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Chapter 1244: Tangseng’s Flesh

Then, Zu An finally understood what a ‘soul-stealing’ fox-spirit was like, because they really were too good at pleasing men.

Even though it was in midair and she couldn't even stand still, she was still able to do all kinds of things by leaning against Zu An’s body.

If he hadn’t already personally experienced it the previous night, Zu An would find it really hard to believe that she was actually a pure and innocent young lady.

That was probably just the innate talent of the Fox race.

After some time, Zu An snapped out of his daze.

They had already flown somewhere far from Bluefield Country.

He suddenly remembered a poetry verse written by Li Bai in his previous world that described how he felt: ‘While on cliffs of the Yangtze Gorges, gibbons ceaselessly cry.

By evening I'll be home at Jiangling, a thousand miles I've gone.’[1]

Tushan Yu clung to his body like a koala, her chest rising and falling continuously.

Her face was flushed red, and fine beads of sweat formed on her temples.

This kind of position, where she couldn't stand, had clearly made her use up several times more stamina than usual.

She moved closer to Zu An’s ear, her breath soft and fragrant as she whispered, “Young master, compared to the Medusa Queen… how am I”

Zu An couldn't help but chuckle, replying, “Why are you trying to compare with others, haha...”

“Tell me~” Tushan Yu insisted, sounding sweet and intimate.

Zu An had to admit that when a fox-spirit began to pout playfully, there weren’t many men who could refuse her.

Unfortunately, he was currently in the sky!

He reached out his hand and hooked his finger under Tushan Yu’s chin, saying, “Your methods just now were indeed quite good, but in my opinion, it’s still a bit lacking compared to last night.”

“Why” Tushan Yu asked, feeling a bit confused.

She had been completely muddle-headed the previous night, and everything was a mess in her memory.

Zu An said with a chuckle, “Because last night, you really were passionate.

What you showed were your natural reactions, which are way more effective than any technique.”

“Ah…” Tushan Yu seemed to have realized something.

She said with a red face, “Last night really was too embarrassing…” She had been doing her best to control herself the previous night; after all, she was a country lord.

She didn’t want to experience something that embarrassing again.

“But I don’t think so,” Zu An said, hugging her from behind.

“You’ve worked hard just now.

Just leave the rest to me.”

Before Tushan Yu could even reply, her entire body trembled.

She asked in embarrassment, “But what if someone passes by That’ll be way too embarrassing!”

Even though they were high up in the sky, there were some powerful beings who could fly in this world.

Even though the chance of running into someone in the middle of the night wasn’t too great, if someone really did pass by…

Before, when she had taken the initiative, as long as she buried herself in Zu An’s chest, no one could really see anything.

But now…

Zu An rested his shoulder on her soft and delicate shoulder and replied, “Don’t worry.

If anyone approaches, I’ll be able to sense it ahead of time.”

Afterward, Tushan Yu didn’t say anything else.

She just looked away, scared that her red face might give her nervousness away.

Zu An thought of something, then  took out the Primal Skysilk and covered her eyes.

“Ah, young master” Tushan Yu exclaimed, jumping in fright.

If she couldn't see, all of her other enses would be magnified several times.

She was completely flustered.

Zu An moved over to her ear and said, “Don’t be scared.

I’m here.” Seeing that the Primal Skysilk was quite long, he had an idea.

He wrapped up Tushan Yu and brought her into the sky, then let go of her hands.

“The young master is so bad…” Tushan Yu murmured, her cheeks red.

The fox-spirits were well-experienced in this field, but everything Zu An brought to the table was full of novelty.

She was alarmed. Don’t tell me the Medusa Empress taught him all this!

She racked her brains, but how could she know that even though she had the Fox race’s generations of knowledge, Zu An had had countless experienced veterans from his previous world to teach him When those two factions were compared, it was hard to say who would win against whom.

The next morning, Zu An’s group formally left Bluefield Palace.

However, the palace’s women once again told them that their country lord wasn’t well, so she wouldn’t be seeing them out and that she wished all of them a smooth journey.

They also prepared some precious gifts from Bluefield Country.

Yun Jianyue was a bit unhappy.

She remarked, “What is going on with that woman Her body doesn’t seem that weak, so why is she always sick”

Yan Xuehen’s pretty brows furrowed.

She said, “She might have been injured from her battle against Chi Wen last night.

She seemed to be a bit unwell yesterday and forced herself to fight.

It is understandable that her condition worsened.”

Zu An’s mouth was shut tightly.

The only one who knew what had happened to Tushan Yu was himself.

