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Chapter 1223: Can’t Be Dealt With, Can’t Be Understood Either

Yan Xuehen instinctively reached out to grab the red threads, but her hands passed right through.

The threads weren’t tangible.

She asked in confusion, “What are these”

Zu An was a bit shocked.

He exclaimed, “Are these the legendary matchmaker’s red strings of fate”

Yan Xuehen’s face immediately turned red.

There were similar legends in this world, but there was usually only a single string of fate; how could there be this many of them

Wait, we clearly don’t… don’t even love each other!

She was no longer as confident when she thought that.

It’s all this stupid ‘Love Is More Solid than Gold’ crap!

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 100 100 100…

She was quite flustered and quickly urged Mo Xi, “Hurry and cut all these red threads!”

Zu An gestured for Mo Xi to start.

Mo Xi began to cut between the two of them.

However, the two of them saw that the golden shears also passed right through the red threads, just making the cutting motion without actually doing anything.

“What’s going on” Yan Xuehen asked, feeling a sense of unease.

Zu An also looked toward Mo Xi.

Mo Xi’s head tilted to the side; she was clearly also a bit confused.

Because of their contract, Zu An gradually understood her intentions.

A huge smile appeared on his face.

“What’ going on Hurry and tell me already!” Yan Xuehen felt more and more nervous when she saw Zu An’s expression.

Zu An could only explain, “Because I just summoned her, her current abilities aren’t enough to cut such a high-level contract.”

Yan Xuehen was stunned.

She took a deep breath.

Then, after she calmed down, she asked, “Then how can I increase her ability”

Zu An sensed the information he was receiving from Mo Xi and explained, “‘Farewell, Nanchao’ has two situations in which it can activate.

One of them is if both sides are willing for the contract to end.

In that case, as long as one of the two parties’ cultivation ranks is lower than hers, that should be enough.

If both sides aren’t willing, her cultivation needs to be higher than both of theirs.”

Apart from that, it was the same situation as with Daji.

The skill ‘Farewell, Nanchao’ could be upgraded, thus lowering the cultivation requirement.

At the highest level, the skill couldn be activated even if Mo Xi were two whole cultivation ranks lower.

Yan Xuehen stared into Zu An’s eyes and asked, “Our current situation should be one where we’re mutually willing, right”

Could it be that this guy is really unwilling, thus making these scissors fail

Zu An replied, “Of course I am; I even came over sincerely with this method to help you get rid of this effect.

I was only using it before to preserve my own life, and I’ve always felt apologetic about it.

That’s why, once I obtained Mo Xi, I headed directly for you.

If I hadn’t wanted to, there would be no need for me to bring it up at all.”

Yan Xuehen was eighty percent convinced when she sensed his sincerity.

A summoned being like Mo Xi had to be Zu An’s greatest trump card, and yet he had revealed it without holding back at all.

She naturally sensed his goodwill.

She had indeed misunderstood him after all.

Even though this man looked rather frivolous and perverted from his behavior, he was still a gentleman deep down.

Even so, her most private parts had been exposed completely to him! If he really were a despicable person, she would already have cut him down to settle things once and for all.

But now that she had seen how straightforward he was, and also how he had saved her several times, how could she still bring herself to do such a thing

She sighed and tossed those thoughts aside.

She asked, “Then what is her cultivation rank right now Our White Jade Sect has many cultivation resources.

If possible, I can personally guide her as well, to assist her in quickly increasing her cultivation.”

This woman named Mo Xi was quite strange.

Even Yan Xuehen couldn't see through her.

Zu An had an odd expression as he said, “She’s only at the second rank right now.”

Yan Xuehen was speechless.

She had initially thought that no matter how ordinary this woman was, she should at least have been at the sixth or seventh rank, right Zu An was only around the ninth rank at the moment.

If Yan Xuehen supported this woman with White Jade Sect’s resources, bringing her up to around eighth rank wouldn’t have been impossible.

That way, with the requirements of ‘Farewell, Nanchao’, it should have been just about enough to cut through the red strings of fate.

But since Mo Xi was only at the second rank, reaching the eighth rank within a short amount of time would be completely impossible! Furthermore, Zu An was an absolute cultivation monster.

