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Chapter 1437: Bluefield Pond

The three women were stunned.

They had never expected such a thing to happen.

This terrifying monster had actually been tormented so badly by Zu Ans Primal Skysilk! Still, they were all strong cultivators, so they didnt hesitate.

They all attacked the Nine Infants while it was weak.

The Nine Infants was alarmed and angry.

Its nine heads roared furiously, but it was much weaker than before.

It couldn\'t even win against them previously, so now, there was even less of a chance of being their match.

It began looking worse for wear as its heads were blown apart one after another.

Blood spilled from its wounds as its regeneration finally became unable to keep up.

When he saw that it was about to fall over, Zu An instantly moved next to it.

He held the Poisonous Prick in hand and prepared to deliver the killing blow.

However, the moment he was about to thrust with the blade, a warning fromThe Book suddenly appeared in his mind.

Having already experienced it once with the warning he had received when the Fiend Emperor ambushed him, he didnt hesitate at all.

He quickly changed his plans and instantly moved a few meters away.

At the same time, an ugly head suddenly appeared from the Nine Infants belly.

It was much smaller than the other nine heads, but it was much more sinister and ugly than the others.

It shot out suddenly with lightning speed.

It was incredibly sinister and almost impossible to avoid.

However, the Nine Infants had never expected Zu An to be able to dodge its attack as if he could see the future!

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue both broke out into cold sweat.

They hadnt expected the Nine Infants to be so treacherous and cunning! It had been hiding its strength and drawing them in to attack! Even with their cultivation, they might have suffered severe damage from such an attack.

The situation might even have turned against them!

Sure enough, when the Nine Infants saw that its plan failed, its nine heads grew out again.

With the sinister head in its belly revealed, it displayed a show of strength, as if telling them all to back off.

“It looks as though the head in its belly is its real head,” Yu Yanluo quickly said.

They were both snakes, so she had some natural sensitivity for such things.

The group immediately realized that as well.

No wonder even though the nine heads had all been crushed at least once, they still hadnt been able to deliver a fatal blow.

It turned out the real head was hiding in its stomach!

This could be a secret no one knew about.

By the time anyone did find out, they would have already been caught in the ambush.

It was thanks to Zu An reacting quickly that the Nine Infants true head was exposed.

With a new target in mind, the others began to attack that head.

The Nine Infants used the nine heads to frantically protect its belly.

Unfortunately, the people it faced were too formidable.

Zu Ans party was getting better and better at working together, too.

Soon afterward, Zu An found a chance to use his flame-covered pike, thrusting it toward the snakes weakness!

The ugly head was nailed to the monsters abdomen, then exploded under the pressure.

The nine heads that had been flailing wildly soon slumped down, and the huge snakes body also came crashing to the ground.

“The monster should be dead now, right” Yu Yanluo wondered worriedly.

After all, it had already tried to fool them once.

“Its already dead.

There are no more signs of life coming from its body,” Yun Jianyue said conclusively.

There was naturally no mistake, since the answer was coming from someone of her cultivation.

The party finally sighed in relief.

They were just about to say something when they noticed that the Nine Infants corpse started to move.

Yun Jianyue jumped in fright. Am I really going to be slapped in the face right after I said that it was dead This respected Devil Sect Master wont have anywhere to hide…

They quickly moved some distance away so the monster wouldnt be able to pull anything else on them.

However, the Nine Infants didnt revive.

Instead, its body began to dissolve.

Its huge body gradually shrank until it became a chunk of flesh the size of a fist.

The chunk began to wriggle as if it were alive.

Yan Xuehen said, “The reason why the Nine Infants could regenerate so quickly might have been because of this chunk of flesh.”

Zu An picked it up.

It wasnt alive, and yet it couldnt be called completely dead either.

It did seem to contain some life force.

He remarked, “In that case, lets each take a bite out of it.

Even if we cant gain eternal life, it should help us recover a bit.

Would you guys prefer it steamed or broiled Or maybe barbecued”

Yu Yanluo gave him a disgusted look, exclaiming, “Youre so gross! I dont want any.”

Yan Xuehen also said coldly, “I do not want any either.”

“Like hell I want to become a monster like the Nine Infants,” Yun Jianyue said, furrowing her brows.

“Little An, dont blame me for not warning you ahead of time.

If you end up becoming a demon after eating this, dont blame us for ignoring you.”

Zu An chuckled in embarrassment, saying, “Dont worry.

My regeneration is pretty strong to begin with, so I dont need to eat this thing anyway.”

Still, he couldn\'t bear to just throw it away.

He just felt that it had some unique medicinal property, or it could be something a valkyrie would need in the future or something.

As such, he tossed it into the Brilliant Glass Bead. 

After the Nine Infants was subdued, the ferocious, raging river also calmed down considerably.

The party quickly crossed the water.

Yu Yanluo asked curiously, “Who are we up against next”

“Grandgale!” Zu An replied, his expression a bit strange.

The reason for that was because the first ability he had learned from the Phoenix Nirvana Sura was none other than Grandgale.

That instantaneous movement skill had bailed him out of countless situations.

That was why, out of all of the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra skills, Grandgale was the most important to him.

And yet now, the one he had to face was also Grandgale! Even though he didnt know whether this Grandgale he had to fight had anything to do with the one attached to the Phoenix Nirvana Sutra, he still felt a huge weight on his mind.

Yun Jiangyue glanced toward Yan Xuehen, asking, “Stone cold woman, do you still remember what Shun said about Grandgale earlier”


Yan Xuehen was already used to the nickname, so she didnt even bother arguing about it.

She said, “It has the body of a dog with the face of a man; it snickers at humans who pass by and moves like the wind.

When Grandgale appeared and wreaked havoc across the lands, Yi executed it over Bluefield Pond.”

Zu An suddenly realized something.

This Grandgales appearance didnt seem to match that of his own Grandgale at all.

However, Yun Jianyues attention was on something else.

She exclaimed, “Hm Bluefield Pond Does it have anything to do with Tushan Yu and those other women”

Zu An trembled.

He inadvertently recalled that lovely night with Tushan Yu. Right, I even wrapped her in the Primal Skysilk then… His gaze couldn\'t help but dart toward Yan Xuehens waist.

Yan Xuehens heart skipped a beat. This guy is getting more and more out of hand! What are we supposed to do if the others actually pick up on something

Yu Yanluo didnt notice that the two of them were actually so shaken up.

She thought out loud, “Bluefield… Could it be that it really does have something to do with little sister Tushans Bluefield Country Maybe its the country of the Fox race from ancient times”

Their suspicions were quickly confirmed.

When they continued, they saw all sorts of foxes in the wild.

Those foxes didnt fear humans at all, and even stopped to size them up.

It was extremely similar to their experience when they first entered Tushan Yus Bluefield Country.

As she looked at the foxes that stopped to look at her, Yun Jianyue remarked in puzzlement, “The body of a dog with the face of a man, and it snickers at humans… Isnt that just describing these foxes”


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