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Chapter 1045: Like Hell I Care Who You Are

A breeze brushed past just then, and the white-patterned man appeared in midair.

The yellow-patterned man glanced over to the side, but he didn’t see anyone else arrive.

The white-patterned man spoke up.

“That bastard has unknown origins; we don’t know if he has more backup.

Red Pattern’s status is special, so I had him leave first.

Orange Pattern doesn’t want to get involved too deeply, so he left too.”

The yellow-patterned man frowned.

He wasn’t surprised at all that the red-patterned man had left.

Things would be really really troublesome if his identity ended up being exposed.

But he was a bit peeved that the orange-patterned fellow had left.

Why the hell had that guy left so quickly

The white-patterned man looked over the situation.

He asked gloomily,  “Why didn’t you attack that person”

“That person seems to be Yun Jianyue’s disciple, the Devil Sect’s Saintess.” The yellow-patterned man only said a single sentence, but that was already enough to explain his misgivings.

The white-patterned man also became quiet for a long time when he heard the.

A while later, he said, “Today’s matter is way too important.

We have no idea where that bastard ran off to either.

This woman was just here to distract us and is probably his comrade.

We’ll capture her to force that bastard out.

We’ll be fine as long as there’s no danger to her life.”

The yellow-patterned man hesitated and said, “It doesn’t seem too appropriate for us to harm her.”

The martial world had rules.

If the older generation fought with the older generation, or the juniors fought against other juniors, no one would say anything about victory or defeat.

But if a senior targeted someone of the younger generation, it was definitely bullying.

No matter how talented a junior was, there was no way they could be better than an old monster who had cultivated for decades, or even more than a century.

The problem was that if one attacked another junior, one also had one’s own juniors! The other party might just abandon all morals and attack one’s juniors.

On top of all of that, everyone in the martial world would approve of and support it.

He could only say, “Let’s leave it to Blue Pattern then.

It should be fine for him.”

They always called each other their code names.

They didn’t know the others’ true identities.

Qiu Honglei was trapped within the prison of thorns.

Furthermore, the prison was quickly getting smaller and smaller, making it so she couldn't move around at all.

The blue-patterned man smirked.

He was about to say something when the woman raised her lamp.

She removed the cover, then blew gently.

A wave of flames rushed out and the surrounding thistles and thorns were instantly set ablaze.

The young lady quickly broke free from the prison.

The white-patterned man harrumphed.

The others were clearly dissatisfied by their comrade’s incompetence. How can you fail to even restrain a little girl

He raised his finger, and a streak of frigid light fired at the young lady.

The beam of light was so fast that only a few could even see it clearly.

It was a shard of extremely thin ice.

The yellow-patterned man knew full well that the shard of ice looked as if it might shatter on touch, but it was extremely powerful.

If one were hit by the ice shard, one’s ki flow would be ruthlessly interrupted, and one would be frozen solid.

Of course, the attack wasn’t lethal either.

He was still holding back out of apprehension toward Yun Jianyue. Tsk, that guy sounded all smug earlier, but isn’t he holding back too

Qiu Honglei had just freed herself from the prison of thorns.

She was still poisoned, feeling extremely dizzy.

How could she evade the attack of a master rank cultivator I’m done for! She felt her heart turn completely cold when the streak of frigid light arrived in front of her.

Her only thought, however, was about whether Zu An had managed to escape successfully.

However, the pain she expected never came.

On the contrary, a clear and sharp sound rang out as the shard of ice was shattered to pieces.

Meanwhile, she herself was taken up in a warm embrace.

“Ah Zu!” Qiu Honglei was shocked and overjoyed.

She was extremely familiar with his scent and aura.

She could recognize him even without opening her eyes.

Zu An wrapped his arm around her waist and guarded her with his body, saying, “Don’t be scared; I’m here.” At the same time, he sighed inwardly. Thank goodness I made it in time.

The blue-patterned man roared with laughter and said, “Looks like they were together after all.

We almost let you escape just now.

It won’t be so easy this time.”

His palms moved as soon as he spoke.

The trees and plants all around him began to rustle.

Soon afterward, the leaves began to fall.

They rotated rapidly, then launched themselves at the pair of lovebirds.

Some birds were alerted by the battle and took flight, ending up in the leaves’ way.

They instantly exploded into a blast of bloody mist.

Just then, every single leaf was like a sharp blade.

The leaves were everywhere in the sky, creating what resembled a large meat grinder.

“Please show restraint!” The yellow-patterned man was alarmed.

All of them would probably suffer bitterly if Yun Jianyue’s disciple were chopped up into countless pieces.

Unfortunately, those leaves were too fast.

They appeared around the pair in a flash.

It would be too late even if anyone wanted to interfere.

