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Chapter 1376: Sudden Change in the Imperial Tomb

Forget about the Fiend Emperor, even Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue were incredibly shocked.

After all, even if they were at their strongest, they might not have been able to avoid the Fiend Emperor’s sudden ambush ahead of time.

Zu An was also confused.

He didn’t know what had happened either.

It just felt as if the scene of the Fiend Emperor attacking him had appeared in his mind ahead of time.

However, as he thought about it, he felt the image of a book appear in his mind.

He didn’t recognize the words that were written in it at all, but every single character contained profound dao laws.

He suddenly stirred.

The book seemed to be what Lu Sheng had given him back in the Westhound Tomb secret dungeon.

At the time, Qin Shihuang had sent Lu Sheng to search for the medicine of immortality, but Lu Sheng hadn’t brought back any medicine; instead, he had returned with ‘The Book’.

The item was rumored to carry mysteries known only to heaven, able to decipher the future.

The famous phrase ‘Death and destruction awaits Qin’s people because of Hu’ had come from none other than The Book.

Qin Shihuang had thought that it was referring to the northern nomadic ‘Hu people’[1], so he had sent general Meng Tian north to kill them, and even built the Great Wall.

In the end, however, he hadn’t expected the Qin Dynasty to fall to his son Hu Hai.

Thus, in its own way, the prophecy had come true.

Back then in the Westhound Tomb, Lu Sheng had given Zu An The Book before he died.

After that, The Book had always remained dormant in his mind and hadn’t done anything.

He had almost forgotten he had it.

Just then, however, the sudden warning had allowed him to successfully avoid a disaster.

Of course, there was no way he would tell the Fiend Emperor about The Book’s origins.

He just said ambiguously, “It might be because my luck has always been quite good.”

At the same time, he grumbled inwardly, I almost died against one of Zhao Han’s split souls, but now, I have to face the full-power Fiend Emperor Just what kind of blasted luck is this

“Luck” The Fiend Emperor sneered, clearly not believing his answer.

“Father emperor, do not listen to their blabbering! Let me kill them!” the Golden Crow Crown Prince said through gritted teeth.

With his father present, he was confident he could make a comeback.

He couldn't be bothered to consider Yu Yanluo and the others’ beautiful appearance anymore.

He just wanted them all dead.

The Fiend Emperor nodded slightly.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince was overjoyed.

He clenched his fists and walked toward the other group.

Zu An’s group prepared to retaliate.

Unfortunately, the Fiend Emperor’s pressure locked them down in place.

The difference in power was just too great, to the point that they couldn't even resist.

They could only watch as the Golden Crow Crown Prince approached them.

Zu An’s expression turned cold.

Since things had already reached such a point, he could only go all out.

He was about to make his move when the surroundings suddenly trembled.

Apart from the Fiend Emperor, no one else could stand still and almost fell over.

“What is happening!” the Golden Crow Crown Prince exclaimed in horror.

He raised his head and saw that the entire underground palace had begun to rumble.

Endless dust and rubble fell, as if the tomb would collapse at a moment’s notice.

How could he still be bothered to kill Zu An and the others at that point

The Fiend Emperor looked toward a certain area of the underground palace.

He felt the ki there suddenly surge.

At the same time, the fabric of spacetime became extremely chaotic.

An ancient and bleak aura spread outward.

“This is…” the Fiend Emperor muttered, his expression changing.

“This is the aura of an Unknown Region,” Zu An said emotionlessly.

“No wonder we couldn't find it no matter what we did.

Turns out it was only going to show itself at a special time.”

Yan Xuehen, Yun Jianyue, and Yu Yanluo were all shocked.

They hadn’t expected him to reveal that secret! However, they were all intelligent people.

They realized that Zu An was probably trying to draw the Fiend Emperor into the Unknown Region.

If they stayed in the tomb, there wouldn’t be a single chance for them to live.

However, the Unknown Regions were always full of dangers, and for them, that would become an opportunity.

The more dangerous it was, the more of a handicap it would be for the Fiend Emperor.

It would then become easier for them to survive.

Wu Liang was also shocked.

He thought to himself, No wonder this group didn’t look for the crown prince when they first entered, and looked all over the place instead.

So they were looking for a legendary Unknown Region!

“Unknown Region” the Fiend Emperor repeated, narrowing his eyes.

Even with his status and cultivation, it was difficult to resist the shock he felt inside.

After all, the Unknown Regions were related to immortality!

Eternal life might not have been so tempting for the young, but for elders like him with one foot already in the grave, especially an elder with the most power and authority on this side of the world, it carried a fatal temptation.

