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Chapter 1395: Finally Arrived

As soon as the Scaled Deathworm corpse that was hundreds of meters long appeared, the Kraken looked as if it were facing a great enemy.

It couldnt be bothered to chase after them anymore, and instead sprayed an endless stream of pink liquid at the Scaled Deathworm.

Zu An saw that when he turned around.

and couldnt help but feel a bit strange.

Dont octopuses spray out ink Why is this stuff pink He suddenly thought of something and stored the liquid that was on the Poisonous Prick into a small bottle.

Yan Xuehen couldnt help but frown when she saw that, asking, “What are you collecting this stuff for”

“This stuff looks special.

It might be of use in the future.” Zu An replied.

“Gross,” Yun Jianyue said with a look of disdain.

The memory of the giant octopus sudden appearance had clearly left her with a psychological shadow.

Yu Yanluo subconsciously shifted to one side.

When the Kraken saw that the Scaled Deathworm didnt have any reaction, it reached out and wrapped a tentacle around the worms body, making sure to avoid its terrifying mandibles.

The moment the tentacle touched the Scaled Deathworm, smoke rose from its surface.

Zu An and the others were stupefied.

They had seen how tough the Scaled Deathworm was with their very own eyes, and yet it was being corroded by this octopus so easily!

The Kraken finally confirmed that the Scaled Deathworm was dead.

Countless tentacles wrapped around the massive corpse, then sent it toward the monsters mouth.

Even though it was far away, the cracking that followed was still clearly audible.

Zu An and the others shivered.

This octopus monsters mouth was too much! It had actually eaten the Scaled Deathworm just like that It wasnt even going to peel the shell

Yun Jianyue asked with a grave expression, “Little An, do you really have a solution That monster has already created its yin soul.

No matter how far we go, we wont be able to escape its perception.”

She assumed Zu Ans cultivation was too low and that he didnt understand the skills of those at that level, thus leading him to make an erroneous judgment.

Yu Yanluo asked, “Are you using that Scaled Deathworm to fill up that monster, so it wont be interested in us anymore”

Yan Xuehen shook her head.

“For creatures of this level, their desire for food is quite low.

It already began fighting us, so it would not give up that easily.”

Yu Yanluos face paled when she heard that explanation.

Zu An said, “Dont worry, I have a way.” Then, he didnt add anything else and instead took the women deeper, moving toward the ocean floor.

For ordinary people, the pressure of the water would be enough to crush them into pancakes.

However, all of them had high cultivation, so their bodies were tougher than that.

They could resist the powerful water pressure.

The deeper they went, however, the dimmer the light around them became.

Eventually, their surroundings turned pitch-black.

When she saw that everything around them was completely dark, as if a giant beast had opened its mouth around them, even the bold Yun Jianyue started to become a bit scared.

She snapped, “Little An, what the hell are you doing”

Zu Ans scalp was turning numb too.

Fear of the deep sea was something embedded deep within humans.

However, he replied, “Shh.

Dont make any sound.”

They had unknowingly arrived near the seafloor.

There seemed to be cliffs around them, but there wasnt any light left.

Zu An didnt want to continue down further anymore.

As such, he opened up his clothes and took the three women into his arms.

Yu Yanluo was one thing, but Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen were stunned and humiliated.

However, after being around Zu An all this time, they knew that even though he was a bit perverted, he definitely wouldnt let it consume him in such a situation.

Even though they were confused, they didnt say anything.


They heard a loud noise, as if something heavy had fallen.

The surrounding seawater surged.

Zu Ans party all had high cultivation.

Even though it was pitch-black around them, they could more or less sense what was happening through their souls and the surrounding energies.

A massive skeleton lay a hundred meters or so from them.

It was around three hundred meters long, and it was broken in several places.

Many scales were scattered around it.

It was the Scaled Deathworms skeleton!

Several insect-like creatures suddenly emerged from many directions.

The bugs crawled onto the large skeleton and began to chew it.

There were even some that still seemed unsatisfied and made their way into the joints to gorge themselves.

Zu Ans party was stupefied.

