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Chapter 1381: Trap

The three women were shocked and furious, exclaiming, “What are you doing!”

“Do not be so nervous; I am just having him scout out the situation,” the Fiend Emperor said indifferently.

That kind of spatial passage, especially one that was related to an Unknown Region, was too dangerous.

Not even an earth immortal like him would dare to take the risk himself.

He didnt dare to let someone just go inside and explore first either.

Since this was an Unknown Region, if anyone else obtained an item of immortality, his losses would be too great! That was why he had tied a rope around Zu An.

That way, he could pull him back at any time.

The three women also understood the risk.

They clenched their teeth.

They wanted to go in as well, since either way, they had come to explore an Unknown Region.

Even if they died with Zu An inside, it was a risk they were willing to take.

That would still be better than being the Fiend Emperors captives.

However, they were stopped by the Fiend Emperor.

He looked at them with a strange expression, saying, “I really did not expect the three of you to actually be so loyal to that brat.”

Yu Yanluo wasnt too affected, but Yan Xuehen felt incredibly guilty.

Yun Jianyue directly shot back, “What kind of nonsense is that Were just friends, so I dont want him to face danger alone.

Do you think everyone is like you fiend races, ready to fight and betray each other at a moments notice”

The Fiend Emperor sneered.

“If we were to talk about violence and internal strife, your human race would be much worse.”

Yun Jianyue stared at the deep vortex.

She wasnt in the mood to discuss such things with him and replied, “Rather than worrying about us, maybe you should think about what would happen if you were to die, if that beautiful Second Empress of yours would follow in your footsteps.”

The Fiend Emperors smile instantly froze on his face, as if he had suffered a serious blow.

He was no longer in the mood to talk.

With a harrumph, he pulled back on the rope.

Soon afterward, Zu An reappeared in front of everyone.

When they saw that he was fine, the three women immediately sighed in relief.

They quickly moved over to ask if he had suffered any internal injuries.

Wu Liang was incredibly jealous.

Whats up with this guy He has the Medusa Queen, the Devil Sect Master, and a leader of the orthodox sects! I cant even get a normal girlfriend, and yet this guy already has three, and theyre even all on such good terms with each other!

The Golden Crow Crown Princes expression grew overcast.

He was about to go crazy from jealousy.

Why did all of the worlds beauties seem to have some kind of relationship with this guy That had been the case with the Elf Races Princess Snow, and now it included the Medusa Queen too.

Even the Devil Sect Master and White Jade Sect Master seemed to be unusually close to him.

He felt more and more certain that once he ascended to the throne, he had to properly defile Zu Ans women in front of him.

Only then would he be able to fully vent out all of his resentment.

Otherwise, he would feel like a loser for the rest of his life in front of Zu An.

The Fiend Emperor wasnt in the mood to watch their affection for each other.

He stared at Zu An and asked, “What is the inside like”

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Zu An replied, “Even though the passage isnt that stable, there arent too many dangers.

On the other side of the tunnel, theres also a lake.

I couldnt go too far because I was tied up by the rope, though.”

“Wonderful, wonderful!” Wu Liang said in praise.

“This side is a lake, while the other side is also a lake.

One yin, one yang.

Its almost like a mirror image.

This kind of design is simply exquisite!” He had robbed tombs his entire life, and yet this was the first time he had ever seen such an incredible design.

The Fiend Emperor didnt feel like paying him any attention.

Instead, he gave Zu An a strange look, saying, “You dont seem to be scared at all, nor can I sense any resentment toward my actions from you.”

“Why do I need to be scared” Zu An replied calmly.

“Furthermore, if Im weaker than another and taken captive as a result, I should act accordingly.”

The three women exchanged a look.

While they saw the admiration in each others eyes, they all felt a bit strange.

With their understanding of Zu An, there was no way this guy would be so honest.

He was definitely plotting something.

The Fiend Emperor said with a smile, “Kid, you are quite something, as expected.

No wonder you were so useful in the human world.

Even I am starting to take a liking to you.”

Zu An cursed inwardly, Id be much happier if your wife Second Empress liked me.

