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Chapter 1173: Two Grandmasters Admit Defeat

Zu An had been worrying about how he would get rid of those deathworms.

After all, they came and went freely underground, making them pretty much impossible to track.

The mother worm was easier to locate, but the small worms were extremely troublesome to find.

Now, they seemed to have saved him quite a bit of time.

The mother worm seemed to have called over its subordinates to help it get rid of the poison.

Of course, because of the huge disparity in strength and difference in their body size, one or two ordinary worms couldn't do much at all.

That was why the mother worm had released large amounts of pheromones.

The worms scattered throughout the mine had sensed the pheromones and rushed over wildly in a frenzy.

They didn’t care how many of their companions were there at all, and still did their best to cram their way inside.

Zu An’s group felt their scalps go numb when they saw the endless worms.

They were even starting to feel a bit claustrophobic.

As he watched the worms mating furiously, Zu An’s expression was strange.

Were these worms its subordinates or its offspring If they were its offspring, then…

But the world of bugs had always been pretty messy to begin with, and that kind of thing wasn’t all that strange.

He wasn’t in the mood to think about any ethical issues involving these strange bugs, and instead noticed that the worms lying off to the side weren't moving at all.

“Sucked dry” Zu An had a strange expression. This mother worm really is vicious! After mating, she even sucked their essence dry.

The mother worm didn’t seem to have any intention of stopping, even after having sucked so many of the smaller worms dry already.

The ordinary worms continued to throw themselves at her one after the other, seemingly not scared at all.

It was as if sharing in her burden was the highest honor.

However, that was fine as well.

It saved the group the trouble of eliminating the worms one by one.

Zu An had originally worried that the drugs would be ineffective.

He hadn’t expected them to actually be so deadly while mixed together.

If a human ingested all of them, what would happen then I have to do some research later and see just what ratio I should mix them in to magnify the effects to the greatest degree…

Ahem, this is purely for the sake of science!

Even though the place was extremely dark, they were all experts.

They could still piece together the scene in their minds.

“Use this chance to attack it!” Yan Xuehen exclaimed.

Her expression was a bit unnatural.

The scene had clearly delivered a huge blow to her usually incorruptible self.

Zu An said quietly, “Let’s wait a bit longer.”

Yan Xuehen was stunned. This guy really is shameless! He even wants to watch a group of worms mate

You have successfully trolled Yan Xuehen for 37 37 37…

Forget about her, even Yun Jianyue and Yu Yanluo looked at him with raised eyebrows, their expressions strange.

Zu An quickly noticed that their thoughts were going in the wrong direction.

He explained, “Have you all not noticed that those ordinary bugs die after being sucked dry We should use this to get rid of the worms hidden all over the mines.

Otherwise, if we get rid of the mother worm and those other worms go into hiding, we might not be able to find them anymore.

After some time passes, they might reproduce on their own, and a new mother worm might appear.”

Yan Xuehen, Yun Jianyue, and Yu Yanluo weren’t stupid.

They quickly realized that waiting a bit longer was the best choice.

“What if there are other female worms that haven’t crossed over After all… After all…” Yan Xuehen trailed off, too embarrassed to continue.

Yu Yanluo said with a smile, “Sect Master Yan, for species like them, oftentimes, only the leader is female.

As long as the leader remains, there is no chance of their race producing a second female.

Only when the female is gone do the other worms fight against each other.

One of them then changes sexes and becomes the new mother worm.

That is why Ah Zu’s concern is reasonable.

If we do not use this chance to get all of the worms in one place, they will multiply and become a huge population again.”

She understood this kind of thing a bit better than humans would.

She had the Medusa bloodline within her, after all.

“So that was it.

Then let us wait for a bit longer,” Yan Xuehen said.

Even though she wasn't used to such scenes, she still acknowledged their explanations.

Yun Jianyue said with a sneer, “What are you acting all innocent for It’s just some worms in heat, and yet you already look as if you can’t take it.”

Yan Xuehen shot back in annoyance, “Demoness, do you always have to go against me”

Yun Jianyue harrumphed.

“It’s your fault for always looking all pure and spotless.

I don’t like it.”

“You!” Yan Xuehen’s look turned cold.

Her hand was already on her sword hilt.

Zu An quickly stood between them and asked “Can you two not fight right now What if you end up alerting that mother worm Everything will be over then!”

In any other situation, they would already have been discovered by that mother worm.

But because it was overwhelmed with pleasure, its concentration had become much weaker.

That was why their group could just watch leisurely from one side.

Yun Jianyue and Yan Xuehen naturally knew how critical the situation was.

They both harrumphed and looked away, both of them thinking, Out of sight, out of mind.

Just like that, they continued to silently observe the scene.

In order to avoid being noticed, they hid behind a dirt mound and only peeked out slightly to see what was happening on the other side.

They were all close together, so Zu An felt several soft sensations and incredible fragrances around him.

The blazing hot, slightly dangerous sensation clearly belonged to Yun Jianyue.

