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The crowd was getting riled up, and Yuan Wenjis loss was indeed embarrassing too.

Seeing that the tides werent on his side, he could only retreat with the Yuan clan with a livid look on his face.

Wu Wei knew that there was no way to salvage the situation anymore, so he swiftly left the scene too.

He was frustrated by how Sang Hong refused to help them that he didnt even bother bidding his farewell.

Wu Qing, before leaving with her father, shot Zu An a sharp glare.

This fellow foiled our Wu clans plans.

Hmph! Ill get Pan Long and Fu Feng to think up something so as to vent this grudge!

Jiang Luofu also stood up as well.

She was planning to pose some questions to Zu An, but recalling the crowd they were standing before, it didnt seem like a good idea.

So, she decided to pose her doubts once they were back at the academy instead.

Watching as Jiang Luofu stood up, Ji Dengtu hurriedly lowered his head guiltily before walking out of the area.

At the same time, he thought about how that lad from the Yuan clan had broken his ki meridian and would surely require treatment.

Another sum of money coming into my pocket then.

Heh, little Zu An, Im liking you more and more!

After Jiang Luofu left, most of the men who had been ogling at her at this time suddenly felt that there wasnt much point to this Clans Tournament anyway, so they scattered too.

Xie Yi clasped his fist toward Sang Hong, bidding his farewell before returning back to the City Lord Estate.

Along the way, he asked Xie Xiu, “I heard that youre on good terms with him”

Xie Xiu nodded.

“We had some pleasant encounters with one another.”

“Try to get close to him in the academy.

Theres more to this child than what we see.

Even if you arent able to befriend him, you must make sure not to make an enemy out of him.

Perhaps, it might fall on him to bring the Chu clan over to our side.”

Xie Xiu was put in a spot.

“Father, its not like you dont know how I am like.

I can win over women with ease, but if you want me to get close to a man… Thats really out of my field of specialty.”

Xie Yis eyes immediately widened angrily.

“You still dare to say it aloud! You squander your time on women and cause a huge load of trouble everywhere.

Just a few days ago, Lord Zhang came over to complain on the behalf of his daughter.

Do you know how embarrassed I was”

Xie Xiu responded with a sheepish smile.

I mean, if we arent meant to be, whats the point of holding on Why do those women always act as if its the end of the world whenever we break up

At the same time, Xie Daoyun shot a glare at her younger brother before speaking gently, “Father, please leave Zu Ans matter to me.

It just so happens that I\'m curious about him too.”

Xie Xiu was nearly shocked out of his wits.

“Big sis, that fellow is a renowned moocher! You mustnt get fooled by him!”

Xie Daoyun grabbed her younger brothers ears and twisted it angrily.

“Do you think that everyone in the world is like you Besides, Im just going to consult him on music-related matters.

Why would anything happen out of that”

“I guess so,” replied Xie Xiu in agreement.

My big sister has high standards.

She once said that her husband must be wise enough to govern a city and strong enough to bring stability to the country.

A hoodlum like Zu An doesnt fit the criteria at all.

It looks like I was just worrying in vain.

After those from the City Lord Estate departed, Sang Qian rushed to his fathers side and exclaimed anxiously.

“Father, how can you declare it as Zu Ans victory What about…”

Before he could finish his words, Sang Hong had already interjected snappishly, “What else do you expect me to do then The Yuan clan is useless! With so many eyes on me, do you think that its possible for me to rule it as Zu Ans loss You should know that while the man above me wishes to deal with the Chu clan, he values the reputation and image of the royal court even more!

“Besides, I havent settled the score with you for getting involved with the creation of a casino on your own accord.

You better clean it up well!”

After berating his son, Sang Hong departed together with his subordinates with a livid face.

Naturally, he wasn\'t pleased by the results of todays tournament.

Sang Qians face darkened too.

Even though my father is a formidable figure in the royal court, he doesnt seem to care much about our clan.

