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Chapter 1212: Thoughts Aligned

At that point, even Zu An couldn't stop the situation anymore.

He decided he might as well give up.

Either way, too many mess-ups had already happened that day, so one more wouldn’t make that much of a difference.

Yun Jianyue felt even gloomier.

What kind of a person was she She was an existence known as a reaper of death throughout the world, someone whose reputation stopped children from crying at night! And yet now, they were actually plotting against her

The worst part was that it wasn’t Zu An who had suggested it, but rather Yu Yanluo! She didn’t even know how to properly vent the resentment she was feeling.

It’s all that damn brat’s fault!

You have successfully trolled Yun Jianyue for 202 202 202…

Zu An was paying attention to the Rage points pouring in from the backend when Yu Yanluo suddenly asked, “Between Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen, which of them do you like a bit more”

Yun Jianyue had been angry at first, but she quickly perked up her ears when she heard that.

For some reason, she really cared about Zu An’s answer to the question.

He probably likes that stone cold woman a bit more, right After all, the people of this world all like her aloof and fairy-like appearance.

Zu An felt his scalp turn numb. Sis, are you trying to kill me with this question! He didn’t know how to reply at all.

Regardless of what he said, he would end up offending the other one.

Of course, Yun Jianyue was the only one there, so he could choose to lean a bit toward her.

But knowing Yun Jianyue, she would probably act all cocky in front of Yan Xuehen afterward.

At that point, he really would completely offend Yan Xuehen…

Meanwhile, Yu Yanluo had already begun to think out loud on her own.

“People all call Yun Jianyue a demon who murders without blinking an eye, while they consider Yan Xuehen a pure and sacred fairy.

But judging from my recent interactions with them, I actually feel that Yan Xuehen is a bit fiercer; Yun Jiayue is actually kinder, and she treats you better…”

Previously, she had been chased by Yan Xuehen, almost leading to her and Zu An’s deaths.

There was no way she wouldn’t feel any resentment.

Yun Jianyue smiled widely. This girl not only looks pretty, but also speaks well.

I like this person!

Zu An sighed in relief.

Thank goodness Yu Yanluo hadn’t spoken poorly of Yun Jianyue; otherwise, who knew what would happen But his expression quickly stiffened, because he could sense a beautiful silhouette in the distance quickly looking back.

Who else could it be but Yan Xuehen

He jumped in fright. Isn’t she injured right now Don’t tell me she can still hear Yu Yanluo talking behind her back from such a distance

Fortunately, Yan Xuehen stopped right outside the door.

Then, she said in a clear and cold voice, “Witch, for better or for worse, you are also a grandmaster.

Do you really need to hide behind that divider and eavesdrop on two lovers”

It turned out that after fleeing in great shame, she had suddenly realized that she had suffered so much, but had actually ended up helping Yun Jianyue.

She had become unhappier the more she thought about it, feeling that she’d failed to make a good showing.

Thus, she had decided to come back and catch Yun Jianyue off guard.

“Huh” Yu Yanluo exclaimed, stupefied.

She looked at the large divider in disbelief.

She suddenly remembered how Yan Xuehen had rubbed her bottom when she had emerged from behind the divider, almost as if she had been kicked out.

As such, it went without saying who the one hiding behind the divider was.

Seeing as she had just been exposed, Yun Jianyue walked out awkwardly and asked, “Would you believe me if I told you I went out for a walk”

Yu Yanluo was speechless. Do you think I’m an idiot

“Haha, I’ve disturbed your chat.

I’ll be leaving first,” Yun Jianyue said.

She felt that staying there would be far too awkward, so she left quickly.

She would have to get her revenge on Yan Xuehen properly after this. That woman dares to sell me out Looks like she needs a good spanking.

Soon after, Yan Xuehen let out a cry of alarm from outside.

The sound of the two women fighting gradually faded into the distance.

At any other time, Zu An really would be worried that Yun Jianyue would take the chance to just kill Yan Xuehen.

After all, they had been enemies for an entire lifetime.

But judging from their recent interactions, he knew that the two women’s relationship was special.

Yun Jianyue would only give her a beating, but wouldn’t do anything to endanger her life.

Now, the biggest headache was right before him.

He quickly began, “Yanluo, I can explain! It’s not what you’re thinking…”

A pillow hit him in the face before he could even finish his sentence.

Yu Yanluo really had completely broken down.

So many people had seen her most intimate display between lovers.

She had even talked about two of them while they were actually right there! The hardest thing to accept was that Zu An had known they were there, and yet hadn’t said anything! She had ended up making such a fool of herself as a result.