The sweet scent, like that of orchids within a valley brought over by a gentle breeze, was Yan Xuehen’s.

The faint, elegant, and yet dignified fragrance was Yu Yanluo’s.

Zu An might have been the only one in history who could enjoy their scents so close up.

He was even starting to admire himself.

He had actually managed to recognize every single one of them through his nose alone.

Was this the legendary skill of female scent detection

But he noticed that the women around him were all breathing somewhat heavily.

He wasn’t sure if it was because of the worms copulating in the distance, or because they noticed that he had been sniffing softly.

But what was unexpected was that not a single one of them spoke out to criticize him.

As he was surrounded by softness and several wonderful scents, he felt that waiting for a bit wasn’t so bad at all…

Two hours passed.

“Why aren’t they finished yet!” Yan Xuehen exclaimed.

Her face was entirely red.

No one would dare to bring up such things before her normally, let alone display it in front of her! She had already endured the embarrassment for a long time, and her eyes were about to turn sore.

And yet, there were no signs of the situation ending at all!

The worst part was that the person next to her was just way too close.

Even though his hands remained where they should,  he sniffed from time to time, clearly taking in her scent.

It made her feel as if she were being violated, even though such a thing had clearly never happened.

The worst part was that she realized that she didn’t even seem to be too against it… For those reasons, her entire body had become more and more sensitive, until she finally couldn't take it anymore.

Yun Jianyue gave Zu An a look of confusion and asked, “That drug of yours actually has a prolonged effect”

Even though she came from the Devil Sect and had heard of these things, she had never personally experienced anything of the sort.

That was why her knowledge of them really wasn’t all that much better than Yan Xuehen’s.

She had obviously noticed what Zu An was doing with his nose.

Even though she was a bit embarrassed, she merely thought of it as the effect of her own charm.

At the same time, she thought to herself that she’d have to look for a good chance to properly teach this brat a lesson.  He actually dares to even have such thoughts about me! But in front of the other women, she decided to leave him with a bit of dignity.

Zu An was sweating buckets.

He had no idea how to explain himself.

Suddenly, Yu Yanluo spoke up.

“It’s actually quite normal.

Many species… do those things for quite long.

For example, when the Snake race copulates, they can often continue for many hours on end.”

When she finished speaking, she was stunned.

She discovered that the others had all turned to look at her, their expressions extremely strange.

Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue were especially shocked, looning as if they were ashamed of their inferiority.

Yu Yanluo immediately realized what was going on.

Her face turned entirely red.

“I’m not talking about myself… Just ordinary Snake race individuals… I have mostly human blood inside me…”

But the more she tried to explain, the more she panicked.

She was on the verge of tears when suddenly, a gentle palm took her hand.

When she felt Zu An’s comforting touch, she felt even more embarrassed. Did I scare him away…

Back then, wasn’t mother a full Medusa And yet father still married her…

But she couldn't really explain such things.

Her entire face became red, and she looked almost as if smoke were about to emerge from the top of her head.

The others’ expressions were strange as their thoughts went in all sorts of directions.

They continued to hide and observe the situation, however.

Another two hours passed, and they were all on alert.

It’s almost time!

There were deathworm corpses everywhere.

Only a few worms were left tangling around the mother worm.

Zu An said quietly, “Wait here.

I’m going to head over, and will come back soon.” He intended to try an ambush.

The mother worm was still overcome by lingering pleasure, so its vigilance would be much lower than usual.

He didn’t need them to distract it.

“Be careful!” The women all spoke up in unison.

Then, they looked at each other with unnatural expressions.

Why did they suddenly feel like sisters sending off their husband

Yu Yanluo didn’t mind too much.

She had already confirmed her relationship with Zu An.

Yan Xuehen, on the other hand, was vexed by her own changing feelings.

She was starting to wonder whether she really had been done in by his strange method or if she really had accidentally ended up liking him.

Yun Jianyue also felt extremely uncomfortable. What is wrong with me Why do I feel so awkward

Zu An thus used ‘Hidden in the Dark’ to quickly approach the massive mother worm.As soon as he approached, a nauseating smell filled his nostrils.

However, he remained unfazed, his resolute expression completely unchanging as he arrived next to the mother worm.

He even personally examined the deathworm corpses scattered all over.

There were some whose mandibles and feelers were still trembling a bit, but their essence had already been sucked dry.

They weren’t going to survive.

Only when he was closer did he notice that the mother worm’s stomach was several times larger than before.

Its body also squirmed continuously.

Just then, eggs slowly came out of it one after another.

Every single one was around the size of a basketball, and they were covered in viscous liquid.

The eggs quickly piled up like a small mountain.

In the distance, the women were all shocked. Isn’t this a bit too fast

It just had intercourse with all of those worms, right And yet it already got pregnant and gave birth

When she saw Yan Xuehen and Yun Jianyue turn toward her with strange expressions, Yu Yanluo was embarrassed and annoyed.

She protested, “Why are you all looking at me!”


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