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Chapter 1126: Do Whatever They Please

Xu Yu’s expression changed and he asked, “Duke, do you know that you are rebelling right now”

Zu An said indifferently, “I only know that I am saving my wife.

Since she has not harmed the people or disrespected the royal family, and you alone are blaming her, how is this considered a rebellion”

Xu Yu said, “All the other officials have seen the proof already.

They know the entire sequence of events.

But since the duke refuses to see the proof, there is not much I can do.”

Zu An cut him off and replied, “If his majesty has not looked over the matter, and if the court’s three ministers have not held a joint hearing, there is naturally no crime.

With her status and identity, how can she be someone you can punish and arrest just because of your personal beliefs” He continued, “Go and ask if the Yu clan’s people agree, if the Jian clan’s people agree, and even if the people of Cloudcenter Commandery agree!”

His subordinates roared when they heard that, their voices louder than ever.

The expressions of all the officials present changed.

Even Sang Hong began to think to himself. The Jian and Yu clans’ influence is great.

Even though many important figures from both clans were removed from their positions, it isn’t enough to affect the balance of power too much.

Furthermore, the Jian and Yu clan had always had good reputations among the people.

Yu Yanluo in particular had the greatest popularity among the people.

If there really were a conflict, there would be some risk of Cloudcenter Commandery being split apart.

Sang Hong was about to step forward to act as a mediator, when Xu Yu suddenly waved his hand and a yellow item appeared in his hands.

He said, “Who says his majesty does not know about this This is an Imperial Edict his majesty gave me.

He gave me the authority to deal with the matter of Yu Yanluo’s fiend race identity!”

The others cried out in alarm when they saw the yellow edict.

Even the Jian and Yu clan’s people looked at each other in dismay as a clamor broke out.

Zu An’s expression darkened.

He had had a similar edict before, so he obviously knew this one was real.

He had always been curious as to who the one behind Xu Yu was.

Now, it turned out to have actually been the emperor.

Who would’ve thought, who would’ve thought… It looked as if he had sent me and Sang Hong here as the Imperial Envoy to deal with the Yu clan, but he had already arranged for Xu Yu to deal the fatal blow at the crucial time, he thought.

He had to admit the emperor’s decision was formidable.

It had completely caught him off guard.

Xu Yu raised the Imperial Edict for everyone to see.

Then, he looked at Zu An, saying, “Duke, please do not make this huge mistake all because of a woman.”

Before Zu An even had time to reply, his subordinate generals had already stepped forward to whisper to him, worried that he might make a rash decision.

“Duke, please keep your composure!”

“Exactly! Since his majesty has already issued an edict, there might really be something wrong with Madam Yu.”

“There is no need for us to ruin the Jian clan as well because of the Yu clan’s affairs…”

Zu An looked at his subordinates.

None of them were as confident as before.

Fear flickered in their eyes.

Even the people from the Yu clan had lost all courage, clearly becoming devoid of morale.

It seemed the emperor's power had already been deeply ingrained in the hearts of the people.

They had all immediately lost their confidence when they realized they were facing the emperor.

He was just about to tell them that he’d shoulder all of the responsibility when a chill suddenly swept through the air, followed by a faint fragrance.

That scent was extremely graceful.

It wasn’t the scent of any of the fragrances one could buy off the streets; rather, it resembled a natural fragrance.

Zu An frowned, thinking, Why did she show up

The smell was extremely familiar; it belonged to White Jade Sect Master Yan Xuehen.

That old spinster was always trying to break him and Chu Chuyan apart, and on several occasions they had almost faced each other as enemies.

That was why he didn’t have much of a good impression toward her.

But that wasn’t how the others felt.

They all voiced their surprise, their eyes filled with amazement.

Even though there was a veil covering her face, just her fair white skin and moving eyes were enough to prove that she was an exceptional beauty.

Her entire figure looked even more stunning because she was floating in midair.

Her white clothes fluttered behind her, making her look like a goddess.

Many ordinary soldiers really did call her a goddess.

Even many officials who were no strangers to women were inwardly surprised that there was actually someone else who was comparable to Yu Yanluo.

Even Zu An had to admit that even though this stone cold woman was a bit annoying, she was quite pretty.

In terms of appearance, Yun Jianyue wasn’t inferior to her, but Yun Jianyue was the Devil Sect Master.

She carried a somewhat more vicious aura, making her more unapproachable.

