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Chapter 1331: Returning in Anger

A group of warriors dressed in thin silver armor, each with a green bow slung over their back, walked over in single file; each individual was tall and slender.

They all looked incredibly handsome, and their ears were slightly pointed; they were clearly from the Elf race.

The one in the lead had silver hair, but his complexion was smooth like a young man’s.

His eyes were hale and hearty, without any sign of aging.

Elder Wu recognized the man as one of the Elf King Manor’s eight great elders, Qiao Wei.

His brow furrowed slightly.

Why would the Elf King Manor’s people appear in this place

The previous night, the crown prince had fed ‘that’ kind of drug to the Elf race’s Princess Snow, but then she had been taken away by that assassin to who knew where.

However, her purity was most likely forfeit. Could it be that the Elf race received news of this and came to castigate us

But that shouldn’t be! Even if that were the case, they should be going to the crown prince, right

Qiao Wei saw that Elder Wu and the Golden Crow Guards were stunned.

He couldn't help but say, “So it was Elder Wu.

Why are you all here”

“That is precisely what I wanted to ask you,” Elder Qu replied.

When he heard that Qiao Wei’s tone was still rather proper, he sighed inwardly in relief.

Even though his cultivation was higher than the other person’s, the consequences of pushing the Elf King Manor too far would be a huge headache to sort out.

Qiao Wei replied, “Oh, the Elf King Manor learned that the Medusa Queen arrived at the Fiend King Court, so they sent me to give our greetings.”

Elder Wu’s expression changed.

He hadn’t expected the Medusa Queen’s relationship with even the Elf King Manor to be so good.

That made things a bit difficult…

Yu Yanluo was a bit confused.

She didn’t recall ever having had any dealings with Elf King Manor, so why would they come to express their goodwill now

Inside the side room, Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue discussed the matter too.

In the end, Yan Xuehen said, “I can sense a familiar aura from this elf elder’s body.

It is a bit similar to that Qiao Heng we met at Lord Sui’s Tomb.

Even if they are not father and son, they should be relatives.”

“So that was it,” Yun Jianyue replied.

She knew that Yan Xuehen’s techniques were special and didn’t doubt her perception regarding aura at all.

“I didn’t expect that Ah Zu saving that person back then would lead to this kind of repayment.”

Qiao Wei asked in confusion, “Could it be that Elder Wu has come on the Fiend Emperor’s request, to also pay the Medusa Queen a visit”

Elder Wu was at a loss for words.

He couldn't just say that he was there to bring her back to stand trial, right

Suddenly, here was even more activity by the entrance.

A high-pitched voice said, “Oh my, I didn’t expect this place to be so lively.”

Those present turned around and saw a small, short person walk over.

He wore a comical official hat on his head, and around his mouth was a curved mustache.

He was somewhat hunchbacked and stooped.

Only then did the others realize that he seemed to have a big pot on his back.

Behind him was a group of guards.

Those guards were clearly stronger and taller than him, and their armor emitted a light blue radiance.

Many of them also had what seemed to be detailed and delicate armor plates around their eyes, necks, and wrists.

Upon closer inspection, they weren’t armor at all; clearly, they appeared to be fish scales!

“The Ocean races!”

The others immediately realized what was going on.

The identity of the one in the lead was also obvious.

It was the representative of the Ocean races this time, Gui Chengxiang!

Elder Wu’s expression changed a bit, because he noticed that there were many embroidered cases in the guards’ hands.

They were clearly presents.

Since when had the Snake race and the Ocean races gotten along

Gui Chengxiang had always been a rather slick and sly person.

When he arrived, he greeted everyone one after another, not giving anyone the cold shoulder.

Elder Wu coughed lightly and asked, “Gui Chengxiang, what brings you here this time”

Gui Chengxiang had paid his respects to the Fiend Emperor and the crown prince when he arrived previously, so the two of them had met previously as well.

“I came on my master’s orders to bring the Medusa Queen some daily living goods to prevent her life in the Fiend King Court from being uncomfortable,” Gui Chengxiang said with a big smile.

The clans all looked at each other in dismay.

The Ocean races had extraordinary status among the fiend races because they had a huge population, and their strength was great.

Even the Fiend Emperor had to treat the Dragon King politely.

They hadn’t expected even the Ocean races to think so highly of the Snake race. Looks like we were right to choose to get close to the Snake race this time.

Inside the side room, the two grandmasters exchanged a look. How are Yu Yanluo’s relationships with other people this great Even the Ocean races seem to owe her somehow…

The two women were both worried.

One of them was worried for her disciple, while the other… was also worried for her disciple.

