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I was sitting in my office when Morgan walked in and sat down. "What are you doing here" I asked her absentmindedly. "I have searched for you everywhere babe, I heard you spoke to that ugly girl" she said grimacing. "Don call me babe" I said angrily. She was surprised at my outburst and said with teary eyes "I don understand you Brian, you just announced that Im your girlfriend to the whole school but when we

e alone you treat me differently".

I looked at her and said coldly "Its because I don love you Morgan". She started crying and said "So you love her now right?" I hesitated and replied her "I love no one but myself Morgan and for goodness sakes, stop crying here. I hissed, stood up and was about to leave when she pulled my hand and said "If you don love me, why did you choose to remain with me all these while?".

I sighed and said to her "Its because you are Mothers choice and there was no other option". I left and she sat there sulking. "At least Im the one you have chosen and Ill make sure you love me back Brian, Ill make sure of that!" Morgan said with an evil grin and a note of finality.


I walked into the class with my head bent and I went straight to my seat avoiding the stares I was receiving from other students. Bella immediately asked me if I was alright and I answered with a husky voice that I was fine. She stared at me doubtfully and suddenly removed my hood from my face. She gasped at how swollen my eyes were and asked me what happened. I told her I was fine and she shouldn worry about me.

The teacher caught us talking and yelled at us not to disturb her class. I looked around and saw Brian on his seat staring intently at me, I eyed him and faced my book. I asked Bella about Christy and she said Christy went home early cause she was complaining of severe migraine. Bella was about to ask me what I would tell my parents when the teacher glared at her and she kept quiet.

After classes, Bella suggested I sleep over at her place tonight. I kind of liked the suggestion because I didn want Mum and Dad getting worried over me so I accepted. I phoned Dad to tell him about the idea and he accepted because he likes it when I make friends. He told me not to worry that hell bring my clothes himself, I panicked and looked at Bella to help me. "I don want him seeing me like this" I murmured.

Bella took the phone and said breathlessly "Hi Mr Rodriguez, Im Bella her friend. Don worry about the clothes, I have more than enough and Im willing to share so no need to stress yourself. Ill take care of her". Dad laughed and after saying goodbye, he ended the call. I looked at her and we yelled happily. "I love you Bella". I suddenly said to her. Shes the only reason Im happy I came to this school. She smiled and hugged me.

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