing to do with ones cultivation at all.

Zu An was stunned to hear that abrupt question.

It seems like she thought that I was referring to the Heaven Seal… I guess thats fine too.

Shes probably going to get angry again if she knows that the man in the dragon robe told me to kill her

So, he went along with the flow and answered her question frankly, “We were teleported to a village in the Dong Commandery when a meteor suddenly fell from the sky…”

After going through the details, Zu An couldnt help but ask, “Actually, there is something that I dont get about the Heaven Seal.

If it was constructed by Qin Shihuang, why would he make saving Chen Sheng the crux of overcoming the seal Chen Sheng played a huge role in the eventual downfall of the Qin Dynasty, so no matter how I look at it, Qin Shihuang should have desired his death more than anything else.”

Hearing that question, Mi Li sighed deeply and said, “I finally understand why Ying Zheng was confident that no one would be able to breach the seal.

He constructed the seal out of a snippet of history, using the fate of the Qin Country as its lynchpin.

The seal is bound to the natural laws of the world, and it isnt something that a humans will can influence.

“Regarding the question you asked, its because its heavens will at play here, not Ying Zhengs.

The Qin Dynasty was eventually overthrown by the revolutionaries backing Chen Sheng.

Since the Heaven Seal was constructed with the fate of the Qin Dynasty as its lynchpin, the key to resolving it is to guide the snippet of history toward the downfall of the Qin.

Ying Zheng probably would have never imagined that things would turn in such a manner!

“How unexpected it is that a moment of compassion actually ended up saving you! Theres nothing more ironic than that to a tyrant like Ying Zheng! Hahaha!”

Hearing her frenzied laughter, Zu An asked curiously, “Do you hate him a lot”

“Thats not something you should concern yourself with.” Mi Li harrumphed in response.

Zu An shrugged nonchalantly.

This old hag sure has quite the temper.

“Youre indeed a person blessed with great luck.

Despite your low cultivation, you were able to venture to the depths of the underground palace and decipher the Soul Suppression Seal.

It looks like it was all the work of fate!” remarked Mi Li deeply.

“Oh Doesnt that mean that our meeting is also the work of fate” asked Zu An with a chuckle.

“You have been making fun of me time and time again.

Are you that tired of living” Mi Lis expression turned cold.

You have successfully trolled Mi Li for 345 Rage!

Zu An thought nothing of her threat.

“You cant harm me anyway; weve already signed a contract on that! Besides, whats the big deal in me talking a bit more casually I reckon that you must not have too many friends back then.”

Having hit the nail on the head, Mi Lis face reddened.

“I dont need any friends!”

“Humans are social creatures, so how could you possibly not need any friends” Zu An remarked as he made his way back to the crystal coffin.

With the Taie Sword, he severed the shackles binding her limbs.

“Since fate brought about our meeting, why dont we make friends with one another”

The moment she was freed from her shackles, Mi Li leaped out from the crystal coffin onto a stone sculpture by the side.

She glared at him coldly and said, “Ill sever your tongue if you dare run your mouth once more!”

Zu An replied with a beaming smile, “I dont believe that.”

Now that she was standing at a high point, she looked even taller and more graceful than before, as if a beauty who had walked out of a painting.

Her presence breathed some life into this dingy underground cavern.

“Ignorant!” Mi Lis eyebrows shot up as she slowly floated into the air.

Her robe fluttered furiously as a powerful aura burst out from her.

The powerful aura crushed on Zu An, leaving him suffocated.

This force was many times stronger than what he had felt from the Taie Sword earlier on!

If not for the fact that his body had been tempered by the primordial ki earlier on and that the Taie Sword was warding off half of the pressure for him, he might have been forced into a kneeling position by now.

Even so, Zu An felt that he couldnt hold on for too long.

He wanted to say something, but the immense pressure made it impossible for him to even open his mouth at all.

Floating imposingly in mid-air, Mi Li swept her hands behind her back as she gazed down on Zu An with an air of majesty.

She remarked coldly, “Someone like you wishes to befriend me”

Zu An drove his Primordial Origin Sutra to its limit, using its prowess to help him withstand the powerful pressure on him.

He could already feel his bones creaking under the force, on the verge of succumbing.

“Looks like you do have some guts.

What a pity that youre too weak,” remarked Mi Li coldly.

She was just about to raise the pressure a notch further when she suddenly felt a gust of cold air battering on her body.

Perplexed, she lowered her head, only to be stunned in the next moment.

Similarly, Zu An was in the midst of fending against the pressure exerted on him when it suddenly vanished without a trace.

His pride disallowed him from lowering his head, so he ended up seeing everything that could be seen.

Even when he was faced with the terrifying pressure, he was still able to stand his own against it without suffering any injuries.

