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Chapter 1340: Smugness of a Nobody

Shi Min sighed and asked, “Did you all really believe they only had a hundred ki stones on them”

“Of course not,” Shi Gong and Shi Rong both replied.

This was the respected Medusa Queen, after all.

No matter how much the Snake race had fallen, there was no way they would have fallen to that extent.

“I didn’t either.

The reason they said that was because they were rather guarded against us.

They might not have taken the bait no matter what we tried to do to them,” Shi Min said.

“Sometimes, you have to slacken the fishing line to catch the fish.

So, my plan was to let him have a taste of sweetness first, which is why I suggested some rocks.

For things like rock betting, once you get really into it, it becomes too hard to pull yourself out.

However, I didn’t expect there to actually be a heaven-grade treasure inside.”

Even he felt a bit depressed when he thought of that.

If he had known that things would turn out that way, he would have simply bought them for a few hundred ki stones.

That would be ten thousand times the profit!

“Sigh, we’ve really helped them get freaking lucky!” Shi Rong grumbled angrily.

A hundred heaven-grade ki stones could make even him feel a bit heartbroken.

“It’s fine.

As long as we’re on the yellow floor, whether we win or lose, it’s still manageable for us… but it won’t really deal them a serious blow.

Just wait until we reach the heaven floor or even the immortal floor,” Shi Min said with a sneer.

“They’ve just won so much, so they definitely won’t be willing to just end it here.

I’ve already succeeded in my initial objective.”

Shi Gong and Shi Rong both felt a bit better when they heard that.

They thought to themselves, Third brother is third brother after all.

His schemes are going to absolutely destroy this little bastard.

After collecting the lion princes’ heaven-grade ki stones, Zu An walked up to Ban Ka and Heichi Gu, saying, “It’s your turn now.

The Lion race’s princes have already been such good role models; you should learn from their example.”

Ban Ka was rather straightforward and said, “Mmph, I don’t have that many ki stones.”

Heichi Gu copied him and said, “I don’t have that many either.”

“Oh You’re trying to back out of your debt” Zu An replied.

He glanced at the butler and asked, “How does the Jade Garden usually deal with these kinds of situations”

The butler said with a smile, “Normally, if an agreement is made here and one of us serves as a witness, if one side wishes to go back on their debt, they will have one hand cut off as a sign of discipline.

Of course, this is about a hundred heaven-grade ki stones, so one hand might not be enough.”

Even though he had a smile, those present felt a chill run down their backs.

Zu An was a bit surprised as well.

He hadn’t expected the Jade Garden to be so bold! Looks like I was mistaken before.

The Fox Merchant Company here probably doesn’t have any relationship with Tushan Yu.

She doesn’t have that much power.

Ban Ka was furious.

For better or for worse, he was still the prince of a clan.

When had he ever been threatened like this before

He was about to act out when Heichi Gu’s expression changed and he hurriedly said, “I really don’t have that many ki stones, but I managed to obtain ten Hidden Rainbow Stones.

Their value should be roughly equal to the Soaring Flame Glass, so I’ll just use this to pay for my debt.”

Unlike Ban Ka, he had spent a long time in the Fiend King Court.

He obviously understood the power of this Jade Garden.

He took out an exquisite pouch after speaking; inside it were ten gemstones.

Every single one swirled with rainbow brilliance.

No wonder they had such a name.

“Hidden Rainbow Stone” The butler said with a frown, “These things are rather precious, and they are rumored to be able to forge heaven-grade or higher weapons.

However, these things are only an auxiliary material and not the main material.

Furthermore, apart from that, they have not been shown to have any other uses.

If this guest knows how to refine weapons, this thing will be quite useful, but otherwise… Our guest will have to decide if he will accept it for himself.”

Zu An was a bit surprised.

The butler’s evaluation actually leaned in his favor.

It seemed that being polite to him earlier was now coming in handy.

He said casually, “Forget it.

Judging from this guy’s shabby-looking face, he probably can’t take out much else.

Our Medusa Queen has always been generous and won’t trouble you over this.”

Yu Yanluo’s face turned a bit red. Ah Zu keeps taking on all of the hatred, while always making me look better.

He’s so great.

Zu An took the sack of Hidden Rainbow Stones with a look of disdain.

However, he was actually extremely happy.

Perhaps to others the Hidden Rainbow Stones could only be used to refine weapons, but they had another important use for him.

One of the important materials the Valkyrie he had obtained, Mo Xi, needed to break through to higher levels was none other than the Hidden Rainbow Stone.

He had felt a bit of a headache when he saw how the things the valkyries needed were all rare treasures.

He had no idea where to get them, and yet just like that, he had obtained one set.

Heichi Gu almost fainted on the spot.

Not long before, he had been the one mocking Zu An for being a bumpkin with a hundred ki stones.

He hadn’t expected their fortunes to rise and fall so quickly.