Who knew just how far his strength would increase the longer they waited!

Seeing her expression change, Zu An consoled her, saying,“Big sis Yan, don’t worry.

Her cultivation method isn’t like that of ordinary cultivators.

It’s a bit easier.”

If she had been an ordinary cultivator, increasing her cultivation so quickly within a few years would be completely impossible.

However, these valkyries were different.

“Does it involve those strange fruits from earlier” Yan Xuehen asked, feeling somewhat stirred.

She remembered that Zu An had just fed Mo Xi some fruits.

“Indeed,” Zu An said with a nod.

“These fruits aren’t too hard to procure; the key point is that as their cultivation advances, they always need certain special materials for each breakthrough.

For example, the fangs and scales of vicious beasts, rare flowers, and other such things.”

After all, the reason why Daji hadn’t broken through to the seventh rank was precisely because she still lacked Blue Earthflowers.

“That’s not too big of a problem,” Yan Xuehen said.

“Even though the White Jade Sect isn’t the wealthiest in the world, we still have all kinds of treasures.

If there’s anything you need in the future, just ask me.”

Zu An was stunned. Is this the happiness of having a sugar mommy

But these valkyries’ breakthrough materials and skill rank up materials were all incredibly rare things.

Even the White Jade Sect might not have them.

Of course, there was no reason for him to add to Yan Xuehen’s worries at the moment, so he said, “Alright.

If there are any things I can’t find, I’ll ask you for them.”

Yan Xuehen nodded and said, “Even though we weren’t able to successfully undo this skill today, we’ve made some progress at least.

I still need to thank you.”

Zu An was surprised.

He had actually already prepared some words to console her, but she had spoken up like that first.

As expected of someone who had managed to cultivate to the grandmaster rank, her way of thinking was completely different from that of an ordinary person.

“Then rest well, big sis.

I’ll go back first,” Zu An said before getting up.

“I will.

You’re injured too, so make sure to get some rest yourself,” Yan Xuehen replied with a smile.

Zu An nodded.

He quickly left the room, and even closed the door behind him.

When Zu An disappeared, Yan Xuehen could no longer keep up her calm exterior.

She planted herself deep in the covers and rolled around inside, screaming, “AhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHH! I’m so embarrassed!”

Only after hiding in her blankets for a long time did she gradually calm down.

She sat on her bed while hugging her knees.

Her slender, jade-like fingers moved across her sleek ankles, a bashful expression appearing between her brows.

She murmured, “Why are there so many red threads connected to him…”

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door.

She was alarmed, but there was a bit of expectation in her eyes as she looked toward the door and called out, “Why did you come back”

“Looks like you didn’t die yet,” Yun Jianyue said coldly.

She had bolted away angrily before and wandered around for a long time.

In the end, she was still worried about Yan Xuehen’s injuries and had come back to take a look.

Of course, there was no way she would admit to that on the surface.

Yan Xuehen’s expression immediately turned cold.

She cursed, “Screw off!”

“Not bad, not bad.

You seem to still have enough energy to curse,” Yun Jianyue remarked.

Not only did she not get angry, her eyes lit up instead.

She said, “I guess your White Jade Sect does have some things up your sleeve.

You were able to stabilize your injuries in such a short amount of time.”

After making sure that Yan Xuehen was fine, she could now relax She calmed down, and after taunting Yan Xuehen a few times, she happily left.

Inside the room, Yan Xuehen’s expression was complicated.

How could the White Jade Sect be that amazing If not for Zu An, she might already have been finished.

Just how many times has he saved me now…

She thought about all of the things that had happened between them, and even how he had seen every single part of her body.

A red blush covered Yan Xuehen’s skin.

Sigh, how am I going to face Chuyan in the future

In the following days, Yu Yanluo led her clansmen to her mother’s statue, conducting a great ceremony of respect.

The ceremony also served as a way to declare that she was back to everyone in the Snake race.

Meanwhile, Zu An and the others took the chance to rest and recover.

The Snake race offered up many pill medicines for them.

Even though it wasn’t anything too amazing, it was still helpful toward their recovery.

They all managed to make some progress in their healing.

After the ceremony concluded, the group began their journey toward the Fiend King Court.


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