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Chapter 1237: A Clear and Cold Sigh

“This kid’s cultivation seems to be getting higher and higher, no” Yun Jianyue couldn't help but remark with a sigh of praise.

“His fighting strength is peculiar; it is much greater than what his cultivation would indicate on the surface,” Yan Xuehen added.

She continued, “However, the skills he learned were too messy.

Fortunately, he was able to fight properly against the Golden Crow Crown Prince, bringing him considerable benefits.

He was able to master his various abilities then.

He will naturally have no issues with someone like this who has just broken through into the master rank.”

Yu Yanluo wanted to praise Zu An a bit, but when she thought about how these two were grandmasters, she couldn't bring herself to be shameless enough to try and comment on the battle.

She could only keep her mouth shut.

However, her ears were still pricked up, as she hoped for them to praise him a bit more.

“That’s not all,” Yun Jianyue said with a chuckle.

“It was also thanks to a certain grandmaster’s pursuit that he was able to grow so quickly.”

Yan Xuehen was speechless.

She protested, “Can you stop bringing that up all the time”

“I’m only speaking the truth, though.

What, are we supposed to not talk about something that actually happened If you aren’t happy about this, then why don’t you come and fight me” Yun Jianyue replied proudly.

Yan Xuehen thought about their current conditions, and decided to stop there.

She didn’t pay Yun Jianyue any more attention and just sulked by herself.

Within the waterspouts, Tushan Yu’s heart was pounding fiercely.

She would never act like this normally, because she was one of the legendary fox-spirits.

However, she had been embarrassed too badly the previous night and hadn’t had any time to pull herself together.

Zu An sensed the waterspouts around him decreasing in power, so he used Blue Mallard’s ability to return the water back to the small lake.

Chi Wen’s eyes opened widely when he saw that.

He exclaimed, “You’re from the ocean races too” Why did it seem that this fellow was even more formidable at controlling water than he was

Zu An chuckled and replied, “I am pretty fond of seafood, now that you mention it.”

Chi Wen’s face darkened.

He spat, “You’re courting death!”

As he spoke, the entire palace was enveloped by killing intent.

The fox women all turned completely pale as their very souls trembled.

Those whose cultivation ranks were relatively low were so frightened they kneeled on the ground.

There had still been a clear sky above them a moment before, and yet now, dark clouds loomed overhead, as if a great desolate beast had been summoned into this world.

Horrifying killing intent surged and roiled within the clouds.

In the distance, Yan Xuehen was a bit shocked.

She remarked, “Wow, it is almost at your domain’s level.”

Yun Jianyue’s expression became serious.

She said, “This killing intent has substance, as if it’s already feasted on the blood of countless creatures.

Does this Chi Wen really have such skill”

“It’s from his weapon,” Yu Yanluo said.

She noticed that a blue-green weapon had suddenly appeared in Chi Wen’s hand.

It flickered with a horrifying frigid glint, with three sharp prongs on the end.

There were some dark red patterns on the metal as well.

Yun Jianyue’s eyes narrowed.

She said, “Those are traces left by blood.

Who knows just how many lives had to be taken to produce such an effect.”

“That seems to be the Dragon King’s legendary weapon, the Trident!” Yu Yanluo exclaimed.

Her expression was also a bit grave.

Zu An also saw the weapon.

He blurted out, “Maserati[1]”

“What does ‘Maserati’ mean” Tushan Yu asked, bewildered.

She said, “Young master, be careful.

Chi Wen is wielding a weapon used by a certain generation’s Dragon King.

Back then, the seas were divided and in turmoil.

When that Dragon King united the ocean races, untold numbers of ocean race experts died under this trident.”

Zu An asked in surprise, “Is it a deity-grade divine weapon” The Golden Crow Crown Prince’s Sun Slaying Bow had left him with some lingering fear.

Tushan Yu shook her head and said, “It used to be a deity-grade divine weapon, but it was rumored that back then, the Dragon King killed an extremely powerful ocean fiend.

That ocean fiend used his own blood to curse the Trident, making its grade fall.

Now, it is only an immortal-grade weapon.”

Zu An sighed in relief.

He said, “That’s good, then.

Also, why are you calling me ‘young master’ Do we need to be so unfamiliar with each other”

If this really had been a deity-grade artifact, that really would be a bit troublesome.

If it was only immortal-grade, it was still manageable.

Tushan Yu’s face flushed red.

The two of them had exchanged the most intimate words the previous night.

Calling him ‘young master’ now really did make them seem a bit estranged.

And yet, the two of them had clearly only met for the first time that night… They weren’t really close either.

