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Having nothing to do after distributing the code of conducts she typed earlier that morning, Tori sat on the furry couch in Jakes office.

She bent her head as she twisted her tiny fingers. Jakes gaze on her was making her feel uncomfortable.

With the confidence she could muster, she asked, "What? Why are you staring at me?" She pouted. That was a decision she was going to regret later on.

"Listen Tori, there are some things you don need to put efforts in acquiring. For example, if you want me to see whats in between your legs, just let me know"

Tori looked down that instant, her leg was wide opened. This was a habit from childhood. That explains why her mom got her countless pants.

Thinking she was wearing a pant as usual, she sat the way that pleases her.

Tori closed her legs that instant with embarrassment written all over her face.

"So, what are you saying?" He smirked.

"Pervert" she muttered under her breath. Jake kept chuckling while she sulked.

She refused to talk to anyone throughout that day. Even at dinner while everyone was chatting, she kept mute.

Nicole decided the perfect time to ask what was wrong was when they were doing he dishes jointly.

"Whats the problem; you don look good"

Tori kept mute for a while, she wished Nicole didn ask. Now she was going to tell her the most embarrassing moment in her life.

When she was done narrating what happened earlier that day, Nicole couldn help but laugh out loud. This made an already enraged Tori more angry.

"Tori…" She cupped her mouth to avoid another round of laughter. "Tori, please forgive me. Don get it twisted" Trying to prove her point, she continued "Jakes always naughty. Its time you adapt to his naughty behavior. Ive been in your place before, now, Im not talking about the barging into my room episode…" She paused.

Seeing that Tori was more relaxed and ready to hear her story, she continued.

"I was just 16 then, one day at school, I was chatting with my friends when he came out of nowhere instead of whispering to me about me erect nipple he asked if someone had been fondling me"

This time around, it was Toris time to laugh. She had to stop laughing if she needed the remaining part of the juicy story.

"I regretted having him as a brother that day. You really need to see how my friends laughed me to scorn. Ever since that day, I made sure Im always wearing a bra. I can survive such embarrassment again" she concluded her story.

"Very naughty brother. Anyway, Im not going to talk to him if he doesn apologize" she pouted.

"Jake wouldn dare. The day that apology comes from his mouth, Ill pop a champagne… Pop!" she chuckled at her little drama.

"Ill make Jake apologize to me someday. Just keep calm and watch" Tori said as she dried the last plate.

"Go girly" Nicole hyped.

For the first time since Tori began living with the Hendrixs, Jake was taking her to the gang headquarters.

On arrival, all members of RATTLESNAKES were present and well seated. The only familiar faces she could recognize was that of Jace and Nicole.

Not knowing how to act in their midst, she got her self a quiet spot at the East end of the hall then got lost in the world of music.

Zayn was lead into the main hall a few minutes later. He was blindfolded, and his hands were bound behind his back.

Tori wanted to find out what they were doing when she turned towards their direction. She took the AirPods off her ear before fixing her attention on the scene before her.

As if he were waiting for her attention, Jake turned towards Anita.

"Pass the secauter" Anita nodded then did as she was told.

Tori didn need to wait for long to know what he needed a secauter for when she saw Zayns little finger on the floor.

"OMG" she gasped. Her hands were over her mouth to prevent her from screaming her lungs out.

She was still recovering from the shock when another finger fell on the tiled floor. This continued until Zayn was without a finger on his left hand.

"Whenever the cannibal comes around, give him the fingers" Jake said to Jenny. She nodded as a sigh that she heard what he said.

Satisfied with his work, Jake stood up, he was towering above Zayn, who was on his knees.

"You would have save your fingers if you had talked earlier"

Zayn was whimpering while Jake talked. His hands were still gushing out blood.

"I didn see Will about the drugs. Trust me" Zayn groaned in pains.

Tori was staring at the scene before her with her heart in her stomach.

Jake raised a brow at his reply. He wasn going to believe Zayn, not after Will made away with his money.

He took the blood stained secauter. This time around, he was going to chop all five fingers at once.

Seeing what Jake was about to do, Zayn cried out, which earned him a powerful punch on his face.

When he took his position back on his knees, he was bleeding from his nose and his face was swollen like he was stung by a swarm of bees.

"Ready to talk, huh?" Jake asked without emotion.

"Will knew all about it. He took 50 Kg out…" His response triggered another punch on his face, which was followed by three more.

"I don know how youll do it, but I need my money back within 24 hours. Don think about running because Ill haunt you down and make sure I chop very bit of you into pieces" Jake said without minincing words.

Zayn nodded in response. Every word that comes out of Jakes mouth must be obeyed, else a deadly consequence was attached.

What consequence was more deadly than death itself?

Tori was still watching the scene when Jake turned towards her direction, she turned her face as quickly as she could hen began to pretend as if she were asleep.

Jake didn see her staring, but he knew alright she was pretending. He walked up to her. Toris heart was slamming in her chest now as his hot breath fanned her sweaty face.

"Lets go" he said. Tori refused to open her eyes.

Not willing to waste any more time, he threw her over his back, then walked out of the gang house.

"Let me go" she cried hitting his shoulder, but it was no use, Jake was stronger and his grip on her frail body was tight.

"Whats wrong with you?" She yelled when Jake finally placed her on the bonnet of his car.

"Shhh…" Not wanting to hear anymore, she slid down from the bonnet.

She was about to start running her mouth when Jake placed his soft lips on hers, causing her eyes to widen with shock.

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