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Chapter 1314: Bogus Accusations

Yu Yanluo’s beautiful brows furrowed as she replied, “I do not know what you are talking about.”

Shi Rong harrumphed.

“Don’t try to play dumb.

Back then, in an ancient tomb near Bluefield Country, wasn’t it the human traveling with you who used despicable methods to scheme against eighth brother, causing him to remain unconscious even now”

Zu An’s group looked at each other in dismay.

They all saw the confusion in each other’s eyes.

Shi Ling had indeed been injured quite badly back then, but it shouldn’t have been to the point that he would still be unconscious, right

They suddenly realized something.

Western Lion Shi Qian was inside his little brother, and he seemed to have used the ‘Forbidden Devil’s Seed’ technique.

Had he chosen to keep Shi Ling asleep because he was worried that it might be exposed

Yu Yanluo had similar thoughts.

She said in a manner that was neither servile nor overbearing, “That was a fair, decisive battle between both parties.

The other races who were present can attest to that.

Furthermore, even though Shi Ling was injured in that battle, it should not have been to the extent that he is still unconscious.

As for why that is the case, I suggest you ask your eldest brother.”

They were in public, so she didn’t mention the Forbidden Devil’s Seed.

Otherwise, her relationship with the Lion race could end up completely in tatters and irreconcilable.

She was still a clan leader, after all.

She had many things she needed to consider.

Shi Gong exclaimed furiously, “What is the meaning of this You actually dare to drive a wedge between us brothers!”

Shi Min stopped him from moving forward.

He cupped his hands toward Yu Yanluo and said, “Medusa Queen, we are acting courteous toward you out of consideration for your status as a queen.

As long as you hand over that human, we will let bygones be bygones.


His implied threat was clear.

Yu Yanluo was a bit upset.

If they were to really compare status, these Lion race princes were all her juniors.

And yet, they actually dared to speak to her that way! Still, she endured it in the end and said, “The one you spoke of parted ways with us after we left that tomb.

I do not know where he is now.”

She didn’t fear these little lions; what she was worried about was the Fiend King Court receiving news that Zu An was still there.

That would bring him too much danger.

Shi Min glowered and said, “Medusa Queen, we’ve already shown you enough sincerity.

Don’t you think you’re being too unappreciative”

Yu Yanluo’s expression turned cold and she replied, “I am the ruler of a clan, someone who is on the level of your father.

Who gave you the courage to speak to me like this”

Shi Gong roared with laughter, saying, “Respect isn’t something won by relying on glib lips.

I’m already giving you quite a bit of face by calling you Medusa Queen.

Your cultivation hasn’t even reached the master rank, while our Lion race has many individuals stronger than you.

Even someone like you still wants to consider yourself on par with my father”

Three of the brothers had arrived this time.

Apart from the seventh brother Shi Rong, who was only at the ninth rank, Shi Gong and his third brother Shi Min were both at the master rank.

The riders that accompanied them were all carefully selected elites from the clan as well, so they naturally didn’t need to worry about a mere ninth rank Medusa Queen.

Yu Yanluo’s expression turned cold.

The fiend races had always been unreasonable; to them, the one with the biggest fist was right.

She had half a mind to teach the insolent Lion Race princes a lesson.

Her Medusa Eye was special, as its power couldn't be judged by cultivation rank alone.

Just then, a figure jumped out of the carriage and said, “Clan leader, kings should face kings, while generals should face generals.

Only if the Lion King personally came would it be worth your personal interference.

Why would these minor characters need you to step in personally Please let this subordinate take care of things.”

Yu Yanluo grinned when she saw Zu An. This guy… He’s always so good at taunting others.

Sure enough, the Lion ace princes’ expressions turned grim.

They yelled, “Where did this scoundrel come from State your name!”

You have successfully trolled Shi Min for 277 277 277…

You have successfully trolled Shi Gong for 277 277 277…

You have successfully trolled Shi Rong for 277 277 277…

“Listen up, this uncle is Medusa Queen’s Big Stick General, Yan Zu! You dared to treat my queen with disrespect, so I will make sure you pay dearly for it!” Zu An shouted.

Yu Yanluo blushed, thinking, What ‘my queen’, what ‘big stick’ Why do I feel as if he’s hinting at something

Inside the carriage, Yun Jianyue remarked with a frown, “What kind of name is that It sounds awful.”