Yu Yanluo was really confused.

The Snake race and the Ocean races might have had some kind of friendship before, but that relationship had clearly ended over the past few decades.

Why would they suddenly become so friendly again

She suddenly thought of something.

The previous time in Bluefield Country, the Dragon King’s ninth son Chi Wen seemed to have been beaten by Ah Zu, but then with his little aunt’s support, he had used a ton of treasures to buy his life.

At the time, she had been amazed that his little aunt was so close to Zu An.

Now, it seemed that Gui Chengxiang’s visit was likely also because of her.

Sigh, these girls are all so great.

At this rate, there won’t even be any fights between them.

Zu An was a bit absentminded as he watched everything through his jade badge.

Was it because Shang Liuyu had found out about what happened over the past few days, and worrying that something might happen, she had specially sent some people over

She really is a considerate person…

“Why is Elder Wu here Did you come here in place of the Fiend Emperor and crown prince to welcome the Medusa Queen” Gui Chengxiang asked.

He continued, “I suppose it makes sense.

The previous Medusa Queen was even friends with the Fiend Emperor.”

The others were shocked.

Anything related to the last Medusa Queen already felt like something from the distant past.

Many people present didn’t even know that such a relationship had existed.

Only someone as old as Gui Chengxiang would know something like that.

Elder Wu was a bit embarrassed.

Just how many times had he been asked that question already If it were just a small race, he would just detain all of them.

But now, the Peacock King race, Elf race, and the Ocean races were showing goodwill, so how could he still take action before their very eyes

“Big sis Yu!” a voice exclaimed in pleasant surprise.

When those present turned around, they saw a gorgeously dressed young lady.

She had a big smile on her face as she ran toward Yu Yanluo.

Behind her was a group of guards who all had a strange gentle and reserved beauty to them, and their skin was rather pale.

Many of them had a faint purple glimmer in their eyes.

The Demon Race!

There were many people who recognized the pretty young lady.

She was the Demon Race’s Princess Suolun!

“Princess, so you’ve arrived at the Fiend King Court too” Yu Yanluo asked, a bit surprised to see her.

She hadn’t expected them to meet here after separating at the tomb.

“Big sis, don’t call me princess like a stranger.

You can just call me Shi’er,” Princess Suolun said, hooking her arm around Yu Yanluo’s enthusiastically.

Yu Yanluo was stunned.

They had become friends in the tomb that time, but it wasn’t to this degree, right

Her mind worked quickly, and she quickly realized that Princess Suolun was doing this for the others to see, especially those Golden Crow Guards.

She was trying to express that the Demon Race supported her.

While she did feel moved, she also felt a bit strange.

Why would they risk offending the Golden Crow Crown Prince to help her

Don’t tell me she’s here because of Ah Zu…

Suolun Shi suddenly cried out in surprise, “Huh Why are there so many people in this place Sir Kong, Elder Qiao, Gui Chengxiang… Hm Isn’t this Elder Wu Did you all come to visit big sis Yu”

Elder Wu’s eyelids twitched. Did these people plan this or something just to make me look bad

Even though all of those present added together likely still wouldn’t be his match, the clans behind them were too powerful.

A single mistake could lead to a ripple of consequences that not even the crown prince could afford to take.

As such, he coughed and said, “What the Medusa Queen says is reasonable.

That person most likely did not have the courage to come to the Fiend King Court.

It seems we have investigated in the wrong area.

We will return and look at other clues.

We hope for the Medusa Queen’s cooperation if there are any problems in the future.”

Yu Yanluo smiled and replied, “That is not a problem.”

Even though Elder Wu wasn’t happy, he could only leave with the Golden Crow Guards.

When he left, the courtyard immediately rose up in a commotion.

People began to discuss what had just happened, then began to talk about that assassin in the imperial palace.

However, they weren’t that close to each other, so they didn’t dare to speak too much in public for fear that others might gain some information that could be used against them.

After chatting for a bit, they all said their goodbyes.

Yu Yanluo received all of them well, making all of them feel that they were treated with importance.

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue both sighed in amazement.

That level of ability in interpersonal communication was just too far beyond them.

Only when the guests had almost all left did Zu An secretly return to the courtyard.

The three women finally released a sigh of relief when they saw him.

However, they quickly frowned, pulling him into the room to ask him what had happened the previous night.

Zu An could only tell them the truth.

When they learned that he had gone to save the Elf race’s Princess Snow, the three beautiful women’s expressions became strange.

Only after a long time had passed did they sigh in relief.

They asked all at once, “Why do you have girls wherever we go”


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