Chi Wen was furious when he saw her bashful appearance. This guy dares to court a woman I’m fond of right in front of me

You have successfully trolled Chi Wen for 399 399 399…

“Even if it’s only an immortal-grade weapon, it’s more than enough to dominate you!” Chi Wen spat coldly.

With a wave of his hand, a blue radiance swept toward Zu An.

No matter how tough Zu An’s body was, he wouldn’t be so stupid as to face it directly.

He held Tushan Yu by the waist and evaded.

The blue radiance passed through where they had just been standing, then crashed into one of the palaces behind them.


The entire palace was cleaved in half, and came crashing down!

The onlookers’ eyes narrowed.

Immortal-grade weapons were immortal-grade weapons after all; such power wasn’t something mere mortals could face.

Zu An pushed off gently, delivering Tushan Yu to Yan Xuehen and the other women to prevent the battle from injuring her.

Tushan Yu smiled.

She was about to use her normal ways to get closer to these women, and yet just as she was about to speak, three bursts of killing intent came from each of them! She was alarmed. Don’t tell me they found out what happened last night

Chi Wen laughed arrogantly off in the distance.

He said, “I’ll give you one last chance.

If you kneel and knock your head against the ground, admitting your faults, as long as this prince’s mood is good, I might just let you go.”

Zu An looked at Chi Wen as if he were mentally challenged.

He shot back, “Are you an idiot You’re still saying such useless rubbish in this kind of situation”

Chi Wen’s smile froze on his face.

He gritted his teeth and yelled, “This prince will dice your flesh into mincemeat!”

You have successfully trolled Chi Wen for 444 444 444…

However, Zu An had already taken the initiative before Chi Wen even finished his sentence.

With a flip of his hand, a several-dozen-meter long flame blade appeared.

The heat made everyone nearby move out of the way, and a scorched smell even began to fill the palace, as if it were about to be lit aflame.

“Huh, the fire element” Chi Wen remarked.

After seeing how easily Zu An had dealt with his waterspouts, he had assumed his opponent was a water element cultivator.

However, the heat couldn't injure him at all.

With the Trident’s protection, the flames couldn't even get closer than a few meters away from him.

Right at that moment, Zu An rapidly brandished the flame blade, bringing it down with mountainous might.

Chi Wen sneered.

“Today, I’ll teach you about the power of an immortal-grade weapon!”

He raised the Trident and faced the attack.

As he moved, the space around the Trident seemed to collapse on itself.

Even light itself began to bend around it.

The Trident formed a blue-green cone in front of him, mixed with a trace of fiendish blood-red that was suffused with bitter killing intent.


The several-meter-long flame blade was crushed into pieces.

A sinister smile flashed across Chi Wen’s face.

He began, “How can a weapon made from an element compare to an immortal-grade weapon…”

His smile suddenly froze on his face halfway through his sentence, because a large fist appeared before his eyes.


The fist connected with his nose.

Tears mixed with snot and blood flew in all directions.

Zu An had devised a plan the moment he saw the Trident.

The Tai’e Sword was damaged at the moment, so he didn’t want to take the risk of blocking with it.

Meanwhile, the other weapons he had weren’t really a match for the Trident either.

As such, he had decided to use the Flame Blade as a feint to scatter the Trident’s protective killing intent.

While it was scattered and the explosion blocked Chi Wen’s line of sight, he would use Grandgale to close the distance.

Chi Wen screamed bitterly and quickly tried to widen the distance between the two of them, but why would Zu An ever give him that chance He rode on top of the monster and rained down brutal punches.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Every single fist seemed to contain the power of a mountain.

Even though Chi Wen was a master and had the toughness of the Dragon race, he still couldn't withstand this kind of beating.

At first, he continued to curse and threaten Zu An.

However, the harder he cursed, the heavier those fists became.

Eventually, he didn’t dare to do so anymore and instead began to beg for mercy.

After a while longer, he didn’t even have the strength to beg anymore.

There were only groans left, as if he might just stop breathing at any time.

Looking at the scene from a distance, when she saw that Chi Wen’s face had already been beaten into an unrecognizable state, and one of his horns had even been broken, Tushan Yu’s mouth hung open.

Chi Wen was the ninth son of the Dragon King; if he died here, the powerful Dragon King definitely wouldn’t leave the matter be.

Bluefield Country might suffer a great disaster then.

However, Zu An was only doing this to save them, so she couldn't really protest.

Just then, however, someone let out a clear and cold sigh.

“Can you let him go as a favor for me”


The Maserati logo is a trident. ☜


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