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Chapter 1434: Zaochi Giant

“The Zaochi Giant!” Zu Ans group exclaimed, quickly realizing what the creature was.

It was just as the rumors had said.

The giant didnt seem like one of the ordinary monsters; rather, it appeared to be their leader or protector.

It had shown up to help when it saw that they had encountered a disaster.

If it was just like the Xiushe Snake, a guardian of the people, perhaps it would have been possible to talk to it.

However, the party had given up on that thought after seeing that the monsters ate humans.

Yun Jianyue collected the Empress Lanterns flames, then attacked with her Crescent Ring.

When it saw the incoming weapon, the Zaochi Giant raised its shield to block it.

The ring left behind a faint mark on the shield, but it didnt manage to break through.

However, Yun Jianyue turned her wrist and the Crescent Ring changed course, attacking from a different angle.

Her Crescent Ring inspired fear across the cultivation world precisely because of its strange attack patterns that were extremely difficult to defend against.

Cultivators described her Crescent Ring as a strand of moonlight.

How could one defend against moonlight It was everywhere, so there was no way to defend against it.

The Crescent Ring was likewise difficult to defend against.

Sure enough, the Zaochi Giants clumsy body couldnt keep up with the agile Crescent Ring.

Wounds quickly appeared all over its body.

However, soon after, it knocked away the Crescent Ring with its shield.

Owing to its tough body and shocking regenerative abilities, it didnt suffer any particularly serious injuries.

Yan Xuehens Flying Snow Sword then left its scabbard.

It turned into a flowing light, aiming at the giants weak points.

However, the Zaochi Giant decided it wasnt going to evade anymore.

It protected its body with its shield, while its club sent the Crescent Ring or Flying Snow Sword flying over and over.

The two grandmasters found that they actually couldnt do much against it even after fighting for a long time.

This guys defenses were just too powerful!

Just then, Yu Yanluos eyes shone with a yellow light, and a layer of petrification gradually surrounded the Zaochi Giants entire body.

It was so frightened it quickly hid behind its shield, trying to block the Medusas Eye.

Zu An was extremely worried, saying, “We arent in that much danger right now.

Your body wont be able to take it if you use your skill at that level.”

After being around each other for so long, he naturally knew that the Medusas Eye had three different colors that represented different levels of power: Red, blue, and yellow.

Yellow indicated Yu Yanluo was using her Medusas Eye without holding back at all.

When Yan Xuehen had attacked Zu An in the past, that was precisely the level she had used.

She had almost lost her life back then.

That was the reason Zu An was worried.

How could he not be alarmed when he saw her do that

“Dont worry.

The Dragonsnakes Nine Transformations the Xiushe Snake taught me can activate ones potential and bring out the power of the Holy Pearl.

Thats why its easier for me to use this power now,” Yu Yanluo quietly replied.

At the same time, she resisted the urge to look at him so she wouldnt accidentally petrify him.

Meanwhile, Zu An felt a bit more at ease when he heard her say that.

The Zaochi Giants incredible shield couldnt bear the brunt of the Medusas Eye at full power, and gradually began to petrify.

When Zu An saw that opportunity, he raised the Universe Ring and activated the Star Shattering Imprint, bringing it down directly on the shield.

Perhaps the petrification had negated much of the shields capabilities, as it couldnt hold on and exploded into pieces.

The Zaochi Giant was shocked when it saw that the shield it had relied on was actually destroyed.

It had no intention of continuing the battle at all, and it turned tail and ran.

Yun Jianyue harrumphed.

She took out the Empress Lantern, which caused the Zaochi Giant to slow down considerably.

The Crescent Ring then cleaved downward.

The Zaochi Giant was horrified and quickly blocked it with its club.

A streak of moonlight flickered through the club, cleaving it in half.

Seeing that, the Zaochi Giant frantically dodged.

Even though the attack left a bloody scar across its chest, it still avoided getting hit in any vital regions.

Unfortunately, the giant didnt have any time to feel happy about that, because blinding sword radiance immediately filled its sight.

A dazzling streak of sword energy pierced directly through its skull.

Then, its entire body stiffened before falling heavily to the ground.

“Hateful humans, always invading our home…” it muttered.

Despite its great strength, it could only let out those words before taking its last breath.

Even though the giants pronunciation was hard to understand, Zu An and the others still mostly understood the words.

Yun Jianyue called back her Crescent Ring.

She looked coldly at Yan Xuehen, remarking, “Stone cold woman, youre really good at stealing kills, huh”

Yan Xuehen frowned and said, “I did not think about any such thing.

I just wanted to deal with the Zaochi Giant as quickly as possible to prevent more issues from arising.

As for contributions, we should thank Ah Zu for smashing apart its shield.”

Zu An pulled Yu Yanluo over and said, “It was actually because of the Medusas Eye, which petrified the shield.

Otherwise, I might not have been able to break it after just your attacks alone.”

Only then did the grandmasters find out that the skill Yu Yanluo had learned from the Xiushe Snake made it easier to use the Medusas Eye.

They all clicked their tongues in wonder.

Yu Yanluo was a bit embarrassed, saying, “To be honest, Im more curious about what the Zaochi Giants last words meant.

Could it be that back then, Yi actually invaded this place”

Yun Jianyue said, “These monsters are clearly their own faction.

To some extent, they can be considered a civilization of their own.

Thats why, from their perspective, were just invaders like Yi.


“However, since they view humans as food, we were always doomed to become enemies.

Since were humans, we have no choice but to fight them when we meet.

We would only become their food if they were stronger.

Thats why theres no need to feel any sympathy.

Its just natural selection.”

Yan Xuehen was a bit surprised, saying, “Witch, some of your views are surprisingly similar to ours.

How about converting and coming over to our White Jade Sect With your experience, it would be enough to become an elder.

It would not only be the White Jade Sect, too; you would have extraordinary status even in the entire daoist faction.”

Yun Jianyue roared with laughter, replying, “You want to invite me with just a trifling elder position Even if I were to join your side, it would be as a sect master too.

Then, Id turn all of those self-important goddesses into seductresses…”

Yan Xuehen became upset, saying, “As expected of a witch, you only know how to say crazy things.”

The two women were about to fight again.

However, Zu An noticed that Yu Yanluo wasnt in a good mood.

He asked out of concern, “Whats wrong”

Yu Yanluo sighed, saying, “I just thought of the fact that Im not a pure human either.

If one day, the fiend races and humans really enter an all-out war, I wont know what to do.”

Zu An realized she was a bit shaken up by the final fate of the monster tribes.

He held her hand tightly and said, “Dont worry.

No matter what happens, Ill always be by your side.”

“Ah Zu~” Yu Yanluo exclaimed.

She felt warm inside, looking at him lovingly.

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue noticed the other two and both stopped arguing with each other, no longer feeling inclined to continue.

Yun Jianyue said in annoyance, “Weve already dealt with the Zaochi Giant.

What do we do now”

“The Vicious Waters Nine Infants!” Zu An replied with a grave expression.


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