Normal bones were already hard enough, let alone those of a grandmaster rank Scaled Deathworm! Just how terrifying were these bugs teeth and digestive systems, for them to be able to eat even bones that tough They all sighed.

They had never expected such a formidable beast to be devoured without even leaving behind any bones.

However, the women immediately grew worried.

Even though the place was completely dark, with their cultivation, they could stillsee things at such a distance.

The octopus cultivation was even higher than theirs, so how could it not sense them

Just then, the water currents rippled.

A huge black mass appeared near them.

All of them were so nervous their hearts felt as if they would jump out of their chests, because it was the terrifying octopus monster!

Then, Zu An spoke to them through ki.

“Dont be nervous.

Ive used my Hidden in the Dark ability.

As long as were in absolute darkness, we can avoid its perception.

Pull back your perception and dont let your soul wander, or else youll expose us.”

“Not bad, Little An.

You actually had such a formidable skill,” Yun Jianyue remarked, feeling surprised and happy.

Yan Xuehens face suddenly reddened.

Back then, when this guy had been hidden in her sheets and Yun Jianyue hadnt noticed a thing when she checked the room, she had found it a bit strange.

So it was because of this skill!

How does this guy have so many weird skills And all of them are so good for illicit things, no less!

Meanwhile, Yu Yanluo leaned into Zu Ans embrace with a proud expression.

Perhaps the Kraken sensed something, as it began to slowly wander over toward them.

Its tentacles, which were hundreds of meters long, wandered around in all directions, as if they were checking for anything suspicious.

One of the tentacles actually came so close it was less than a meter from them, and they could even clearly smell its unique fishy stench.

Even Zu An was extremely nervous.

Even though he had hidden the three women under his clothes, he wasnt sure whether the skill would work on all of them.

Thus, he had also used Blue Mallard to merge their auras with the surrounding water.

At that point, however, he could only leave things to fate.

The three women were also extremely nervous.

Even though they knew they had to remain as calm as possible for their hearts to become as still as possible, being in Zu Ans clothes made their position even more intimate than ordinary couples.

They could clearly feel his heartbeat, and his breath as he exhaled.

Yan Xuehen then remembered that night in the Great Snowy Mountains.

Back then, he had carried her just like that, strong and bold…

Yun Jianyue was even more uncomfortable.

With her status and nature, she normally wouldnt get so close to any man.

She thought to herself that she had to create some distance when she had a chance, or else she would practically have given him everything already.

Most importantly, this was her disciples man, someone she couldnt kill or steal.

The subject really was something she couldnt help but brood about.

Yu Yanluo pressed her ear against Zu Ans chest, calmly listening to his heartbeat.

She thought to herself, if the two of them could be together like this forever, how amazing would that be

Unfortunately, there were two women next to her who were in the way.

Their relationship with Zu An also seemed to have become different from before.

Hmph, you thought I wouldnt notice anything

Meanwhile, the Fiend Emperors group walked toward the center of the mountain range.

Wu Liang did his best to scout out the surrounding terrain and recognize possible sources of danger.

He had no choice, because once Zu Ans group disappeared, it had become up to him to lead the way.

If he hadnt had the skill to foresee danger, however, he would die first if they encountered any peril.

Even so, they still encountered several waves of monsters.

However, none of them were as terrifying as the ones they had encountered on Feather Mountain.

Fortunately, he and the Golden Crow Crown Prince were enough to deal with it.

The Fiend Emperor didnt even need to act.

“Your majesty, the path ahead is full of dangers.

Lets take another path instead,” Wu Liang said after taking out a divination wheel and doing some calculations.

The needle continued to spin crazily, leaving him utterly frightened.

However, the Fiend Emperor didnt react at all, instead walking in the direction Wu Liang had said was dangerous.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince immediately followed behind him.

He didnt know which places were dangerous, but he did know it was safest by his fathers side.

Wu Liang cried out inwardly in distress, but he could only brace himself and follow them.

After they traveled for a long time, a cold, wailing wind blew past them.

An indistinct voice seemed to call out to them, saying, “Youve finally arrived…”

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