Yan Xuehen was alarmed, however, because she had personally experienced it.

She harrumphed inwardly. This guy really is a rascal.

The Lion race princes didn’t think of the same thing, however.

After all, the Medusa Queen was a well-known beauty, while this guy was only a subordinate of hers.

“What kind of knock-off general is that I’ve never heard of such a thing,” Seventh Prince Shi Rong cursed.

“You aren’t qualified to face us.”

Then, he pointed at one of the clan’s generals.

That person was at the peak of the eighth rank, and he had always acted valiantly.

In Shi Rong’s opinion, he was already enough to defeat the talent-starved Snake race.

The Snake race’s queen was only at the ninth rank, and their two elders were only around the eighth or ninth rank.

How strong could the rest even be

The Lion race general wanted to show off in front of the three princes.

At the same time, when he saw how pretty the Medusa Queen was, his male instincts made him want to show off his strength even more.

As such, he slammed his fist toward Zu An, intending to eliminate him immediately.

However, his eyes suddenly blurred, and he discovered that he had been sent flying.

How! he thought just before fainting.

Then, he slammed into the ground, stirring up a cloud of dust.

Inside the carriage, Yun Jianyue nodded and said, “This guy is starting to look more and more like a proper master.

His choice of timing and strength is something not even the two of us might be able to surpass.”

“He has been fighting exceptionally strong opponents all this time, constantly wandering along the brink of life and death.

His real strength far exceeds that of his peers,” Yan Xuehen added, also feeling a bit of admiration.

In the end, she added, “Furthermore, he even saw your butt, so of course his knowledge and experiences are profound.”

Yun Jianyue almost coughed out a mouthful of blood.

She yelled, “Stone cold woman, I’m going to fight you to the death!”

Then, sounds of fighting filled the carriage.

Fortunately, they knew their limits.

They were worried that they’d destroy Yu Yanluo’s carriage, so they only used martial arts movements and didn’t actually use ki.

Outside, Yu Yanluo and Maid Xing both facepalmed. Those two are going at it again.

The three Lion race princes didn’t have the leisure of paying attention to what was happening inside the carriage.

Instead, they looked at Zu An with serious expressions.

Everything had happened so quickly that they hadn’t even seen what was going on.

Shi Min suddenly thought of something and asked, “Are you that human who hurt my eighth brother”

Zu An saidina regretful tone, “That incredibly handsome, elegant, suave, confident, awesome, and spectacular guy whom any woman would instantly fall for… Sigh, if I had even a fraction of his skills, I would be smiling even in my dreams.”

Yu Yanluo’s face heated up.

This guy really had the shame to say such things!

The two women inside the carriage both inadvertently stopped as well.

They both harrumphed.

“This guy really is shameless.”

The Lion race princes didn’t know what was going on.

When they heard how much this guy worshiped that human, they were horrified. Is that person really so formidable

The seventh prince, Shi Rong, was full of youthful vigor and couldn't sit still anymore.

He said, “Hmph, I found you annoying from the very start.

This prince will teach you a proper lesson.”

He was just about to act when someone shouted from a distance, “Who dares to cause trouble in the Fiend King Court!”

Then, a troop of riders rushed over.

Unlike the crude and tattered outfits of the ordinary fiends on the way, these riders were dressed in golden armor.

Their helmet, sleeves, and belts all had a Golden Crow insignia on them.

“Golden Crow Guards” Yu Yanluo muttered with a frown.

When the Golden Crow Crown Prince had come to the Snake race territory, he had been escorted by similar golden-armored warriors.

Of course, those warriors had been slightly higher ranked.

Still, those who could dress that way near the Fiend King Court could only be the Fiend Emperor’s imperial guards.

The one in the lead looked quite young.

He was dressed in bright blue clothes, with a dark golden belt around his waist, and his hair was meticulously combed.

His appearance made him look quite refined, but his long and slender eyes made him seem a bit unapproachable.

Shi Min reacted quickly and shouted first.

“Sir Imperial Clan Director has come at an excellent time.

These people have disregarded the Fiend Emperor’s prohibition and actually dared to openly attack our subordinate in the Fiend King Court’s surroundings! I ask for sir to bring justice in our place!”

Yu Yanluo panicked and said, “This sir over here, please do not listen to their one-sided…”

She was cut off impatiently by the official before she could even finish speaking.

“Does this official need to be reminded of how to do my job”


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