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Chapter 1076: Overexerting Myself for the Lord

Kong Qing gave Zu An a look, then said in a profound and meaningful voice, “Sir Zu is young and outstanding after all.

As expected, as expected.”

Zu An had a confused expression.

Why did Kong Qing’s expression look so weird Or was it his supposed eye technique

Yu Yanluo was a bit surprised.

She knew Kong Qing was famous among the fiend races for his fierce reputation.

She had worried that Zu An had angered him just then, and that he would immediately lash out.

She had even prepared to help him if that happened.

However, the other party had only replied in such a low-key manner, and there even seemed to be a hint of praise in his voice!

Jian Taiding was overjoyed, as if he had seen his savior.

He exclaimed, “Sir Kong, you came at the perfect time! These two know our secret! Hurry and kill that bastard Zu! My sister-in-law is the clan leader of the Yu clan, so the consequences of killing her would be too great.

It will be enough as long as you subdue her.”

Zu An couldn't help but laugh when he heard that.

He remarked, “Even now, you can’t stop thinking about your sister-in-law.”

Yu Yanluo blushed and shot Zu An a glare, clearly intending to chastise him for speaking so willfully.

But in Jian Taiding’s eyes, her expression looked more like flirtation.

When had his sister-in-law ever looked at him like that He felt envy and hatred toward Zu An.

You have successfully trolled Jian Taiding for 233 233 233…

Kong Qing looked at Jian Taiding.

He couldn't help but shake his head as he asked, “Commander-in-Chief Jian, how did you end up in such a sorry state” His tone carried sympathy, disappointment, and some other indeterminate feelings.

“Hmph, I was injured to begin with.

Then, that lowly person schemed against me,” Jian Taiding said.

Despite that, he still felt great regret inside.

In the end, it was still because he had been so shaken up by the imposter that he had to enter the cave to confirm things himself.

But that matter was top secret, so he obviously didn’t want anyone else to know about it.

That was why Zu An had been given such an opportunity to exploit.

Otherwise, he had a lot of subordinates in the Martial Affairs Manor, and he had great strength.

He could have gotten rid of Zu An without lifting a finger himself.

“Right, why did you suddenly show up here” Jian Taiding asked, suddenly on his guard.

Kong Qing chuckled and replied, “Why else We heard that Cloudcenter Duke had suddenly returned, and people all said he was just like the real thing.

I was so curious that I just had to take a look, but I never expected to see such a spectacular scene.”

Yu Yanluo’s eyes narrowed.

She asked, “Were you involved in the scheme against Yanyou too”

“Commander-in-Chief Jian indeed requested my assistance, but their plan was so meticulously thought out that everything had already been decided before I had to do anything,” Kong Qing replied.

He got off the Gray Wolf King and looked at Jian Yanyou’s body in the ice.

A hint of surprise appeared in his eyes, but he didn’t think too much about it as he said, “I am not saying these things as an excuse.

Cloudcenter Duke was unwilling to adapt to the times, and there were too many people who wanted him dead.

If needed, I would have done the deed without hesitation.”

Zu An retorted coldly, “All of this was just because Cloudcenter Duke wasn’t willing to become corrupt along with the rest of you That was why you eliminated him and replaced him with Jian Taiding, who was willing to cooperate with the fiend races’ smuggling”

Kong Qing gave him a look, saying, “You know quite a lot, but do you really think Jian Yanyou was that clean and pure He was the first one to work with us.”

“What!” Zu An exclaimed.

This was the first time he had heard about such a thing.

He had always assumed that Jian Yanyou had refused to cooperate with the fiend races, and that it was out of lust toward Yu Yanluo that Jian Taiding’s ambition had grown.

Zu An had thought that Jian Taiding was the one who had sought out the fiend races and eliminated Jian Yanyou.

Now, it seemed Jian Yanyou had been the first one to collude with the fiend races!


However, he made enough money over the years.

After he obtained success and recognition, he wanted to wash his hands clean and cut things off.” Kong Qing sneered and continued, “But how can something so convenient exist in this world There could be no going back after heading down this path.

He wanted to go back, so we did him a favor and finished him off.”

“Why are you explaining all these things to him Hurry up and get rid of him!” Jian Taiding exclaimed, dissatisfied.

Even Yu Yanluo found it a bit strange.

She just felt that Kong Qing’s attitude toward Zu An was somewhat unusual.

However, she still spoke up for her husband.

“Ah Zu, do not be misled by him.

I was aware of what Yanyou was doing for the past few years.

He did have some dealings with the fiend races back then, but it was within a controllable degree.

All of the world’s major clans have done underhanded things.

If we really looked into them, we would be able to find something no matter which clan we looked into.

“But later on, the fiend races’ appetites only grew stronger.

The smuggling reached a shocking scale, and even large amounts of military goods were leaving.