Yan Xuehen’s aura was ephemeral, and yet somehow more approachable, making ordinary people worship her like a goddess, while Yun Jianyue’s aura wasn’t.

“Sect Master Yan!” Xu Yu exclaimed.

He was one of Cloudcenter Commandery’s authorities, so he knew who Yan Xuehen was.

Even Sang Hong greeted her.

Even though Yan Xuehen didn’t have any rank or post, her grandmaster rank cultivation made her far too important.

Xiao Yao’s eyes that were usually turbid from drinking lit up, as if he were eager to try challenging her.

It seemed almost as if he couldn't hold his sword back and was about to have a taste of a grandmaster’s skills himself.

Yan Xuehen remained indifferent.

She didn’t respond to his provocative expression at all, looking at him no differently from an ordinary person.

Then, she nodded slightly to the others as a courtesy before saying, “I heard that something major happened here, so I wanted to come and take a look.

I have heard most of the story along the way.

In order to prevent Cloudcenter Commandery’s common people from being caught up in chaos, can both sides stop here as a favor for me” Then, she looked at both parties with her beautiful eyes.

Xu Yu frowned.

Even though he was holding the Imperial Edict in his hands, he didn’t have the confidence to really go against a grandmaster.

With her cultivation, she could easily end his life before he could finish chanting the Imperial Edict.

Even if he took a thousand steps back and assumed he could manage to use the Imperial Edict, his majesty would definitely blame him afterward.

After all, he would have offended a grandmaster and the powerful sect behind her.

He would be blamed for doing a poor job no matter what.

Furthermore, the Jian and Yu clan’s forces couldn't be ignored.

If they really did fight against each other, the situation would easily go beyond his control.

He instantly understood all of that.

Thus, he smiled and said, “Sect Master Yan is a compassionate person, and a model for our generation.

How can this official disregard the safety of the commoners and raise arms However, I am not alone in this matter, so I cannot make the decision here.”

Zu An praised Xu Yu inwardly. This old fox immediately threw a thorn at me, making it so that if I persist in this matter, it’ll seem as if I don’t care about the common people.

Yan Xuehen also gave him a look and asked, “What does the duke think”

With things the way they were, Zu An knew that using force was already impossible.

Forget about the imperial decree, just Yan Xuehen alone wasn’t someone he could defeat.

He thought for a bit, then said, “I am not someone who likes to make trouble without reason.

However, the events that transpired today are a bit too excessive; everything has been presented one-sidedly by Sir Xu.

At the very least, I should be allowed to meet my wife to hear the whole story.”

Zu An wouldn’t be Zu An if he didn’t take advantage of Yan Xuehen’s presence.

Xu Yu frowned.

He obviously didn’t want Jian Yanyou to meet Yu Yanluo.

His first impulse was to reject the request.

But Yan Xuehen said, “Indeed, I have some things I wish to inquire about with Madam Yu as well.

You should come with me.”

Xu Yu’s breath caught for a moment, and he immediately felt a stomach full of anger.

At first, Yan Xuehen had at least looked as if she were discussing things with him.

And yet now, she hadn’t even asked him and had instead just made a decision for him.

Do all grandmasters just do whatever they please

I have an Imperial Edict, you know!

But those were grievances he could only bottle up.

He obviously couldn't afford to offend a grandmaster at this stage of the plan.

Thus, he said, “There will be no problem at all for the two of you to meet with Yu Yanluo.

However, we cannot permit any other followers.”

He was scared that Jian Yanyou would take the chance to grab Yu Yanluo and run.

If it were just Jian Yanyou alone, it would be easier for him to keep the situation under control.

After all, even though Jian Yanyou’s cultivation was high, he was injured.

Zu An obviously had no objections.

Thus, he walked over alongside Yan Xuehen.

Yan Xuehen didn’t want to be monitored by anyone, so Xu Yu and the others could only wait outside.

Seeing that there was no one around them, Zu An looked at the figure in white beside her. How old is this woman Her experience and prestige are greater than Yu Yanluo’s.

But she can’t be that old, can she

“What are you looking at” Yan Xuehen snapped, suddenly turning around and looking at him coldly.

The senses of a grandmaster were extremely sharp.

It was as if she had eyes in the back of her head.

Zu An said, “I am just curious as to why the sect master would help me.” He had realized that Yan Xuehen had appeared to be neutral, but she had actually slightly favored his side.

Yan Xuehen gave him a look and replied, “Why would you ask something like that The White Jade Sect and the Jian clan have worked together for so many years.

Who would I help, if not you”


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