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Chapter 1128: Business Deal

Zu An frowned.

He had never expected such a result.

He had really never imagined that the death of Big Manman’s mother would really have something to do with Yu Yanluo! But if that really was the case, he couldn't let down Manman here.

Suddenly, Yu Yanluo smiled and said, “Look at how scared you are.

Miss Pei must be quite important to you.

Do not worry; her mother’s death has nothing to do with me.

Furthermore, I believe it has nothing to do with my mother either.”

Zu An was confused.

He asked, “Then why would you say that just now”

Yu Yanluo looked at him with a complicated expression, replying, “Can I not tease you once in a while But the result leaves me a bit brokenhearted.”

Zu An was speechless.

He realized that Yu Yanluo knew what he had decided from his change in expression.

Fortunately, Yu Yanluo broke the silence at a critical time.

“According to what you are saying, the poison her mother suffered from was exclusive to the Medusa King race.

That was what I was confused about at first.

But thinking about it, I never harmed her mother, and there is even less of a chance that my mother would have had any dealings with her.”

“That’s good then.” Zu An sighed in relief.

He continued, “Then what I’m the most worried about now is how I am going to save you.”

Yu Yanluo shook her head and replied, “I have already received your good intentions.

However, the way things are, it would be far too dangerous for you to save me.

The fact that you can help my clansmen escape this city already leaves me endlessly grateful; how can I make you take that kind of risk”

Zu An’s mood was extremely heavy.

He replied, “Then I’ll bring Maid Xing and the others to safety first before thinking about anything else.”

They both exchanged some information, then Zu An bid her goodbye.

After all, the longer Maid Xing and the others remained in the city, the more dangerous it would be for them.

“My husband!” Yu Yanluo suddenly called out to him emotionally after he had just taken a few steps.

Zu An turned around in shock.

Yu Yanluo’s face was entirely red, her fingers sticking through the cell bars.

She was worried that Yan Xuehen might hear her, which was why she didn’t dare to call him by his real name.

Even so, the incredibly sweet voice she had called out with just then was shocking.

“Thank you,” Yu Yanluo said.

Her eyelashes trembled slightly.

She was too embarrassed to even meet Zu An’s gaze.

Zu An laughed straightforwardly and replied, “Just how many times have you thanked me already You do not have to do that, because I am your man, hahaha…” He disappeared through the entrance, leaving behind a trail of laughter.

Yu Yanluo’s face heated up.

She could almost hear the sound of her own heart pounding.

She couldn't help but recall that young man she had met back on Brightmoon City’s outskirts.

He had just been like a newborn calf back then, shouting noisily about how he was going to become her man.

She had only treated it as a joke back then.

Now, however, when she heard similar words, even though he had done so using Jian Yanyou’s identity so that Yan Xuehen wouldn’t think anything was strange, why did she feel so embarrassed

As Zu An exited the prison, Yan Xuehen was standing outside expressionlessly.

Even though she did her best to maintain her calm and collected appearance, Zu An still saw the discontent between her brows.

He smiled in her direction, saying, “I have troubled the sect master.”

Yan Xuehen was speechless.

She felt terrible.

She wanted to say something, and yet she felt that commenting would ruin her image in front of other people, so she just swallowed her words back down.

She only forced out a cold grunt before turning around and leaving.

Xu Yu was waiting outside anxiously.

He sighed in relief when he saw the two of them come out.

Yan Xuehen gave him a nod and said, “I have already asked what I needed to ask.

I hope you can all consider Cloudcenter Commandery’s ordinary people when you express opinions, and to not rashly resort to arms.”

She rose into the air and disappeared into the horizon after she finished speaking, not waiting for any responses from anyone.

Her long hair fluttered around, her white dress pure as snow.

She was too beautiful; the onlookers sighed in amazement as they watched her leave.

Farther out, the commoners even thought they had seen a goddess.

Some even kneeled down excitedly to pray toward the direction she was flying in.

Zu An raised his head and stared in Yan Xuehen’s direction for a bit.

He frowned, thinking, This woman’s taste is really questionable… She actually wears pants under her dress What’s the point in even wearing a dress at that point

Yan Xuehen sensed something and instinctively brought her legs closer together.

She turned around to look beneath her in confusion, but she didn’t know what was wrong either, so she could only speed up and leave as soon as possible.

Zu An jumped in fright when he saw her turn around. Are the senses of a grandmaster really that ridiculous! Looks like I have to be more careful next time I make fun of her.

Xu Yu’s voice interrupted his thoughts.

“I believe that the duke is at ease now, yes We have treated Madam Yu with great courtesy and without any negligence.”

Zu An harrumphed.

“I hope to treat Sir Xu with such courtesy in our Duke Manor one day too.”

Xu Yu didn’t get upset and replied, “I will definitely pay the duke a visit next time.”

Since the other party wasn’t slipping up at all, Zu An couldn't really act out either.

He said, “Sir Xu, do not blame me for becoming hostile if even a single hair is missing from Yanluo’s head.”

Xu Yu knew that there was no danger left.

He said with a smile, “Even if the duke does not trust me, you should trust Sir Sang.