To a certain degree, he was part of the reason.

But that fluffy tail really feels great; no wonder so many people like raising pets.

For some reason, Tushan Yu really hadn’t wanted to show him that side of her.

But with the help of the Primal Skysilk, she had been utterly defeated, and she could no longer control her body.

The Primal Skysilk and Wind Fire Wheels really are useful!

If Nezha knew his weapons had been used for that kind of nonsense, he might just return from the grave to beat the crap out of Zu An.

Still, the Wind Fire Wheels really were excellent.

With their help, it was as if Zu An had a private jet.

Even though they were far from the human world, it wasn’t a huge problem anymore.

While Zu An’s mind was wandering, Yu Yanluo asked curiously, “But why did she suddenly prepare a gift for us She didn’t give us these things before we left yesterday.”

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue both shut their mouths and ignored her when they heard that.

They harrumphed and thought, You sneaky woman!

They were all women, so Yu Yanluo immediately sensed that something was off.

She looked at the two of them in confusion, wondering just how she had offended them.

When Zu An saw that, he quickly said, “It might be because she’s grateful that we helped her yesterday.”

Yun Jianyue chuckled and said, “Then we are merely sharing your glory.”

Even though with their status, they didn’t really care about any gifts, these were the Fox race’s specialties that were hard for them to even run into; that made it a fresh experience.

“Even so, I can’t help but feel that something is a bit strange.

If she really is grateful, then she should have come out herself to see us out.

Only giving us these things feels a bit off-putting,” Yu Yanluo said, somewhat confused.

According to her previous interactions with the Bluefield Lord, the other woman was clearly someone well-versed in social relations too.

Zu An was sweating buckets inwardly.

Tushan Yu had just lost her virginity the previous day, and then they had ‘fought’ for an entire night.

Her body was actually incredibly tough; however, it was a bit difficult for her to even walk, so she might have been worried that someone might notice something.

That was why she would rather offend them a bit than take that risk.

He thought for a bit, then explained to her, “Maybe she’s trying to avoid rousing suspicion.”

“Avoid suspicion What kind of suspicion does she have to avoid” The three women all became somewhat vigilant.

“She told me that my transcendent aptitude has been exposed, so she warned me not to go to the Fiend King Court,” Zu An said with a sigh.

That was the biggest headache right now.

At that moment, the risk of going to the Fiend King Court was too high.

However, if he didn’t go, he would feel worried for Yu Yanluo’s sake.

“What!” All of their expressions changed when they heard about that matter.

After being around each other for so long, the three of them had found out about his transcendent aptitude for various reasons.

They also knew just how much trouble such aptitude would get him into.

They asked each other a few more questions.

When they learned that it had been exposed during the battle with the Golden Crow Crown Prince, Yan Xuehen said with a serious expression, “Don’t go to the Fiend King Court.

It’s way too dangerous.”

Shockingly, Yun Jianyue didn’t argue against her and said, “Indeed.

Many people will want to kill you before you can grow.

After all, no one wants another great enemy to appear on their own cultivation path.

Furthermore, some people need your flesh and blood.

It’s rumored that the blood essence of a transcendent aptitude cultivator can prolong your longevity, and it also has great benefits toward cultivation.”

Zu An’s expression grew strange.

In his previous world, no matter how nasty something was, as long as it was rumored to be able to boost a man’s performance, it would be eaten to extinction.

His own situation was far more dangerous than those cases.

He was basically Tangseng from Journey to the West; everyone wanted a piece of him[2]!

Yu Yanluo said, “Ah Zu, you should go back to the human territory with big sisters Yan and Yun.

I don’t want you to lose your life in the Fiend King Court.”

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue both nodded.

They thought to themselves that this woman might be sneaky and cunning, but she was still able to discern serious matters.

Zu An said, “I’ll ride with you guys for part of the journey, and make my decision as things play out.

I suspect only a few people know about this, so it might not be as dangerous as you think.”

After chatting a bit more about the subject, they could only temporarily push the issue aside.

When the group left Bluefield City, Yan Xuehen suddenly voiced her surprise, asking, “Ah Zu, when did Bluefield Lord tell you about this”

The other women seemed to have realized something.

They immediately looked at him with suspicion.


I used this translation here. ☜


In the novel, Tang Sanzang is a Chinese Buddhist monk who is actually a reincarnation of Golden Cicada, a disciple of the Buddha.

Along the journey, Tang Sanzang is constantly terrorized by monsters and demons, due to a legend which says that one can attain immortality by consuming his flesh because he is a reincarnation of a holy being. ☜


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