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Chapter 1035: True Mastermind

Meanwhile, Zu An rushed toward the Pei clan’s vicinity under the cover of night.

Those who lived along the City Lord Manor street were all high officials and nobles.

There were guards patrolling everywhere.

The security was sure to be much better than in other places.

As such, Zu An didn’t dare to act carelessly.

He evaded several patrolling guards, then finally arrived at the wall surrounding Pei Manor.

He chose a secluded area and quickly leapt over the wall.

He had already visited several times, so he avoided Pei Manor’s guards easily.

He soon arrived outside of Pei Mianman’s courtyard, and was just about to go in when a figure shot out from within.

His expression sank as he thought, There’s actually a little scoundrel here He kicked off the ground, instantly striking at the other party’s side.

That person sensed something was strange.

Their figure evaded Zu An’s attack like a flexible snake.

At the same time, a long leg kicked at his underbelly at an inconceivable angle.

Such a level of elasticity really was absurd.

Zu An quickly defended himself, and the two individuals exchanged several moves in succession.

“Huh” Both sides suddenly felt a sense of familiarity.

When he saw the other party’s massive peaks, Zu An quickly gave up and exclaimed, “Big Manman”

“Ah Zu” The black-clad figure removed her mask and looked at him with pleasant surprise.

Under the faint moonlight, her face looked bright and beautiful.

Who else could it be but Pei Mianman

“Why are you dressed like this” Zu An removed his mask as well and looked at Pei Mianman curiously.

She was actually dressed completely in black in her own home! But her getup was quite skintight, fully outlining her seductive curves.

He couldn't help but chuckle.

Those familiar with Big Manman could tell that it was her just from her figure.

Whether or not she had a mask on made no difference.

Pei Mianman blushed.

She was about to reply when she heard guards calling out in the distance, “There seems to be something going on over there.

Go check it out.”

“Hurry and come inside with me.” Pei Mianman grabbed Zu An’s hand and quickly went back into the small house.

“Young miss, why did you come back…” The maid Hong Zao was surprised to see Pei Mianman again.

But when she saw Zu An behind her master, she immediately froze. I’m done, I’m done for! I’ll have to stand guard outside all night again!

Zu An was a bit surprised too, because Hong Zao wasn’t wearing a servant girl outfit, but rather Pei Mianman’s clothes.

Even her hair was styled somewhat similarly. What is this master and servant pair doing Are they changing roles

Pei Mianman quickly closed the door and removed her clothes.

Zu An’s expression froze.

He asked, “Um… We’re not in that much of a rush, right Hong Zao is still here.”

Pei Mianman rolled her eyes at him and didn’t respond.

When he saw the normal clothes she was wearing underneath the black getup, Zu An immediately knew his thoughts had gone in the wrong direction.

“Young miss, there seems to be a disturbance in this direction.

Is your respected self okay” the guards called out from outside.

“I’m fine.” Pei Mianman opened the window partially to show her top half and added, “Didn’t I already say that you’re not to come to my courtyard if there’s nothing important”

“The master is worried about the young miss’ safety, which is why he sent more men to patrol the surroundings recently,” the guard immediately lowered his head and replied.

Even though it was just a glance, he was still amazed by the young miss’ beauty.

“Your cultivations are beneath mine, so just who is protecting whom” Pei Mianman harrumphed.

“Don’t disturb my rest.” She slammed the window shut afterward.

Those guards didn’t get upset when they heard that.

They were just happy they had gotten a chance to even talk to the young miss. Sigh, the young miss really is big…

“Search the surroundings.

Don’t let any bad people disturb the young miss.” The guards didn’t dare to have any improper thoughts, though.

They only subconsciously wanted to do more things for her, to protect her safety.

Two wild cats suddenly emerged from off to the side, meowing and baring their fangs.

“So it was just a fight between some cats.” The guards sighed in relief.

They bowed toward the residence and quietly left.

Zu An retracted his hand, having used the jade badge to control the wild cats.

He looked at Pei Mianman with a smile and said, “They were only doing that out of concern for you.

Why were you so mean to them”

Pei Mianman rolled her eyes and retorted, “Isn’t it because of you If I had been polite to them, they would keep showing up from time to time.

What if they end up bumping into you”

“I guess you’re right.” Zu An couldn't help but chuckle.

Then, he took out a sack of food for Hong Zao, saying, “Here, take this.

I said I’d bring some food for you last time.”

“Ah! They’re all the most popular foods from Xu Shop! You can’t get your hands on these even if you line up normally!” Hong Zao immediately began to drool when she saw the food.

“Thank you, young master!”

“You’re welcome, Hong Zao.” Zu An felt great when he heard her call him young master.

These foods were things Yu Yanluo had given him before he left Yu Manor, however.

All he’d had to do was pass them onto Hong Zao.

“Look at you, trying to get closer to my maid as soon as you arrive.” Pei Mianman felt a bit jealous.

She asked, “Then what kind of gifts did you bring me”

“I’m going to treat you to my lollipop, of course.” Zu An grabbed her hands with a giggle.

