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Chapter 1269: Display of Unique Skills

Zu Ans group didnt move at all.

True treasures usually had protections around them.

The medicines outside perhaps hadnt been high enough in value, but this Three Three Flower was too precious.

Without anything protecting it, there was no way it could have grown to its current state.

Sure enough, when the fiend race experts rushed up to the pond, they ran into a transparent barrier.

Golden light surged, and a screen of golden light appeared all around the pond.

Runes flickered across its surface, covering the flower like a large bell and completely protecting it.

The fiend race experts werent too surprised.

It would only be more suspicious if nothing were protecting something as precious as this.

They all began to think quickly when they saw the golden barrier, each looking for their own strategy.

“Let me!” Prince Yin Sha shouted.

He had just seen the girl of his dreams act friendly toward another man, but he couldn\'t defeat that guy.

This was a good chance to properly show his skills in front of the others.

He arrived in front of the barrier, then opened his mouth.

Suddenly, his teeth morphed into a large, ferocious shark maw.

It was filled with rows of jagged teeth that were sharp and frightening.

Princess Changning couldn\'t help but release a sigh of admiration, saying, “Just as the Golden Crow race tempers their own feathers throughout their lives, the Silver Shark race focuses on their own teeth.

Every single tooth is as solid as gold and iron.

It is rumored that the power of the Silver Shark Kings teeth is not inferior to heaven-grade weaponry.

He would be able to bite through even a mountain, let alone a trifling protective barrier.”

She had spent these years perfecting the art of flattery.

She was always able to find some way to praise someone, so she had always had better relations with people than the cold and aloof Kong Nanwu.

Sure enough, Prince Yin Sha felt more motivated.

He couldn\'t help but stick out his chest and sneak Princess Suolun a look, thinking to himself that it would be great if she were so nice and gentle to him.

Princess Suolun forced a smile.

To be honest, the appearance of the ferocious mouth scared her a bit.

She felt her entire body tremble whenever she thought about those rows of teeth.

However, out of consideration for his feelings, she did her best to not show it.

Prince Yin Sha thought that she was encouraging him when he saw her smile.

With the one he liked watching him, he didnt hold back anymore.

He chomped down on the golden barrier.


The loud noise that followed made the onlookers teeth feel sore.

Prince Yi Sha cried out bitterly, clutching his mouth as he screamed.

Several fractured teeth had fallen to the ground, and blood continued to pour out from between his fingers.

Quite a few teeth had clearly been broken just then.

Meanwhile, Zu Ans group was speechless.

Yun Jianyue said with a sigh, “Do men always become this stupid when they chase after womens Did he really think that the formation protecting a divine object like this would be something he could bite through with his teeth”

Yan Xuehen and Yu Yanluo both gave Zu An a look.

They thought to themselves, Thats nonsense; this guy clearly becomes even sharper in those situations.

The other fiend races all realized what had happened.

Princess Changnings expression became a bit awkward.

After all, she had showered Yin Sha in praise, and yet he had ended up being so worthless.

Princess Suolun sighed in relief, however.

She walked over and handed Prince Yin Sha a stalk of healing medicine, which made him feel extremely moved.

Duan Tiande picked up his slender sword and thrusted it forward.

As a dark elf, he specialized in assassination.

Apart from being able to borrow the shadows to jump around, he also knew a set of sword skills that specialized in penetrating the protective ki barriers used by cultivators.

In his opinion, this barrier was likely something similar, so he didnt hesitate to attack.

If he could be the first to break through and seize the Three Three Flower, he would be able to borrow the shadows to leave.

Even if the others cultivation ranks were higher than his, they wouldnt be able to catch him.

That was a dark elfs source of confidence, after all.

That idiot Prince Yin Shas teeth looked fierce, but their power was too spread out, so of course he couldn\'t break through the barrier.

Duan Tiande thought, You need to gather all of your strength into a single point, like me…

However, his smile quickly froze, because he saw that his sword couldn\'t pierce through the seemingly thin barrier at all.

“I refuse to give up here!” he yelled.

With a flick of his wrist, his sword spun like lightning, and he thrusted it forward with several times more power.


A brittle noise rang out.

