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Chapter 1046: What a Fast Sword!

The white and yellow-patterned men exchanged a look.

They both saw the shock in each other’s eyes.

They had never expected the other person to be so decisive!

“Do you know the repercussions of your actions” the white-patterned man asked icily.

“The results are that you two can now talk to me properly without any worries.” Zu An laughed and shrugged with his hands.

The white and yellow-patterned men were speechless.

You have successfully trolled Jian Taiding for 244 244 244…

You have successfully trolled Zhuang Hetong for 133 133 133…

There is actually someone this arrogant in this world

Zu An almost laughed out loud from joy.

He had just been having a headache over the fact that he didn’t know their identities because they were wrapped up in black robes and masks.

Now, their identities had been completely revealed!

He hadn’t expected the white patterned black robed man to be Jian Taiding! As for Zhuang Hetong, he had to be someone from the Zhenyuan Merchant Group.

“You’re courting death!” Jian Taiding finally couldn't hold back anymore.

He instantly closed the gap and arrived in front of Zu An.

In his hand was a longsword.

After being tricked just then, he didn’t dare to face his opponent empty-handed.

Zu An tossed Yu Xuantao toward Qiu Honglei’s feet as if he were a sack of dirt and said, “Help me keep an eye on him.” Then, he summoned the Tai’e Sword and thrust it at his opponent.

The two exchanged more than ten moves.

Zu An discovered that no matter how he changed his attacks, the other party would always evade, as if he knew what Zu An was going to do beforehand.

Then, he would swiftly counterattack.

If not for the fact that Zu An’s movement technique was ingenious, he might have already been done for.

Don’t tell me this is the master rank’s so-called soul ability Zu An knew that apart from being able to fly, master rank cultivators also cultivated the soul.

When they fought, they almost all had foresight abilities.

That was why actually landing attacks on such cultivators was extremely difficult.

Jian Taiding was no less shocked than Zu An at all.

He could clearly sense that the other party’s cultivation hadn’t reached the master rank yet.

Previously, he had almost always easily overwhelmed anyone who wasn’t at the master rank yet.

Sometimes, he didn’t even have to really fight.

Just his overwhelming power alone would completely dominate his opponents.

And yet, when he faced this opponent, not only had he not held back at all, he had even attacked with the intent to kill several times.

However, the other party’s bizarre movement technique always avoided it somehow.

Where did this crazy demon come from Jian Taiding thought.

He could sense that his opponent’s movement technique was exquisite.

He thought to himself, Your cultivation is beneath mine, so that’s why you’re resorting to these kinds of avoidance tactics.

But who could have expected that when he fought against this opponent in close quarters, the surging and domineering force of the world he gathered, the power that should have been able to seriously injure his opponent, would instead be sucked into what felt like a black hole, disappearing without a trace

When the other party retaliated, the counterattack’s power was much stronger.

Its berserk power was clearly the power Jian Taiding had just summoned, now returned to him.

This guy can absorb my power and use it against me Jian Taiding was blasted by the counterattack’s force until his blood and ki surged inside of him.

Only after some time did he readjust his aura.

“Hmph, I want to see just how much you can absorb!” He didn’t dare to fight against the other party in close combat anymore, and he returned to the sky once more.

His hands slowly rose upward.

The sword in his hands floated in front of him, then began to vibrate with noise.

A wave of overwhelming power spread in all directions.

Zhuang Hetong cursed inwardly. Are you trying to completely destroy our merchant group! He quickly used his ki to protect the buildings and the merchant group’s staff behind him.

The air seemed to have become extremely cold.

The snow that had previously already stopped seemed to have returned again, this time with frigid winds roaring.

The cold winds and snow instantly merged together, forming two massive snowstorms.

They rushed at Zu An, one from the left and one from the right.

Roofs and tiles flew in all directions wherever the snowstorms went.

Countless massive trees were crushed to pieces.

Even the limestone floors of the merchant group’s area were swept into the air.

Zhuang Hetong controlled his golden brick to limit the blast waves of the blizzards, not allowing the merchant group’s area to suffer greater damage.

Inwardly, however, he was confused.

The attack was indeed extremely powerful, and it was normally used on the battlefield to deal with a huge army.

Wherever it passed, an elite army of a thousand men would be completely annihilated.

But there was only a single target, and that target’s movement technique was brilliant.

He could dodge quickly too.

The attack might not necessarily even land on him.

However, his eyes quickly narrowed.

He saw that the snowstorms appeared to be aimed at Zu An, but they were actually sweeping toward Qiu Honglei.

He immediately realized Jian Taiding’s real plan.

Since the target was good at evasion, Jian Taiding would attack a target he had to save to prevent him from escaping.

Such a move really was a bit despicable.

Forget about how Jian Taiding was bullying the weak as a senior, he was even using a junior as a hostage.

But Zhuang Hetong also knew that the move was extremely useful.

It was a completely overt plot that had pretty much no counterplay.

