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JUST ONE NIGHT Embarrassed now?

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Isabella knew that he didn care how she felt as she undress before him. She felt uncomfortable having someones eyes on her. Especially a man who she didn know and the way he stared at her chest down to her lower part made her shiver. She felt cold in the expensive room. She wasn even given the chance to survey the room and admire it because she was in a situation where she wished she never thought of having a one-night stand but as she wished, her sisters pale face flashed in her mind and she suddenly felt encouraged to do it.

"Are you scared?" Asked the man staring at her half-naked body.

"Im not," she pressed her head down to calm her soul, she knew she wanted to cry but she didn want him to suspect that she was a virgin, hed lose interest in her and he looked rich, she needed the money.

Isabella didn know that her statement would bring him forward to her, why was he moving closer to her? Didn they conclude by just going straight to the point?

And about that, she didn know where to start, was he going to kiss her? "You are new," his voice sounded so confident and his expression was clean. Just his dark face as she had seen before.

"New?" She began to push back when he stood so close to her and was still pushing forward. Isabella took a glance at her back to see she was going to hit the shelf below the television soon so she changed direction and stood by his side. "Saying something," and now, she realized that she didn even know his name. And the unknown man was going to climb on top of her and have sex with her.

It was disappointing but then again with an exposed chest, she told herself that it was for her sister.

Luke still pushed her around until she fell on the bed and stiffened her neck to look at him only to see that he had caged her to the bed.

"Who has touched you?" He asked smoothly. What should she say? She couldn say no one. No, she wouldn say anything. Luke then leaned back and began to take off his clothes, she wasn going to do well by undressing him when taking her clothes was hard for her.

Luke, for the first time, smiled but lustfully at her lower part as he gripped her panties to take them off her. "Wait!" Isabella touched his hand and he chuckled. Virgins...he said to himself.

"Wait?" He was just with his boxer but he needed to see her first before getting hard.

"Whats your name?" She asked.

"Do you plan on seeing me again?"

"I want to add you to my prayers," Isabella lied and lowered her eyes. "Just tell me, please. My name is Isabella," she happily Introduced herself.

"I don know about my name," he said and pulled her panties down only for her to lift her legs that were pinned to his thighs.

"Its..." She looked his way to see him coming closer to her, the distance between their face shrunk and he leapt down at her.

It was her first time, first time to be this close to a man and it felt so hot and tensed, it was uncomfortable but she loved his eyes on her and his breath fanning her cheek as she look away.

"What?" He whispered, treating girls like this before devouring them turns him on and Isabella was fun to play with it because her reaction to his actions was quite cute. "Will you look at me?" He asked. His voice was strict and at the same time sweet. "Look at me," and it sounded compelling. Now Isabella wasn bothered about whether she was losing her virginity. The man on top of her had filled her with more to worry about.

However, she looked into his grey eyes. Isabella hadn looked at him this close to know he had these manipulating eyes. His eyes were doing something to her that she suddenly found it hard to look away. It felt as if there was this magnetic force holding her eyes to his.

Thus, her heart began to pound loudly. And soon, she felt the urge to close her eyes as he leaned closer and closer until his lips touched hers. Of course, she was a virgin, he thought and smiled against her lips before clasping her body close to his.

Isabella was supposed to feel hell because that was how she had fathomed it to be, she had expected that shed cry and regret her decision but seemed sex wasn really a punishment. It was heaven and he made her feel high throughout the night. It was going well, he made her shiver all over while boiling inside, she suddenly felt something cute down there when he touched her and when he went for it, she felt pain. He handled it well by telling her to look at him and his compelling grey eyes felt magical that even when her face was expressing her pain she still looked at him until she began to feel pleasure in what he...No, in what they were doing and sincerely to herself, she doesn think shed ever forget her first time.

It was painful, sweet, beautiful and so sore.

Opening her eyes to face reality again, she witnessed how beautiful the room looked when nature hit it with its light, the sun. She smiled as at that moment, she couldn remember anything. She slept on a comfortable bed for the first time and had a good night with some stranger she didn know. It won hurt his voice suddenly rang in her head.

This brought her out of her world. Wait, he knew along that she was a virgin? And suddenly she felt embarrassed, so he turned her on so she could...ah?

"Embarrassed now?"

Isabella was shocked to hear his stupid cool voice, it tickles her heart and she widened her eyes at the man standing by her side. He was all ready to leave.

"No," she lied and pouted as she lowered her eyes.

"I knew from the beginning that you are...ah," he chuckled. "Were a virgin."

"I..." Isabella was shy and kind of embarrassed. "I wanted to tell you but..."

"Just how much do you need?" He brought out his pen to write on a cheque.

"Its much," she prayed hed give her the amount she wanted.

"Does it look like Im poor?"

"No, its just that..." She wanted to sit up but it was sore down there and hot.

"Im not your father, not poor." And again, he insulted her, reminding her of her terrible life.

"You didn have to..." He cut her off and showed no remorse for her emotions and expressions.

"Im not jobless you know?"

And Isabella looked into his eyes for no reason. "Im sorry, 34 million," she told him.

"Added one to it," he tapped his finger on the paper that was on the table by the bed. "Have a nice life, Isabella!" And he left the room without glancing at her.

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