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Chapter 1312: Slip of the Tongue

Yun Jianyue almost fainted, crying out, “You’d better stop right now!”

Yan Xuehen’s normally gentle and refined face now bore a strangely excited look.

She replied, “Oh This really doesn’t feel that bad.

No wonder you would always come after me every few days.”

Immediately after, a few more smacks followed.

Yun Jianyue was beyond humiliated.

The difference between her expectations and reality was too great! She had been excited to harass Yan Xuehen just moments before, wishing to get rid of her boredom after several few days.

She had never expected to be the one who got spanked instead! The reversal of her expectations made her especially sensitive.

“Just how did you recover!” Yun Jianyue exclaimed, trying to divert her attention. Please stop, my back is already burning…

“Do you want to know Why don’t you beg me” Yan Xuehen replied, feeling incredibly refreshed.

She hadn’t even felt so happy when she broke through into the grandmaster rank back then.

Only a few days before in the Great Snowy Mountain…

Her face reddened when she thought of that. What am I thinking of that guy for She raised her hand and brought it back down ferociously to hide her own embarrassment.

Yun Jianyue was about to faint.

She had felt pretty good when she bullied this stone cold woman, but she hadn’t expected the sensation of being beaten to be like this! She began to panic when she saw the other party getting more and more worked up.

She decided that she had to deal with this disaster first before anything else.

Later, once she regained her freedom, she would properly settle the debt.

Thus, she said, “Okay, I really do want to know.

You can just think of it as me begging you.

How did you recover so quickly”

Yan Xuehen had struggled against her rival for many years, and yet this was the first time she had seen Yun Jianyue submit.

It really felt incredible.

However, she harrumphed.

“What do you mean, I can think of it as begging I don’t sense a shred of sincerity.

That doesn’t count!”

Yun Jianyue gritted her teeth.

As someone from the Devil Sect, she fully understood how to be flexible.

At the moment, she had no choice but to lower her head.

She could only grit her teeth and say, “I beg you, please tell me how you recovered that quickly.”

When she saw how Yun Jiayue was furious, and yet couldn't do a thing to her, Yan Xuehen smiled and replied, “Your voice is too quiet, I can’t hear you.”

“Stone cold woman, you’re doing this on purpose!” Yun Jianyue exclaimed furiously.

With their cultivation, even if their voices were as quiet as a mosquito’s buzz, they could still hear each other clearly.

There was no way Yan Xuehen hadn’t heard her!

“If I say I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you.

What, are you unhappy with what I said” Yan Xuehen replied, sending her palm smashing down again.

When she saw the ripple that followed, she thought to herself, This witch really is pretty perky down there.

“Fine, I’m begging you! You heard me this time, right!” Yun Jianyue cried.

She really was curious.

After all, at their cultivation levels, they normally wouldn’t get injured; but if they did, it wasn’t something they could recover from that quickly.

She knew just how bad Yan Xuehen’s injuries had been.

They definitely hadn’t been the sort that could heal in under half a year, let alone a mere few days.

When she heard Yun Jianyue beg several times, Yan Xuehen raised her brows.

Her beautiful eyes flickered with a crafty look and she replied, “I did hear you, but why should I tell you”

Wasn’t the reason she had healed because of Zu An’s strange technique That method was so embarrassing.

She wouldn’t talk about it even if she were beaten to death.

Yun Jianyue was speechless.

Only a while later did she realize that she had been duped.

She exclaimed, “Stone cold woman, when did you become so crafty Didn’t you refrain from lying in the past!”

“I didn’t lie though.

I only said you could beg if you wanted to know, but I never said I would tell you if you begged,” Yan Xuehen said, even as her face reddened.

She wouldn’t have done such a thing before, but a few days prior, Zu An had taught her how to tell a lie without speaking anything other than the truth.

She had discovered that she could no longer go back after that.

Yun Jianyue was stunned. When did this stone cold woman’s rigid block-like brain become so cunning Don’t tell me that in the past few days with Zu An…


Just then, another palm slammed down.

The fiery pain stopped Yun Jianyue from thinking further.

She was so angry she fired all manner of curses at Yan Xuehen.

The harder she cursed, though, the heavier those strikes became.

Yan Xuehen still remembered the feeling of being pressed down and beaten clearly, so how could she let her rival go that easily

The door opened up with a creak.