You have successfully trolled Heichi Gu for 888 888 888…

When he took the stones, Zu An didn’t give Heichi Gu another look, and just walked over to Ban Ka.

He said, “This hyena prince over here, it’s now your turn.”

“Hyena prince” Ban Ka’s skin bristled, and even his brown spots shook.

Even though that form of address wasn’t entirely wrong, why did it sound so humiliating

You have successfully trolled Ban Ka for 555 555 555…

He gave Heichi Gu a look, then looked at Shi Min and the others.

In the end, he took out a gemstone and said, “This is a Boulder Topaz I just obtained a few days ago.

Its value should be roughly equivalent to the Soaring Flame Glass.”

The Jade Garden’s butler nodded and said, “This item is indeed around the same value as the Soaring Flame Glass.

It can assist in the cultivation breakthrough of rock element cultivators.”

Zu An took the Boulder Topaz and expressed his approval.

Then, he handed it to Yu Yanluo.

The Medusa bloodline’s power was related to the rock element, so it would be perfect to help her break into the master rank soon.

Yu Yanluo gave him a gentle look and said, “Thank you~”

Yun Jianyue couldn't help but say with a bit of jealousy, “Hmph, he almost had to eat rocks because of this bet… and yet he still didn’t forget to flirt with women afterward.”

Yan Xuehen didn’t comment and simply frowned. Why do I feel so conflicted Don’t tell me I really…

When he saw Zu An use his treasure to flirt with a woman, Ban Ka seethed with rage and hatred, but he couldn't do much in the Jade Garden.

Once he left, however, he could arrange for some people to ambush the Snakerace.

Not only would he then seize back the Boulder Topaz, he would be able to steal that Soaring Flame Glass, as well as all of the heaven-grade ki stones this bastard had won.

The Hyena race had actually engaged in that sort of plundering many times.

The Boulder Topaz itself had been obtained by robbing a merchant group.

He felt much better when he thought of that.

He just thought of it as leaving his belongings for someone else to hold onto them for a bit.

Once the time came, he would get much more in return.

When he thought about all the ki stones he would obtain, he began breathing hurriedly. I’m gonna be **ing rich! With all of those resources, I’ll be able to become much stronger and rise above my brothers! Who knows, I might even become a strong candidate for the next clan leader!

Apart from the ki stones, there’s also that incredible beauty, the Medusa Queen! Besides her, those two women to the side are kind of ordinary, but their asses are top quality.

Won’t it all be the same if we turn off the lights

The more he thought about that, the happier he became.

A smile appeared on his face.

Everyone else present merely assumed Ban Ka was going crazy from losing.

Only Zu An had a rough guess as to what he was thinking.

He sneered. If this guy wants to die, I’ll just help him.

Then, Zu An began to collect his debt from the others.

However, how could those people have so many ki stones They didn’t have any treasures like the Boulder Topaz either.

Still, that was all within his expectations.

He had them take out everything they had of value, even practically stripping them of their clothes.

Then, every single one of them had to write out a debt note and hand it to Maid Xing.

These fellows came from different races, so even if they couldn't pay the debts back, the Snake race could use their debt notes to negotiate with their clansmen, using them to purchase votes and other things.

Heichi Gu and Ban Ka immediately felt regret.

If they knew about that, they would have written up debt notes too! Why did this scoundrel treat the others with an entirely different attitude

You have successfully trolled Heichi Gu for 444 444 444…

You have successfully trolled Ban Ka for 444 444 444…

The two of them exchanged a look.

Then, they conversed secretly through ki.

Off to the side, Shi Min watched what was going on silently.

Then, he said, “I congratulate the Medusa Queen.

Your harvest today is quite rich.”

“It is all thanks to the three princes’ help,” Yu Yanluo said with a smile.

Shi Min practically choked.

This woman was just as sharp-tongued as that guy called Yan Zu.

However, he quickly calmed himself down and suggested, “Since the queen’s luck is so good, how about we play a few more rounds”

“That…” Yu Yanluo was a bit hesitant.

The others also cried out.

“Who leaves immediately after winning”

“Exactly! Why don’t you let us watch for a bit more”

Zu An gave the onlookers who just wanted to see the world burn a look and asked, “Do you all have any more ki stones to bet with us What the hell are you all making noise for”

Their faces turned completely red, but they couldn't argue back at all.

They could only curse him inwardly, while contributing a large sum of Rage points.

Zu An then turned toward Shi Min and the others, replying, “Sure thing.

But I don’t think the yellow floor is worthy of our queen’s status.

Even if we’re going to bet, we should move to the immortal floor.”

The others cursed inwardly.

This guy hadn’t even had the money to bet on the yellow floor before, and then he had made all that money through damned luck.

Now, he was immediately putting on such a nauseating act! Hmph, exactly how a nobody who had suddenly gotten lucky would act.



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