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Journey of man curse In The world Existence beyond Gods Chapter 22:Auction hall

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The black tower is situated middle of the black market. where precious herbs, ill, weapons, and cultivation techniques auction attract thousands of cultivators. big families who see black market as a source of increasing crime in kingdom and maintain disgusted, for that day shamelessly aside their pride become barefaced.

in the past, the black market was just a small organisation that only consider part of their mockery. but how can they expect small organisations begun by three people even can easily be erased by hand of small families.along time join of numerous cultivators who were tired of big families supremacy, now its association stand equal against ancient families from the mainland in the central continent.

However, still, they did not dare declare totalled war. to reduce more conflict and gave everyone equal opportunity they come up with a plane , to regulate the territory underground of a city which minimises land hassle.

li cheng closely followed by Ji Xiu veil on her beautiful white moon face arrived at the front gate of black. when about to enter the intercept by a guard.

"stop is your first time. first, pay a two thousand access fee before entering" he yelled domineeringly.

however, his angry face drastically change when she took out a gold card from her storage ring.

"oh! I am sorry for my rude behaviour, please VIP enters that way" early ridicule face shifts to an extremely respectful and polite tone.

on way, they were assisted by a handsome man and seductive woman, and entered one of the vip rooms. inside the VIP room, everything is present for their comfort not unlike the noisy environment below.

on table hit tea serve along crunchy snackes , most pleasing air temperature on the room could easily control by low-grade ice stone middle as five-star ac room.

in front, there was transparent glass but only for them, we can see thousands of people below sitting seem as flies and their burning gaze swept on the extremely seductive women in the middle of stage.

she also reacts when felt familiar aura ,gaze moves across their vip room and her red sleek smile arched on hef face cause many men endure jealousy and hate to them.

li chengs stunt when their eyes meet a seductive

women at their peak of maturity.

"huh!why does she and is she able too she as "two question involuntary spout.

"seem like meet her. interesting, junior brother your luck seems more black than I expert being targeted by women famous for men sucker hee .her hobby lure talented man by her status and charm, and according to my info, she traps thirty talented now peak of grandmaster all her husband in law.look like she already found her husband number thirty" she tones sarcastically while covering her force smile.

li chengs mouth twitched when heard about her.he despair shook his head.previous he thought women only clingy but have hobbies made husbands and treated them as dogs,not to say laugh or cry."**, why out all I am only target by witches" I involuntary spout out.

"huh, what you said "she coldly questioned li cheng.

"um..nothing sister I just wonder isn she president of black market why does she act as managing girl "he immediately turns topic.

"Indeed, if she here means todays something extraordinary going to be auctioned and requiring her special assistant."

President Yue twist her lazy cure and her petal swept across all VIP rooms on top while strong pressure executed out her body making everyone tremble.

"Welcome everyone inside my black market auction hall.I hope everything will go smoothly as planned, think twice before violet pieces inside my hall.no matter who you are and where you are from the black market not going to tolerate any violation even if you are from four renowned families.

my humble greeting special for members of the li, tong, and ji family join our today auction "her not sharp nor polite tone reverberate every corner of the hall.

gc:what members three big families also present

gc:meh! I thought after year of saving I could buy something improve my cultivation.now I don think I get chance .

gc:is something going to auction attract this **ers.

gc:hey speak quietly unless you wish to dye in hand them.

various gossip reverberate, everyone agitate because every time big families join auction they just turn audience only come watch show.

not waste time let begin auction ,I take my leave miss Morgan going held from hear .she suddenly disappeared from air as nothing had been before.

extremely seductive women have tight waist no excess fat around her curve and special her two long sexy thighs exposed out of crimson dress .along servant holding tray walk on stage .

previous sluggish eyes of people turn hot when saw stunning women.she is manager of black market miss Morgan also one of right hand of president yue.she in the list of the top ten beauties of the jade kingdom and her charm envies heart charm lack princess impulse to murder her.

ten out of three people who join action are persuaded join every auction just please heart by her beauty. Smile on her sleek red lips was enough to raise useless items auctioned twice the price than actual value.no mentioning young people even old men of various families also one of the suites in her following list.

"my lovely audience, this lady not going bore with her introduction everyone know.first, we going begin with low quality item , only for today person who going bid hight price get chance tea with this lady.

servant forward with covered golden plate stand middle.

first item going sell for is a napkin of young lady of tong family miss Mei.

li cheng who excite to saw first item almost split out tea he was drinking.

"huh, they also sell this kind of products, who idiot gonna buy this.

she continue :

as every knows miss mai stands second at the top beauty of jade city.not only that at age of sixteen , she joined her family business and now almost two third new business open in jade kingdom under her smartness gained max success.i also heard that rumer patriarch of tong family wants her next patriarch instead of his son.

miss Mei is a supreme example women beauty with brains.

initial price of auction is ten thousand mid grade stone with no limit.

"20,000 mid grad spirit stone "

one man shouts directly double price.

"25,000 mid grade spit stone

"50,0000 mid-grade spirit stone.

"one high grade stone "[1high=1 million mid]

young men one of the suiter her seem from rich rich family directly raised price to hundred time than initial.

one high stone -1 , one high stone -2,and one high stone -3 , nock..nock..nock..sold .

congratulations to young master of shi family.

li chengs face drastically changed felt instant regret at his word. damn! are all of them berserk, spending huge amount of money on small cloth.note that one high stone equal one million mid grade stone for which he figh hundreds of man on the arena almost loose his life.and **ing rich recklessly throwing on piece of cloth.

Ji xiu smile on his stunt face and spoke softly :

in my eyes he smartest than all , if guess right she also present here.young from shi also business family by borough small cloth at such high rate, he indirectly win impression of future patriarch of biggest businesses family of jade kingdom.

inside vip room number three

lady have fairy white face in golden robe and expensive jewelleries glittering on her boy carelessly sitting on a chair.

servant beside her spoke:my lady influence great, just touch my lady hand enough raise small cloth not even hundreds low stones become worth one million.

charm smile arched on her pink soft lip:

shi family young master smart know how to impress people .l like an intelligent one , for our new restaurant contact him.

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