Then, Zu An called out, “What are you two doing Why does it sound as if a pig… is being slaughtered…”

When he entered the room and saw a white expanse, as well as a mysterious ‘absolute domain’, Zu An couldn't finish speaking.

He was completely petrified.

Meanwhile, Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue were both stunned.

Neither had expected to draw Zu An over.

Yan Xuehen was alarmed.

She had also had her dress pulled down by Yun Jianyue down to the knees and been spanked the same way, and Zu An had gotten a complete view of her too.

Even though the two of them had already experienced the most intimate skinship, she still felt so embarrassed she wanted to crawl into a hole whenever she remembered that memory.

Yun Jianyue felt an explosion go off in her mind.

She was normally high and mighty, someone who looked down on the world.

And yet today, her most embarrassing and private parts had been seen by a man.

If it had been anyone else, she could just kill them to silence them.

If she was really furious, she would just burn them to ashes.

But how could she kill Zu An Whether it was his relationship with Honglei or with her, she couldn't kill him!

Ahhh! How am I going to face anyone in the future!

Yan Xuehen finally reacted to what was going on.

She pulled a cloth from off to the side to cover Yun Jianyue’s red handprint-covered bottom.

She coughed lightly and asked, “Why didn’t you knock before you entered”

Zu An reacted quickly as well, replying, “Huh Was it because I practiced too hard recently Why can’t I see anything in front of me”

He groped around in front of him as he spoke, as if he had gone blind.

He even ‘accidentally’ bumped into a doorpost, committed to the act, and left while massaging his head.

However, he considerately closed the door behind him.

Yan Xuehen burst out laughing.

This guy really knew how to put on an act.

When she heard her rival’s laughter, Yun Jianyue became even more furious.

She exclaimed, “You’re laughing You still have the nerve to laugh! I didn’t expect a stone cold woman like you to be that ruthless! You already screwed me over that badly, and yet you still have the nerve to laugh!”

Yan Xuehen harrumphed.

“He just took a look; it’s not as if you were even hurt at all.

What are you howling like this for It’s not as if I… ahem…” She suddenly caught herself and shut her mouth.

Yun Jianyue was furious.

“Am I the Devil Sect’s witch, or are you You can actually talk about something like that in such an indifferent manner!”

“Alright, alright.

Seeing how you did suffer a bit today, I’ll just let you off for now,” Yan Xuehen said.

After being interrupted like that, she wasn’t in the mood to continue anymore either.

As she left, however, she was concerned that it wouldn’t be too safe to leave Yun Jianyue lying alone inside.

She reached out her hand, and a strand of ki undid the other woman’s restrictions.

“Stone cold woman, I’m going to fight you to the death!” Yun Jianyue exclaimed.

A surge of ferocity erupted from the room, and she shot out like a streak of lightning.

The loud noises happening outside made Yu Yanluo, who was in another room, worried.

She wondered, “What happened to them Why are they fighting against each other like this”

Even though the two grandmasters had been arch-nemeses before, after being around each other for so long, they had become comrades.

Why were they fighting against each other that way at the moment

The enchanting scene he had witnessed appeared in Zu An’s mind.

He felt his face heat up a bit.

He quickly hid his reaction and said, “It’d be stranger if they weren’t fighting.

Don’t worry; ttheir cultivation ranks are pretty much equal.

They can’t do much to each other.”

Sure enough, even after fighting all day and leveling several mountains, neither could do much against the other.

In the end, Zu An went out and hollered, “Are you two done yet Come in for dinner already.

We still have to continue on our journey tomorrow.”

Because of what had happened in the hot springs, Zu An’s vigorous side was already deeply ingrained in Yan Xuehen’s memory.

She instinctively stopped.

Yun Jianyue was someone who did whatever she wanted to do, so she normally wouldn’t listen to Zu An in such a situation.

However,he had just seen her most private side, so she was completely lacking in confidence and also just stopped at that.

Yu Yanluo was really shocked when she saw that.

She had thought that Ah Zu’s advice wouldn’t do a thing, and yet these two insufferably arrogant grandmasters actually listened

The two still sat far away from each other while eating.

Whenever their eyes occasionally met, sparks flew.

Yu Yanluo was worried that they might fight again.

She quickly went over to smooth things over, asking, “Ah Zu, how did big sis Yan recover from her injuries”

“Of course it’s because of my hard work…” Zu An subconsciously replied, but he immediately cried out ‘Not good!’ inwardly.

Sure enough, three penetrating gazes instantly focused on him.


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