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Chapter 1074: I Don’t Agree

Yu Yanluo’s expression darkened when Jian Taiding brought up that matter.

She said indifferently, “I have indeed let down Yanyou by doing this, but the reason I did so was to find out the truth about the scheme against him.

I told Liu Ji and Chu Ji the truth back then, and when they learned what had happened, they were willing to get revenge for their husband…”

“Hah, you make it sound good.

Are you going to say all of this was because of me” Jian Taiding interrupted her.

“Liu Ji and Chu Ji are your people, so of course they would listen to anything you told them.

But what about Zhang Ji She was kept in the dark the entire time.

She thought the one she was serving was her own husband, and did her best every day.

And yet, she has no idea that it was a random man you took in who defiled her purity.”

He continued, “Zhang Ji has been smiling from ear to ear these days, so I am sure that random man you brought in has taken quite good care of her.”

Yu Yanluo’s face turned entirely red as she replied, “You keep calling him a random man, but my relationship with him is pure.

Everything we did was for the sake of finding out the truth, to help Yanyou take revenge.”

Even though her personality was generally refined and calm, she was still someone who managed a great clan.

She had witnessed countless filthy methods, so there was no way she would let mere words shake her conviction so easily.

“Oh It sounds as if you care quite a bit about this random man.

You are protecting him when I only said a few things” Jian Taiding’s expression turned sinister as he exclaimed, “Who exactly is that random man!”

You have successfully trolled Jian Taiding for 444 444 444…

Zu An was amused.

The Rage points system collected soul power after all! Even though they weren’t facing each other, he could still collect Rage points as long as he was within the vicinity.

Yu Yanluo said indifferently, “You will know soon enough.”

“I will know soon enough” Jian Taiding was momentarily stunned, but he broke out into laughter immediately afterward, saying, “It does not matter.

Either way, I have to take care of myself first.

That fellow isn’t anything to be scared of.”

“Take care of yourself” Yu Yanluo had a strange expression.


I treated you too well before, and yet you did not cherish it at all! In that case, do not blame me for using force.” Jian Taiding seemed to have thought about something extremely wonderful.

He looked delighted as he said, “I have decided to obtain you first, then nurture things such as feelings afterward.

Either way, familiarity breeds fondness, right Hahaha… My older brother really was good in every other aspect, but he was just too indecisive.

He worshiped you like a goddess, and yet never obtained a thing in the end.”

Yu Yanluo sneered, replying, “You seem sure that success is within your grasp.”

Jian Taiding’s expression turned serious as well.

“Others believe sister-in-law is not a cultivator, that you are completely weak and helpless, but that is not what I believe.

Anyone who can manage a clan as great as the Yu clan, and furthermore make so many men dance within her palm, is definitely mysterious and unfathomable.

Today, I want to test sister-in-law properly!”

As he finished speaking, he rushed toward Yu Yanluo.

However, because of his serious injuries, he was much slower than he would have been at his strongest.

Yu Yanluo kicked off the ground lightly and her body floated aside.

Jian Taiding calmed down, remarking, “Is sister-in-law not going to pretend anymore You were a cultivator after all, hahaha! How could a girl I like not be outstanding”

“Stop calling me sister-in-law; it makes me nauseated,” Yu Yanluo retorted.

Suddenly, a sinister gale rushed toward her side.

Uncle Ming had made his move as well! Jian Taiding had said so much to her and even seized the advantage precisely to hide Uncle Ming’s ambush.

Uncle Ming’s eighth rank cultivation was actually quite high.

Such a vicious attack from him was difficult to defend against.

At that instant, his killing intent even exceeded that of many ninth ranked cultivators.

His attacks were strange.

If the other party backed up at all, they would suffer an endless flurry of continuous strikes.

His attacks would also become more powerful over time.

If they didn’t back up, his stored power would still catch his opponent off guard.

Even opponents whose cultivations were higher than his might suffer bitterly.

Jian Taiding was waiting for an opportunity to attack too.

As long as Yu Yanluo got injured, no matter how much she was hiding, she would still lose to the two of them.

However, Yu Yanluo didn’t evade at all, nor did she choose to face them head on.

With a wave of her sleeves, a scroll unfolded before her.

Uncle Ming stared blankly. Don’t tell me even this flimsy scroll can act as a shield

Still, he knew there was definitely something strange about it.

However, he still had great confidence in his attacks.

His killing intent and momentum had both reached their peak, so there was no reason for him to avoid the scroll.

He roared, his aura surging again.

Because he didn’t know what she was hiding, he didn’t dare to hold back at all.

However, he knew she definitely possessed some hidden strength.

His attack would only seriously injure her at worst; the chances of him killing her weren’t that high.

Afterward… There was no afterward.

The vicious and ferocious Uncle Ming instantly vanished without a trace.

It was as if he had never been there to begin with.

Jian Taiding was stupefied.

He had wanted to call out to Uncle Ming and tell him to go easy on her, that he absolutely couldn’t kill her; and yet, a second later, Uncle Ming had completely disappeared without a trace.

He looked at the exceptionally gorgeous Yu Yanluo in alarm, exclaiming, “What kind of sorcery is this”

Yu Yanluo looked back at him and remarked, “The two of you are quite coordinated; that did not look like the first time.