You have successfully trolled Yu Yanluo for 555 555 555…

She didn’t wait for Zu An to say anything.

She quickly put on her clothes and left without turning around.

Zu An tried to catch her, but he couldn't grab her.

He could only watch as she left.

He knew any attempt to explain himself would be useless at that point.

As such, it might be better to just let her cool off a bit first.

Sigh, just what did I do to piss everyone off

If it were just one of them, the night definitely would have been a joyful one.

But with all of them arriving together, even the seasoned Zu An couldn't juggle it all.

This is a perfect example of ‘the more people get involved, the more things get screwed up’!

Helpless to do anything else, he could only sit down on his bed, completely absorbing the rest of the Hundred Herb Pill.

Then, he took out the recording mirror and drew a special set of runes on the surface.

They were the special markings that corresponded to the Imperial Envoy’s recording mirror.

In other words, it was similar to a phone number in his previous world.

After a while, the jade surface rippled, and the ki stones in the mirror began depleting at a terrifying speed.

Zu An quickly took out a pile of ki stones from his Brilliant Glass Bead in fright.

The telephone communication in his previous world was routed through various base stations, but in this world, two recording mirrors were basically peer-to-peer and required a frightening amount of energy.

No wonder not even great clans frequently used such methods, unless they had vital, time-sensitive information.

If I came up with something like a base station and created a communication network, wouldn’t I become the richest man in the world Who would need to care about Zhao Hao and the Fiend Emperor then Both of them might have to cling to me for help then…

While Zu An was thinking beautiful thoughts, the ripples gradually calmed down.

Then, an anxious elder appeared on the screen; his expression was full of vigilance.

“Respected uncle!” Zu An quickly said in greeting.

Sang Hong was overjoyed when he saw Zu An on the other side.

He exclaimed, “It really is you!”

He had just received information that their recording stone was acting up.

It hadn’t been displaying the emperor’s runes, but rather a set of marks they had never seen before.

His first instinct had been to hang up, because the ki stone consumption of each use was tremendous.

However, he had suddenly thought of something.

He knew that the recording stone received extremely few calls; could it be Ah Zu

Fortunately, the result didn’t disappoint.

Before Zu An could even reply, Sang Hong cried furiously, “Ah Zu, just where have you gone Do you know how many people are starting to suspect you Hurry and come back!”

Zu An could sense how great the pressure Sang Hong felt was just from those few words.

He replied, “I’ve made uncle worry.

But I fear… I won’t be able to come back for quite some time.”

“Why can’t you come back Don’t tell me you’re in the fiend race territories or something” Sang Hong sneered.

This brat really was caught up in his desires. Do you not know that if news of this gets out, there won’t be a place left for you in this entire world

Zu An replied with a bitter smile, “I’m precisely among the fiend races.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have used the recording stone to contact you.”

Sang Hong was dumbstruck.

His expression suddenly changed, turning to disappointment as he asked, “You followed Yu Yanluo to the fiend race territories”

She really is a femme fatale! He actually abandoned everything for the sake of that woman! What about Little Qien, then What about Zheng Dan What about our Sang Clan!

Zu An knew that Sang Hong had misunderstood.

He quickly explained, “Uncle, it's not what you’re thinking.

Everything happened too suddenly…” Then, he described all his encounters in the Yu clan’s mines.

Sang Hong’s eyes widened.

He asked, “You were all buried inside”

The Yu clan’s mines collapsing had even made countless buildings in Cloudcenter Commandery collapse.

It was easy to imagine just how dangerous it would have been right in the center of all that.

“Fortunately, there was a transport formation in the depths of the mine, so we were able to escape…” Zu An trailed off, still feeling lingering fear.

He had almost been buried there forever!

“Wait, you said White Jade Sect’s Sect Master Yan was with you” Sang Hong asked, suddenly realizing something.

“It isn’t just her.

The Devil Sect’s Yun Jianyue is here too,” Zu An replied.

He and Sang Hong were already destined to share honor and disgrace together.

There was no need to hide things from him.

Sang Hong’s face turned entirely red.

He wanted to say something several times, but in the end, he could only exclaim, “You’re really incredible!”

His reaction wasn’t surprising.

After all, which man in this world could have both the White Jade Sect’s Yan Xuehen and the Devil Sect’s Yun Jianyue at their side Not even the current emperor could achieve that!

After thinking about it, Sang Hong said, “This is an extremely rare opportunity.

You can use this time to capture Yan Xuehen.

No, you must do it!”

Zu An was dumbfounded.


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