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Chapter 1078: Heart Carved Out

“Paper Bride” Zu An exclaimed, stunned.

Even though he had spent quite some time in this world, he still didn’t know too much about many of its outstanding talents.

Seeing that Paper Bride wasn’t in a rush to make another move, Yu Yanluo explained, “Paper Bride is an infamous killer who practices evil methods.

It is rumored that on the fifteenth of each month, she finds another man to marry, then sucks his masculine energies dry.

Many cultivators from the righteous faction tried to eliminate her in the name of public justice, but even though they had clearly killed her several times, news of her devastating men would reappear soon after.

“At first, people all thought it was just someone impersonating her, but they eventually discovered that it really was her.

News of her being unkillable gradually spread, and people thus became more and more scared of her.

“Only later did they realize that she had a rather bizarre technique; she could use soldiers made of paper.

The ones they had killed were just her paper substitutes, which was where her unkillable legend came from.

However, she disappeared some years ago; I never would have expected her to have actually become a subordinate of the Peacock King clan.

“You have to be careful.

Her technique is extremely strange, so it is rumored that she has strength comparable to a master rank.”

Even though Yu Yanluo spoke quickly, her voice was still melodious and gentle, her words clear and mellow.

Listening to her voice really was a kind of enjoyment on its own.

Paper Bride laughed charmingly and said, “This pretty big sister really does know me well.

Sigh, how great would it be if I looked like big sister I wouldn’t have to find so many men to marry, I’m sure there would be countless men who would willingly throw themselves at me.”

Her voice was full of envy, as if she felt some self-pity.

But even though she wasn’t some incredible beauty, she was still attractive.

However, her strange outfit made her appearance seem somewhat eerie.

Yu Yanluo harrumphed.

She clearly didn’t want to be compared to someone like Paper Bride.

The Gray Wolf King roared angrily just then, already impatient from waiting.

It charged at Yu Yanluo and Zu An.

Yu Yanluo wanted to trap the vicious beast in the World Painting, but unfortunately, several paper cutouts fluttered around, flying in front of the Gray Wolf King and entering the painting in its place.

Seeing that the World Painting had been countered by Paper Bride’s technique, Zu An stood in front of Yu Yanluo to block the Gray Wolf King.

However, the Gray Wolf King’s momentum made him stagger even with his cultivation.

This beast was definitely stronger than the Jade Moon Serpent he had met during the crown prince’s examination.

Where did the fiend races even find such creatures

The dark elf moved, appearing from the shadows again.

He completely ignored Zu An and went straight for Yu Yanluo.

 He was clearly a bit upset that he had almost been sucked into Yu Yanluo’s painting not too long ago.

As Paper Bride continued to use her techniques, Yu Yanluo decided to just abandon her World Painting.

Instead, she took out a fine brush to face her opponent.

Zu An gave her a worried look, but her brush moved skillfully.

She quickly drew a magical diagram that blocked the dark elf’s vicious attack.

Her clothes were as white as snow, her long hair fluttering behind her.

Even while evading, her figure was graceful.

Whenever she brandished her brush, she looked elegant and unhurried.

She really looked like a beautiful woman who had come straight out of a painting, and even like a fairy from another world.

Even Kong Qing was a bit moved.

This woman really was an exceptional beauty! No wonder she had driven so many men crazy over the years.

Jian Taiding’s eyes were even wider as he was stuck in a stupor. My sister-in-law is a goddess after all…

This woman should have been mine! She should have been mine! Everything is that person’s fault!

He looked at Zu An with an extremely malicious expression.

It was because of that guy’s appearance that everything had changed.

He had lost his sisters-in-law, and the worst part was that Yu Yanluo’s relationship with Zu An was also unclear.

Now, everything he had in Cloudcenter Commandery was also about to slip away.

You have successfully trolled Jian Taiding for 798 798 798…

He really wanted the others to kill Zu An as quickly as possible.

As such, when he saw that Paper Bride was only standing in place, watching without doing anything, he couldn't help but feel irritated.

He exclaimed, “Why aren’t you doing anything!”

Paper Bride gave him a look of disdain. This guy looks like he’s already had his entire body hollowed out; there isn’t even much masculine energy left in him. She wasn’t interested in him at all.

Comparatively speaking, the young man who was fighting at the moment was flourishing with masculine energy.

In her eyes, he was just like a blazing sun; just looking at him made her entire body go soft.

She really wanted to take him into her embrace and bite down on him to suck out his life force.

As such, she didn’t pay Jian Taiding any attention and instead fixed her stare on Zu An.

A completely infatuated smile appeared on her face.

Jian Taiding was stunned.

His authority in Cloudcenter Commandery had previously been unrivaled, and he was a glorious master rank cultivator.

When had he ever been ignored like this before!

The worst part was that she was ignoring him, but seemed much more interested in Zu An.

Wasn’t that equivalent to another woman thinking he was inferior to that bastard Zu Is this woman f*cking blind!