“Hmph!” Pei Mianman’s face turned red.

She quickly let go of his hands.

Hong Zao immediately had a craving when she heard that there was something else to eat.

She asked, “What’s a lollipop Can I eat it too”

Pei Mianman got annoyed and said, “It has nothing to do with you.

Go downstairs by yourself and go to sleep.” She began to gently push Hong Zao toward the stairs after saying that.

Hong Zao replied with an ‘oh’. The young miss really is selfish.

If you have a lollipop, you should share! Young master is much nicer, giving me so many things to eat. She had a big smile on her face when she thought of that.

Pei Mianman glared at Zu An and looked downstairs, saying, “Don’t say those random things in front of Hong Zao in the future.

She’s still small.”

Zu An was stunned.

He remarked, “But she’s not small at all”

Hong Zao’s rather impressive body appeared in his mind. Don’t tell me that because they share the same food and drink, they were raised the same way Otherwise, why are they both so big

Pei Mianman was speechless.

Zu An finally reacted when he saw her murderous gaze, however,.

He chuckled in embarrassment and changed the topic.

“What were you and your maid doing She wore your clothes, while you changed into an undercover outfit”

Pei Mianman replied, “Wasn’t there a huge disturbance in the morning I heard someone led a huge army toward your temporary residence, so I was worried that something might have happened to you.

However, my father sealed up all of Pei Manor and wouldn’t allow anyone to leave.

Helpless to do anything else, I could only try to sneak out and have Hong Zao pretend to be me just in case.

But I never expected to see you as soon as I left.”

Zu An felt warm inside when he heard that.

He grabbed her small hands tightly and said, “Manman, you’re really good to me.”

“Are you alright” Even though Zu An was standing perfectly fine in front of her, Pei Mianman still checked his body all over, worrying that he was injured.

“I’m fine…” Zu An gave her a rough summary of what had happened.

“Do you think it might have been Jian Taiding who is causing all of this trouble” Pei Mianman asked as she leaned against him, her beautiful lashes fluttering.

Her eyes were like the brightest stars in the night sky.

“He is indeed a bit suspicious, but I can’t help but feel like something’s not right.” Zu An frowned and asked, “Oh, by the way, Zhao Zhi visits your clan every day, right”

Pei Mianman blushed and replied, “Don’t think anything of it.

I never go out to meet him.”

“But that’s where the issue lies.” Zu An slapped his thigh and said, “Even though that Zhao Zhi acts like an idiot sometimes, he is King Qi’s heir after all.

There’s no way he would fall so low as to become this much of a bootlicker.

If he still comes to your clan every day, that’s really weird.”

Pei Mianman’s expression changed.

She asked, “Are you suspecting my father”

“It hasn’t reached that level yet.” Zu An thought to himself for a bit, then asked, “Who does he meet with whenever he comes here”

“My father and that woman of course.” Pei Mianman harrumphed.

She really didn’t want to call her ‘mother’ when she wasn’t out in public.

“Right, that woman’s father will come to see his grandson sometimes too.”

“Yu Xuansu” Zu An asked.

“Yeah,” Pei Mianman replied.

Zu An frowned.

Yu Xuansu was the War Minister of the Military Affairs Manor.

In the Military Affairs Manor, apart from the Commander-In-Chief, beneath that were the Chief Historian and War Minister.

Chief Historian had been Jian Taiding’s previous position, so Yu Xuansu was already the Military Affairs Manor’s number two figure.

Don’t tell me this really does have something to do with the Yu clan

That beautiful and flawless face couldn't help but appear in his mind.

He thought to himself that if that woman was the final boss behind the scenes, none of those Oscar winners from his previous world added together could compare to her.

“Ah, what is your hand doing It’s cold…” Pei Mianman suddenly sensed something.

She immediately became embarrassed when she lowered her head.

“I can’t hold myself back.” Zu An smiled, but he didn’t stop.

Pei Mianman bit her lip and pressed down on his hand.

She said, “Not today.

I’m on my period.

Should I get Hong Zao to accompany you”

“I’m not some brute.” Faced with that death sentence question, Zu An obviously wouldn’t take the bait.

He added, “It’s fine; that’s its own kind of fun.”

Pei Mianman was completely puzzled.

Suddenly, however, she felt a chill run through her entire body.

Her clothes were already being removed.

“Keep it up on your own.”

“Mmm… And you still say you’re not a… brute…”

Meanwhile, by the official residence, Pei You walked into the prison cell.

He was the manager of the place, so those guards naturally didn’t stop him.

Zuo Su was sitting on the bed cultivating.

He opened his eyes when he sensed the activity.

He asked, “Are you going to question me again I already said everything I should be saying.

It’s meaningless to ask me anything else.”

Pei You didn’t reply.

His eyes flickered with a strange light as he stared calmly at Zuo Su.

Zuo Su’s expression suddenly changed greatly.

He exclaimed, “It’s you!”


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