Was this how you plotted against your older brother, too” She continued, “Uncle Ming seems to know the Shadow Group’s assassination methods.

Is he from the Shadow Group”

Zu An was shocked. The Shadow Group again

What exactly was going on with that mysterious organization Why did it keep showing up What was the Shadow Group’s purpose anyway Why did they keep appearing around him

Just the clues he had been exposed to so far were enough to make him feel apprehensive.

Jian Taiding snapped out of his daze.

He asked, “Was that technique of yours the ‘World Within the Sleeve’ No, you aren’t at that level.

You used a painting scroll earlier, so you probably created a world within a painting through some secret method, and Uncle Ming must be trapped inside right now.

Huh Could you have something to do with the libationer’s mysterious sixth disciple”

He was a master rank cultivator, after all, and furthermore, he was in charge of the Martial Affairs Manor.

He knew more than most people.

Yu Yanluo didn’t answer the question, instead replying, “Are you going to give in now, or are you still going to fight You are seriously injured right now and not my match.”

Jian Taiding laughed out loud and retorted.

“Your cultivation was indeed surprising, but I have already seen through your methods.

Even though that world painting is rather incredible, his real cultivation is only around the eighth rank.

Even though I am wounded, I am not someone a trifling eighth rank can defeat.”

A longsword appeared in Jian Taiding’s hands after he spoke, and he thrust it at Yu Yanluo.

However, Yu Yanluo remained completely composed, and a painting scroll blocked the strike.

Having learned from Uncle Ming’s example, there was no way Jian Taiding would charge forward stupidly.

His figure flickered and he instantaneously changed directions.

Yu Yanluo quickly changed the direction of the scroll.

Unfortunately, she was slightly slower than Jian Taiding, missing him narrowly.

She began to feel somewhat vexed and took out a paintbrush, beginning to draw in the air.

With just a few strokes, she formed a cage.

However, Jian Taiding still managed to evade it by a hair’s breadth.

“You are not at the master rank, so you do not understand how powerful the divine sense of a master rank is.

You cannot target me properly, so there is no way you can drag me into that painting world,” Jian Taiding remarked as he looked down at his chest.

Because of his intense movements, there was a bit of blood coming out of his wounds.

He continued, “But in my current state, capturing you will not be too easy either.”

After a moment, he continued, “Forget it.

I was somewhat hesitant before, but there is no need to hold back now.” He took out a pill and ate it.

Then, his complexion became rosier at a visible rate.

“What is that” Yu Yanluo asked, feeling a bit shaken.

“This pill is called the Powerful Strength Pill.

Even if one is seriously injured, one can quickly recover using it.” Jian Taiding spread out his arms as he spoke, taking in a relaxed breath.

“I am back! I can feel everything coming back to me.”

Yu Yanluo frowned and remarked, “Is that not a fierce drug that will prevent you from reaching the next cultivation rank”

That medicine was indeed miraculous, allowing one to quickly recover from their injuries.

However, the price was great too.

Henceforth, all future cultivation prospects would be sealed off, so it was something only those with no other choice would use.

“I understand my own aptitude well.

Breaking through into the master rank is already my limit; there is no chance for me to reach the grandmaster rank.

Compared to an illusory future, is it not better to instead grasp the present” Jian Taiding replied.

When he looked at Yu Yanluo, his eyes began to burn even more fiercely as he declared, “Sister-in-law, I will definitely obtain you today.

We are in the Great Snowy Mountains right now, a place where no one will disturb us; it will be a perfect place to serve as a bridal room.

My older brother is here as well, so he can be the witness to our bond.”

In front of my older brother… He discovered that he was becoming even more excited when he thought of that.

“Shameless!” Yu Yanluo exclaimed.

Her entire body was shaking.

Her paintbrush quickly moved around.

She wanted to restrain him before his strength completely recovered.

Jian Taiding didn’t panic at all.

Instead, he evaded leisurely while saying, “Sister-in-law, this time, you have bitten off more than you can chew.

Even though your abilities are quite miraculous, you did not expect me to have such a rare pill.

“Sister-in-law, please do not throw a tantrum anymore.

There is no one else here in the Great Snowy Mountains.

No one will come to save you even if you shout yourself hoarse.

Rather than being forced to do it, why not just happily accept it Would it not be a much more wonderful thing if we joined together in harmony”

He took out his xiao and was about to play a song.

However, the painful lesson he had learned the previous time stopped him.

“Pah!” Yu Yanluo scoffed.

She didn’t pay him any more attention and instead focused on attacking.

“Sister-in-law, why do you have to be like this I have already said I want you today, so not even the heavens above can save you now!” Jian Taiding exclaimed, beginning to breathe more rapidly.

He was so impatient he hadn’t even waited for his strength to completely recover before charging over.

But a second later, he felt alarmed and sensed an attack.

He quickly dodged to the side, but the other party was too fast.

Even though his soul had given him a warning beforehand, his strength hadn’t fully recovered yet, making him just a bit too late.


Blood sprayed out from Jian Taiding’s mouth as he was struck in the mid-back, sustaining a serious injury.

He then fell to the ground in ruin.

He stared at the person behind him in horror.

“What, did you really think you’d have her just because you said so” Zu An gave him an indifferent look.

“I don’t agree!”


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