Yanyou was worried that something bad would happen, which was why he ended the cooperation with them.”

Zu An frowned.

Before he could say anything, however, Kong Qing smiled and remarked, “Sir Zu, I do not believe Madam Yu has told you about these things before, right”

Zu An felt somewhat disappointed.

Yu Yanluo indeed hadn’t said anything.

He had even asked her before about that.

Back then, when Yu Yanluo had been confronted on the subject of colluding with the fiend races, she had expressed extreme shock and astonishment.

Now, it seemed her acting really had just been quite good.

Yu Yanluo was about to explain, but in the end, she didn’t say anything.

Even though her relationship with Zu An was pretty good, it wasn’t on such a level that she would share all sorts of clan secrets.

Furthermore, Zu An was a member of the Imperial Envoy, and he had come to Cloudcenter Commandery to investigate a case.

How could she just tell him those things

However, it would be completely meaningless to explain those things now.

It would only cause more misunderstandings.

She sighed inwardly, a hint of worry appearing between her brows.

Jian Taiding had been watching her the whole time, so he keenly sensed the changes in her thoughts.

He was overwhelmed with jealousy. When has my sister-in-law, the number one beauty in this entire world, ever felt so conflicted over another man

She has never even treated me like that before!

You have successfully trolled Jian Taiding for 546 546 546…

Zu An suddenly asked, “Sir Kong, are you trying to drive a wedge between us You aren’t really doing a very good job.

Madam Yu and I weren’t even that close back then, and even now, I have many secrets I haven’t shared with her.

How can you blame her for something like that”

Yu Yanluo had been extremely worried, but when she heard that, a knowing smile appeared on her face.

In that instant, she was so beautiful, it seemed as if it would melt the frigid cave.

Forget about the dumbstruck Jian Taiding, even Kong Qing was stunned. This woman really is ridiculously beautiful; I do not know if the clan lord can win against her.

Kong Qing had misunderstood, assuming Zu An had a relationship with Kong Nanwu because of the peacock feather he had sensed on Zu An’s body.

It was perfectly reasonable.

He had never seen his clan lord give a keepsake to anyone else, and it was a human man who was so handsome and confident, nonetheless.

But he wasn’t someone who easily lost his composure, and he quickly snapped out of his daze.

He asked, “Then does Sir Zu know that this one at your side has also had some business dealings with us”

Sigh, I’m really going the extra mile here for the clan lord… She had better properly thank me the next time we meet.

Zu An was surprised.

He quickly looked at Yu Yanluo.

Yu Yanluo nodded and replied, “We indeed had some business dealings, but they were just for some necessary goods and medicines, and the quantity was strictly controlled.

There were no military goods involved.”

She couldn't properly explain the previous matter, but this matter was extremely important and she had to explain it clearly.

She was also starting to feel somewhat annoyed.

What was going on with Kong Qing today It felt as if he kept speaking poorly about her.

Was he trying to drive the two of them apart

Zu An fell silent for a moment.

He didn’t know why Yu Yanluo had had to engage in any smuggling with the fiend races.

For money But just the ki stone business alone is enough to make them the wealthiest clan in this world! There’s no need to take that kind of risk at all…

Jian Taiding was ecstatic when he saw that Zu An had stopped talking.

He exclaimed, “Sister-in-law, do you see now You and I are on the same side! That bastard is nothing more than a dog raised by the court; how can he truly be of one mind with you”

Zu An immediately retorted mockingly, “Aren’t you a court official yourself You can be a dog by yourself if you really want to; don’t drag me down with you.”

He then gave Jian Taiding a pointed look and said clearly, “The lives of humans are lives; are the lives of fiend race beings not lives too As long as everyone can live better, who wants to keep fighting forever The fiend races aren’t all bad people; the human race has no lack of filth too.”

Jian Taiding was speechless. What the hell

You have successfully trolled Jian Taiding for 110 110 110…

In the end, Zu An wasn’t a native of this world, so he didn’t carry the centuries-old grudge between the human and fiend races.

He subconsciously felt that all life was equal.

Furthermore, he knew Qiao Xueying and several others… Weren’t they all from the fiend races

Then, he said to Yu Yanluo with a smile, “Even though I don’t know why you did what you did, after our interactions, I believe you had no choice but to do it.”

Yu Yanluo covered her mouth in disbelief.

Her pretty eyes flickered with brilliant colors.

She had thought that Zu An might become hostile, and that he might even be a bit bitter even if he let the matter pass for the greater situation.

However, Zu An had actually spoken such sincere words! She had met all sorts of people over the years.

She had a good grasp of when others were speaking truth or lies.

Kong Qing was stunned when he heard that.

He thought, No wonder the clan lord views him favorably.

This man really is different.

But he still coughed and said, “Do you know that what you have said today would be absolutely disgraceful if it reached outside ears The slightest mistake, and you might not have any place left in human society.”


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