If he just earns off the stipends of the royal court without looking for additional income out there, whatll happen to the rest of us

Besides, isnt this the usual practice of most officials They all have their own business out there.

My father is simply too old-fashioned and inflexible!

It was then that a gentle voice sounded in his ears.

“Is Governor Sang unwilling to help”

The light fragrance drifting across the air was more than enough to make Zheng Dans beautiful visage surface in his head.

His irritation soothed a little just by her presence.

“Yeah, you know what my father is like too.

He isnt willing to get involved in such matters.”

Zheng Dan frowned.

“What do we do then Are we really going to pay the 1,000,000 silver taels”

While the Sang clan was involved in the casino as well, most of the money was still forked out from the Zheng clans side.

If they suffered a loss, the one who would be done in more badly was still the Zheng clan.

“Of course not!” exclaimed Sang Qian!

He was still waiting to earn money off the casino, but who could have thought that a debt of 1,000,000 silver taels would come in first There was no way he could swallow that down!

He turned his gaze toward the Chu clan, and a thought suddenly surfaced in his mind.

“Say, since Zu An had to step onto the dueling ring today, dont you think that hell entrust the bet paper to his study companion in case it gets torn”

“Youre saying that we can make use of this opportunity right now to snatch the bet paper over” Zheng Dans eyes lit up.


We need to do it fast too, otherwise well have no chance to do so once they realize it,” said Sang Qian.

“Alright!” Zheng Dan immediately wrote down another bet paper before the two of them began making their way toward the Chu clan.

Not too far away, Shi Kun noticed their irregular movements and frowned.

“What are those two up to”

Snow shook her head, not knowing what was happening either.

Shi Kun harrumphed coldly.

“Now that I think of it, they were the ones who provided us with inaccurate intelligence yesterday.

They cant be colluding with the Chu clan in secret, are they”

The old man behind Shi Kun, Shi Lezhi, said, “I dont think so.

Its more likely that they have been duped.

That brat is extremely cunning.”

“What should we do from now on then” remarked Shi Kun with an awful look on his face.

Now that Zu An had made such a huge contribution to the Chu clan and reversed hisgood-for-nothing image, the Chu clan would surely view him in a different light.

Perhaps, Chu Chuyan might even fall for him!

Just thinking of Zu An becoming the Chu clans real son-in-law and holding his beloved woman in embrace was enough to fill his mind with envy.

To make things worse, the previous few assassination attempts had been foiled, which meant that the Chu clan was already on their guard.

It wouldnt be easy to kill him at all.

“Young master, its because your mind is in a fluster that you keep thinking of killing him directly.

Youve neglected the fact that we have an advantage over him,” said Shi Lezhi with a smile.

“Hm” Shi Kun hurriedly turned his gaze over.

Shi Lezhi carried on, “Right now, we wield great power in terms of politics and authority.

We can simply use our strength there to get rid of him.

Regardless of how powerful the Chu clan might be, they dont have the strength to openly oppose the royal court.

We can simply do this…”

Upon hearing the plan, Shi Kuns face swiftly cleared up in delight.

“Hahaha! It looks like wisdom does come with age! Its no wonder why my father appointed you by my side.”

Snow was also amazed by what she had heard.

Its no wonder why the number of unaffiliated cultivators is on the decline.

Those in power sure know how to play their cards well.

Those who offend them would eventually be cornered by their ploys before being plucked off.

Meanwhile, Pei Mianman walked toward Zu An with a smile and said, “Congratula…”

Before she could finish his words, Zu An suddenly rushed off while saying, “Give me a moment.”

Pei Mianmans smile immediately froze in place.

One must know that most men would get excited just to be able to say a single word to her.

Even though she had mercilessly rejected the men who tried to approach her earlier, there were still many who couldnt resist giving it a try anyway.

Right now, she was taking the initiative to approach Zu An, but the latter was actually ignoring her!

Is it because Im not charming enough, or that theres someone more attractive than me here

The only reason she could think of was that Zu An had gone to look for Chu Chuyan.

Since the latter was his wife, she could still somewhat accept it.