However, the sight he was seeing right now left a heated sensation in his nose.

He had to quickly stifle his nose in order to prevent blood from gushing out.

It was hard to tell what really happened, but Mi Lis clothes suddenly burst apart without any warning.

It was reduced to little fragments that scattered swiftly with the wind, exposing her perfect figure.

Her body really showed how biased heaven could be at times, taking care of some people far more than others.

Every single line on her body seemed to be carefully sculpted, and her skin glistened warmly like precious jade.

“Ah!” Mi Li soon snapped out of her daze, and a hint of fluster finally cracked her lofty expression.

She quickly darted behind the sculpture to hide as she screeched, “Cover your eyes! Dont look!”

Zu An obediently covered his eyes, just that there was a slight crack between his fingers that allowed him to take a little peek.

Watching her hiding her body in a panic, a bizarre smile crept on his lips as he remarked, “It really is fate at play here.

Heaven must have seen how you were bullying me, so hes giving you a stern warning for it.”

“Shut your mouth, or else Ill kill you!” Mi Li quickly twisted her finger to weave her ki around her body, forming a black cloak around her.

It was just that the black cloak made out of ki didnt feel as reassuring as real clothes.

Thinking about how her body was actually exposed to Zu An, she nearly fainted from anger.

You have successfully trolled Mi Li for 999 Rage!

Zu An couldnt help but retort, “I heard that items produced in the Qin Dynasty, be it weapons or bricks, have to be labeled with the craftsmens name.

If there were any defects with an item, the craftsman would have to take responsibility for it.

Due to that, items from the Qin Dynasty are supposed to have quality reassurance.

What can I say It seems like rumors cant be trusted after all.”

“Nonsense! No matter how well made my robe was, how could it possibly last for several thousand years without degrading!” Mi Li cursed Zu An.

I was in too much of a rush to deal with him that it actually slipped my mind!

You have successfully trolled Mi Li for 813 Rage!

Zu An felt a little pained by the large amounts of Rage points popping up in his system.

Damn it, its all going to waste!

He still remembered the vow he made in order to save Qiao Xueying.

He said that he would rather not draw anything good for the next three times as long as he could obtainFaith in Brother Spring.

Of course, he had thought of a countermeasure beforehand.

He thought that as long as he drew the lottery as soon he got any Rage points for the next three times, he would be able to nullify the consequences of the vow without suffering too much of a loss.

Due to that, he couldnt help but feel pained at the huge contributions Mi Li was making to his Rage points account.

“Do you have any clothes I can change into” asked Mi Li.

Zu An had to exert all of his self-control in order to stop himself from bursting into laughter.

“I do, but its my clothes.

If you dont mind…”

“Throw it over!” shouted Mi Li.

Zu An took out a fresh set of clothes from his luggage and tossed it over.

He knew that he would be in the dungeon for ten days or so, so he made sure to bring a change of clothes too.

Now that he thought about it, he was pretty pathetic as a transmigrator.

The other transmigrators he had read of in the novels were usually equipped with storage rings and all sorts of cool artifacts, allowing them to travel around coolly.

Yet, he had to lug around a lame bag with him everywhere he went.

It was really ruining his cool reputation here!

A snowy arm shot out from behind the sculpture to catch the clothes before swiftly retracting behind it.

“Turn around.

If you dare to look in my direction, Ill dig out your eyes even at the risk of breaching the contract!”

“Its not like you have anything I havent seen yet…” grumbled Zu An in irritation.

“What did you say”

Mi Lis face was so red that it looked almost as if she was on the verge of erupting.

You have successfully trolled Mi Li for 684 Rage!

“Nothing!” Sensing that the other partys tolerance was already at its limit, Zu An quickly turned his head around.

Theres no meaning in me earning more Rage points now anyway.

Its not worth taking the risk now.

Rustling sounds echoed behind the sculpture as Zu An made use of this opportunity to draw the lottery.

He noticed that he had accumulated a total of 7434 Rage points in total, and he was quite impressed at how quickly he was earning Rage points.

Wow, it hasnt even been a long time since the last draw, but Ive already amassed so many Rage points.

Im almost like a Rage points harvester! Ill be able to draw the lottery 74 times… Surely I cant be so unlucky as to not draw a single item at all, right”

Zu An nervously pressed the spacebar, only to seeThanks for participating,Thanks for participating…

Even up to the 74th time, he actually didnt get anything at all, not even a single Ki Fruit!

What the hell! How in the world is my vow so effective!

Zu An gulped down his saliva as he made up his mind to never make any casual vows anymore.

There was really something sinister about making promises in this world.

“Im done!”

Mi Li suddenly shouted, her voice returning back to its usual coldness.

It seemed like she had managed to recover from her earlier embarrassment.


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