However, if Qiu Honglei really were done in, wasn’t Jian Taiding scared of Yun Jianyue’s retaliation at all

Meanwhile, Zu An didn’t have the leisure to think about all of those things.

When he saw the target of the snowstorm was Qiu Honglei, there wasn’t even a single ripple of emotion within him.

All was fair in war; unscrupulous methods were unavoidable.

Even though the other party was his enemy, he actually inwardly praised the brilliance of the move.

Qiu Honglei also reacted to what was happening.

She quickly raised the Little Empress Lantern to protect herself.

However, the difference in cultivation between her and Jian Taiding was too great.

There was no way it would be able to stop the incoming blizzards.

Zu An’s figure flickered, and he instantly reappeared in front of her.

He gripped his sword in both hands.

With the sword as the fulcrum, a phoenix-shaped flame surged, rushing at the vicious snowstorm.

The snowstorm and flame phoenix released a huge explosion when they met.

The surrounding soldiers were knocked off balance by the blast waves.

Even Zhuang Hetong found it a bit hard to hold on, continuously backing up to avoid the brunt of the blast.

All of the buildings within a radius of several zhang immediately came crashing down under the violent blast waves.

If it weren’t because Zhuang Hetong had bitterly tried to protect the place, close to half of Zhenyuan Merchant Group might have been completely destroyed by the attack.

Zu An, who was at the very center of the explosion, was having an even harder time.

After all, he wasn’t a master rank, while Jian Taiding wasn’t someone who had just reached the master rank.

How could Jian Taiding’s ultimate move be so easily neutralized

That flame phoenix quickly grew smaller and smaller, eventually shrinking to just three feet in length.

The cold and raw sword energy of the blizzard was already starting to leave behind countless scars on Zu An’s body.

However, Zu An still didn’t take even a single step back.

He stood firmly in front of Qiu Honglei.

“Ah Zu!” Tears reflected in Qiu Honglei’s eyes.

She wanted to help him, but she knew this wasn’t a battle she could interfere with at all.

As such, she kicked off the ground, bringing Yu Xuantao with her off to the side.

As long as she evaded the attack, Ah Zu wouldn’t have to face the enemy’s ultimate move head-on anymore.

Zu An sighed in relief.

He was about to withdraw when a cold glint suddenly appeared in the blizzard, and Jian Taiding’s longsword thrust out from within.

The blizzard obstructed Zu An’s vision, and by the time he saw the attack, it was already too late to evade.


The longsword instantly passed through the flames and stabbed into Zu An’s chest.

“Ah Zu!” Qiu Honglei felt as if her eye sockets were splitting when she saw that.

Unfortunately, she had just evaded and couldn't save him.

Jian Taiding exclaimed with a snort, “Little bastard, you shouldn’t live too arrogantly!”

But halfway through his sentence, he was stunned.

He noticed that there was no look of alarm on the other party’s face.

Instead, the opponent only looked at him calmly.

Furthermore, there was a slight grin on the corners of his lips, as if his plan had succeeded.

Jian Taiding’s soul was warning him crazily.

The scene of a sword piercing through his body appeared in his mind.

He quickly backed up, but the longsword was gripped tightly in the other party’s hand.

He couldn't pull it out at all.

This person is so seriously injured! Why doesn’t it seem to have affected him at all Jian Taiding was horrified.

He couldn't be bothered to think too much.

He was about to retract his sword, but he suddenly felt a stinging pain in his head.

It was as if he had seen a strange big bird charging at his head.

“Ahhhh!” Jian Taiding screamed miserably.

Even though his mind didn’t collapse from the attack, in that split second, his mind went blank.

He knew that something really bad was going to happen.

He quickly shifted his body to the side.

How could Zu An give up such a good chance His sword flashed out.


A white magical imprint flickered across Jian Taiding’s body.

Some kind of life-saving treasure had clearly been activated.

But unfortunately, how could it stop Zu An’s well prepared attack! With a loud crack, Jian Taiding’s magical artifact shattered to pieces.

Then, a large burst of bloody mist spurted out from Jian Taiding’s chest.

The intense pain finally brought him to reality.

He immediately used a secret skill to retreat several dozen zhang into the distance.

He finished retreating backward faster than the first time he had ever finished in bed!

There was a giant scar that ran all the way from his shoulder down to his waist.

If it weren’t for his life-saving treasure, he might have been cleaved in half.

Zu An didn’t stop in the slightest.

His figure flickered, and he chased after the other party again.

He wasn’t going to let his advantage go!

He was well aware that he wasn’t a master rank cultivator.

Even though he was strong, the other party could anticipate his attacks.

Furthermore, the other party could just choose to fly through the air.

That kind of situation would be much more difficult for Zu An to deal with.

That was why he had deliberately left an ‘opening’, choosing to fight while trading wounds.

After experiencing the Primordial Origin Sutra’s reforging several times, his body was already incredibly tough.

He had powerful regeneration abilities too.

That was why the same level of injury wouldn’t affect him too much, but that was definitely not the case for Jian Taiding!


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