However, to her surprise, Zu An actually walked over to his study companion and wrapped his arm around the latter before heading to the corner to whisper with one another.

“” Pei Mianman.

Wait a moment, could it be he doesnt like women

Meanwhile, Zu An was asking anxiously, “I was too busy during this period of time that I didnt have any time to ask about it.

Which casino did you bet at this time around Thats 1,000,000 silver taels were talking about here! Im going to strike it rich!”

Unexpectedly, Cheng Shouping looked at him with a tearful face as he spoke, “Young master, I have to tell you something.

Please dont get angry.”

Zu An waved his hands and laughed heartily.

“Dont worry, Im in a good mood today! I wont get angry.”

Cheng Shouping immediately broke out into a smile as he took out the bet paper.

“I was worried that you would lose in the Clans Tournament, so I thought that it would be good if I could earn some money to console your broken soul if that happened.

Thus, I secretly betted on your loss instead.

I mean, now that we won the Clans Tournament, what does this bit of loss count as, right Arent I sharp-witted Ah Young master, why are you picking up your sword”

“Ill bloody hack you to death!” Zu An felt that if the keyboard could gather his Rage points, it would surely be beyond 9000.

How in the world did someone like Cheng Shouping manage to live to this day

It was also during then that Sang Qian and Zheng Dan rushed over and heard those words.

They immediately froze on the spot.

In the end, it turned out that its this idiot of a study companion who changed Zu Ans bet on his own accord, but the two of them foolishly changed it back for him

You have successfully trolled Sang Qian for 1024 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Zheng Dan for 1024 Rage!

Zu An was in the midst of chasing Cheng Shouping when he noticed the inflow of Rage points in his system.

Why are those two getting so angry for, especially Zheng Dan Isnt she still heads over heels for me just a moment ago

It was then that Cheng Shoupings delighted exclamation sounded in the air.

“Eh Why did the bet suddenly change Did I remember wrongly Hahaha! Young master, quick, take a look! It turns out that I betted on your victory instead!”

Cheng Shouping passed the bet paper to Zu An excitedly.

You have successfully trolled Sang Qian for 1024 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Zheng Dan for 1024 Rage!

Zu An looked at the two of them before taking the bet paper from Cheng Shoupings hand.

The bet was indeed on his victory, and the ratio was 1:100.

Seeing this, he heaved a sigh of relief.

You have successfully trolled Sang Qian for 66 66 66…

You have successfully trolled Zheng Dan for 66 66 66…

Looking at the Rage points flowing in and thinking about what Cheng Shouping said earlier, a thought arose in Zu Ans mind, and he hurriedly asked, “You said you betted on my loss yesterday”

“I didnt.” Cheng Shouping tried to laugh it off.

“Needless to say, I believed that you would win right from the start.

Why would I bet on your loss”

Like hell you believed in me!

Zu An instinctively reversed the words of the Cheng Shouping, and it came to him what had happened.

So, he turned around to look at Sang Qian and Zheng Dan with a smile and said, “It looks like I have to thank the two of you then.

If not for you changing the results of my bet back, I would have really been done in by this idiot of a study companion I have here!”

Having watched so many drama serials in his previous, he was aware of those little tricks involving special ink and the sort.

You have successfully trolled Sang Qian for 1024 Rage!

You have successfully trolled Zheng Dan for 1024 Rage!

However, the two of them maintained smiles on their faces as they said, “Young master Zu, Im afraid that I dont really get what youre saying.

Were just here to congratulate you on your victory.”

It was only a guess from Zu Ans part, but the inflow of Rage points affirmed his guess.

He shot a sharp glare at Cheng Shouping, who was looking back at him with a fawning smile.

This fellow is really untrustworthy, but his dumbness is compensated by his good luck.

It would be good if I try to take advantage of that.

He would be like a wild card I could use to throw my opponents off guard, similar to what happened this time around.

After all, even a sheet of toilet paper or a pile of dog** has its own use in this world.


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