Duan Tiande first felt joy, thinking that the golden barrier had begun to crack, but he was soon stunned.

He saw that what had cracked wasnt the golden barrier, but rather his sword.

He was completely stunned.

Even though his sword wasnt a heaven-grade weapon, it was close to the peak of earth-grade weaponry, and it had drunk the blood of countless enemies.

He hadnt expected it to break just like that.

Xiong Great and Xiong Second roared with laughter just then, saying, “Step aside.

How can the sword of a skinny little chick like you do anything You should watch us instead.”

Then, with one wielding a spiked club and the other a great hammer, they stood on opposite sides.

They took a deep breath, causing their muscles to ripple and surge with power.

Their bodies then became much larger.

The others knew that the bear brothers had extraordinary strength.

Between that and their heavy blunt weapons, even a small mountain wouldnt be able to handle their power.

No matter how powerful the protective barrier was, it probably still wouldnt be able to withstand such force.

They all secretly made their preparations.

The instant the barrier broke, the Xiong brothers would definitely experience a moment of recoil.

That would be the perfect chance for them to seize the immortal medicine inside.

Xiong Great and Xiong Second both took a step forward, their feet leaving behind heavy footprints.

The entire building even began to shake.

Both of them roared as they smashed into the golden barrier, the spiked bone club and great hammer carrying incredible power.

The others sighed inwardly in admiration.

These two brothers looked like crude blockheads, but they were actually able to coordinate at such a level.

Their attacks landed on the target without even the slightest delay in between, multiplying the force significantly.

No wonder over the years, even though their enemies might have been as strong as them and had often had the numerical advantage, they still lost to the two brothers in the end…


Just as they were starting to feel admiration, a tremendous noise blasted outward, accompanying a massive shockwave.

The others immediately protected themselves, their faces all becoming a bit pale.

As the power of the shockwave was already so great, it was easy to imagine what kind of condition Xiong Great and Xiong Second were in.

The two of them immediately vomited blood as they flew backward, slamming into the ground.

They couldn\'t even climb back onto their feet for a long time.

Yan Xuehen had been paying attention to the situation the entire time.

She quietly commented, “This protective barrier uses a portion of the attackers power for itself.

These two bear brothers used great strength, but in the end, most of it was redirected by the formation, and sent right back.

I wonder what kind of brilliant individual made such a formation… It truly leaves one in admiration.”

“Stop fawning over it and start thinking about how to deal with it already, please,” Yun Jianyue said, rolling her eyes.

She really couldn\'t stand how this stone cold woman was still acting all scholarly even in such a situation.

Yan Xuehen blushed and said, “I am still observing.”

Just then, the habitually silent Ma Huang made his move.

He didnt use force like the others and instead planned to conquer it through gentler methods instead.

His entire body turned into a lump of blood, and he wrapped himself around the golden barrier.

The blood continued to move across its surface, seemingly searching for any cracks to enter through.

Yan Xuehen couldn\'t help but voice her amazement.

“These fiend race experts from the younger generation may have ordinary cultivation, but their unique skills are all extraordinary.

There really are many aspects worth learning from.”

These individuals were all around the eighth or ninth rank, so they were already among the best within the fiend races younger generation.

However, in the eyes of grandmasters, they were just ordinary.

Suddenly, the golden light shone, blasting the blood away.

Ma Huang reformed, kneeling down and coughing out blood.

He had clearly suffered considerable injuries.

Seeing that even he had failed, the others were shocked.

However, they still werent willing to give up and used all kinds of exceptional skills.

There were even some who tried to dig around the barrier.

However, they all failed.

In the end, they turned to look at Zu An.

He was the only one who hadnt tried anything so far.

Zu An slowly walked up to the barrier.

He sensed the flow of the golden light in front of him, then gently pressed his hand to its surface.He discovered that the greater the force he used, the greater the rebound would be.

He thought about Yan Xuehens explanation; it seemed breaking through with brute force wasnt an option.

Still, all formations had their cores.

As long as he could find that, it would be easy enough to deal with.

He looked around in search of clues.

Suddenly, his eyes narrowed, because when he raised his head, he saw that there was a jade coffin floating dozens of zhang above him!

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