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Chapter 1209: Fell Down

“That’s a bit inappropriate, isn’t it” Zu An replied, feeling a bit embarrassed.

He guiltily felt an urge to look toward the wardrobe and the screen divider, but for fear that Yu Yanluo might notice something, he restrained himself with great difficulty.

“What’s inappropriate about that It’s not as if there are outsiders here,” Yu Yanluo said.

Zu An didn’t even know how to respond.

He couldn't just tell her that there were actually a few other women there, could he Seeing that Zu An kept acting embarrassed, Yu Yanluo just assumed he was being shy.

She didn’t say anything and just helped him directly.

“Ah…” Zu An couldn't stop her in time.

He felt extremely awkward.

Inside the wardrobe, Little White and Little Blue’s eyes widened.

Their clan leader was like a goddess to them, and yet she was actually so direct and straightforward in such matters

Just how great is big brother Zu’s charm

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue inadvertently looked away.

They harrumphed, thinking to themselves that fiend race women were fiend race women after all.

The women here acted without any sense of bashfulness! But even though they didn’t stare at it, their grandmaster-level divine senses were powerful.

The scene from earlier in the day quickly surfaced in their minds.

Both of them blushed deeply.

Yu Yanluo didn’t think too much about the situation.

Instead, when she saw the wounds on Zu An’s legs, tears began to flow.

She murmured, “Your injuries were so serious, and yet you didn’t say anything.”

The Golden Crow Crown Prince’s immeasurable sword ki wasn’t so easily blocked.

Zu An’s legs were covered in sword scars.

It was only thanks to his body’s toughness that he hadn’t been diced up into mincemeat.

Yu Yanluo felt incredibly sorry for him and carefully helped him apply the ointment.

Zu An gently stroked her beautiful hair, a warm feeling surging within him.

He said, “Don’t worry, it just looks bad.

It’s just a flesh wound.”

“Even in this kind of situation, you’re still trying to act tough” Yu Yanluo couldn't help but feel a bit upset.

She said, “It’s all because of those two women that you did all this.

Just what kind of figures are they Why would you have to fight for them I really don’t know what I would do if something happened to you…”

Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen gritted their teeth. I see how it is, Medusa.

Talking behind other people’s backs isn’t what a noble should do!

Zu An explained, “You know they’re injured.

They might have been in danger if I hadn’t stepped up.”

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue felt warm inside when they heard that. This guy is normally pretty frivolous, but he’s actually reliable when it matters.

At that moment, both of them felt strange.

They were normally so strong that they had already forgotten what it felt like to be protected by someone else.

Now, Zu An had risked his life to protect them.

They felt extremely conflicted.

Yu Yanluo quietly helped Zu An apply the medicine.

Suddenly, her cheeks turned red and she said, “You’re already so injured, and yet you’re still so indecent.”

Zu An felt wronged.

With Yu Yanluo breathing next to him so gently, how could he possibly still control himself

Afterward, Yu Yanluo clearly began to move faster, quickly treating the wounds on Zu An’s legs.

After that, she got up with a red face and said, “Get some rest.

I won’t disturb you anymore.”

However, Zu An felt a bit reluctant and instinctively grabbed her hand.

Yu Yanluo hadn’t stood up all the way, and quickly sat back down after that motion.

Her cheeks turned redder and redder as she said, “Don’t be like that.

You’re still injured.”

Zu An moved over to her ear and said quietly, “You know what method I used to heal you.

That method not only heals others, but also heals me.”

A powerful swirl of emotions filled Yu Yanluo.

The two of them had just confirmed their relationship; for her, this was like a honeymoon period.

They had been in a cave before, and under the urging of Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue, they’d had to wrap things up in a rush.

Now, she could finally relax a bit.

“Ah Zu~” she exclaimed, misty-eyed.

Now that they were in a private situation without anyone else watching, she instinctively offered up her red lips.

Zu An was completely enchanted by her sweet aura.

He had been able to experience in reality something that countless other men could only dream of doing.

Inside the wardrobe, Little White and Little Blue’s breaths quickened, but they didn’t think that anything was inappropriate about the situation.

After all, deep down in their hearts, they had already acknowledged Zu An as the clan leader's man.

Now that the clan leader was acting so intimately, they actually felt a bit excited.

But Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue thought otherwise.

What the hell is this brat trying to do!

He knows we’re still here, and yet he still dares to do such things Absolute nonsense!

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 444 444 444…

You have successfully trolled Yun Jianyue for 444 444 444…

Zu An only came to his senses when he saw the incoming Rage points. I’m done for! I actually forgot that there were still other people here!

He quickly tried to push Yu Yanluo aside, but to his surprise, her body had become completely soft and flexible, remaining pressed up right against him.

“Wait…” Zu An began.

He never would have expected to be the one saying such a thing.

“What is it” Yu Yanluo replied.

She had her arm around his neck, her beautiful eyes full of tenderness.

“Um…” Zu An trailed off, feeling a bit lost for words.

He didn’t know how to explain things to her.

Yu Yanluo just smiled sweetly and took the initiative to kiss him again.

Zu An had always read the phrase ‘lying in his arms like a beautiful snake woman’ in the light novels he used to read online, but had never really thought much of it.

Now, he finally understood what kind of an experience it really was.

It truly was a wonderful feeling, and such passion was impossible for any man to resist.

“Wait… Wait a second.” Zu An had to use an incredible amount of willpower in order to push her away.

He was wondering how he was going to explain himself, but Yu Yanluo’s face turned deathly pale and her passionate eyes were filled with tears.

Zu An began to panic, asking, “What’s wrong”

Yu Yanluo didn’t say anything.

She pulled up her clothes to cover her spotlessly white skin, then silently walked outside.

Zu An was now really alarmed.

He immediately took her into his arms and said, “Yanluo, please tell me what’s wrong.”

Yu Yanluo finally couldn't take it.

She said, “I’ve never acted like this toward  someone before.

This is the first time, but you didn’t like it.”

She hadn’t felt much the first time she was rejected, but this had happened two times in a row.

Was there really a man who would do such a thing in this world It could only mean one thing, then: He didn’t like her anymore.

She suddenly thought of some books Maid Xing had bought; they all said men were fickle and disloyal people.

They would treat someone with endless affection and gentleness, but once they got what they wanted, that someone would be abandoned just like that.

She had previously scoffed at that saying, but now, she really did believe it.

She wasn’t such a self-conscious person usually, but she cared about him too much.

Even though she wasn’t willing to believe that Zu An was that kind of person, she was still incredibly broken-hearted.

When Zu An saw the pearl-like tears in her eyes, he knew he had really hurt her.

He quickly helped her wipe away her tears, trying to explain, “You’ve misunderstood! It’s just that there’s a certain reason I can’t explain… Forget it, you might find out soon.”

He couldn't be bothered with that anymore.

Cheering Yu Yanluo up again was the most important thing.

He rained kisses down on her perfect cheeks.

At first, Yu Yanluo was still hurt and refused him.

But even though she was mature in terms of age, she had no experience at all in this field.

How could she possibly be a match for Zu An’s courting methods

Her previously stiff body softened once again.

Her teary eyes also gradually regained their brilliance.

She felt a slight chill envelop her body as her clothes fell to the ground.

She suddenly felt a bit unhappy, thinking, Why is he so good at this…

But she couldn’t focus on that.

For some reason, she felt as if she were being watched.

Just then, she lowered the curtains off to the side.

As the red curtains fell, a faint, hushed voice cried out.


The wardrobe suddenly fell down.


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