What use is there in an old bastard like you liking me

Since they had already established that there was no danger, the Fiend Emperor waved his sleeves and sucked the others in.

Then, he walked straight toward the vortex, quickly disappearing inside.

Inside the sleeve, the others looked at each other in dismay.

They felt as if they were in an expanse of primal chaos.

Everything around them was misty.

There was no sky or earth.

They seemed as if they were stepping on clouds.

Yun Jianyue said with a sigh, “This World Sleeve skill really makes one gasp in amazement.

I used to think my cultivation wasnt too far off from the earth immortal level, but only now do I realize that I was actually way too arrogant.”

Yan Xuehen rolled her eyes, saying, “Zhao Han beat you without even showing himself last time in the capital, but you did not even wake up then.

You only realized that now”

“Stone cold woman, were you born to argue with me” Yun Jianyue snapped, glaring at her.

When he saw that the two women were about to start arguing again, only then did Wu Liang feel relieved.

He thought, This is more like it.

How could a harem be that easily enjoyed

The Golden Crow Crown Prince watched them all coldly.

A sinister smile appeared on his face.

Yu Yanluo moved over to Zu Ans side, asking, “Ah Zu, what do we do now”

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“Dont worry, Ive experienced something similar before,” Zu An said in consolation.

The Fiend Emperor could never have imagined in his wildest dreams that Zhao Han had forced Zu An into a secret dungeon too, and yet in the end, he was able to turn the tables.

If the Fiend Emperor knew about that, he wouldnt dare to leave Zu An with his life.

The biggest annoyance was still the Puppet Curse that the Fiend Emperor had left him with.

Even though it hadnt activated, the massive eyes still remained in his mind, constantly reminding him that he couldnt go against the Fiend Emperors orders.

Normally, Mo XisFarewell Nanchao shears would be a perfect counter for that kind of contract, but her cultivation was way too weak to be used on such a high-level technique.

Yan Xuehens thoughts were similar.

A resolute expression suddenly appeared on her face.

After what had happened with him in Great Snowy Mountain, she had been at a loss with how she would face her disciple.

This was the perfect chance to settle things.

This time, she had to save him no matter what.

That way, he and her disciple could live together in bliss, and it would be fine even if he were laid to rest here forever.

Yun Jianyues gaze was exceptionally cold.

She remembered that Zu An had saved her life several times, and the entire Holy Sect owed him a huge favor.

This time, she had to pay back the debt no matter what.

Even if she had to sacrifice herself, that didnt matter.

She was someone who separated gratitudes and grudges clearly and never owed another.

While they were each caught up in their own thoughts, suddenly, the world began to shake intensely.

They couldnt stand still anymore, and all of them were alarmed.

After all, they were inside the Fiend Emperors sleeves.

If such a place had become so unsteady, it meant the Fiend Emperor had encountered tremendous danger, and not even he could keep his sleeves steady.

Just what was happening outside!

The Golden Crow Crown Prince glared at Zu An and yelled, “You damn brat, did you bait my father into a trap on purpose”

You have successfully trolled Golden Crow Crown Prince for 311 311 311…

Zu An sneered.

“It would be great if that kind of trap actually existed.”

While the two argued with each other, the world above them suddenly brightened.

They soon discovered that they had been thrown out onto solid ground.

Meanwhile, the Fiend Emperor was standing to one side, seemingly in a bit of a sorry state.

His entire body was drenched, and his hair had stuck together.

Even some bald spots were faintly discernible on his head.

He soon seemed to realize that his appearance was a bit inappropriate.

Golden flames surged around his entire body, instantly drying him off and letting him recover his dignified state.

Zu An took the chance to look around.

There werent any terrifying enemies, only a lake that stretched as far as the eye could see.

It was just like an ocean.

They were on the edge of the lake, next to a towering mountain.

In the distance was a mountain range that extended endlessly into the distance.

“Father emperor, did this person bait you into a trap just now” the Golden Crow Crown Prince asked, quickly moving over to the Fiend Emperors side.

The Fiend Emperor shook his head slightly, saying, “It is not his fault.

There was something wrong with the water.”

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