He will be watching over her as well.”

Sang Hong cursed inwardly. This old fox is clearly trying to drag me into the water too! But with the way things were, he could only step forward and say, “Indeed, I will definitely ensure Madam Yu’s safety.”

Only then did Zu An harrumph and storm off as if he were upset.

The Military Affairs Manor’s generals and the Jian clan’s people sighed in relief.

They had been worried that there might really be conflict and that they would have to fight against each other.

They would really be in a bad situation then.

The Yu clan people were comparatively more disappointed, but they couldn't bring themselves to publicly go against the court and the emperor either.

Once they returned to the Duke Manor, a group of people went over to dissuade Zu An from acting again.

They even brought up the time when Brightmoon Duke’s army had been suppressed by the Imperial Edict.

They were worried that their duke would act on impulse and lead troops over to attack the Martial Affairs Manor again.

If that happened, it would be hard to ensure the safety of their people back home.

The entire commandery would be in chaos.

Zu An knew that those subordinates had been scared badly by the Imperial Edict.

He wasn’t in the mood to talk to them, so he had them leave after saying a few things.

By the time he returned to the rear courtyard, Chu Ji had already returned.

Zu An told the two women what had just happened.

The two women immediately felt despair when they learned that Xu Yu had an Imperial Edict.

However, Zu An consoled them and said, “There is no need for you to worry.

Saving your clansmen is the most important thing right now.

That was what the madam was most worried about as well.”

Chu Ji told him that she had already contacted her clansmen and told them not to act recklessly.

They were all preparing to leave the city.

At the same time, she mentioned that there were troops looking everywhere for them, and they wouldn’t be able to hide forever if that continued.

Looks like we need to move quickly.

The longer we drag things out, the more dangerous it will become, Zu An thought to himself.

Maid Xing said worriedly, “Xu Yu will definitely have his men watch the Duke Manor.

Your respected self will be in trouble if you show yourself like this!”

If Zu An escorted the Snake race out of the city and was caught doing so, that would be absolute proof of collusion with the fiend races.

At that time, forget about saving Yu Yanluo, even a duke like him would be put behind bars.

“Exactly! I only noticed it just now when I came back.

There are a lot more soldiers in the surroundings,” Chu Ji also said worriedly.

“There is someone who can help us.

You should all rest for now; I am going to make a trip,” Zu An said, then got up to leave.

Zu An left through the secret passage to avoid prying eyes.

Then, he found a chance to change his appearance.

Soon afterward, he arrived at a residence.

When he arrived, servants quickly brought him in, taking him to see a woman with a charming appearance.

She wasn’t surprised to see him at all, instead giggling as she said, “I’ve been waiting for you for soooo long already! Why did it take you that long”

Zu An was stunned.

He asked, “You knew I was coming”

The woman was none other than Tang Tian’er, the young miss of the Zhenyuan Merchant Group.

“Something happened to Yu Yanluo, and you’re her little sweetheart.

How can you not be worried” Tang Tian’er replied as she leisurely prepared some tea.

Zu An’s face darkened.

He shot back, “What ‘little sweetheart’ We’re only friends.”

“Really” Tang Tian’er didn’t express her opinion as she poured some hot water over tea leaves.

She tossed away the first batch, then added some things from different containers.

Only then did she bring a cup over to Zu An.

She said, “You should try a bit of our Cloudcenter Commandery’s specialty, Honey Mint Tea.

How is it”

Zu An wasn’t scared of poison anyway, so he raised the cup and took a sip.

He immediately sighed in amazement, saying,“The style is totally different from that of the Central Plains, but it’s full of fragrance.

Its taste is just as sweet as the lady's.”

Seeing that he drank what she had given him without any hesitation, Tang Tian’er had a big smile on her face.

She said, “The young master always knows how to make a young lady happy.

No wonder Madam Yu treats you differently from other men.

Unfortunately, this cup of tea tastes sour to me.”

“Sour” Zu An frowned.

He gave it another taste, and yet he couldn't taste the slightest bit of sourness.

Tang Tian’er sighed and remarked, “The young master doesn’t even think about me at all, and he’s only seeking me out because of another woman.

How can I not feel sour at heart”

Zu An was speechless.

He exclaimed, “Are you getting lost in your own lies When have the two of us ever had anything”

“Oh my, I’ll feel brokenhearted if you say that, you know” Tang Tian’er replied, looking as if she were about to cry.

Zu An felt his scalp go numb.

He asked, “Can you talk properly, please”

“Hmph, what a heartless man.

Since you don’t cherish old feelings, we’ll just treat this like official business,” Tang Tian’er replied, then returned to her usual appearance.

There weren’t any signs of her previous laughter and tears as she continued, “You want me to help you, but I have to make it clear that first of all, I don’t have the ability to save Yu Yanluo.”

Zu An said seriously, “I obviously wouldn’t make you take risks like that.

I just wanted to send some goods out of the city through your merchant group’s channels.”

“Are they goods or people” Tang Tian’er asked with an ambiguous smile.

However, she didn’t wait for him to answer and continued, “That’s not impossible, but what’s in it for me”


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