Seeing how furious he was, Kong Qing explained with a smile, “She is a powerful cultivator who is known for both her technique and her personality.

She naturally has her own pride and will not gang up on one person.

Second master, please feel at ease.

If those two cannot win, Paper Bride will definitely interfere.”

They had still worked together for a long time, so he didn’t want to offend him for no reason either.

Even though Jian Taiding was in quite the sorry state at the moment he still had many resources at his disposal in Cloudcenter Commandery.

Perhaps they would still have to work together again in the future.

Jian Taiding’s expression eased a bit when Kong Qing personally explained the situation to him.

He cupped his hands and said, “Then I shall wait and see.”

Inwardly, however, he cursed them.

The fiend races all loved to show off.

Kong Qing wasn’t doing anything, and even his subordinate looked incredibly arrogant.

If he didn’t know any better, he would have mistaken them for grandmasters from the righteous faction. Hello Aren’t you all from the evil and nefarious factions Aren’t you guys supposed to be the ones who bully others with unscrupulous methods

But he was seriously injured at the moment, so he had to act humble and bottle all of his resentment up inside.

He looked back toward the battlefield and began to pray that the Gray Wolf King would bite that bastard Zu to death. At the very least, bite off his thing so he can’t mess with my sisters-in-law anymore.

With his master rank sight, he knew the Gray Wolf King was around the ninth rank.

Furthermore, beasts of the same rank were known to be more powerful than their human cultivator counterparts.

Even though this Zu An has some skills, he is only at the ninth rank.

I was seriously injured because he schemed against me.

I was hurt last time because I did not expect his body to be so hard…

His expression immediately stiffened as he had that thought.

The rosy expressions of Zhang Ji, as well as Liu Ji and Chu Ji, appeared in his mind.

Those women had definitely experienced that fact personally.

Suddenly, he imagined Madam Yu’s soft body being ravaged by Zu An’s iron-hard body, her entire face red as she moaned…

Aaaahhhh! Stop thinking about these things! It feels as if my heart is being carved out, f*ck!

He looked as if he had just eaten manure; his expression was incredibly warped and twisted.

As if receiving Jian Taiding’s prayers, the Gray Wolf King roared.

It continuously swiped its claws toward Zu An.

It was extremely fast.

Only a few streaks of light blue claw marks slashing through the air were visible as it attacked.

Even though Zu An’s body was tough, he wasn’t stupid enough to face his opponent head on.

He quickly evaded the attacks with his Sunflower Phantasm.

Fragments of ice flew chaotically across the floors and walls.

The cave was extremely cold, making the ice in it many times tougher than normal ice.

And yet, under the power of the Gray Wolf King, it was no different from tofu.

Even though Zu An’s movement skill was extraordinary, the Gray Wolf King was too nimble.

When he looked down, he saw that a faint mark had already been left on his clothes, right over his chest.

His skin was also stinging somewhat.

He realized it wasn’t the time to be holding back.

He split up into several copies and rushed at his opponent.

Every single Zu An looked exactly the same, and those watching couldn't tell the difference at all.

Kong Qing was astonished.

Not even a master rank cultivator like him could see through the principles of such a profound movement technique. I wonder where he learned something like that from…

No wonder the clan lord views this human male so favorably.

Jian Taiding was momentarily distracted too.

He realized that hatred had completely clouded his mind, and that he had underestimated this fellow. He is definitely not just thick-skinned; just this mystical movement technique alone makes him much stronger than other cultivators of his level.

The Gray Wolf King changed its previous leaping stance and instead spun its body several times.

The powerful winds created by the force of its claws were no weaker than sharp sword ki.

Its attacks struck everything around it; no matter which one was Zu An, it would just destroy them all.

Jian Taiding was happy to see that.

The fighting instincts of high-level beasts made them more formidable than humans after all! The Gray Wolf King had easily dealt with its opponent’s mysterious movement ability.

However,  his smile quickly froze.

Even though the illusions had been ripped to shreds by its sharp claws, there was no blood to be seen. None of them were real

“Be careful!” Jian Taiding exclaimed as he suddenly noticed something and looked toward the ceiling.

If it had been any other time, he couldn't care less if the Gray Wolf King lived or died.

But at the moment, it was his best hope of killing Zu An, which was why he had to warn it.

By the time Jian Taiding spoke, Zu An was already dropping down on the Gray Wolf King from above, his fist smashing toward its head.

Since Kong Qing had no plans to fight to the death, he didn’t want to take out the Poisonous Prick.

Otherwise, he might really end up creating a grudge between them.

“Awoooo!” The Gray Wolf King cried out in pain.

However, Zu An didn’t have any time to admire his own attack.

The wolf had turned into an ice sculpture, and his fist was freezing over at a visible rate too.

A foul smell swept over him.

The ice sculpture was still there, but the Gray Wolf King appeared next to it.

Its ferocious mouth was wide open, about to clamp down on him.


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