Zu An released a cold snort and a loud phoenix cry resounded.

A phoenix-shaped flame surged, instantly setting the leaves ablaze.

The blue-patterned man couldn't control them anymore.

Zu An took possession of the burning leaves, transforming into a flaming meteor and charging forward.

The yellow-patterned man had only planned to watch everything from the side and see what happened.

How could he have expected that the other party would charge at him He cursed and the golden brick quickly increased in size, smashing toward the other party.

The white-patterned man in the air also saw the burning leaves surrounding the enemy.

But all of a sudden, the leaves shot at him like burning feathers.

He harrumphed and said, “You overestimate your abilities.” He reached out his hand, and a small scale blizzard formed around him at once.

All of the flames were extinguished.

But he didn’t have any time to feel proud of that.

Instead, he voiced his alarm.

The enemy had disappeared without a trace!

Goosebumps formed all over his body.

He quickly summoned a blizzard to surround his entire body, as if to guard against any possible attacks.

Unfortunately, though, the attack he anticipated never came.

It was as if the other party had simply vanished into thin air.

The yellow-patterned man and the others shared the same feeling.

The golden brick looked as if it had hit its target, but he didn’t feel as if he had hit anything at all.

Such an empty feeling really was bizarre.

He also thought that the enemy was using a feint, and immediately increased his vigilance toward incoming attacks.

While the other two felt as if they were facing a great enemy, the blue-patterned man instead narrowed his eyes.

He sensed broiling flames rushing at him.

He quickly crossed his hands in front of his chest, and a massive shield appeared in front of him.

Even though the shield was made of wood and was naturally countered by the fire element, his defensive skill was special.

At the very least, it could hold on for a bit and buy him some time.

By then, his companions would be able to come to his aid.

The three of them would then work together, and that would definitely be enough to kill the bastard.

But when he looked around him out of the corners of his eyes, he saw that the other two also appeared to be facing the flame user.

He was alarmed, exclaiming, “Why are there three identical enemies”

Just then, a bloody mist exploded from his chest, and an intense pain came from his back.

He knew he had been ambushed by the opponent.

He didn’t even have time to think about how the other party had gotten behind him.

He quickly grabbed backward to seize the hand that thrust at his back.

Countless vines tangled around the other party’s body.

At the same time, his vines’ sharp thorns stabbed in, pouring their poison into that person.

“Is that all” Zu An tilted his head a bit.

He flexed his muscles, and the vines instantly broke apart inch by inch.

Meanwhile, there were only some white spots on his skin.

Those thorns couldn't even penetrate his skin!

The blue-patterned man was stunned.

Meanwhile, the white and yellow-patterned men finally reacted, and both slaughtered their way over.

Zu An kicked off the ground, and instantly reappeared back at Qiu Hongei’s side.

His other hand gripped the blue-patterned elder’s shoulder.

He said coldly, “Don’t move, or else your companion here will pay the price.”

He secretly rejoiced that the other master rank wasn’t present.

Han Fengqiu seemed to have left.

Just now, he had used the Sunflower Phantasm to divide into three copies to attack the three at the same time.

That was why they had been caught off guard.

The white and yellow-patterned individuals stopped as expected, clearly second-guessing their actions.

That blue-patterned man finally reacted and berated him, exclaiming, “Damn brat, you better know what’s best for you and let me go! Then, perhaps we can spare your life.”

“What if I don’t let you go” Zu An replied calmly.

The elder roared with laughter and said, “Hmph, look how bold you are.

With us here, we won’t tolerate the existence of any other outstanding individuals in Cloudcenter Commandery.

Do you know who I am…”

Zu An’s fingers tightened around the man’s shoulder before he even finished his sentence.

A wave of strength immediately erupted from his palm.

Crack crack!

“Ahhhh!” The blue-patterned man screamed miserably.

He had no idea just how many of his bones had just broken.

All of his body’s blood vessels were also a mess.

Even if he retained his life, he might have to live the rest of his life as a cripple.

He was shocked and furious.

Never had he expected the other party to cross that line! “You little bastard, you actually dare to treat me like this I’m going to have you chopped into a thous… wurghfdiao…”

You have successfully trolled Yu Xuantao for 888 888 888…

He roared at Zu An.

Unfortunately, his jaw unhinged halfway through his sentence, so he couldn't say what he wanted to say anymore.

He could only mumble inaudibly.

“Like hell I care who you are!” Zu An exclaimed indifferently.

This guy had almost taken advantage of Tang Tian’er just now, and he had attacked Qiu Honglei so viciously.

Zu An obviously wouldn’t show him any mercy.

He was also someone from the Yu clan.

As expected, the Yu clan was up to no good.


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