He quickly asked, “How do you know that it is an Unknown Region”

Zu An took out the map he had gotten from Lord Sui’s Tomb and tossed it over, saying, “I stumbled upon this map by chance and learned about this Unknown Region’s existence.

That’s why I took such a huge risk to enter the Imperial Tomb.”

The map had already completed its mission.

As for what lay inside the Unknown Region, there was no way there would be any records.

The Fiend Emperor caught it.

As he studied the map, his eyes began to burn with passion.

When he sensed the special ki pour out of it, as well as the profound aura and spatial ripples it carried, he began to believe the story.

He knew that such a simple yet intricate map, he knew it wasn’t something the other group could have forged quickly.

Thus, he believed Zu An’s story.

The Golden Crow Crown Prince panicked, exclaiming, “Father emperor, this brat excels at using his mouth to fool others! You cannot fall for his tricks!”

As the fiend races’ crown prince, he had studied extensively as well.

He knew about the legends of the Unknown Regions too.

If one were to ask who wanted the Fiend Emperor to obtain immortality the least, it would be none other than the crown prince.

Normally, he could have obtained the Fiend Emperor’s cultivation and become the new Fiend Emperor.

If his father obtained immortality, though, why would he pass on his skills Why would his father allow him to become the new Fiend Emperor

Furthermore, if his father obtained immortality, there wouldn’t be any prospects left for him.

Would he just be the crown prince for the rest of his life That would really be a joke! There were so many people supporting him, but weren’t they all just there because he had hopes of ascending the dragon throne, hoping he would reward them after he became the emperor If he were doomed to serve as crown prince for the rest of his life, those people would inevitably desert him.

The Fiend Emperor frowned.

He seemed to have realized a certain possibility.

Zu An chuckled and said, “Fiend Emperor, it looks as if your son really doesn’t want you to obtain immortality.”

“That is not true at all! Do not speak nonsense!” the Golden Crow Crown Prince exclaimed, feeling shocked and furious.

He hadn’t expected Zu An to instantly see through his thoughts! He quickly looked at the Fiend Emperor in alarm.

You have successfully trolled the Golden Crow Crown Prince for 377 377 377…

The Fiend Emperor just happened to give the crown prince a long and deep look at that moment.

When he saw that, the Golden Crow Crown Prince began to lose all confidence.

He knew better than anyone else just how vicious and merciless the father he loved and respected could be.

He quickly explained, “Father emperor, I was just worried that these people would fabricate some lies, and use that to escape! Father emperor, your respected self might also be in danger…”

“Danger” The Fiend Emperor sneered.

“In this entire world, not even Zhao Han could injure me.

What danger would I need to be scared of”

“Father emperor’s skills are unmatched! It was this subject who thought too much…” the Golden Crow Crown Prince trailed off, covered in cold sweat.

He didn’t dare to say anything else, worried that his father would suspect his motives.

“What else do you know about Unknown Regions” the Fiend Emperor asked, looking at Zu An.

Even though he had confidence in himself, he wasn’t stupid.

He had heard many rumors about the dangers surrounding Unknown Regions, so the more he knew, the more certainty he would have.

Zu An hesitated, wondering whether he should reply or not.

He initially planned to take the chance to ask the Fiend Emperor to let the three women go, but then again, they wouldn’t necessarily be willing to accept that.

Furthermore, the Fiend Emperor could realize how much he cared about them and use them to threaten him.

Wu Liang suddenly cried, “I know, I know!”

“You know” the Fiend Emperor asked, looking at him in shock.

Forget about him, even Zu An’s group stared at Wu Liang.

“Yes, while I was wandering around the Imperial Tomb, I began to feel that its layout was quite strange.

It seemed to carry a sense of disharmony.

Since it is the Imperial Tomb, however, the one who constructed it must have been one of the greatest talents at the time, so how could that kind of person make such a mistake” Wu Liang explained.

“The earlier disturbance allowed me to finally realize why.

It’s because the Imperial Tomb just happens to be built atop an Unknown Region! Previously, because the Unknown Region hadn’t manifested in the tangible world, there were no abnormalities.

As of late, though, the Unknown Region is showing signs of awakening again, which is why it’s begun to clash with the Imperial Tomb.”

Wu Liang knew full well that in such a situation, he had to prove his own value in order to keep his life, even for a bit.

Otherwise, if the Fiend Emperor got everything he needed to know from Zu An, he could just kill Wu Liang.

“So you are saying that the Unknown Region is underground” the Fiend Emperor asked, staring at Wu Liang with his hawk-like eyes.


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